Moor Art Gallery Releases Limited Edition Japanese ‘Sumi-e’ Sonic Art Cards

Following the success of its 30th Anniversary limited edition print run, UK-based Moor Art Gallery suddenly dropped a new collaboration with Sonic Team artist Yui Karasuno last night. This new release is a four-piece set of numbered art prints, featuring Sonic, Super Sonic, Knuckles and Dr. Eggman drawn in an incredibly cool ‘sumi-e’ art style.

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September Sonic Channel Artwork: Sonic X Wisps

The latest artwork from SEGA Japan’s Sonic Channel has been released! With Sonic Colours Ultimate releasing in the next month or so worldwide, it makes sense that the September entry for the ‘Sonic x …’ series would focus on the colourful Wisp creatures.

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Unseen Original Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Artwork Hits the Internet

Some more archive SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis era material has come to light today, courtesy of former SEGA Technical Institute artist Craig Stitt. The latest drop comes in the form of some awesome original Sonic the Hedgehog 2 artwork, drawn by the creator of Miles ‘Tails’ Prower, Yasushi Yamaguchi. Continue reading Unseen Original Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Artwork Hits the Internet

SEGA Promises ‘New Sonic Content’ in License Global Magazine

If you’re worried about what’s next for Sonic now that Team Sonic Racing has hit store shelves, take heart! License Global’s digital magazine for this month has a page dedicated to the blue blur, and in it you’ll find that there is indeed new Sonic content in development, as well as some new artwork! Continue reading SEGA Promises ‘New Sonic Content’ in License Global Magazine

High-Res Team Sonic Racing Key Art Revealed

Art admirers and official scribble aficionados, rejoice! We have some high-res images for you here, covering the key art from Team Sonic Racing’s character lineup as well as final ESRB packshots for the North American market. Take a look below! Continue reading High-Res Team Sonic Racing Key Art Revealed

Japanese Website of Mario & Sonic Rio Wii U now open, shows new info

Following the release of the overview trailer from yesterday, Nintendo has opened up the Japanese website for the Wii U version of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The website reveals a list of sports, duel events (described in a previous report) and characters in the Wii U version (with certain characters only playable in the listed sports). Continue reading Japanese Website of Mario & Sonic Rio Wii U now open, shows new info

Sonic Adventure 2 Available in Europe October 3rd, PC Version Officially Confirmed

SEGA Europe has officially dated the upcoming Sonic Adventure 2 HD port for October 3rd on PSN and XBLA in Europe, one day after the game is released on the US PS Store. The XBLA date is a little odd given that SEGA of America announced an October 5th date for the XBLA version in the US and how Xbox Live updates worldwide, and usually on a Wednesday. Could SOA have made a mistake?

In other news, a PC version has been officially confirmed, but the release date for that platform is unfortunately ‘TBC’. Once a release date is divulged we’ll let you know. With today’s news, SEGA has also released some artwork, which you can view below in our gallery.

Source: SEGA Press

SEGA Releases Sonic 4: Episode 2 Concept Art, More Every Friday

SEGA has started a very familiar campaign called ‘Concept Art Friday’ which will see SEGA release concept art for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 every Friday on their blog and on Sonic’s Facebook page. To kick things off, SEGA has today released two images on their blog of what appears to be a wheel switch from Sonic the Hedgehog 3′s Marble Garden Zone and an image on Sonic’s Facebook page of a new badnik.

Check back next week for more. In the meantime, let us know what you think of SEGA reusing this marketing strategy in the comments section.

Sources: SEGA Blog & Sonic’s Facebook page

Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook Page Gains 2 Million Fans

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page has gained over two million fans, and as a thank you, SEGA has released two never-before-seen sketches of Classic and Modern Sonic, which are drawn by their original artists Naoto Oshima and Yuji Uekawa. You can view them in our gallery below.

Source: Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page (via Sonic Paradise)

New M&S London 2012 Character Art & UK 3DS Box Art

SEGA has today released many pieces of character artwork for Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Some of them you will have seen before, but a lot of them are new. The UK version of the 3DS version’s box art has also been unveiled today, and like its Wii counterpart, it has a more British background.

You can view all of the artwork in our gallery below.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games will be released on Wii next week on November 15th in the US, November 17th in Australia and November 18th in Europe. The Nintendo 3DS version will be released on February 9th 2012 in Australia, February 10th 2012 in Europe and February 14th 2012 in the US.

Source: SEGA Press

Thanks to fluttersoard for the heads up!

SEGA Releases Artwork for Sonic Generations’ Bosses

It seems SEGA’s not done dishing out assets for the console and PC version of Sonic Generations, despite the game already being out on those platforms. The publisher has today released artwork for three of the game’s bosses, namely the Death Egg Robot, Perfect Chaos and Egg Dragoon. You can view them all in our gallery below.

Source: SEGA Press

New Sonic Generations Screenshots & Artwork

UPDATE: We also have the above piece of new artwork from CBBC Newsround. (Thanks to SSMB member Neon for the heads up!)

Original story:
As well as story intro spoilers for Sonic Generations, SEGA Japan has today also released some other new assets, including new artwork for Rival character Silver the Hedgehog and new enemy Time Eater, new Xbox 360/PS3 & PC screenshots for Sky Sanctuary Zone and new 3DS screenshots for Emerald Coast.

You can view them all in our gallery.

Source: SEGA Japan’s Sonic Generations website

Thanks to SSMB members The Dead Skin and Torcano Sanctuary for the heads up!

Shadow the Hedgehog Officially Revealed as a Rival in Sonic Generations

SEGA has just officially revealed Shadow the Hedgehog as the next rival character in Sonic’s upcoming 20th Anniversary title Sonic Generations. New artwork for the black hedgehog has been released showing him in quite the angry pose. No other details or screenshots have been released at this time regarding which stage players will battle Shadow. But with the Tokyo Game Show coming up this week, hopefully SEGA will release more info and media. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

Source: SEGA Blog

Thanks to Eternal X at the SSMB for the heads up!

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Sonic Generations: Chemical Plant Zone Officially Revealed For Xbox 360/PS3, Tails Art, 3DS Boxart

SEGA’s officially unveiled the Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Classic Metal Sonic Rival Battle at Stardust Speedway from Sonic CD for the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Sonic Generations. This level and battle were revealed with a batch of new screenshots SEGA dished out today, as well as artwork for Classic Tails and Modern Tails and the boxart for the Nintendo 3DS version of the game. You can check all of that out below.

Classic Tails and Modern Tails artwork

UK Nintendo 3DS boxart

Chemical Plant Zone screenshots

Classic Sonic vs. Classic Metal Sonic Rival Battle at Stardust Speedway

Sources: SEGA Twitter and SEGA Flickr

Sonic Generations Announced For Japan, 2 New Screens & Artwork

Andriasang reports that SEGA has announced that Sonic Generations will be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Japan this Winter. Along with the announcement, SEGA’s shared four screenshots (two old, two new) and a piece of artwork featuring both Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic. You can check out the new screenshots and artwork below.

Source: Andriasang (via CVG)

Sonic Free Riders U.S./EU Website Opens Characters Section

SEGA has today opened the characters section of the U.S. and European official Sonic Free Riders website, revealing new artwork, small profiles and a new music track from the game. The only characters unlocked at the moment are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Jet, Wave and Storm, but the website states more are “Coming Soon”. Thanks to Gamespot’s exclusive demonstration of the final build, we currently know of 17 characters, which include Metal Sonic, Vector and a blue E-series robot likely called E-10000B that are new entries to the series, so we can expect plenty more profiles to be featured on the site.

Check out the rest of the new artwork below:

Source: Sonic Free Riders U.S. and EU official website

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads-up!

Full Package Pics of the Sonic Colours Special Edition

Courtesy of, we can now see what the full Sonic Colours Special Edition looks like for both versions of the game and it appears it is actually called the ‘Limited Edition’, which of course means that only so many of these will be made available, so if you’re after one then you should get pre-ordering. The contents appear to be no different to the loose contents EB Games Australia revealed, but at least collectors can now rest assured that they’re not going to get lumped with the figure and Wisps being loose on the side. Also of note is some new artwork revealed on the side of the packaging, which includes a new render of Sonic. You can view that and the DS package below. If you’re in the UK, don’t forget that you can get this action figure and Wisps for free by pre-ordering either version at, who recently dropped their prices.


Thanks to MarcelloF at the SSMB for the heads-up, Hero of Legend for the hi-res images and to Aries for extracting the new artwork.

[UPDATE]Sonic Colours: Blue Wisp Revealed

UPDATE: The two new screenshots of the Blue Wisp in action are now available in high resolution. Thanks to an update at the SEGA of America Blog /UPDATE END

ArchangelUK at the Sonic City Blognik has officially revealed Sonic Colours‘ Blue Wisp and its powers. Using the Blue Wisp will transform blue rings into blue blocks and vice versa, which will make new routes available to you. You can also use the Blue Wisp to smack down on enemies. Two more new screenshots of the Blue Wisp are also now available.

When Sonic absorbs Blue Wisp, a cubic Wisp with three eyes, he can exercise the mysterious “Blue Cube” Colour Power. This mysterious power switches blue blocks and blue rings, meaning routes that were once inaccessible can now be explored. In addition, when using the Blue Cube Colour Power and landing on a ground, nearby enemies can be destroyed.

Sonic Stadium Founder Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne who has played the latest build of the game has added to that description with an in-depth explanation at the SSMB:

Here’s how it works – you shake the Wii Remote, some dude yells “KYOOOOOB!” If Sonic’s in the air, he’ll fall down and whomp the floor as that blue cube. Any blue coins turn into solid blue platforms. Any solid blue platforms turn into blue rings. Sonic turns back into Sonic immediately after this ‘cube ground pound’ to take advantage of this change before the charge meter runs down. You can continue to use the power for as long as there is charge still in the meter (in later levels this becomes necessary as you will need to keep flipping blue coins and blocks around to traverse through a particular route). Once the meter runs down, blocks and rings go back to what they were – unless you collected the rings, in which case those platforms won’t return.

The artwork is available in an even higher resolution at SEGA’s Flickr.

Source: Sonic City Blognik

Even More Sonic Colours Artwork

Starlight Carnival’s description:

Carnival attraction of “Egg Planet Park” that looks like a space fleet that has been colored with neons and fireworks. Various space battleships, such as battleships with a constellation motif, meet Sonic in a parade of lights and sounds. Enjoy the feeling of a roller coaster that weaves its way among the parade.

Thanks to Woun for obtaining the Japanese original text and to Core for the translation. /UPDATE END

Even more artwork for both the Wii & DS versions of Sonic Colours has emerged from the official Japanese website for the game, courtesy of SSMB member, Woun. The artwork is from the Starlight Carnival stage seen in recent screenshots of the game. In the artwork you can see various star signs of the Zodiac, aswell as plenty of Eggman’s ships. Could Eggman be planning a gigantic attack on the various planets in the game? The DS map of the stage shows a large ship with Eggman’s face on at the top left, could it be this stages boss?

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for obtaining this content.

New Sonic Colours Art & Videos



UPDATE: A video of a new DS level and a video of Planet Wisp, both previously only seen in screenshots are now available above. We think the new level is the Starlight Carnival stage mentioned in SPOnG’s Takashi Iizuka interview. /UPDATE END

SEGA Japan has updated their official website for Sonic Colours and included some artwork of characters and Wisp powers, as well as some DS Sweet Mountain and Tropical Resort maps. The Sonic and Yacker renders you may have seen before in various other pieces of artwork, but this is the first time they’re available solo. Among the unseen art is a new render of Tails and what looks to be concept art for Tropical Resort. You can check out the art and maps below.

Tutorial videos for each version have also been released:
Basic Wii tutorial
Basic DS tutorial
Lazer Wisp tutorial
Drill Wisp

Source: Official Japanese Sonic Colours website

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads-up and obtaining the content.

Sonic Colours: Orbot & Cubot Art and More Info

In a post at the Sonic City Blognik this morning, SEGA Europe Community Manager, ArchangelUK has revealed seven more facts about Sonic Colours and also unveiled official artwork for robot duo Orbot and Cubot, the latter who was revealed last week in a Sonic Colours manga book.

Here are the seven new bits of information:

1) Orbot’s compatriot is indeed called “Cubot” as some detectives have been able to deduce. He’s a cube shaped robot – ‘Cube-Bot’, much like Orbot is spherical, (quite literally ‘Orb-bot’ and also an anagram of robot if you hadn’t noticed) who is… er… a little defective shall we say.

2) Since you like Orbot so much, here is his character render in high quality PNG format. He has had a bit of a paint job by the looks of things.

3) FOXY FACT: Tails can read binary fluently.

4) Contrary to reports elsewhere, Amy Rose does NOT feature in the story of Sonic Colours Wii. Seriously, unless she’s become an invisible mute post-Unleashed I’ve seen nothing to indicate otherwise.

5) We will see the “consequences” of Sonic destroying a giant robot… in more than one sense. DUN DUN DUUUNNNN!

6) The curly haired Wisp is called Yacker, he is the Wisp Sonic and Tails communicate with to find out what is going on. A silent guide if you like to the world of Wisps.

I officially award kudos points to Umiyuri incidentally who identified the name first, as far as I can see.

7) Oh, okay then here’s Cubot’s character render too.

ArchangelUK also revealed at the SSMB today, the name of the new Sonic Free Riders track he spoke of in another update this morning. The track is called “Rocky Ridge“.

Source: Sonic City Blognik

New Sonic Colours Screens & Art

Courtesy of we have some new screenshots for both the Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours aswell as 3 new pieces of artwork. The screens show us more of Sweet Mountain Zone and Tropical Resort Zone, no new stages are shown. Some of the images you may recognise from magazine previews but I’m sure you’ll welcome them in their larger size and better quality. Though the Sonic and Wisp group art is new, the Sonic render itself was used on official Japanese Sonic site Sonic Channel back in 2008(thanks for the heads up ENVY16).

You can check out all of the screens and art below –



DS :


Sonic Retro Reveal New ASR Art

Of course this really isn’t Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing art but instead some cool artwork from 1991 used to promote Mega World. Wouldn’t it be cool if Sonic riding in this car or his Sonic Drift car was implemented into Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing as DLC?
Source: Sonic Retro

Thanks to Scarred Sun for the heads up on the date this artwork was created and put out.

New ASR Artwork & Screenshots

Hedgehog Day happenings continue with the release of some more Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing artwork, this time of the Bonanza Bros, Akira & Jacky and some more track in-game shots of a Final Fortress stage, a Samba De Amigo stage and Jet Set Radio track 99th Street. The artwork is sure to please fans with its usual attention to detail and great presentation.

We have the track in-game shots, screenshots and Jacky & Akira art for you below –
Xbox 360:



Thanks to Jolt over at the SSMB for the heads up and thanks to nikkart24 there for the Akira and Jacky artwork.

Sources: JV247, Xboxygen, Wii and DS.

ASR: 3 Pieces of Alex Kidd Art & 2 Pieces of Track Concept Art

Some new Alex Kidd and track concept art has hit the net, 2 of the Alex Kidd pieces of artwork you may recognise from Official Nintendo Magazine UK’s preview and sticker sheet but now we have they’ve been released to the public online in hi-res.

The concept art is of the Dino Mountain track from the Billy Hatcher franchise while the other is a desert track from the Super Monkey Ball series you may remember seeing in the Bajo-Kazooie revelation trailer.

Check all the art out below –
(Click to enlarge)

Source: GoNintendo

Thanks to NinMicroSega over at the SSMB for the heads up!

ASR: New Wii & DS Screenshots and Artwork have posted up some new screenshots for the Wii & DS versions of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing, they’ve also grabbed some new artwork in which we can now see Big’s bike is themed around his best friend Froggy. Check them out below –

Wiiz also have some hi-res versions of the Wii & DS box arts. The Wii box art has been updated with the Wii Wheel logo.

eBay Watch: Rich Koslowski Sonic The Hedgehog #26 p6 Orig.Comic Art


A rare piece of original artwork fom the Archie Sonic The Hedgehog comic’s has appeared on eBay.
The seller’s description is as follows –

You’re looking at an original page of art by alt comix wise guy and all around #1 guy and the most under rated comix guy on the planet. He’s a genius. He knows it, i know it, and…well that’s 2 so far…i present to you Meester RICH KOSLOWSKI. This is a page from ARCHIE comics’ SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #26, page 6. Pen & ink on paper (11 x 17 inches), excellent condition. Signed in the lower right.

The seller has 100% positive feedback, is located in New York City, U.S. and will ship for $18.00 but anywhere outside the U.S. will cost much more. Right now the starting bid is $9.00 and the time left as of this post is 6 days 3 hours (Dec 10, 200920:58:25 PST) so fans of thise comic series will want to get in quick to avoid missing this gem.

via GoNintendo

New PS3/Wii/DS All Stars Racing Screens & Art

Fox Gungrave from fellow Sonic fan site Eversonic was recently invited by SEGA France to playtest all 4 console versions of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing and was given screenshots from the PS3, Wii and DS versions of the game aswell as pictures of some old and new artwork.

You can check out Eversonic’s preview here but be warned, it’s obviously in French.

Here’s the screenshots below:

DS –

Wii –
ASR Wii 1 ASR Wii 2 ASR Wii 3 ASR Wii 4 ASR Wii 5 ASR Wii 6

PS3 –

New art –
New ASR Art 1 New ASR Art 2 New ASR Art 3 New ASR Art 4

New Sonic and the Black Knight artwork and screens

Nintendo fan site Nintendo Everything have managed to nab some new screens and artwork of upcoming Nintendo Wii game Sonic and the Black Knight. The images look a little grainy as if they’ve been scanned from a magazine but no magazine is mentioned in the sites post. Most of the screens we’ve already seen but a couple are new and there’s also some artwork of the big bad wolf Black Knight riding horse-back, we’re yet to find out the horse’s name though but for now I’ll call him Dreadagus since he’s dark and he looks as bad ass as Dreadknux Pegasus came to mind.

Another screenshot of Sonic outside of a dark town with a fiery sky looks like possible artwork but Sonic’s model looks like the in-game model so I’ll let you be the judge on wether that is art or in-game screenshot.

You can check out all of the images here

UPDATE: I have been informed that these images are from the latest issue of Nintendo Power, thanks to SSMB Member: Hero of legend

Discuss over at the SSMB topic.

Get A Load Of Sonic Unleashed Screens From Leipzig

Sure, we mock it but Sonic Unleashed is really turning out quite nice. We’re just not sure about the Werehog bit – he’s either fighting some alien creatures that, despite looking rather cute, seem like Sonic’s fighting Iblis Mk2 again (not very ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ at all), or he’s doing careful platform traversing that just makes you wonder “That could have been normal Sonic doing that in his stages”.

If Werehog’s doing all the skilful platforming, does that mean the awesome ‘speed’ stages that Sonic’s involved in has no substance other than just running full tilt and pressing the odd button every now and then? We hope not – only time can tell.

By the way, we’ve also been sent a BONUS ART PIECE for the game, you can click the image above to grab it in full size. Otherwise, hit the jump for screens of Werehog dealing out da punishment! Continue reading Get A Load Of Sonic Unleashed Screens From Leipzig

Sonic Unleashed – Box Artwork Revealed?

Dats sum n1ce photoshopin right der.

SSMB’s very own ‘Coolrunnings‘ alerted the Internet earlier today with what could very well be the front cover image for the upcoming ‘Sonic Unleashed’ title on the Nintendo Wii. After some quick detective work by a few other members, it appears has uploaded the box artwork for every version of the game on their website.

What could well be place holder artwork created by themselves, the cover sports a completely new render of Sonic and the Werehog joined together by what most likely would be the magical wonders of Adobe Photoshop. While the box artwork is extremely important in terms of sales for any game, it seems whoever has produced this picture went down the ‘simple yet effective’ route for grabbing peoples attention on the shelves.


SONIC the Hedgehog USA Game Site Updated

The american SONIC the hedgehog site (Link in the “MORE INFORMATION” box at the foot of this page) has undergone a large and interesting update, now including official renders of all of the game’s main stars and fascinating new information about them and the game’s aspects! The new images show Amy Rose (Sonic’s self proclaimed girlfriend), Blaze the cat, Knuckles the echidna, Rouge the bat and E-123 Omega (Special thanks to “Genius Prof Rick” of the SSMB forums for ripping the following renders):

Amy Rose

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Continue reading SONIC the Hedgehog USA Game Site Updated

Official SA2 Battle Microsite Launches With Brand New Art

Sonic Team has begun its online marketing blitz for the Nintendo Gamecube version of Sonic Adventure 2, by launching the game’s official microsite (different to the TGS website that launched in October). It’s only available in Japanese right now, but there’s already a wealth of images and detail in there, including artwork of characters that will appear in 2P Mode. Hit the jump for all the images, and the link for the official site! Continue reading Official SA2 Battle Microsite Launches With Brand New Art

New Artwork Revealed for Puyo Puyo Advance

It’s great that we’re seeing a new Puyo Puyo game appear on the Game Boy Advance. Sonic Team seems to think so too, as it has launched the official website for the upcoming game – and we’ve plucked a bunch of artwork from the site to share with you here. Continue reading New Artwork Revealed for Puyo Puyo Advance