Jason Griffith gave one last performance as Sonic in a Toonzai Fall 2010 Preview

I just bumped into this and had to share it. Jason Griffith, who most know voiced Sonic in the Sonic X anime in 2003 until Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing in 2010, actually did indeed still voice Sonic for at least one last time in a half hour Fall 2010 Preview of Toonzai on CW4Kids. You can see the full video below. Continue reading Jason Griffith gave one last performance as Sonic in a Toonzai Fall 2010 Preview

Disney XD Replaces Jetix, 4Kids Up For Sale

Jetix, the UK TV station that owns the rights to Sonic X, has recently been rebranded by parent company Disney in a bid to improve ratings. The move has resulted in the channel being renamed as ‘Disney XD’ and features a combines real-life Disney drama with cartoons on Jetix’s old schedule such as Pokemon: Battle Dimension.

In the US, 4Kids Entertainment – the anime localisation studio that doubled as a programming block on Fox television until December 2008 – has put itself up for sale according to paidContent.org. The move follows a dismal performance of the business, in which a recent report reveals that the company’s last profitable year was Fiscal Year ending January, 2006. 4Kids are reported to be going through a selective bidding process.

The implications on the animation Sonic X, and the Sonic franchise in general, could be massive. In Europe, Disney has owned the Jetix channel since 2001 – the aforementioned XD channel launch seems merely like an exercise in assimilation. However, Jetix owns the merchandising rights to the entire Sonic the Hedgehog franchise in Europe, following a contract discrepancy with Sega in 2003. With Jetix merged, this opens questions as to whether Disney absorbs those rights or whether the contract defaults back to Sega Europe.

Back in North America, it will be interesting to see who ends up buying 4Kids and thus owning the rights to the Sonic X animation. With Disney’s move in Europe, it would be rather ironic to see the House of Mouse buy the company and complete the set of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons (thus far Disney own the rights to SatAM and Sonic Underground – it is assumed they own Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog too). Far more worrying a prospect is if 4Kids never finds a buyer, but with a portfolio including Pokemon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles there’s a slim chance of that happening.

Who would you like to see own 4Kids? Do you think Jetix’s disappearance is good or bad for the future airing of Sonic X? Speak out in the comments section.

Yu-Gi-Oh! & Cabbage Patch Kids U.S. Parent 4Kids Entertainment For Sale – paidContent.org (via Anime News Network) – Thanks Ferno!

4Kids Offers Japanese Sonic X, But Restricts Access


A report from Andrew Paulson has revealed that US anime localisation company 4Kids are to start providing original, uncensored episodes of the Japanese Sonic X series. A short trailer featuring a clip from the first episode, Enter the Supersonic Hero, has been uploaded to their Youtube Channel. The only problem is, if you’re outside of the US, you’re blocked from watching it – just like any other Sonic X video the company has on their account.

The move is both a positive instance of 4Kids coming to terms with what a lot of their audience has asked for, yet a shock for worldwide fans that even today have to put up with archaic regional rights issues. The TSSZ article is littered with comments from fans disappointed that they cannot watch their favourite cartoon online.

4Kids has received a lot of venom in the past for their handling of Japanese anime shows. Vitriol from Sonic the Hedgehog fans have been somewhat more intense due to an ownership of the franchise’s merchandising rights, along with a controversial move of integrating their voice actors into the Sega games.

They may well be trying to make things up to a ton of their disgruntled viewers tired of the American edits and censors, but have 4Kids scored another own goal here? Let us know in the Comments box or the SSMB.

Interview: Mike Pollock, Voice of Dr. Eggman

Last week, I talked to Mike Pollock, the current voice of Dr. Eggman and we had a grand ol’ time.  If you’ve got 21 minutes to spare, you can listen in as we discuss Mike’s work on Sonic Unleashed and other Sonic titles.  In addition, Mike talks about how he got into voice acting and he reminisces on his early days in New York radio and his work on his only film, Little Tug’s Big Adventure.  He also does some voices for us!

Mike is currently signed to do voice work on an upcoming, to be announced Wii title.  He recently was the announcer for AC/DC’s Black Ice album and has acquired credits for his work on commercials, Ultimate Muscle, and Kirby!  Right Back At Ya!.  For more information on Mike Pollock, visit his website.

Embedding and audio playback here at Sonic Stadium is wacky, so Jay (Disco Ponies) has hosted it at the Sonic Show website.


Do you have a question for Mike that was not asked during this interview?  Who do you think that the Sonic Stadium should interview next?  Post a comment then, dummy.  😀

Rejoice, Sonic X Airing Again In America

Americans have it pretty good with Sonic comic and cartoon media right now. DVD boxsets of SatAM, AoStH and… erm… Underground, and plenty of new Archies to wet the dream of many a comic connoisseur. 4Kids want to get in on the action and start airing Sonic X again! Remember that one? The one with the 4Kids.

Yes, the adventures of Sonic, Chris, Tails, Chris, Cream and Chris will start appearing on 4Kids TV every Saturday starting this weekend, at 10am (ET/PT, because we know that bit’s important to you). Sonic X can also be watched on demand via an array of digital channels including Comcast. Not only that, but there’ll be a new DVD release, including the Chaos and Shadow Sagas (eps 27-38) coming 2nd September 2008. Now Americans have it very good, surely!

… anyone?

Sonic X Returns to 4Kids TV, New DVD (TSSZ News)

The Spin: Getting Vocal and Sonical

Given that a lot of things are riding on the new Sonic the Hedgehog game on XBOX 360 and PS3, it’s good that journalists are able to get the chance to really get a feel for the apparently ‘make-or-break’ title. Of course, having a rather dodgy demo released on XBOX Live probably doesn’t help — I had the chance to play the early E3 2006 demo in August at SEGA HQ and it played better than the half-a-level with stodgy controls given to us through our XBOX hard drives (PSU on the other hand was sublime, but I digress).

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