Rumour: Jason Griffith Leaving Sonic Role?

Jason Griffith could be leaving his post as the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog. That’s the rumour that has hit the Sonic community today, following an admission from the voice actor that he is currently not voicing the blue blur in the upcoming Sonic Colours.

Tipster ‘XD375’ told The Sonic Stadium of the revelation after having made contact with two anonymous sources close to the matter. They both suggested that “a new voice” would be involved in the Sonic franchise going forward. A message from Griffith’s Facebook profile has confirmed his lack of involvement;

Thanks for sending [a video of Sonic Colours]. Not sure who is voicing Sonic, unfortunately, so I can’t really say. Also, we have all signed NDA’s in the past, so I don’t really “speak up” on a lot of things involving SEGA.


The future of the roles of Tails, Knuckles and other lead characters were unknown, but it was revealed that Mike Pollock would continue his work as Dr. Eggman. When contacted by SSMB user ‘Crash’, Pollock declined to comment, adding that “I can’t discuss anything that’s not officially released yet, so please get back to me after [the game] hits the streets.”

Speculation of a change-up of the current Sonic voice-over cast sparked up shortly after ArchAngelUK spoke of an announcement to be made on Thursday, concerning the franchise as a whole. While it would not necessarily affect the games, it was suggested that the news would involve an element of the games to some degree. The subject of voice acting would certainly fit that bill.

The future of Griffith’s tenure as Sonic the Hedgehog is currently unknown. While his response above largely hints at a leave of the character, it is equally likely that this is a one-off – that Sega is undecided whether Sonic should have a full speaking role in Sonic Colours at all. If we get any clarifications regarding this rumour, we will be the first to let you know.

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