April Fool!

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed our little April Fools gag there. You know us – we’re always game for a laugh on April 1st, and this year was no exception. Instead of tricking you all with some round-the-gardens thing again, we decided to let one of the best characters in the Sonic universe take centre stage.

BIGNEWS is the premier site dedicated to Big the Cat news. Be sure to give all of those articles a read, as it provides some fascinating insight into the world of the lazy cat we’ve all come to love – or hate.

Don’t worry about losing BIGNEWS either – we’re keeping it in archive well after April Fools’ day is over, so you can enjoy all the hard work Big put into this. It’s probably the most effort he’s put into something, so he hopes you’ll appreciate it to some degree. Or maybe he doesn’t hope that at all – he’s likely just snoozing in the Mystic Ruins again. Whatever.

Have a good day today – and don’t fall foul to any nasty tricks!

EDIT: April Fools Day is over, but you can still access Big the Cat’s very own website by hitting ‘BIGNEWS’ on the sidebar underneath ‘OTHER’, or by clicking here.

Sonic Revolution is confirmed

Thanks to the quick thinking of ‘Gamestatin’ German forum goer and lifelong Sonic fan ‘Knucklessupersaiyan’ Sonic News is able to bring you this report. Knucklessupersaiyan (Luca Koch Wanderbusen) contacted us with a full account detailing the events that occurred on Gamestatin after the information, mentioned in this article, was released.

Countdown to Chaos

About 4:15 CEST on the 30th March, the small German gaming site ‘Gamestatin’ lifted the vale on SEGA’s long kept secret: the Sonic Revolution project. Within minutes of the news breaking Gamestatin’s forum became a flurry of activity amongst German SEGA and Sonic fans alike, but ultimately it was not the news itself that would cause the ensuing controversy, but rather what SEGA did next. Continue reading Sonic Revolution is confirmed

Yuji Naka quits to work in a restaurant

Earlier this month Sonic News reported that Yuji Naka (often attributed to the creation of the Sonic franchise) was to leave SEGA and form his own development studio. While some of the rumours surrounding Naka’s resignation have been confirmed, he will not however be leaving SEGA to setup his own development studio, instead he plans to persue a career in the catering business. Naka has used his available finances to setup a Japanese Tea House.

Yumeshiya, as his restaurant is known, sells a variety of dishes, which unfortunately I’m unable to name as I don’t speak Japanese. However if you’re ever in Japan and fancy some Miso Soup and rice then Yumeshiya is the place to go.


April Fool Madness

April 1st has come and gone, and many Sonic Websites got into the habit of tricking their visitors and members. This story provides a shortlist of Sonic sites that did their part in tricking their members. If your Sonic site is not listed here, be sure to give Dreadknux an email at dreadknux at yahoo dot co dot uk.

What remains humourous about both this list of April Fool pranks and a news report SONIC NEWS reported on March 31st, is the fact that each had their fair share of visitors who were not impressed, even stating to some websites, including Sonic Online and SonicAnime.net, that they should be ashamed of themselves. SONIC NEWS reminds the Sonic community of the age-old April Fool superstition; if a victim reacts to a prank in an angry or disagreeable fashion, they are conditioned with bad luck forever. Continue reading April Fool Madness

April Foolish

Ah, April Fools Day. Yesterday was really something for the Sonic Community, as almost every site joined into the festivities. But trust The Sonic Stadium to come up with the best April Fools prank on the 1st – remember on TSS we announced “something big”? Well, we pretended that we were ahead of schedule on our announced Sonic Smash Cards and launched it on April 1st. Check it out here: http://www.sonicstadium.org/ssc/.

Looking at it now, it seems very convincing, until you see the “April Fool” error. There were different ‘honest’ errors every hour or so until we broke that error to the SSMB members at 8pm GMT. We fooled everyone, despite some front from members saying they plugged it beforehand. Check out the activity here, and the explanation for our prank here. We kick ass.

Continue reading April Foolish

April Fools: Explanations and Clarifications

OK, first of all… APRIL FOOL!

Second of all, some clarification. THE WHOLE LAUNCH OF SONIC SMASH CARDS TODAY WAS A HOAX. THE SMASH CARDS THEMSELVES ARE STILL GOING TO BE MADE. The page is a PHP page, sure, but the design is mostly static. The header “User Bar” (Blue bar saying ‘Sonic Smash Cards’, ‘Forums’, etc) is static, you should try going there when NOT logged in ;). The cards are hoaxes, in fact I left the tiniest clue – check the Card Numbers on each of the five cards (in the top right corner of each card).

Third of all, a Disclaimer. The ways of the Internet means that the 12noon rule so implied with normal April Fools has been null and void online. However, a good concept of _international_ time is always good. For example, right now would not be a good time to try and April Fool someone. However, the time we began ours (3pm GMT) is not so bad. So you can let us off for that one, Prometheus.

Continue reading April Fools: Explanations and Clarifications

Beware of April Fools

Ah, April Fools, don’t you love them? Well, you would if you’re the “doer” and not the “doee”. But a whole day before the pranking festivities, a Sonic site has decided to get into the spirit of hoaxing already.

SonicAnime.net, well respected Sonic X resource, has today posted an unsourced news story, claiming that SEGA of America have plans to strip Sonic the Hedgehog of his duty as company mascot and replace him with angsty sour-faced git, Shadow. Despite the amount of Shadow fans online, all who fell for the trick were not pleased that Sonic seemed to have had his job removed.

Continue reading Beware of April Fools

Heads Up! Electronic Gaming Monthly’s Sonic Smash Bros Hoax

Looks like that rumour about Sonic the Hedgehog being in the next Smash Bros game has reared its head again, only this time you should probably not take too much notice. This latest ‘news’ comes as part of an early prank in the April issue of US magazine EGM. Continue reading Heads Up! Electronic Gaming Monthly’s Sonic Smash Bros Hoax