Mash-Up Monday: Ducktales Adventure 2

A brilliant man once said: “You know when you get an idea so monumentally stupid you just have to make it?” For Mash-Up Monday, we bring you one of those monumentally stupid ideas brought together by Psycosis91. It’s so stupid… yet it works. Tremendously so. Continue reading Mash-Up Monday: Ducktales Adventure 2

More Sonic Colours Art, Screens & Video


Not satisfied with yesterdays huge amount of new art and videos for Sonic Colours? Well, more art, video and DS screenshots have emerged from the Japanese Sonic Colours website. Above we have a video of the World Map from the Wii version in motion, which has gained a multi-coloured star since we last saw an image of it. Below we have artwork from both Wii and DS versions of the game, in which we can see Eggman’s machinery destroying the Wisps’ beautiful home, Planet Wisp. There’s also one new screenshot of the Wii version and three new screenshots of the DS version, in which one of them gives us a glimpse of Sweet Mountain’s candy loving pirate boss.

Check them all out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for obtaining this content.

Sonics From Around the World

Just in time for the Olympics!

When I was the director of the 2007 Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo, I had a lot of objectives to meet.  The year prior, the show was a bust.  The layout was the same as it was in 2005 and only a couple games garnered the attention of everybody, one of them including the debut demo of my fangame, Sonic Nexus.

I had to attract a new audience and fangame creators to return the show to prominence.  I went balls out  on advertising, found every fangame creator at SFGHQ, Sonic Cage Dome, and YouTube, and told them to get their ass in the show.

With that ready, I needed a layout.  I went with a simple idea that changed every day.  It would be “Sonics From Around the World.”  Sonic would change costumes on the site to suit the worldly theme of the day.  I found them while cleaning out my huge “My Documents” folder and I wanted to bring them back and share them with everybody.

The art was drawn by Steven M and colored by Phoenix Gamma.

Caesar Sonic started the show, representing the Mediterranean.
Sherlock Sonic, hailing from England. His theme was adorned with the Union Jack and Big Ben.
Red Baron Sonic. Tails' Tornado got a redesign as it flew through the German skies.
Pharoah Sonic rules over his Sandopolis in Egypt.
Speed Racer Sonic represented Japan. It was a sumo wrestler at first, but I thought Speed Racer was more appropriate.
Matador Sonic is my favorite. The best bullfighter that you've ever seen!
And representing the U.S. is Colbert Sonic. His truthiness knows no bounds.

Seven worldly Sonics for seven days of community fun.  Memories…

I hope you enjoyed these, everybody.  I’ll leave you with an alternate Caesar Sonic.  Et tu Shadow?!

Sonic the Tapehog

Check out Luke G’s Sonic masterpiece.  It’s a 2.5 feet tall sculpture made out of tape and plastic wrap.  Luke also tells us that it has been accepted to an art show where it is eligible to win!  Go Luke!  Visit his DeviantArt profile.

Remember, you can be cool like Luke and send us your creations, community happenings and news tips to thesonicstadium AT gmail DOT com.

“The Neo-Literal Cubist” Tackles Sonic the Hedgehog

Rubix Cube artist, John Quigley, recently created a Flickr profile last month, posting all of his amazing Rubix Cube pixel art.  Of the many creations using the popular 1980s puzzle-toy, one of them was Sonic the Hedgehog.  Take a look at this 784-cube masterpiece:


Check out the rest of John’s gallery at Flickr, featuring Rubix Cube pixel art of Mario, Pac-Man, himself, his friends, and an epic 2,622-cube rendering of Barack Obama.

Fan Spotlight: Double Edition

Usually Slingerland’s the main man for these community spotlights, but I came across a few cool pieces of fan art myself and thought I’d share them with you, gentle TSS reader. The two pictures we have also represent the best of both worlds – pen and colour pencil work, and computer enhanced colouring. Firstly, HAT-S-I-RO‘s ‘Bubble Shield’ picture, which is rather cute and shows the main trio making alternative uses of the item. Ah, semantics. Knuckles is enjoying his newfound Bubble Gum power-up, while Sonic looks less impressed in a roll of Bubble Wrap. Not sure what Tails is doing with the Bubble Bath. Great work there HAT-S-I-RO!

The second art piece we have today is from SpindashStudios, and is called ‘Race to the Eclipse Cannon’. It’s a great, dynamic shot of Sonic and Shadow rushing towards the superweapon based on the ARK, just before they face off for the final time in Sonic Adventure 2. It captures that sense of speed and atmosphere really well, and I love the attention to detail in the Final Rush/Chase surroundings.

Two awesome pieces of work there from the community! If you have a friend who’s artwork is rather outstanding, give me or Slingerland a buzz and we’ll take a peek at it. Your friend’s work may very well feature on our front page!

Fan Spotlight: GregTheCat’s Malicious Fingers

Word.  Fan Spotlight is showcasing some marker and color pencil work today with some artwork from GregTheCatofGordawn.  In this work of art, Greg depicts one of the final boss battles of Sonic (3) & Knuckles.  What I like about this work the most is Sonic’s facial expression, because it’s absolutely ridiculous.  “WHOAMG LAZOR:”

Click the image for a larger view.

Check out Greg’s DeviantArt profile for more cool stuff.

As always, you can send me you or a friend’s art via SSMB private message.  Who knows?  You might be featured on this here front page!