The Sonic Show victim of hacking failure.

Today it was noticed that our youtube account had been hacked into. Nothing much had changed, they altered the title of the profile and reset the channels skin. I quickly changed my password and restored these alterations. However approx 15 minutes laters, they had deleted my whole account. This account is 5 years old, and contains videos dating back to the beginning. At this moment in time they are all gone. While I do have a lot of them backed up, some are not. If the account cannot be restored then episodes like our Summer Of Sonic special will not be able to be reuploaded due to time limitation now placed on accounts after ours was created.

This is a huge blow for The Sonic Show, as someone has basically deleted our history, our existence.


We have emailed youtube requesting for account restoration thought youtube state that they will not restore the videos or comments. We now play the waiting game.

#63 Slingerland’s Corner: FAN CHARACTERS!

As part of our 5 year anniversary, we take a look back at the original Slingerland’s Corner. In this episode he tackles a big subject, Sonic fan characters. In fact he tackles one particular one, Evil The Hedgehog.

Slingerlands Corner may be a thing of the past, but you can now ask the ‘Answer Man’ you  Sonic questions! He answers a few of them through the site, but the best ones get answered in his upcoming video episodes! If you want to ask the Answer Man something, go to

Also Click below to download the awesome Evil the Hedgehog video game!

This game was originally made in the Really Amateur Games Expo in either 2008 or 2009. Which I found lurking on my pc, if anyone knows who made it please comment as Id love to credit them, even though its a pile of crap (intentionally!)

#61 Red Hedgehog Episode 1: SONICSHOW 5 YEAR RETROSPECT

It was back in 2008, that Evil Doc teamed up with The Sonic Show to create a series of toons for our audience to enjoy. In this one they looked at some of the more odd memories the characters have.
EVILDOC is a collaboration between Roger Van Der Weide and Alexandra D. Fortin and has been active since September 2006. They mainly focus on Videogame parodies (Bowser’s Plan, Doomed Shadow Show) and made a few original series such as The Evildoc Show.

#60 5 YEARS OF SONIC SHOW! Intro Look back

It was back in 2006 that The Sonic Show started, and throughout the next few months we will be looking back at what The Sonic Show has been up to.

To start it off, we take a look back at every intro sequence along the years of the show.

2006 started with a basic sequence edited by myself, to the tune of the Sonic & Knuckles theme.

2007 brought in a revamped version, using the Remix Project version of the tune and art drawn by Unny Gorey.

2008 saw a whole new era with art drawn by Professor J and music composed by Huepow.

2009 Finally brought us up to date with a new sequence animated by the very talented Legend 20x with music originally composed for the show too by Hunter Bridges