Toy Maker Zappies Claim New Sonic Racing Game for 2018

Over in Nuremberg, the annual Spielwarenmesse toy fair is underway and as usual the toy makers are showing off their new toys for release later this year. Well, one such toy maker has just added fuel to a fire which had been virtually extinguished earlier this week.

Zappies who were responsible for a number of All Stars Racing Transformed toys way back when the game was first release were at the convention and have allegedly told that there is a third Sonic racing game on the way!

Whilst there is no outright proof of such a game, what strongly supports it is that their booth is full of the original ASRT toys which went out of production years ago. They claim these are here as placeholders in a bid to give some retailers an idea as to what the new game and toys will look like.

This comes less than a week after a document from Sumo Digital was leaked which suggested a new ‘Kart Racer’ from a ‘Global IP’ was in development, and just days after Aaron Webber claimed that it wasn’t happening.

Keep checking TSS, hopefully we can get all this resolved very soon!


BBC: All Stars Racing Transformed Improves Your Memory & Concentration Skills

ASR Transformed screenshots 12

This is the kind of story which always seems to come up at least once every year or so, but it’s always nice to see.

Last night BBC 2’s Horizon was entitled “Are Video games Really That Bad?” It was a really good, non sensationalist look at videogames and how they influence you, because lets be honest here, they do.

It was a fascinating insight into gaming, especially the part of the show which showed how one videogame was improving the quality of keyhole surgery and some doctors are now playing games as they feel it’s improving the quality of their care.

However, more closer to home was the segment near the end of the show, they wanted to test how games influence non gamers, so they got together a group of pensioners who don’t play games, and asked them to do a series of tests involving memory and concentration, they then asked them to play Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed for 20 min per day, for 5 weeks.

After which they performed the same tests and according to the results, their memory and concentration skills had all improved by 30%.

So there you have it, you now have a medical reason to play ASRT, but honestly you should be playing it because it’s a bloody good game. Can we have a third one now please?

You can watch the show on BBC’s iPlayer for the next month. Those outside of the UK may need to fiddle with their location settings/proxi time.

Now where did I put my keys…?

Sumo Digital Planning Something All-Stars Racing Related

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the original Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, to celebrate this, Sumo Digital posted some really interesting messages a short while ago.




Well that’s certainly caught my interest. No idea what they have in store at the moment, though personally I would love to see a sequel to the awesome All Stars Racing Transformed.

Keep checking TSS for more info as we get it.

ASRT’s Soundtrack To Receive CD Release


Come May, the Japanese version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will be released, and if you happen to live in Japan and pre-order, you get a sound track CD.

However, a recent listing posted on would indicate that the OST is to also get a full retail release. In fact several Japanese retailers have recently posted a listing for an ASRT soundtrack on their websites. Details are that it’ll be a single disk release, and its due out on May 14th.

Despite a strong demand for a physical soundtrack release since the games début here in the west, there doesn’t appear to be any plans to bring this over to the US or Europe at this time, which isn’t unusual for Sonic OST releases. But if that changes we’ll be sure to let you know.


Ryo Hazuki DLC Now Live


For PC owners of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed. The long awaited Ryo Hazuki DLC is now live. Ryo drives around in vehicles based on various classic Sega arcade machines which are also found in the original Shenmue title.

If you fancy picking up this one, it’s very reasonably priced at only 99p.

And before you ask, So far only the PC & Mobile version of the game are to get Ryo at this time. However if this changes we’ll let you know.

Source: Steam. 

Shenmue’s Ryō Hazuki Leaked as ASRT DLC via Yogscast Charity Stream


Aw yeah, this is happenin’!

Though there is no confirmation as to which platforms outside of PC will be receiving this, if any, it has nonetheless been revealed through the recent Yogscast Humble Bundle charity stream that Ryō Hazuki of the Dreamcast cult classic Shenmue series will be hitting the streets of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed in the near future!

In November of last year, Steve “S0L” Lycett of SUMO Digital had challenged fans to vote among a slew of SEGA characters to decide a top three for ASRT DLC coming down the line. Since then, a number of exclusive characters, mainly from SEGA’s own PC-centric titles, have found their way into the PC version of the game, but Ryō, who won by a landslide of 3379 votes, marks himself as the first DLC character to have come as a result of the community polls.


We’ll keep you posted once word has come as to what platforms Ryō is expected to arrive on, and when!

Now let’s see, who were the runners-up again…?

Simon Joins the Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Roster


Alongside a 300MB update, PC owners can now download Simon from Yogscast as a racer in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The DLC pack costs £2.99 and all money raised goes to the chairty Special Effect, who you might remember from this years Summer of Sonic?


Yogscast, the UK’s most watched YouTube channel, run an annual charity drive for the month of December. This year, they are teaming up with SEGA and taking the drive to the next level in a race against the fastest Hedgehog in the world. The Yogscast’s very own Simon Lane, aka Honeydew, is now available as a brand new DLC character in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed™ with 100% of all SEGA and Yogscast proceeds being donated to the SpecialEffect charity.

For more information about Special Effect and the fantastic work that they do, please visit their main website,

No video of Simon is out yet, however a few images were posted to the Steam product page showing off his vehicle in full which you can see at the end of this update.


So if you’ve not donated anything to charity yet and have been considering it, why not buy this character? You’ll be donating to a good cause and get something to play with at the same time.

Source: Steam Store

ASRT DLC: Simon From Yogscast Joins the Roster & Humble Bundle Detailed.

Credit to Sonic Retro for the image

A few days ago, Sumo Digitals Steve Lycett hinted that the next piece of ASRT DLC would be controversial, PC exclusive and ‘a popcorn moment.’ Many have since speculated what this might mean, theories have ranged from ASRT being Free To Play, to certain very popular characters being included in the game (excluding the console versions) and even 1970’s Trousers Mode… what it could happen.

Well… we might have found the answer.

During the livestream of the very popular PC gaming channel “Yogscast,”Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed will be included in a new Humble Bundle for charity. However the reveal didn’t end there. Simon from the Yogscast then went on to state that he himself would become a racer in ASRT and be part of a piee of charity DLC that would all go live on December 6th.

They didn’t reveal much, only that both the bundle and the DLC would be up on December 6th 2013, and that Simon would be a piece of ‘Charity DLC.’ We’re not sure at this time if Simon is the only playable character being added or if there will be others.

Now before people ‘react’ just keep in mind that this is blatently a charity thing so nobody has had a spot taken away. Furthermore, S0L has hinted additional content is on the way and that this is likely the first of a few pieces of additional content for ASRT.

Also think about it. ASRT on the PC, pay what you want? This is a heck of a deal!

Source: HumbleBundle (Bundle not yet active at time of posting).

Yogscast livestream.

Steam Listing Reveals New DLC for Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed!

When you think about it Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed has been out for well over a year… yet it still continues to get support and this includes free additional characters… Thats awesome! Hey videogame industry, this is how you get people to buy your future games!



It looks like more DLC is on the way if this steam listing appears to be correct. It would appear that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is to get some new DLC, but whats interesting is that previous character updates have been included in patches and updates, this is the first time that a DLC listing has been made seperately for the title.

Could this be the long rumored petition characters? And will they come to consoles? Erm… I don’t know, I’m not in charge of that stuff.

Stay tuned to TSS for more information as we get it.

Source: Steam

ASRT’s Fact Sheet Details New Features & Hints New Characters?


Just over a week ago, Sega confirmed that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed would be headding to mobile devices and that the game wouldn’t just be a port of the console or handheld versions.

Few details or specifics were given, however, Sega have released a fact sheet which does go into some details as to what new features will be included as well as one interesting note about characters.

You can find the full fact sheet at the end of this update, however, the most interesting points are as follows.

Social/Facebook connectivity: You can see your friends facebook pictures on the courses as you play.

Daily & Weekly challenges: odds are these will be similar to Sonic Dash/Jumps challenges.

But here is the most interesting point. The game has only 10 characters to start with. Which is in line with the console versions, now, aside from the PC exclusives which were included from the start or via updates, every other character could be unlocked via world tour mode (exceptions are Alex Kidd and Metal Sonic). But the Fact Sheet claims many more All-Stars coming soon! Suggesting that there will be more characters included at a later date?

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed™

Platforms: iOS, Android

Release Date: December 2013

Publisher: SEGA

Developer: Sumo Digital

Genre: Racer

Players: 1 – 4

It’s Not Just Racing… it’s Racing Transformed!

 Race as Sonic and a host of legendary All-Stars and prepare to transform! Speed across land, sea and air in a high velocity battle to the finish line, as your amazing transformable vehicle changes from car to boat to plane mid-race.  Racing on mobile will never be the same again!

This sequel to the hit 2011 mobile game Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing™ brings all the critically acclaimed land, sea and air racing gameplay from its console counterpart to mobile with a host of new features and improvements:

Legendary Racers

Race as 10 legendary racers at launch each with their own unique transformable vehicle. Plus many more All-Stars coming soon!

Dynamic Tracks

Take to land, sea & air as you race through dynamically changing courses. Discover alternate routes, find new power-ups and avoid emerging hazards as you race to victory – every track feels different.

designed for mobile

A brand new World Tour designed for gaming on the go, plus all-new Daily and Weekly Challenges to test your racing prowess.

ultimate Mobile multiplayer

Take on your friends in ultracompetitive 4-player races, both online and locally. Plus challenge your friends’ best times to show them who’s best.


Comprehensive Facebook integration – see your friends’ profile pics on the track.


“The Savior of arcade racers” 9/10


“Fun, challenging and easily enjoyable” 8.7/10


“The metamorphosis of the kart racer” 8.6/10


“Fast, fun and easy to get into” 8.5/10


Update: Sonic 2 Remastered & ASRT (Android & IOS) Coming November 2013


Update: Sega have issued a press release which confirms both games are also coming to Android devices!

You might remember how Sonic 1 recently got remastered?’ It was dubbed the ‘stealth-tax’ version of the game, contained tons of improvements and was generally dubbed ‘awesome’ by all? Well along with this came the promise that Sonic 2 would also recieve a remastered release. That time is coming very soon.

According to touch arcade. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will get it’s ‘remastered update’ on iOs before the end of the year. As with Sonic 1, Sonic 2 will recieve improved framerates, visuals and audio enhancements. Dare we also suggest hidden extras and secrets?

With the original Sonic game, the update was given away for free, thats likely to be the case with this one, however a price point of $2.99 has been given for first time purchasers.



In addition to this. Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed has also been announced for IOS devices. It’s described as a pared down version of the console game, but it will include a new World Tour mode and support 4 player local and online multiplayer.

ASRT is due for release this December.

Source: Touch Arcade

Press Release:

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Nominated for a Golden Joystick Award

S&ASRT Gamescom Wii U screenshots 4

Sumo Digitals absolutely brilliant Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed managed to win the hearts of many fans as well as critics. If you’ve read our review of the game, or played it, you’ll probably know that it’s quite an exceptional racing game that will find the weak and crush them!


CVG have announced their nominations for this years Golden Joystick awards and ASRT has been nominated. Oh my! What category you may ask? Multiplayer! But I think it’s got a chance to win, it’s only up against. Battlefield 3, Halo 4, Black Ops 2, StarCraft 2, Fifa 13 and… Borderlands 2… as well as a few other popular games.

Hmmm, you know, I like it’s chances of winning /blind faith.

And win it shall! *Puts on the music from the Golden Axe stage* The winner is decided by public vote, come on you lot, get on there and vote, we shall crush the other games, see them driven before us and hear the lamentations of their women!

You can vote for the game here.

Has Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Been Censored?

Earlier today, the PC version of Sonic & All Stars Racing transformed recieved an update which added a new character… however, eagled eyed players have also discovered another really strange change.


It’s removed certain aspects of General Winters character. Specifically, the Hammer and Sickle and the star which was on his vehicle.

Check out the above image, now compare it with this one.


See the star on his tank, completely different.

So whats going on? Well… theres no official word on this change right now, however the removal of these images would certainly indicate that someone somewhere has looked at this and said ‘thats offensive’ and demanded it’s removal.

The question is who and why?

My theory, and again, this is just my theory since nothing official has come out to explain this change would be this… There are certain marketplaces in the world which have various rating boards and censorship boards which can ban or limit the release of certain pieces of entertainment. Because videogames can be a constantly changing and evolving media, which ASRT has been, it can fall under the rating/censors light again.

My guess… ASRT’s inclusion of communist imagery has made one ratings board complain and ask for it’s removal, threatten to pull the game from sales, or it even threatten to increase the age rating which would greatly limit sales… you lot still wonder why Bayonetta isn’t in the game?

Recently news has come to light to suggest that Sony’s ‘The Last of Us‘ has had it’s mutiplayer mode slightly censored/toned down’ due to the ratings board. And people in America had to do without the jokers full fatality in Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe.

From a business perspective I can understand it… however, as someone who doesn’t like censorship, I can’t say I’m too happy that he has been changed in this way.

So was anybody here offended by the General?

Source: Steam forums.

Start Ye Engines! Willemus Joins Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed

Well this came out of nowhere!


A new update for Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed just went live on the PC version of the game which includes a new character!

He’s called Willemus and he appears to be from Segas Rome 2: Total War, which is due for release later this year. It’s doubtful that this character will make it to the consoles since Rome 2 is a PC exclusive game, though it does make you wonder if any other Sega games will see inclusion into this game following so soon after Company Of Heroes’ General Winter.


Image Source: Infamous’Cynic

Steve Lycett: “We’re not done with ASRT yet”


The PC version of ASRT got an update a few hours ago, and brought with it a new character as well as a few changes and bug fixes to the game, and it was given away for free.

However, despite this, some people have decided to complain, which has prompted S0L to announce that development on ASRT is still going ahead and that the character they got approval for a few months back is not General Winter and that the game will be reciving more DLC in the future.

At both SSMB & the Sega forums, S0L has stated the following.

“no-one has said we’re done with the game. We’ve not forgot about the poll either. It’s not up to us who we add to the game, I’ve made this clear a number of times. […] I’ll leave you with one interesting tidbit. This isn’t the character I mentioned we’d got approval on either, that was definitely one of the poll topping ones.”

What does that mean? It means that General Winter has been added due to Sega’s takeover of Relic, he is not the final character/update to be added to ASRT. ASRT is still reciving support and that there is at least one more character in development and it’s one of the characters who were voted for by the fans several months ago.

Source: SSMB

General Winter Joins the Cast of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed


Yesterday, Sumo Digitals Steve Lycett began dropping hints that ASRT would be getting a new update. For PC owners, the update has just gone live and… ASRT has a new character, and you will not believe who it is, because it’s technically not a videogame character, or a real person, in fact, if my understanding is correct. It’s a characterised representation of a metaphor.

Let me explain.

The character is called ‘General Winter. Who is General Winter? Well, we need to do a bit of history. In the past, nations have tried and failed to conquer Russia in times of war, famously, Hitler and Napoleon attempted to invade and suffered heavy losses and defeats. Why? Simple. The winter.

Russian winters are notoriously cold. Over the years, as nations have invaded Russia, once the winter hits, their resources and supply lines are heavilly drained and eventually the invading force becomes crippled and has to either retreat or surrender. Hence the name ‘General Winter.’ General Winter is a metaphor, it’s the name given as the reason why well known military leaders in the past have failed to conquer Russia.


Now… in the game Relic game Company of Heroes 2, (Relic being a studio recently purchased by Sega following THQ’s collapse) there is indeed a character called ‘General Winter’ Who is based off this metaphor.

So ASRT’s newest character is from Relics game, who is a characterised incarnation of a metaphor based off a real life phenomenom. When you put it like that it’s simple. Before anyone asks, it would appear that this character is exclusive to the PC version of the game.

In other news, ASRT is free to play this weekend on Steam.

Source: Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page & Thanks to SSMB member Xenn for the image.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed DLC news coming tomorrow?

Steve Lycett @ Sonic Team


Update: More clues have been found at the Steam Forums. See below for full details…

Sumo Digitals Steve Lycett (Aka S0L) has done an awesome job keeping fans updated about ASRT’s development and providing support to fans long after the games release. As well as dropping a few hints and teases that additional content might be in the works for the game. Well… a few hours ago S0L posted the following on the Sega forums in a topic entitled ‘Any News on DLC?’

So tomorrow will be interesting. For a number of reasons. Better pack my flame proof suit…

In other posts made by S0L over at the Steam forums, S0L has dropped other hints.

Скоро зима (If you run this one through google translate, you get ‘winter is coming’)

Is it me, or is it getting really cold all of a sudden. I wonder what tomorrow will bring…

In addition to this, several people who own the PC version of ASRT have noted that there has recently been a number of changes made to that game which would indicate an update is on the way. Could it be that we might finally get that DLC news we’ve been waiting for? Let the speculation begin!

New ASRT Patch Goes Live Monday

The updates feature lots of tucks and tweaks, should address many of the issues you’ve reported to us and also pull in improvements we’ve been doing on PC. Don’t expect any extra tracks or characters though, just before you ask…!

Those are the words of Executive Producer Steve Lycett on the Sega forums yesterday. The PS3 & Xbox 360 versions of the game are to get a second patch next Monday which will follow a little later on the Wii-U.

No patch notes have been released just yet. However from the language used, (“tucks and tweaks”) it sounds like as well as a bug fix, the patch might also alter some of the balancing or even difficulty of the game.

Source: Sega Forums.

Sonic to Tour UK Toy Chain



The UK & Ireland toy chain SMYTHS has announced that starting from February 9th, Sonic will be touring selected stores in the in order to promote Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed.

So if you fancy meeting Sonic this month and want to go to a toy shop, check out the dates and the times after the break.

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New DLC Characters Coming to ASRT?


Over at the Sega forums, Sumo Digital’s Steve Lycett dropped a big hint with regards to possible DLC for Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. When asked if there was anything related to DLC that could be revealed he replied with this,

Actually… We got approval for a specific character this morning. But that’s all I can say right now… 😛

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ASRT PC Gameplay: How to Destroy an Expert Ghost


Sega of America just released a handy video showing you how to destroy the Expert Ghost on Adders Lair. The interesting thing about this footage? It would appear to be from the PC version of the game.

With the exception of the character trailer released a few days ago, this is the first full gameplay footage shown of the PC build. The PC version is released at the end of this month on Steam and a retail edition is planned for Europe too.

Now… In the video, Sega get a time of 1:21.270. Fellow Blue Believers, beat that time!

Check Out These New Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed PC Screens


Yesterday Sega announced that the PC version of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed would include several new characters such as Shogun & Team Fortress 2. To accompany this, Sega have also released several screenshots and new character artwork.

If you fancy taking a look at the screens and media, be sure to check out the images after the break

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Meccano & NKOK Tease New Sonic Toys


Last year, Meccano released a series of Sonic construction toys. Sonic & Knuckles in their ASR cars, and several playset’s based on various zones from Sonic’s 20 year history.

According to Toy World Magazine, Meccano is expanding the range of toys with some new additions. Sky Sanctuary is going to be added as a playset and another stage which is just labeled as ‘Canyon.’ The magazine claims that these stages will be based off ‘Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing,‘ but, considering Sky Sanctuary isn’t in the original ASR, it might be reasonable to assume that ‘canyon‘ refers to the Dragon Canyon from ASRT.

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ASRT PC: Specifications & Release Date Found?


Update: Well it seems that information about the PC version is now flooding out. According to Green Man Gaming we not only have the minimum technical requirements but a release date too.

  • CPU: 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
  • Ram: 1GB Ram (Windows XP), 2GB Ram (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
  • Video Card: 256MB with Shader Model 3.0 support
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
  • HDD: 6.7GB free hard drive space

Release Date: January 31st 2012. That’s a Thursday, which would be accurate if this is the EU/UK release date.

Source: Green Man Gaming

Original Story: So according to the above information, it would seem that the PC/Steam version of ASRT might not be too far away. Dug up by Sonic Scene admin and SSMB user Woun, it would appear that not only is ASRT in the Steam database, but there are several purchase options including a 4-Pack and Gift.

Source: Sonic Scene


Buy ASRT at Gamestop, Get a Hot Wheels Danicar Toy For Free


On October 10th 2012, Sega announced that anyone who purchased a copy of ASRT would receive a free Hot Wheels Danica/Danicar toy from selected retailers. However, as ASRT’s release date drew closer, many had assumed that the promotion had been cancelled as nothing more was mentioned about it.

It has been 25 days after ASRT released on the 3 main consoles, and a week after it’s release on the Vita here in the EU. Sega has now given details as to how you get the toy… You have to buy the game again!

Full press release after the break.

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Update: Now removed: ASRT Now Available to Download on Playstation Vita

Update: It would appear that despite being available to download for a number of hours and even the Playstation Blog staff confirming that it was up for sale, ASRT has been pulled from the Playstation Store. No idea why at this time, though a guess would be that it’s because the official release date is December 7th.

Original Story: You know whats really odd? With the exception of 4 screenshots and 3 seconds of footage from a random Nintendo conference. There has been no media at all released of ASRT on either the 3DS or Vita, it’s all been for the consoles. Yet here we are!

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is now available to download from the Playstation Vita store. This is currently only available in the EU and is priced at £34.99. There is no word yet as to if the content is locked until Friday December 7th when the games official release date is.

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US ASRT Owners, Your Patch is Ready!

S0L to the rescWiiUe! … … Don’t blame me for the terrible pun it was Shadzter’s idea!

Well guys, it’s taken nearly two weeks. But Nintendo might have finally decided to release the ASRT Wii-U patch in US territories. Ever since launch, US owners have been plagued with difficulties which have prevented content from being unlocked and the ability to actually beat the game as well as issues with the Wii-U exclusive modes. But for EU users, no such problems to report, the fix has been live in the EU since the game launched here last week.

However, according to Executive Producer Steve Lycett, it’s time to grab your 70’s trousers and party! For people living in the US, the new patch will be live in a matter of hours!

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Live in Europe? Own ASRT Wii-U? Patch Away.

If you live in the US right now and own a Wii-U copy of ASRT, it’s not been the smoothest of experiences.

However for people living in the EU, it seems that we may never experience the same problems that US owners are currently facing. The update currently available for EU owners of ASRT doesn’t cause the problems that US owners are currently facing.

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TSS Review: Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed

You know… Every time I hear the words “kart racer” I always have a negative thought. Am I wrong to do that? Let’s think about it for a moment. How many times have we seen a random character or series suddenly decide that they can make a video game? The result is usually a random party game or… “kart racer”. Crazy Frog, DreamWorks Super Starz Kartz, Wacky Races, Beanotown Racing and even Disney have made either a very poor or incredibly average “kart racer”. Yes, there are some very good kart racing games out there, but considering how the bad vastly outnumbers the good, I can’t be alone with instantly coming to a negative disposition when I hear “there is a new karting game starring *insert character/series here*”. Continue reading TSS Review: Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed

Beware Spoilers! ASRT’s Street Date Broken!


Oh my days! Oh my Days! Look! A store is charging forty big ones for Singularity! I know it’s a good game but it’s quite old and the online is… oh… you’re more interested about that game with the hedgehog in the car right?

Your eyes are not deceiving you, some naughty retailers have broken the release date for ASRT and are now selling it in store. As a result many of the surprises that the game had in store are slowly being posted online.

Click the link to read more

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Sega Confirms New Sonic Games for 2013!

You could have guessed this. But it’s one thing to speculate, it’s another thing to get some form of confirmation. Sega have confirmed several new Sonic game for 2013.

In the November 2012 edition of Toys ‘N’ Playthings there is an interview with Sissel Henno who happens to be the Head of Brand Licensing at Sega (Europe). The interview is mainly focused on Sonic merchandise, in it we get some insight into not only Sonic’s future as a brand, but also confirmation for several new games to be released in 2013.

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Sonic Loses his Rings & Does the Party Dance

You might have noticed we’ve been following the movie Wreck-It Ralph with a keen interest, mainly because some blue hedgehog guy that you all seem to like is in it along with a bloke in a red suit? Think he’s called Santa Eggman or something? That and it actually looks like a pretty cool movie, but mainly, the hedgehog and the guy in the suit.


Today a new voice actor featurette was posted online which contains a lot of new clips from the movie including a few blink and you’ll miss it moments. At 1:27 you’ll just barely see Dr Eggman going for a walk with a mysterious dark figure… then at 3:23 a certain someone loses his rings. As I said, blink and you’ll miss it.

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Watch Now: 30 min of New All Stars Racing Transformed Gameplay



As we reported earlier today, Sumo Digital were at Manchester’s Play Expo showing off ASRT and talking about the making of the game. Whilst we got confirmation of MeeMee being in the roster and a few other tid bits, we’ve now got nearly half an hour of footage from the presentation… Needless to say, this contains A LOT of spoilers. Judging by how the video cuts off in the second part, it would seem that there might be more to come.

Stay tuned to TSS for more information as we get it.

Source: MrRW26

Time to go Ape! MeeMee Joins ASRT!


The Play Expo event was held in Manchester this weekend and Sumo Digital were due to give a talk about the making of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed as well as a small Q&A session.

Earlier reports coming from the event suggested that a new build of the game was shown that included several new features as well as the first appearance of a new racer, MeeMee from Super Monkey Ball.

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Games Radar Uploads ASRT Wii-U Gameplay

Games Radar have uploaded a short video showing gameplay footage of ASRT on the Wii-U, however unlike your typical gameplay video, this one includes a picture in picture of the controller, giving you an idea as to what appears on the screen as well as how one controls the game.


In terms of the game itself, the only criticisms I can spot are from the frame rate of the early build. The main problems seem to be with the controller itself. The screen is ‘distracting’ and that it’s ‘hard to press the boost’ assuming this means the ‘weapons fire’ button, since boost triggers automatically following a drift? That said there are a number of positives from the video like a ‘good sense of speed’ and the player does seem to be enjoying himself despite it being an early build.

Nothing much else new is shown in the video other than maybe some weapons, though we do get our first clear glimpse of the ‘Seaside Hill Monster,’ I don’t know if he/she has an official name yet. My theory? Eggman finally got Nessie.

So? What do you think? The comment box awaits!

Thanks to FourCartridge for the heads up.