More Sonic Extreme Gameplay Videos & Information Revealed

Following Saturday’s discovery of the unreleased game Sonic Extreme, ProtonX has released more gameplay footage, including a full race mode video. Information about who this lost game was developed by has also come to light, along with footage of another cancelled and similar looking game on ProtonX’s Xbox dev kit that the same game developers created. Continue reading More Sonic Extreme Gameplay Videos & Information Revealed

Unreleased Xbox Game “Sonic Extreme” Discovered

ASSEMbler Games forum member ProtonX has discovered an unreleased game called Sonic Extreme via an Xbox development kit. The game sees Sonic try his hand at skateboarding, with gameplay much like the Tony Hawk skating games, tricks and all. A few videos of the title in action have been released, which show Sonic skating around a stage that looks a lot like Seaside Hill in Sonic Heroes. Many fans are already speculating as to whether this could have been an early concept demo of what would eventually become Sonic Riders, which like Sonic Heroes before it, was also released on Xbox. The third gameplay video gives us a look at the game’s split-screen multiplayer mode, which features Shadow as a playable character.

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If any more information and media are released, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

Source: ASSEMbler Games (via TSSZ News)