Sonic Prime Producers Share First Glimpse of Eggman Artwork

The producers of Netflix animated series ‘Sonic Prime’ made an appearance at SEGA’s Sonic Central livestream today, and shared a few sneak details about the upcoming show – along with a piece of art that will no doubt whet the appetites of any Eggman fans out there.

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Watch this INCREDIBLE Upscaled Sonic CD Opening!

An incredible cleaned and upscaled version of the Sonic CD opening has been released by Sonic Retro members Tanks and Quazza – you can watch the full remaster below on Youtube!

This consciencious upscaling utilises AI, which while the authors acknowledge is controversial to those communities working on archiving genuine articles, is a wonderful way to get around issues with compression that are intrinsic to versions that have appeared on the likes of Mega Collection.

Quazza has also made an interesting discovery in that a few frames in the OP appear out of order – and here’s his comparison:

We think this is a wonderful piece of work bringing new life to a much-loved piece of Sonic the Hedgehog history.

Source: Sonic Retro

Community Spotlight: Animator Flawlessly Recreates Sonic Movie Scene in Style of Old Sonic Cartoon

Ever wonder what it would be like if, instead of being live action, Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog was just an extended episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog? No? Well too bad, animator and Youtuber FlippinDingDong clearly did, and the result is great:

Not only is the animation spot on, to the point that I briefly thought this was just a dub of a scene from the show, but the voice acting is also a superb imitation of Long John Baldry’s performance. Got to love how he rolls those Rs!

YouTube isn’t exactly the friendliest place for animators these days, so be sure to head over there to give this video a comment and a like to help it with the algorithm! Definitely deserves it in my opinion.

Sonic & Tails Crossing Over into OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes! Cartoon

Cartoon Network has revealed at their panel that Sonic and Tails will be guest starring in an episode of one of their shows: OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes. IGN has released a short clip from the episode, which we’ve embedded below: Continue reading Sonic & Tails Crossing Over into OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes! Cartoon

Zone Runners Release First Music Video

For those who do not know, Zone Runners are a popular music-inspired hip hop trio. All their music takes inspiration from your favourite Sonic levels and is certainly worth a listen.

Despite making three releases since their debut, the group have yet to put any of their music to video. That is of course, until today!

In a special collaboration with The Sonic Show, the Zone Runners finally come to animated life in this original track based upon the 9th anniversary of The Sonic Show’s webshow. Featuring animation from a variety of artists, plus artwork and fan submitted dance moves, this is a neat little package that everyone here is proud of!


Sega Release A Gorgeous Animation for Sonic’s 24th Birthday

Today marks 24 years since Sonic the Hedgehog was first released, to mark the occasion Sega of Japan posted something very special, roughly translated, a designer at Sonic team was tasked with “drawing Sonic,” Well not only did they draw Sonic, but they also release this rather well done animation of the process.

birthday animation

The animation was posted to Sega of Japan’s official Vine account, unfortunately it was uncredited so we don’t know who we should be thanking directly for this excellent piece of work.

Experience Christmas With Eggman, And His Family

YouTube Preview Image

“Christmas With Sonic” by Balenaproductions (creator of “Sonic in Jaws” and the “Sonic Zombie” series), an annual festive treat which began back in 2011, returns once again this year with a brand new twist – what would Christmas be like with Eggman and the family? In “Christmas With Eggman”, we see this possibility unfold.

Creating a false invitation inviting Sonic and Tails to a fancy estate for this year’s Christmas festivities, the good Doctor takes Sonic’s friends and family captive and forces them to be a part of his own party. And of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without the whole family there…

As always, the video goes down a treat with a fantastic quality of voice work, top notch writing, charming characterisation for the cast and a stylistic animatic-esque look. Give it a watch above, and make sure you check out the other Christmas With Sonic videos (all assembled in this handy dandy playlist) if you haven’t done so already, and get yourself in the festive mood. Christmas is but a few days away!

Sonic and Flash: The Weird, the Wonderful and the Insane

AYB flash

What did Sonic fans do before video streaming was widely available and accessible? Well, young whippersnapper, we didn’t have a ‘YouTube’ or a ‘lets play’ or ‘videos’ to keep us entertained. Oh no… We had to make our OWN entertainment!

What I’m talking about is Sonic’s flash-animation presence that was all the rage in the late 90s/early 00s. Before YouTube had even gone live, Sonic fans had been creating their own animations using Adobe’s flash, and then sharing them online via, or even embedded onto their own WebPages.

Whilst most of them are all still around, a lot of these fan works have since faded into obscurity. Let’s not forget that some of these animations are well over 10 years old!

Even today, I find that these fun little animations have a lot to them, and an element of interactivity in some cases that simply isn’t seen today. Their rough-around-the-edges appearances often serving to just add further to their charms.

There’s simply no room to visit absolutely every single flash hit that the community has made (honestly, there are dozens and dozens of them), so here’s a look at some of the ones that Team TSS remembers.

Sonic Vs. Mario (VGDC/Randy Solem 2001)

sonic vs mario flash

This flash is pretty much genesis (pffff) as far as Sonic in Flash is concerned. I don’t even remember when I first saw this sprite animation. All I remember is that it’s one of the first Sonic flashes I ever remember watching.

The premise is almost as old as the Sonic franchise itself: Sonic going head to head with Mario! Plenty of fight scenes, and even multiple endings feature in this early short.

Countless other Sonic Vs. Mario flashes exist, but this seems to be the one that is remembered by most people.

Sonic Uncut Trilogy (HyperactiveYouth/Overbite6014 2003-2004)

'Um... What KIND of needles?'

This was always a strange one to me. The Sonic gang… living together as housemates? Going on holidays? Going to eat at McDonalds? Tails nearly turning into a biker???

The concept is suitably absurd, but it’s probably best that you watch this weird slice-of-life series rather than have me try and explain it.


Part 2

Part 3

Sonic: Nazo Unleashed Trilogy (Chakra X 2006-2007)

nazo unleashed flash

Probably one of the more epic flash trilogies out there, this series of 3 films is an original story about ‘Nazo’, a non-canonical monster born from negative chaos energy, who is bent on destroying the planet and becoming the most powerful being in the universe.

Some great animation to be found in this series of 3, which borrows heavily from the Dragonball Z series. Even though YouTube had been established by this point and was still growing to its enormous state, I still remember waiting for each instalment of this series with a great sense of anticipation.

With an easy to follow story, some nice action and a brilliant finale, The ‘Nazo Unleashed’ trilogy is easily worth a watch.

Part 2

Part 3

Awesome the Hedgehog (Egoraptor 2006)


"Hey maaaan~ Les' go save the world duuuuuuude! Fo-Rizzle!!"

It would only be a matter of time before creator of the ‘Awesome’ series Egoraptor appeared onto the scene to awesome up the Sonic series.

If you know anything about Egoraptor’s Awesome series, you can probably guess what to expect.

If you want to see more from Egoraptor, I also recommend checking out Awesome Chaotix (2011)

Sonic Shorts Collection (TheWax70 2005)

Remember kids, handle fireworks (and rocks you find at the beach) responsibly!

I expect this one will be familiar to at least a few of you! This is a mini collection of 5 short scenarios featuring Sonic and Shadow. They’re short, to the point and oh-so-sweet (Fireworks is amazing).

This little collection helped to bring the now incredibly popular ‘Sonic Shorts’ series hosted by our good friends at Sonic Paradox to life, where they’ve continued to bring Sonic inspired flash lulz to the fan base for years.


…So you’re probably wondering what some of our own favorites were? Me and Brad take some time to reminisce about our personal favorites.

tumblr_mwyetcY3Ck1sxudx7o1_500JonoD: As the author of this article, you’d expect me to remember more of the brilliant classic flashes that the whole fan base seemed to enjoy. There you’d be wrong. When it came to Flash animation, I always loved the strange, random and almost crude nature of some flashes. Two such favorites of mine include Sonic the Hedgehog in a Nutshell (Vaztor 2004) and When Sidekicks get Disturbing… (STT Webs 2003). Both of these flashes are rough, minimally animated, but are full of enough random and crazy stuff to keep me laughing.

Did we REALLY hate Tails this much back in the day..?

You could call me a person of simple taste, but yeah… I think the raw nature of these flashes ultimately helps their humor, and I’ll happily take a movie like this if I’m looking for good, simple laughs.

d039243d0917679ed9762e415af2f9e8Brad – growing up using Newgrounds, I used to watch a lot of flash animations – doing such, I’ve seen most of the animations listed above. The one that hooked me though featured our blue blur himself in the once popular Super Mario Bros. Z. A very exciting and action orientated series, this would lead me to preferring more “serious” sides of Flash animation. This would bring me two more flash series – Final Fantasy Sonic X, and Sonic RPG. I’m not sure how interactive they were, but their battle systems were pretty fun and the animation and overall quality got better with time. Though I’m pretty sure that none of these got finished, oops.


Aside from these which I stuck to and always checked for updates, there were obviously one offs and series which I loved. Sonic vs. Shadow, Not Another Sprite Fight, The Doomed Shadow Show, Sonic: The Quest for Power, Sonic VS Super Sonic and more. Most of these will be found in the Sonic Collection on Newgrounds if you want to look at some of these for yourself, and who knows – you might love them as much as I once did!


This list is in no way exhaustive, and we’re well aware that there are plenty more brilliant flash films out there, so what are some of your own favorites?

Brotherhoods, Werehogs, and Paradoxes – The Animations of Summer of Sonic 2013


“Aha!” is right!

We’ve managed to provide a steady stream of content coming from Summer of Sonic 2013. Be it the interviews we’ve held with Takashi Iizuka and Metal Sonic creator Kazuyuki Hoshino, the exclusive Lost World trailer or the Special Effects auction, there’s still one crucial piece we have yet to cover – the fan-made animations!

Presented throughout the day, these four works were showcased on the main stage, starting off with the Sonic the Comic-themed intro Boozerman and The Sonic Show provided above.

In order of appearance!

First up is one of two projects the folks at Sonic Paradox put together for the occasion, this one being a follow-up to last year’s Sonic Heroes music video-slash-parody-slash-tribute, Seaside Denied! With Eggman’s forces scattered throughout Grand Metropolis, join Teams Sonic (792Ashman), Dark (Whitesonic), Rose (RGX), and Chaotix (TheWax) once more as they tear through the HEXAeco city in their latest musical romp, Metropolis Mayhem!


Lyrics by Recorderdude, Dr. Mack Foxx, and Aaraboga. Credits scene animated by KaDoYuu!

As Eggman pulls a fast one on the Blue Blur and unleashes yet another monster of the week, it’s up to a lycanthropic Sonic and his amnesiac best friend to save the world! Featuring the voice works of GameBuddy, Psyguy, CrikeyDave, Kirbopher, Euan Kennedy and Mana the Dark Magician Girl, second in line is the newest entry to Frobman‘s In Brief series – Sonic Unleashed in Brief!


And now, the motherload, and this one was a long time coming. Now online in its entirety, featuring a slew of shorts not shown at Summer of Sonic (as well as the final short in all of its uncensored glory), is a project many thought would never see the light of day. Wait no longer, for the animation community at Sonic Paradox has finally unveiled the fruits of their labour after almost three years in the making! Without further ado, here’s the latest entry to their trademark short compilations – Sonic Shorts Volume 8!


After 5 years of gut-busting hilarity, it’s been a damn good run for the Sonic Shorts series, to which I can now say “Good night, sweet prince” – for the time being. All the best to Sonic Paradox with their future projects.

Bring on the SEGA Shorts!

TitansCreed Interviews Sonic Paradox in New Community Spotlight


Prominent Sonic community interviewer TitansCreed is best known for his rather interesting and insightful Community Spotlight discussions at Sonic Wrecks. With this, his latest interview, TC goes for the multimedia angle – in more ways than one. Not only is this a recorded audio chat on a YouTube video player, but the interviewees in question happen to be none other than flash animation studio Sonic Paradox.

Listen to TC chat with the members of this hilarious troupe, known for their comical antics with the Sonic Shorts and various other spoof animations. BoozermaN, GameBuddy, Cyberlink420, SSF1991, RocktheJake, Celestorion, Lithuania and Hieifireshadow are among the guys facing questions in this special interview.

Give it a listen and show your support/give your reactions in the comments area, why don’t you?

Roareye Reviews: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog


Roareye Black is back! The creator of community creation talent pool The Sonic Showcase Network is settling down to The Sonic Stadium, and he’s spending some time to give you some unique video reviews on all sorts of Sonic gear. First on his list? The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

This cartoon series ran from 1993 to 1996, and was the more comical, less… serious of two different shows that DiC produced starring the blue blur. Roareye intends to do individual video reviews for each episode of AoStH, but for now he’s created an ‘overview’ of the series in general. Never got to watch AoStH? Check out this video to get the heads up – in a way that only Roareye can.

Let us know what you think in the comments box below – more are coming soon. These videos will be released as part of a big rebuilding initiative of TSS’ Information pages – when new video reviews arrive, episode pages will be created in the currently-limp Animation section of this website. Enjoy!

Awesome Chaotix is Awesome!

Newgrounds animator Egoraptor returns, this time with another Sonic-themed videogame parody, this time of the 32X title Knuckles Chaotix (if you haven’t seen the original Awesome the Hedgehog, check it out here). Expect lots of street talkin’ , a totally stacked Espio the chameleon, and an Oscar award-winning performance from Knuckles at the finale. Get your hankies ready.

Check out Awesome Chaotix on Newgrounds here (NSFW!!!)


Animation: Taco-Man Game Master Sonic Episode

Legendary Newgrounds animator Sam T of Ebolaworld releases another installment of his Taco-man Game Master comedy animation series, this time Taco-man and the gang try to get a severely depressed Sonic back to his former glory.

Click here to watch [NSFW!]

Props to Sonic Yoda for the find!

#10 The Sonic Show Intro Premiere

Legend20x brings animated life to Hunter Bridges amazing theme tune!The Sonic Show needed a new intro to go with the new format of the show. Season’s 2 intro was very good so we struggled to think how we could top it. It became quickly obvious that we would need some external help. After browsing the land of the internet we came across Legend20x. We hoped and wished that he would be interested in taking on this project and luckily he was equally excited about the idea!

But of course, if we have a new intro, we needed a new theme tune! The lovely Slingerlulz got us in contact with a talented artist known as Hunter Bridges. After discussing different ideas, he got straight to work and create this wonderful 30 second tune. Starting off in a sound that takes you back to the days of the genesis, this new theme tune quickly morphs into a modern upbeat ride that anyone who has played Sonic since Adventure will recognise.

So, what do you think? Do you enjoy it? Is it better than season twos intro??


Community Interview: Sonic Paradox


TSS is bringing back community interviews (omg more exclusive content)!  Aside from speaking with specific individuals, I’ll be talking to the heads of Sonic communities that you may not of heard of in “Know Your Sonic Sites.”  Today’s featured community is Sonic Paradox, a Sonic site that specializes in Sonic flash animation.  I’ll be interviewing one of its staff members, RGXSuperSonic.  Yeah, he’s my flash man for Nexus.  I’m playing it safe for the first one and, plus, I never heard of Paradox until he joined the team.  Time to feed my curiosity!

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BlueTube: Knuckledusting Animatic Is Awesome

Project Chaos, the fanmade Sonic 3 & Knuckles remix album released in 2006, is awesome. Undeniably, categorically so. There are a few spotty tracks in it though – Dan Baranowsky’s ‘Knuckleduster’ being one of them. So anything that makes the rubbishy songs on an awesome album look or feel closer to awesome is in fact, awesome news (still with us?). Which is why this, an animatic created by artist ‘Thweatted’ to complement the song, is… well… awesome. Does anyone else need further proof that Sonic the Hedgehog should revert back to his classic style?

SSMB Topic

Production IG’s Sonic Riders concept art

It’s amazing, and yet at the same time hardly surprising, but of all the Japanese animation studios out there SEGA landed ‘Production IG’ to work upon its anime intro for ‘Sonic Riders’.

This revelation came about when Sonic Channel staff member Moro (although there maybe a translation error in the name) revealed a piece of the Sonic Riders conceptual art on the Channels staff column. It would appear the art represents a part of the intros storyboard; although Moro is unclear on the matter, often deviating in content to Japans current weather conditions. However one thing is certain, the art bears Production IG’s official logo. Continue reading Production IG’s Sonic Riders concept art

‘New AoStH’ Fan Cartoon Secures New Domain, Full Voice Cast

Remember the fan team that started work on a revival of the classic Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon? Well, things have been progressing smoothly according to team rep ‘SonicCats’, with a brand new domain name for the project secured and a full voice cast lined up ready to record lines.

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New SatAM-Based Fan Cartoon, ‘Fight 4 Freedom’, Announced

Information has been passed to The Sonic Stadium of an upcoming future Sonic animation appearing on your screens. Except, this animation will be showing on your PC Screens, not your Television. Enter the latest (if there was any previous) Sonic Fan Animation to hit the Internet, Fight 4 Freedom. Continue reading New SatAM-Based Fan Cartoon, ‘Fight 4 Freedom’, Announced

Fan Team Aims to Revive Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog With New Animation

A Sonic fan cartoon, NAoStH is being created! It’s been in development for quite a while but now it’s finally getting into the animation production stage. The episodes will be downloadable in .exe format with DVD style menus and features. Continue reading Fan Team Aims to Revive Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog With New Animation