One Man Band Plays Sonic Music, Wears Spongebob On Head

YouTube user SongeLeReveur is a veritable prodigy if I ever saw one. Not content with learning to play bass guitar, acoustic guitar, bongos and a freaking ocarina (among others), he proceeded to don a doll of Spongebob Squarepants and splice footage of all four five into an awesome mediterranean take on Marble Zone‘s theme from the original Sonic the Hedgehog.


His latest variation on a Sonic theme is a jazzy rendition of a forgotten classic, Sky High Zone from the Master System and Game Gear version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.


SongeLeReveur’s done a number of other Sonic tracks, along with other series such as Final Fantasy, and film/TV classics such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Back to the Future. But you’ll just have to go find them yourself, wun’cha sunshine?

Someone sign this guy.

Easily the Best Sonic Music Mash-Up, the Sequel


He did it once, now he’s gone and done it again.  Sonic Retro member n00neimp0rtant assembles 10-minutes of music from just about every Sonic game.  Is it as awesome as the first one?  Uh… yes.

Listen to it, knuckleheads.

A Very “Special” Birthday Cake


C.C. submits us something that is extraordinarily awesome.  It’s a Sonic 2 Special Stage cake!  Created by MegWhiteIII at DeviantArt, this cake was created for her brother’s 21st birthday.  She comments on how it was created:

Genoise sponge with raspberry jam and butter cream filling. Covered with a layer of orange coloured buttercream and decorated with fondant icing. It took a lot of food colouring to make it so blue!

Maaaaaaaan, I wish I got this cake on my 21st.  All I got was a hangover.

How I Celebrated My “Sonic 2sday”


I know that this blog post runs a little late, but right after my “Sonic 2sday” festivities, I boarded a plane and went home for Thanksgiving.  I was unable to get any of these pictures (or this story, for that matter) up due to turkey-induced funtime.  With that said, I hope that everybody had a fantastic and safe holiday weekend.

With it being another Sonic 2sday and all, I decided to call people over to celebrate.  What sucks was that most people had all left my little college town for Thanksgiving break, which started that day.  Despite only two people there to experience the retro-themed get-together, it was still a fun time.

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Easily the Best Sonic Music Mash-Up


YouTube user, n00neimp0rtant, has uploaded an incredible mash-up of Sonic music to the site that incorporates Sonic music from the Genesis-era all the way to today’s games.  This labor of Sonic love, which took him a week and a half to complete, is really cool.  Listen to it, knuckleheads.

Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout A Place, Called “Zone: 0”


Community projects and cool websites are one of the few reasons I bother to like Sonic anymore, aside from the adoration of the character at a young age.  When amazing sites within this community pop-up, I take notice and rush to tell everybody about it.  So, now, I’m tell you to visit Zone:0, the most comprehensive guide and analysis of the classic Sonic titles.  The site can best described on its about page:

This rather colossal project of mine aims to combine the detail and accuracy of a well written FAQ with the visual features and organisation of an official printed strategy guide, all mangled together into a series of web pages. The ideal, although probably unrealistic goal (either way, we’re talking in terms of years here), is that every single game in the series will one day be covered within this website. The biggest emphasis here though is on the levels of the Sonic platformers, and each one, for each game, will have its own page personalised and dedicated entirely to it. Information will not only relate just to the specific obstacles and tricky bits you’ll encounter but also details surrounding its structure, appearance and tons of other trivia, relying on specific and consistent methods of organisation and analysis. Where possible, complete maps with the most detail you can find anywhere, as well as a load of screenshots will help illustrate the entire stage for you.

I’ll talk about it briefly, because I want you to go over there and see for yourself!

picture-1Zone:0’s administrator, LiQuidShade, recently put up a new ad here at Sonic Stadium to promote the redesign of the site.  Not only is the design slicker and more appealing to the eye, but Sonic the Hedgehog CD joins the party, as guides for only Sonic 1 & Sonic 2 were the only games up before.  There are also improvements within the image viewing department and comment boxes, which allow you to add content to a game’s page.

I was hooked on Zone:0 when I saw a count for the amount of rings in a given act.  When I saw that statistic, amongst the dozens of pictures and details, I knew that I could trust this site for a comprehensive breakdown.  Plus, the site hosts level maps, which have been hard to find, in my opinion, as of late.  While the Sonic Research Zone is also a great resource, half of their maps are down.  Sonic fangamers should frequently visit this site to read about how each level is constructed, in order to create the best possible level for their own game.

Zone:0 provides breakdowns and analysis of each zone’s appearance, level design, and strategy.  Do you want to find the best path to time travel in Sonic CD? Zone:0 has got you covered.  Do you need to know where all of the star checkpoints in Sonic 2 to create the best method of collecting the chaos emeralds?  Zone:0 is on it.  There is just so much information, it will make your head spin with joy.

Visit Zone:0

Fanatics: Sonic 2 LD

I’m on an 8-bit Sonic binge as of late, aren’t I?  Wait, who am I kidding?  I always am.

A SEGA Master System hack, Sonic 2 LD, a title playing on Retro’s HD Sonic 2 remake, by doc eggfan at Sonic Retro is probably my favorite project at  that forum.  The project’s goal is to take the Sonic 2 levels for the Genesis and put them in the Sonic 2 Master System ROM.  A novel concept, considering that I’ve always wondered why SEGA made different levels for the Master System version (aside from making Aqua Lake Zone, aka “the best zone ever” – ride that shuffle beat).

Doc Eggfan recently released a new screenshot of his work-in-progress, 8-bit Emerald Hill.  Hit the break for the screenshot.  Warning: Contents May Be Awesome. Continue reading Fanatics: Sonic 2 LD

Fan Spotlight: Neodaft’s Art

What’s up?  Your community writer, Mister Sling, has something totally awesome to show you.  I like to peruse DeviantArt and look for some talented Sonic artists and I have found one today in a member named “Neodaft.  The work of art that caught my attention is straight out of Sonic and the Secret Rings:

Not gonna lie…that is pretty rad right there.  Neodaft said that he used Prismacolors, white paper, eraser, a “pilot H-165 clickable pencil” and Photoshop.  As a fan of Secret Rings, I dig it.  As a fan of Sonic art, I really dig it.  The style of the art really draws on the storybook theme of the game and the blur added in Photoshop makes Sonic’s speed convincing.

Visit neodaft’s DeviantArt page for more awesome art.  I’ll catch you guys later for another Fan Spotlight.  I really enjoy seeing how talented everybody in this community is.

Do you know of some fan created work that is totally awesome?  Submit it to the Fan Spotlight, so it can be featured here!  Send a PM to Slingerland on SSMB!

New Sonic Chronicles trailer reeks of awesome

Sega of America and Sega of Europe have released a new trailer for upcoming DS RPG game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. The trailer contains gameplay as well as showing more comic-book esque cutscenes. The trailer also says you can play as over 10 characters, so current reports of 11 characters from various sources may be right.

When watching the end of the U.S. version of the trailer it’s still looking like you poor guy’s and gal’s are still far from getting a release date as it ends with ‘Fall 2008’ compared to the European trailer ending ‘September 2008’ which falls in line with Sega Europe’s recent unveiling of a September 26th date for the game.

In other news, the new issue of UK gaming magazine Games Master was released Wednesday the 30th July and they have a 2 page preview on the game with gorgeous new artwork spread across a 2 page poster too. UK fans can pick the magazine up for £3.99 now. Games Master also revealed they will have their review of the game in their next issue August 27th. Expect our full un-biased (despite being life-long Sonic fans) review closer to release.

European trailer –
U.S. trailer –