SEGA to Hold Panel at AOD 2013 About the History & Future of Sonic

Sonic 10th anniversary figurine

UPDATE: Aaron Webber has confirmed via Twitter that there won’t be any new game announcements at the panel.

You may recall an article we published last month about Ken Pontac being listed on AOD 2013’s website as the writer for an upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog game. Well, we’ve now learned from AOD 2013’s Dominic Nguyen, that Ken will be there as part of a bigger official SEGA Sonic presence.

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Signed Original Uekawa Artwork & 10th Anniversary Wine Glass Up For Auction

Looking for a real piece of Sonic the Hedgehog history to add to your collection? Then look no further! Currently up for auction on ebay are a couple of really unique items that will make any Sonic merch-mad fanatic salivate!

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eBay: Bid On Rare “Sonic the Hedgehog #0 & #1” Comics

eBay user, the-comic-crypt has put a rare Sonic comics up for auction in “Sonic the Hedgehog #0” and “#1,” which are the first full comic appearances of the blue blur.  As of April 14th, the comics are going for around $30 combined and will be up until this Friday, April 17th.  The-comic-crypt has assured potential buyers that the comics are in fantastic condition.

If you’re a fan of the Sonic comics and do not own these two issues, I recommend placing a bid on ’em.  Be prepared to spend somewhere in the mid-hundreds (in  dollars) on each, as the-comic-crypt mentioned that his last auction of Sonic #1 finished at $141.

Bid on Sonic #0.

Bid on Sonic #1

Sonic’s Edusoft Selling on eBay?

edusoft-front edusoft-back

You might never have heard of this unreleased Master System title, but a supposedly ‘bona fide’ copy of Sonic’s Edusoft is on sale for $40 on auction website eBay.

An edutainment game that was originally meant to capitalise on Sonic the Hedgehog’s Mega Drive release in 1991, Sonic’s Edusoft ended up not being released officially at all, according to information collected by fellow Wiki Sonic Retro. The developer, Tiertex, appeared on the SMS Power forums in 2007 to discuss the existence of the title. A ROM of the game is readily available from Retro.

Which leads us to ponder whether this item from eBay is in fact genuine. It could be relatively easy to grab a ROM and dump it onto a Master System cartridge, given the know how. It could just as easily be a promotional copy, handed out internally before its release was cancelled.

Either way, whoever decides to bid on this should probably air on the side of caution. We doubt that SEGA will confirm whether this is the real deal or not. Because it was an unofficially licensed game – and an unreleased one at that – we can only assume that the publisher will want to deny all existence of it, evidenced in mentions of Edusoft being removed from Wikipedia.

Sega Master System Game EDUSOFT With SONIC THE HEDGEHOG – eBay (via TSSZ)

Signed SatAM DVD on eBay

It’s clear to see that the best release of the SatAM DVD box set is the American one. Brits have also been lucky enough to see a SatAM boxset, but we don’t have any of that awesome artwork on the cover, nor the fan art that adorns the inside packaging. So what better than to get a copy of the American DVD boxset that’s also signed by Series 2 writers Ben Hurst and Pat Allee? Just your luck then, as such a item has hit eBay recently.

Former Fans United for SatAM website owner, Quexinos, is putting up this copy of the DVD boxset, said to be one of only three in the world to exist. The eBay auction includes a certificate of authenticity too, so you know you’re getting the real deal. According to current owner of FUS, RockyRaccoon, the auction’s proceeds are going to “Chief-Aid”; a campaign to help FUS Forum ‘Chief’ out of a financial hotspot. He’s a single father who’s just been laid off, and at this time of the year that’s just cold and brutal.

If you want to help the “Chief-Aid” cause and grab yourself a limited edition SatAM boxset in the process, then head on over to the eBay auction here to place your bid. The current bid is $41 at time of writing, as is the case with these ‘charity’ style things, if you feel like affording a bit more for what you feel the boxset is worth then it could truly change someone’s Christmas for the better. Our wishes go to ‘Chief’!

Autographed SatAM Boxed Set on eBay – SSMB (thanks for the tip, Rocky)

Finally, Sonic the Hedgehog 4…

How do you know when you’re getting a good deal? When someone offers an ultra-rare game on eBay! But wait! This isn’t any old rare game – this is Sonic the Hedgehog 4 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In looking for eBay items involving weird Game Boy pirate games of old (Sonic 6, anyone?), I came across this gem, sitting on a veritable sucker collector’s desk in Cheshire.

In an attempt to either fleece a gullible Sonic fan or recoup some hard-earned cash he must have lost in buying this game himself (in being said gullible Sonic fan), the seller of this eBay item is asking for £170. Hm. Let’s weigh it all up. Good thing: You’ll own a real pirate Sonic game. Bad thing: You’ll own a real pirate Sonic game, minus 170 quid. But hey, the guy’s open to alternative offers, so go nuts.

I tried to offer 25p to the guy (three times) and he refused (three times). I guess some people just don’t know the real worth of what they have in their home.


Yuji Naka Signed Sonic Gear Going Under The Block

Signed Sonic the Hedgehog paraphernalia amongst other video game related treasures are set to be auctioned next Saturday the 17th as part of the upcoming Hollywood Arts Dream Awards.

Straight from the press release:
The Dream Awards will host an auction on eBay with several game industry items including an audio cameo in the upcoming game HALO 3, a Master Chief statue, a tour of the Bungie Studios and signed video game paraphernalia of games such as Guitar Hero 2 and by artists such as Yugi Naki, creator of Sonic the Hedgehog. (I’m sure they meant Yuji Naka, father of Sonic the Hedgehog) Continue reading Yuji Naka Signed Sonic Gear Going Under The Block

Will Climb Mountain for Signed Sonic Pictures

African mountain-climbing, massive sponsored online auctions… sounds like another SEGA charity event. The European arm of the video games giant recently organised a venture called “TAKIN AGES“, a Kilimanjaro chairty climb in aid of the Entertainment Software Charity (ESC).

Three of SEGA Europe’s partygoing managers – Caroline Searle (Purchasing Manager), Tina Hicks (UK Marketing Manager) and Lynn Daniels (EU PR Manager) – will be making the climb in an effort to raise money for children’s education charities. On 4th October they will be whisked to Tanzania to commence a no doubt rigorous six-day trek through the African mountainside.

In order to aid raise funds for the event, many SEGA auctions were held on eBay featuring exclusive SEGA items – the headlining of which included signed Sonic and Shadow pictures by the ‘ledge’ himself, Yuji Naka. These items were of particular interest, as you’ll no doubt see by the increments in biddings. Continue reading Will Climb Mountain for Signed Sonic Pictures

Penders Selling Original Prints of Archie Sonic ‘Beat The Clock’ Story on eBay

Archie writer and artist Ken Penders has announced that he is auctioning off some rare comic collectibles on eBay, including the complete (and intact) five-page story ‘Beat The Clock’ and some Sega Data pages from past issues. Continue reading Penders Selling Original Prints of Archie Sonic ‘Beat The Clock’ Story on eBay

Archie Sonic #0 Up for Auction on eBay

You can be in with a chance to own a piece of Archie Sonic comic history, thanks to a rather nice seller and the power of eBay. The listing includes a copy of a six-page ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ comic book that came included with the Mega CD system in the US. Worth pointing out that this isn’t just the first issue in the mainstream print run that began in 1993 – this is part of a mini-series that pre-dates that! Go here if you’re interested – good luck!