[UPDATE]Sonic Colours: Aquarium Park Wii & DS Screenshots

UPDATE: Two more Wii screenshots have been added, courtesy of the Sonic City Blognik. Looks like the Aquatic Park boss will chase Sonic at a point in the battle. /UPDATE END

Two batches of Sonic Colours screenshots have hit the net this morning, one Wii batch and one DS batch. The screens are taken from a new water themed stage, which is revealed at SPOnG to be titled Aquatic Park. You’ll notice right away that the stage strongly resembles Sonic Unleashed’s Chun-Nan stage, with plenty of Chinese themes all over the place and even the Egg Pawns are in costume again, this time dressed as Samurai’s. Sonic is quite out of the norm in this stage, since he treks underwater without dying like he usually would in his 3D games, so could we see the return of the classic drowning countdown and air bubbles? This stage also gives us our first in-game glimpse of the Wii exclusive Blue Wisp in action, which turns Sonic into a cube to turn blue rings into solid platforms and vice versa, SPOnG explains.

With a shake of the Wii Remote, Sonic transforms into a blue block, which acts as a switch to turn blue rings into solid platforms and vice versa. It’s a good way of finding some alternative routes through stages.

Also revealed, are the stages bosses on Wii and DS and some more shots of the Wii versions co-op mode. You can check the screenshots out below and discuss them in the comments.



Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the screenshots.