5th mystery character in Sonic Rivals

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Backbone entertainment, the developer of the PSP title Sonic Rivals were present at the Penny arcade Expo today. Of course, the company had brought along PSP’s complete with presumably prototype versions of Sonic Rivals. A photo taken at the famous expo of a PSP playing the game and showing the character select screen reveals that there is a slot taken by an as-of-yet unknown secret character;

As metioned, it is currently unknown who the secret character is. And Backbone entertainment has not elaborated on who the secret character is at the expo. But when we know, you shall know. Also, thanks to Super Mecha Sonic and King Ubu of the SSMB for the tip off.

Stay tuned to the Sonic stadium and Sonic news for more information as it is revealed.

Studio a-go-go

SEGA grows a spine to go with Sonics’ set of balls; Naka gives a Proper introduction, while death brings life to the Sonic franchise. It’s all happening; Sonic News catches up with Sonic developers past and present.

Backbone Entertainment

Backbone Entertainment (the company behind the upcoming PSP game Sonic Rivals) has finished a reconstruction of their official website which began during the E3 Consumer Electronics Expo (perhaps in anticipation to the attention the event would generate toward the studio).

The site features its own Sonic Rivals page, and although that offers no new information, if you navigate to the Vancouver studios blog entry, studio head Joe Bonar reveals that the game will be running on the internally developed Reaper Engine. Continue reading Studio a-go-go