[UPDATE] SEGA: Something Coming up in February & Other Hints!


Here at The Number 1 Sonic Stadium Detective Agency, the finest minds have been combing through some of the most recent clues to try and decipher some of the recent clues and hints left by the Sonic social media outlets in order to try and figure out what Sega is upto.


Using state of the art computers and decryption techniques we’ve spent sheer minuets trying to crack and decipher Sega’s hints. Well Detective TSS & Detective SSMB have spent all night trying to break, when suddenly over coffee and doughnuts we finally cracked it, here are our results.

[Update 20/01] – Laying the Breadcrumbs

He’s at it again. Sonic’s Tumblr has posted even more cryptic hints! Attached to a seemingly innocent breakfast post, we at The Number 1 Sonic Stadium Detective Agency have uncovered startling new evidence toward an upcoming reveal. You can examine the new clue below:

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 21.34.42

  • Compares the anticipation of an upcoming reveal to a delicious seven layer bean dip.
  • He’s laying out all the hints like a trail of breadcrumbs so all the “flavours” can come together one day.
  • If you follow the breadcrumbs, who knows what you’ll discover in the coming weeks…?

And now, back to our original findings.

February Announcement?

Yesterday, Sega posted to their Sonic Tumblr account, and it had some interesting tags.


  • We have something coming up in February that some of you will be interested in.
  • But we can’t talk about it yet.
  • Don’t tell anyone you saw this hint in the Tumblr tags – okay?

Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. So it seems that Sega will be announcing something in February, when could this be? I’d bet the farm around February 2nd, Groundhog Day, or Hedgehog Day as Sega calls it. Just under two weeks away.

Cracking the secret code

Just under a week ago, the Sonic Tumblr account posted an image of a comic book which contained the following sequence of numbers in a single tag.


  • 12356789023456789016

We ran this code through our super detective computer, and we made a discovery, the code is in fact 3 different sequences, all missing a number, all broken up the number 0. When we extract those sequences we see the following.

  • 12356789
  • 23456789
  • 16

Let’s take a look at the first sequences, you’ll notice that in the first code, the number 4 is missing. Then in the second the number 1 is missing. Finally… we end with 16.

Put it together we get this.


Which is the US date for April 1st 2016. What does this mean? It means that on April 1st 2016, things will happen! What kind of things!?

The Pumpkin Clue

dracula sonic pumpkin

About two months ago the Sonic Tumblr account posted this image along with the following tags. We have highlighted the important bits using our special ‘detective highlighters.’


Let’s extract those statements.

  • There’s something very special about this art.
  • We hid details on the next Sonic game on the inside of the pumpkin
  • It’s not about what you see… it’s about who created it.
  • Someday we’re going to come back to it.

What could this mean? Well we have a theory, the details are hidden on the inside of the pumpkin, and what is on the side of a pumpkin… let’s take a look…


Seeds and… PULP! Pumpkin pulp! The next Sonic game will be…. A Pumpkin Juice sales simulator game!



In February there will be an announcement, almost certainly on ‘Hedgehog day’ which has become a traditional place for Sonic related announcements. And there will probably be something on April 1st, perhaps a Pumpkin juice simulator game, with Big the Cat. Because Big the Cat.

With Batman DLC! And an eye patch!

Until next time, Detective TSS & SSMB will keep investigating.