Mario & Sonic, Sonic Unleashed up for Golden Joysticks

Thanks to Dave from Camp Sonic for kicking us awake for this one – the Golden Joystick Awards are gearing up again, and you can vote for your favourite games in many different categories. SEGA’s got a strong showing with Sonic appearing in multiple nominations:

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, which will just not die, is up for three different awards, including The Sun’s Family Game of the Year, Bliss Handheld Game of the Year and Nintendo Game of the Year (ouch, Miyamoto). Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Dash Mobile is lined up for 4Talent’s Mobile Game of the Year, while Sonic Unleashed could win the One to Watch Award (something that, given what we’ve seen so far, is quite justified).

SEGA’s in a bunch of other categories too, but you can go visit the GJ website (or the Sega Blognik) to see what those are. Be sure to make your vote count and don’t let a two year old game win any awards this time! OK? Cool.

Golden Joystick Awards (Via Sega Blognik – thanks Camp Sonic)

Sonic games entered in Guinness Records: Gamers Edition

Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog games have made it into the new Guinness Records: Gamer’s Edition 2008. 7 records have been entered which are:

  • Best selling game on Sega systems
  • Highest score for Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Best selling retro game compilation
  • Fastest completion time
  • Fastest video game character
  • Longest running comic based on a videogame
  • Most playable characters in any platform game

Congratulations to our spikey blue hero!

You can view the 2 page section in the book’s preview at it’s official site here on pages 14-15.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics wins award

The Games Convention is wrapping up. With the end of the show, comes the awards. 85 nominees in nine categories, software and hardware. Maro and Sonic at the Olympics, alongside heavy hitters Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Fit, was nominated for best Wii game, over other notable titles such as Metroid Prime 3 and Zack and Wiki (NiGHTS wasn’t playable, therefore not eligible for the award).

Well, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics took the award home today, according to Sega Europe’s blog. Certainly an impressive feat.

In addition to the award, Mario and Sonic took home some glowing praise from the media:

IGN’s impressions

GameSpot’s Impressions

Sonic Wrecks Awards Open

Sonic Wrecks has opened polls for its Awards ceremony, with 15 different categories to vote into. Visitors must vote in all awards before their cast is voted, so be sure to take a look at all the nominees before you make up your mind.

You can visit the site page here.

The Sonic Stadium Network is nominated in several awards, if you have enjoyed TSSNET this year then please consider voting for us in the following categories:

Best Use of Images/Graphics: The Sonic Stadium
Best Sonic Resource: FastFeet Media
Most Essential Service or Feature: Sonic News, FastFeet Media, SEGASonic Radio

We tend not to get awards or credit for much these days so it’d be nice. 🙂

In other news, SEGASonic Radio had a rip-roaring success with the Sonic Super 16th Event, just about the only celebration of Sonic’s Anniversary which earned 70+ listeners and the appearance of Lee Brotherton (Remix Factory) in the Chatroom.

Sonic Wrecks Awards – Nominees Listed

Sonic Sprite Comic fansite Sonic Wrecks has just posted their Award nominees online, causing some controversy over their fan fiction category in the process.

Fifteen awards are listed in this year’s ‘Handies’, including categories for humour, best design and biggest disappointment of the year. Among those included are The Green Hill Zone for Best Resource, Sonic Yoda for Most Underrated Site and Untamed Beauty for Specialist Website. Continue reading Sonic Wrecks Awards – Nominees Listed

Sonic the Comic up for Award Nomination

The Eagle Awards, a British comic awards ceremony, has begun taking votes for possible nominees for the 2007 Eagle Awards. Sonic the Comic Online, as well as several creators from the official series, are now selectable in their online nomination form.

Sonic the Comic Online is selectable in the following sections:

  • Favorite Web Based Comic
  • Favorite Comics Related Website
  • Favorite Colour Comic (British)
  • Favorite Cover of 2006 (two entries)
  • Favorite Comics Character (Sonic)

Continue reading Sonic the Comic up for Award Nomination

Sonic 06 Nominated for GamePro award

In the latest issue of the American game magazine “GamePro”, Sonic the Hedgehog 06 has been nominated for the magazine’s “Reader’s Choice Action/Adventure Game of the Year” award. The game is going against some very strong contenders, including The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Okami.

For those of you whom wish to take part in the awards, you can access them through GamePro’s website via the following link:

Oddly enough, Sonic the Hedgehog scored a 2.75/5 in the very same issue.

Special thanks to Neo Hazard of SSMB for providing the news.

Shadow the Hedgehog up for Golden Joystick Award

Shadow the Hedgehog, after going on for ages about being alone and stuff, finally needs your help as he’s nominated for a national gaming gong in the UK Golden Joystick Awards.

Shadow is up against nine other games (most of which are pretty damn awful to say the least) competing for “The Sun’s Family Game of the Year Award”. The Sun (also known as ‘the replacement for Andrex’) seems to be getting into the swing of this “video-game-ing” lark – at least more so than the Daily Mail – with the newshounds getting an interview with ‘Sonic the Hedgehog himself’ not too long ago. Continue reading Shadow the Hedgehog up for Golden Joystick Award

Sonic Wrecks Awards Results

The second Sonic Wrecks Awards has now ended, and the results have been revealed.

Websites who retained awards won last year include Sonic Vegemite, who held onto the ‘Best Humour Related Site’ and SEGA for ‘Most Original Concept’ in Sonic Wild Fire – the reason of its win being the majority of the fanbase’s feelings that the Wii title will truly be the next step in the Sonic franchise, in the face of the ‘same old’ from Sonic Next-Gen.

The Sonic Stadium featured heavily in the awards again this year, with Sonic News obtaining the ‘Most Essential Service’ gong a second year running and taking the baton of ‘Best Resource’ from it’s parent website. TSS maintained its award for ‘Best Overall Website’, and also won the humourous ‘Big Boot Award’, due to a lack of updates. The reason for the lack of updates has been reported to be a focus on a new website system for the website, including many new features. The new system is reported to be launched in August.

SEGA’s antics with Next-Gen have done no favours for themselves, with Silver the Hedgehog winning the ‘Biggest Disappointment’ Award, and the new hedgehog also obtaining the ‘Biggest OMFG Moment’ alongside the newly designed, slimmer Dr. Eggman.

For the full list of awards, head to Sonic Wrecks. You can listen to the audio ceremony HERE.

Sonic 2006 wins Gamespot peoples choice award

Congratulations are in order for Sonic Team as the fandom rejoices at the apparent return to form for the 2006 Sonic game aptly named Sonic the Hedgehog (working title). Apparently this is not just a mentality shared by the fans, because the many game journalist that attended the E3 show were more than optimistic for the spiky ones first next generation outing.

The popular game site Gamespot held a vote, called E3 2006 Peoples Choice Winner, whereby its members were able to vote for their favourite game from a wide selection of those showcased during E3. In total 20 games were voted hottest in show, although none were ranked in terms of the number of votes. Sonic made it into the line-up winning the members of Sonic Team a celebratory hamper which they were keen to show off on Sonic Channels staff column and its E3 article. Continue reading Sonic 2006 wins Gamespot peoples choice award

Sonic Wrecks Releases Award Results

Sprite comic and Shadow fansite Sonic Wrecks released the final results of its Sonic Wrecks Awards on Tuesday. Twelve awards were contested, ten for Sonic-related Websites, accompanied by fictional Sonic Wrecks comics about the awards.

Among the awards, Sonic News won the “Most Essential Service or Feature” award, and parent site The Sonic Stadium received the “Best Sonic Resource” and “Best Overall Sonic Website” awards.

The “Most Underrated Website” award was tied in votes between ShadowGrounds and Sonic Vegemite, so both sites received this award.

A full list of awards and their results is available on the Sonic Wrecks Awards page.

TSSZ @ SAGE 6: Moogle Cavern, Mighty and Sonic XG Win Big in Best Of Awards

Here’s what’s been chosen for SAGE 6’s “Best Of” Awards. Overall, there are six awards up for grabs for the fan gaming side. Art contest results are currently pending and we’ll bring you those as soon as we know who won. For now, see below for the winners of the games awards.

Continue reading TSSZ @ SAGE 6: Moogle Cavern, Mighty and Sonic XG Win Big in Best Of Awards

Shadow Named Villain of the Year

The moody and broody Shadow the Hedgehog has made an impact on various video game outlets, as illustrated by the second annual Wizard Video Game Awards. Sonic’s doppelgänger was named the Best Villain of the Year. “Packing more ‘tude than the blue dude himself, this evil hedgehog’s killer look and dreams of world conquest had fans loving him more than hating him,” said the magazine. For more, pick up a copy of Wizard #124 and turn to page 104.

Phantasy Star Online Earns Accolade from BAFTA

And the awards just keep on coming for Phantasy Star Online. Sonic Team’s innovative console RPG has been honoured by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) in this year’s Interactive Entertainment awards. This is a big deal, as BAFTA is the leading arts group in the UK. Continue reading Phantasy Star Online Earns Accolade from BAFTA

PSO Earns Another Award

According to Dengeki Online, Yuji Naka’s wonderful multiplayer RPG Phantasy Star Online has won yet another award. At the Sixth Annual Animation Kobe, Phantasy Star Online received the Best Network Media award, adding to it several awards received from various conventions including Tokyo Game Show and Game Developers Conference.

Yuji Naka Wins Best Programmer Award for PSO Innovations

Sonic Team’s lead producer, Yuji Naka, has won an award for Best Programmer at the annual high profile Association of Media in Digital (AMD) Awards in Japan. Congratulations Naka-san! Continue reading Yuji Naka Wins Best Programmer Award for PSO Innovations

Hackers Spoil PSO Event, Doesn’t Stop Sonic Team Winning Awards

There’s been a little bit of good news and bad news this week in the world of Phantasy Star Online. The officially-organised PSO Fan Cup has been halted in Japan due to hackers exploiting certain elements of the special quests. It’s likely that the event has only been temporarily stopped while the culprits are weeded out. Continue reading Hackers Spoil PSO Event, Doesn’t Stop Sonic Team Winning Awards