Sonic the Hedgehog #196 Now On Sale

Today, Sonic the Hedgehog #196 is now available in comic book stores across the United States.  This issue marks the end of the “Bold, New Moebius” saga, which was made up of four two parter story arcs all focused  on reorganizing and reimagining what had always been a stale part of the continuity, Anti Mobius. It gave all of the characters more unique personalities, gave the world a brief but unique backstory, and even made Scourge, formerly “evil Sonic”, into a real villain. Anti Mobius, or “Moebius” now provides something more then evil people wearing leather whom happen to look just like the Freedom Fighters.  It is a world with characters that provide real contrast beyond “good and evil”. I commend Ian for this.

I have really enjoyed this saga, and how it reshaped the “evil” characters. This issue looks to be capping the saga off with a pretty epic ending as well. You can see what I mean in the thumbnail images below.

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