Freak-Out Friday: A Sucky No Choosing Day

Did you ever have the misfortune of watching a single episode of an anime called Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de? The show that retold the Nintendo vs. SEGA console war with a feudal fantasy twist (which, in concept, sounded like a pretty cool idea)? Those of us who did were pretty hyped for it when news first broke; we marked our calendars for the premiere and waited, thinking of what possible wonders would await us in this series…

…and then the first episode came out. Expectations dashed, everyone goes home. Turns out that Aoi Sekai is more “Oppai-Oppai” in quality than “Opa-Opa”, if you catch my drift…

To give you a better idea of this show’s terribadness and to save you the trouble of looking the series up (no, really, you’re welcome), here’s an abridged version of the first episode! Put together by Cyberlink420, the guy behind the Sonic F series, here is the appropriately titled A Sucky No Choosing Day!


Psst: if you guys enjoyed watching Cyberlink writhe in pain as much as I did, nag him about Episode 2!

SEGA vs Nintendo Parody Anime Set for 2012 Release

While Sonic has made several TV appearances in several different cartoon incarnations ranging from good to terrible (we’ll let you decide which is which), none have been quite as intruiging as what is set to hit Japanese TV later this year.

Aoi Sekai no Chushin de (translated as “In the Centre of the Blue World”) is a manga retelling of the story of the console wars with a fantasy twist created by Anastasia Shestakova and illustrated by Crimson. While the green-light was given for the anime back in March, this information has gone mostly unnoticed on Western shores.

Anime News Network recently posted news on the upcoming broadcast:

The story re-imagines the real-life console wars as a fantasy tale — the Segua Kingdom is locked in an age-old war with the Ninterudo Empire for dominance of the land of Consume. Segua now finds itself on the defensive, but an unlikely hero has risen in the form of Gear, a boy who brags about his breakneck speed. Gear helps turn the tide of the war.

At present it looks fairly unlikely that Aoi Sekai no Chushin ne will be officially affiliated with any of the companies the story is based around, however it will probably garner the attention of both SEGA and Nintendo fans worldwide.

See how many references you can spot to SEGA and other videogame IPs in the character designs below!

Thumbs up to Soniman on the SSMB for spotting this!

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