BBC: All Stars Racing Transformed Improves Your Memory & Concentration Skills

ASR Transformed screenshots 12

This is the kind of story which always seems to come up at least once every year or so, but it’s always nice to see.

Last night BBC 2’s Horizon was entitled “Are Video games Really That Bad?” It was a really good, non sensationalist look at videogames and how they influence you, because lets be honest here, they do.

It was a fascinating insight into gaming, especially the part of the show which showed how one videogame was improving the quality of keyhole surgery and some doctors are now playing games as they feel it’s improving the quality of their care.

However, more closer to home was the segment near the end of the show, they wanted to test how games influence non gamers, so they got together a group of pensioners who don’t play games, and asked them to do a series of tests involving memory and concentration, they then asked them to play Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed for 20 min per day, for 5 weeks.

After which they performed the same tests and according to the results, their memory and concentration skills had all improved by 30%.

So there you have it, you now have a medical reason to play ASRT, but honestly you should be playing it because it’s a bloody good game. Can we have a third one now please?

You can watch the show on BBC’s iPlayer for the next month. Those outside of the UK may need to fiddle with their location settings/proxi time.

Now where did I put my keys…?

New picture of Japanese All Stars Racing Transformed Pre-Order bonus.

ASRT preorder bonus


Today, Yosuke Okunari (A producer at SEGA) tweeted the above image of the upcoming bonus sound disc that those with a Japanese pre-order will get once the game is released.

The track list has already been known for a while (when Sega of Japan initially revealed the bonus), but nice to see they’re giving something Japanese fans to look forward to!

All Stars Racing Transformed is still on schedule to be released in Japan on May 15th next month.


Beware Spoilers! ASRT’s Street Date Broken!


Oh my days! Oh my Days! Look! A store is charging forty big ones for Singularity! I know it’s a good game but it’s quite old and the online is… oh… you’re more interested about that game with the hedgehog in the car right?

Your eyes are not deceiving you, some naughty retailers have broken the release date for ASRT and are now selling it in store. As a result many of the surprises that the game had in store are slowly being posted online.

Click the link to read more

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Steve Lycett & Gareth Wilson Reveal New ASRT Details

ASRT Executive producer Steve Lycett and track designer Gareth Wilson sat down with SegaBits for a bit of a chat last week and revealed a few small details about the game. Covering a variety of topics a few pieces of new information was uncovered. Check out the details after the break.

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Games Radar Uploads ASRT Wii-U Gameplay

Games Radar have uploaded a short video showing gameplay footage of ASRT on the Wii-U, however unlike your typical gameplay video, this one includes a picture in picture of the controller, giving you an idea as to what appears on the screen as well as how one controls the game.


In terms of the game itself, the only criticisms I can spot are from the frame rate of the early build. The main problems seem to be with the controller itself. The screen is ‘distracting’ and that it’s ‘hard to press the boost’ assuming this means the ‘weapons fire’ button, since boost triggers automatically following a drift? That said there are a number of positives from the video like a ‘good sense of speed’ and the player does seem to be enjoying himself despite it being an early build.

Nothing much else new is shown in the video other than maybe some weapons, though we do get our first clear glimpse of the ‘Seaside Hill Monster,’ I don’t know if he/she has an official name yet. My theory? Eggman finally got Nessie.

So? What do you think? The comment box awaits!

Thanks to FourCartridge for the heads up.