Mike Pollock talks about ALS and why you should stop dumping water and instead open your wallet, in a very serious way

Mike PollockMike Pollock needs no introduction to the Sonic community, and here today he’s not here to make you laugh, but to make you sit down, listen, and really grasp the severity of ALS.

Mike on his Facebook page posted a video detailing about the disease and why people really need to actually donate to the cause and not just dump ice water on their heads and call it a day. Some will argue that the dumping is a way to spread the cause virally, but at the end of the day, the money is what matters, and the cause needs all the money it can get.

This video was unbelievably heart-warming and I HIGHLY suggest people take the time to watch and listen to Mike’s story, it’s really sad. :(

Thanks Mike for sharing this, and I wish everyone involved with the cause the best of luck and success.