Sega re-designs its website

Sega have released a brand spanking new UK website. The website has a glossy white look to it and changes backgrounds to suit the game your currently looking at. The site is also alot simpler and easy to use than the old European site. Best of all the website loads quicker.

Sonic City, the European official Sonic site which has been completely down for a while has now updated with a maintennance message so that may be up again soon. The Sega Blogs, including the Sonic Blognik, are also down at the moment. Could this be something Sega are going to officially unveil at their gamer day?

You can check out the new Sega UK website at

UPDATE: Sega have also released a new version of the U.S. site aswell as other regions sites too that look’s the same as the new UK one. Thanks to Dr. SEGA Monkey at the SSMB for the tip.

Sonic & Knuckles coming to US Virtual Console

The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) have added Sonic & Knuckles for Wii on their website, which can only mean Sonic & Knuckles is going to arrive on the Wii’s U.S. Virtual Console. The game has been rated an E for Everyone.

No official announcements have been made concerning the game and wether the lock-on feature will be present, expect details soon.

ESRB Website

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Ships in the US

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity is shipping for the Wii and PS2 today in the US, for an MSRP of $49.99.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity is the sequel to original Sonic Riders from 2006. This game, like the last, features a variety of characters from the Sonic-verse (as well as a few from other Sonic Team franchises) racing each other on upgradeable airboards called “Extreme Gear”. This game changes things up, by replacing the air gauge from the original game with Gravity control. This new ability allows you to change the center of gravity on the course, turning what had once been a wall into a new track. This can be used to find shortcuts and get an edge on your opponent. The game features twice as many courses, 16 in all, as well as 18 character and sixty vehicles. It has three multiplayer modes: Free race, World Grand Prix, and survival. The Wii version also comes with a “ghost mode” which allows you to download ghosts of other players online that you can race on the course.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity should arrive in Europe sometime next month. We’ll let you know when it ships.

‘Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity’ English site has arrived!

Following suit of the previous Sonic News post, the English version of the new Sonic Riders 2 game site is now open for your viewing pleasure!

Packed well with Zero Gravity goodies, the English site has new CG artwork for the characters (including NiGHTS), 3D maps of the courses, lists of the different Gears available to race with in the game and much more!

You can check out the new site right here.

A huge thanks to Tailzmas for finding the new site and posting about it in the forum topic. Thanks dude!

Keep checking back at Sonic News for all the latest Riders 2 information!

Sonic Rivals 2 out now in the US

Sonic Rivals 2 for PSP shipped out yesterday and is available at U.S. retailers now for $39.99.

Sega of America’s description for the game –
The gloves are off and Sonic and his rivals are gearing up for an intense new head-to-head competition exclusively on the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. This sequel to Sonic’s 2D action platformer features all-new “jostling” controls for tighter competition and a brand new Battle mode that allows you and a friend to jump into six different Multiplayer challenges by sharing one disc. With three new characters, 12 new stages and upgraded signature moves for each character, the enhanced Rivals experience will bring a whole new level of handheld fun to the PSP system. Continue reading Sonic Rivals 2 out now in the US

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams delay confirmed

It’s been long speculated that NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams for the Wii was going to be delayed at least a month. Going by the date changes at several retail outlets, that appears to be the case.

GameStop, Amazon, and Best Buy all have the game listed for a December 18th, 2007 release. The game was originally supposed to see an October release, before an “overhaul” saw the game pushed back to November 13th, 2007. While dates on retail websites are hardly an end all, be all confirmation, a date change like this from several completely different retailers is about as good as an official confirmation from SEGA.

So be sure to mark your calenders, people. Or just pre-order the game from one the links I so graciously provided.

As a side note for our UK readers, has NiGHTS listed for a December 21st, 2007 release, so you might not have to wait quite as long as the rest of Europe, which is scheduled to get the game in early 2008.

Naturally, if the date changes, we’ll make an update about it.

Finally, I would like to apologize for my lack of news updates lately, as I’ve been a bit busy.

Sonic 06: Very Hard Mode UK and US-bound

In the first of three downloads, SEGA has released Very Hard Mode on to the Xbox Live Marketplace for 200 points ($4) for each character. For 200 points, you can purchase Sonic’s, Shadow’s, or Silver’s Very Hard Mode.

You may be wondering if it’s worth it, though? Though their are lots of changes in enemy numbers and item locations, here’s the biggest differences in Very Hard Mode to the original:

  • You now play Wave Ocean in reverse and must jump to the platforms on your own during the whale chase scene.
  • Sonic now plays Dusty Desert on his own (without Elise).
  • Silver’s Crisis City is now way longer with no Blaze section.
  • Sonic’s Flame Core is reversed.
  • Continue reading Sonic 06: Very Hard Mode UK and US-bound

Downloadable Sonic games

There’s been a mixing pot of Sonic news lately, none of which has been deserving of a full-blown article, which is why Sonic News has rounded them up into handy little news reports.

Sonic Cafe comes to America

SEGA have now bought the Sonic Cafe franchise to America. At last people in the USA will be able to experience games that were previously only available in Japan for the Japanese originated i-mode.

Sonic Team games currently available on the service are: Continue reading Downloadable Sonic games

Update: StH & Rush, US StH site launched

SEGA/Sonic Team has updated their Japanese Sonic sites. Now in addition to the original content, the Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Rush websites contain two new trailers.

So many have expressed their irritation toward a problem with SEGAs’ Japanese downloads. These Japanese video files exhibit an occuring problem. It seems that most computers have trouble connecting with the servers, so don’t expect the downloads to work.

SEGA of America, not one to be out done, finally released their official Shadow the Hedgehog site. At lased fans can finally read about StH in glorious English.

These sites are in flash, and so no specific page link can be given, you will however find the links to the main page of these sites in the ‘Info’ section of Sonic News.

E3: Gems Collection Gamecube-only in US

For those concerned as to the rumours regarding Sonic Gems Collection being exclusive for Nintendo Gamecube, well we have some good/bad news. Sonic Gems Collection is exclusive to Nintendo Gamecube. Sort of.

It appears that Ninty caught exclusive rights to the title in the USA, while SEGA’s press release specifies that a PlayStation 2 version is in the works, but only for Europe. We don’t know yet whether the exclusive deal for Gamecube is temporary, like Sonic Mega Collection, but if SEGA doesn’t shift on the issue, gamers looking for that tasty Sonic the Fighters urge will be forced to consider a Gamecube purchase; or a Nintendo Revolution when it appears sometime next year.

Continue reading E3: Gems Collection Gamecube-only in US

Shadow Trailer Relisted

Update: The new Shadow the Hedgehog Trailer has been relisted on The Sonic Stadium. There was some hoo-hah over GameTrailers breaking the embargo on the new trailer some time ago (it was probably THEIR idea of an April Fools joke), and I’ve been in touch with both GT and SEGA-Europe and SEGA America, and it appears the trailer in question was never to be released until just before E3, next month. Literally, the day before. Perhaps in a special SEGA E3 Presentation.

Svend, Thank you for cooperation re: GT. The trailer was let out before we intended it to. We decided to release that trailer to the public just three days ago via IGN. We will be making it available to the public this afternoon. Please feel free to re-post this trailer as of now, with the full permission of SEGA.

Cheers, Bret

Continue reading Shadow Trailer Relisted

li3k, an UpDat!

Got a press release from SEGA today – TakeTwo Interactive has effectively bought out Visual Concepts and Kush Games. For those that don’t really care or know (that’s everyone outside of America, then), they are the SEGA divisions that brought us the Sports 2K Series. The acquisition will see SEGA no longer owning the developer’s rights to these games. TakeTwo and SEGA are also apparently going to work together to bring Visual Concepts games to arcades – be it Sports 2K or something else we dunno. Finally, the agreement will apparently include SEGA publishing and distributing the 2K series in Japan and Asia. I’ll post the whole press kaboodle on the SSMB later. Continue reading li3k, an UpDat!