The Summer of Sonic Convention is 10 Years Old – Happy Anniversary!

On Saturday August 9 2008, three young British figureheads in the Sonic the Hedgehog community opened the doors to the very first Summer of Sonic convention, welcoming over 300 people into a tiny hall with nothing but a SEGA Mega Drive in the corner and some cupcakes to entice them in. Continue reading The Summer of Sonic Convention is 10 Years Old – Happy Anniversary!

The Spin: Happy Birthday Sonic the Hedgehog Oh Six

Today marks the tenth anniversary of a videogame. So myself and a few other staff members have stolen an idea from Sonic Retro to give you our mini retrospectives on said electronic digital media product. A game which had such an impact on the games industry that it’s still talked about to this day, except on the Sonic Stadium forums because all discussion on it is banned apart from one topic for reasons we don’t understand. That game, is Sonic the Hedgehog, in Sonic the Hedgehog Episode 2006, you play as Sonic, Shadow and Cannabis Plant Head Guy, who is a magician. Continue reading The Spin: Happy Birthday Sonic the Hedgehog Oh Six

UPDATE: Happy 10th Anniversary to Mike Pollock as Eggman in the video games (over 12 years in total!)

Mike Pollock and Eggman

UPDATE: I worked with Mike Pollock himself to make a few additions and corrections to the article, I apologize for the mistakes previously present.


Yes, you may have not realized it, but today (as of typing, it’s already the 16th in other time zones) marks the 10th anniversary of not just Shadow the Hedgehog (on GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2) and Sonic Rush’s release on DS in North America, but these were the very first games where the longest-running English voice actor in the entire franchise first joined the games themselves.

It’s very important to note that while this is the 10th anniversary of his debut in the actual video games themselves, Mike Pollock did indeed debut in the Sonic X anime two years prior in 2003 (as Mike points out below in our comments, he actually was heard as Eggman for the very first time in a Fox Box sneak preview on August 23rd 2003). Actually, we of course can go back to months earlier when the auditions first took place. Mike just calculates from the first airdate because he never counts his chickens before they’re hatched. (Egg analogy totally intended.)

He’s done other voices in the Sonic series as well. In Sonic X, he was also the voice of Ella, as well as the voice of Gerald Robotnik in both Sonic X and in Shadow the Hedgehog. In Sonic Rush he also voiced Eggman Nega. Most recently in Sonic Boom, he voices as both Fastidious Beaver and Mayor Fink.

Mike Pollock non-Eggman Sonic characters

Left to right; Ella, Gerald Robotnik, Eggman Nega, Fastidious Beaver and Mayor Fink, images from BTVA

But did you know he also voices characters outside the Sonic franchise? Give his Behind The Voice Actors page a look, you might be surprised by some of the other characters he’s voiced over the years!

Which reminds me, what a very interesting coincidence that Sonic’s twitter was taken over by a certain mustached man just back on Friday, with Mike Pollock behind the mic (ahem) and everything (I even saved the avatar, here it is at full size). Wonder if Sega caught that also.

Well, I wish you Mike Pollock a wonderful 10th anniversary, as well to all the other 4Kids voice actors even if they’re no longer part of the series. Here’s to 10 more years in the franchise and beyond!

The Top 10 Sonic the Hedgehog Collectables of All Time

IMG_2766The Sonic Stadium’s list of affiliates increases on an almost daily basis, and we are very proud to say that we are now also affiliated with Forbidden Planet International, who many in the UK will know as one of the biggest retailers of sci-fi comics and collectables.

This month we’ve teamed up this month with the Forbidden Planet blog to bring to you my personal “top 10” Sonic the Hedgehog collectables, where I will be taking about what I think are the coolest and rarest pieces of Sonic merch ever produced…how many items on the list do you have?

You can check out the article here.

Hopefully over the coming months we hope to bring you even more blog posts that will pique your collecting interests!

Signed Original Uekawa Artwork & 10th Anniversary Wine Glass Up For Auction

Looking for a real piece of Sonic the Hedgehog history to add to your collection? Then look no further! Currently up for auction on ebay are a couple of really unique items that will make any Sonic merch-mad fanatic salivate!

Continue reading Signed Original Uekawa Artwork & 10th Anniversary Wine Glass Up For Auction

TSS 10th Anniversary: More Fan Submissions [Update]

Well, we’re nothing if not truly grateful for the number of people who pass through The Sonic Stadium and take the time to enjoy the content we offer you guys. But I never expected such an awesome response to our 10th Anniversary – you can see some creations already submitted to us right here and the banners at the top of each page have been created by someone in the community too.

I’ve been sitting on these other fantastic submissions for a while now, so it’s time I gave these guys some love!

Tobibrocki has drawn some fantastic art pieces for us in the past, but this one surely takes the cake. Tails is more than happy to engage in reckless vandalism in the name of TSS, and Sonic’s celebrating the occasion by wearing some Way Past Cool threads. Sally’s gone and had our site name sketched on her boots, and Amy is admiring the reaction on Dr. Eggman’s face. If only we were called The Eggman Stadium, eh? Bonus points for random bird in the background. Thanks Tobibrocki!

‘Sonicismyhero’ took the time to do this brilliant sketch of Sonic partying next to a 10th Anniversary birthday cake. With the submission he wrote; “Though I am more of a lurker than a commenter, I browse almost every article you write up, and am always there for the latest news you post. Thank-you for all your hard work, and dedication you’ve put in through the years. I can remember the sites early years like it was yesterday.” Aw, well thanks for all the hard work for doing this awesome drawing, Sonicismyhero. I hope we can kick it for years to come.

This lovely picture was sent to me by CTOONfan1, who felt that the event was best marked by showcasing some of the most popular characters in the Sonic franchise. I’m not sure if Shadow really wants to wish TSS a happy anniversary – he looks like he wants to punch our heads in. Bad moods aside, we love this picture, so thank you CTOONfan1!

Kjeld told me that he went for a “new sort of [art] style” with this one. The result is above, and it makes me laugh for reasons unexplained. It might be the absurd stickman nature of the characters, or it might be Knuckles’ absurd grin, or it could be Tails’ absurd face. Either way, it’s delightfully absurd, and you’ll notice that Kjeld made a banner for TSS in this style too. Thanks for this mate.


Finally, TYoshi created this short video using Sonic Advance sprites to congratulate us on a successful ten years of existing. Blink and you’ll miss it, but it’s a great message and we really appreciate the time taken to make an animation for us. Cheers!

UPDATE: ProjectZuel was kind enough to create another image to celebrate TSS’ 10th birthday, and it features none other than Dreadknux himself, proudly standing tall with the =TSS= flag. I haven’t used the Dreadknux avatar in quite some time, so it’s pretty cool that someone remembers my neon green online persona. Many thanks, ProjectZuel, and we also wish you another 10 Way Past Cool Years. Erm, not that you’re not likely to see them, or anything… er… what I mean is, thanks.

We’ll be celebrating/catching up on more TSS content from the past over the coming weeks – particularly before the end of the year as it would cease to be our 10th Anniversary.

… it’ll be our ELEVENTH ANNIVERSARY, which is even COOLER! Aw yeah. Screw our 10th. Can’t wait for our 11th. Everyone knows 11 is the new 10. Thanks once again for all the well wishes from everyone – whether you made something to celebrate the occasion or not – and we’ll keep trying to be the best fansite we can be! Much love!

The Sonic Stadium’s 10th Anniversary Month!

Did you know that The Sonic Stadium has been around for nearly ten years? TEN! It only seems like yesterday that I was hosting this humble little website on an Angelfire free 20MB account, nursing it through its toddler years. Now it means that TSS is about to enter its terrible teens – expect some tantrums, unkempt hairstyles and accusations that I ‘just don’t understand’ it.

If I was any kind of responsible parent, I would be making sure it doesn’t get led astray and not to go too wild on the celebrations. But I’m 25, and a party animal – so I want to throw the biggest, meanest party for your favourite Sonic site that there ever was. All month long.

I’ve collected snapshots of every single site design this place has been through since its inception – plus a few bonus designs that I have in the vault that have never seen the light of day. A site redesign will be hitting to bring the place bang up to date. Giveaways will be had, and memories from TSS’ early years shared. The first episode of Sonic 4 will be coming out (I’m sure SEGA arranged it to be released in time for our 10th ;)). The staff here will no doubt recall their times at the site, and there are many anecdotes I can share, let me tell you.

I want you to join in the fun with us, though! Brad has already made a call out for Autumn-related pictures and works, but if you want to create something to help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary as well, please send them in to us! Videos wishing the site a happy birthday, Sonic art, audio messages holding the site to ransom… anything is cool. Send them to thesonicstadium @ for the birthday wins. And let’s celebrate The Sonic Stadium together!

This website’s actual birthday, just for reference, is the 24th October 2000. Love Sonic? Love TSS!

TSS 10th: Guess Who We’re Interviewing? [UPDATE]

Welcome to October. On the 24th of this month, this humble website will be ten years old. And what better way to celebrate that special anniversary than having the once-in-a-lifetime chance to sit down and chat to one of the men that made Sonic the Hedgehog – and in effect, this website – a reality.

Let me do my best Rolf Harris impression: “Can you guess who it is yet?”

That’s right. None other than Yuji Naka, one of the most inspirational developers to come out of Japan. During his time at Sonic Team, he was constantly referred to as Sega’s version of Nintendo’s own Shigeru Miyamoto. Alongside creating the physics and backbone of the Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay, Naka-san is also the mastermind behind NiGHTS Into Dreams, Burning Rangers, Phantasy Star Online and Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.

He is in London right now, promoting the UK release of his latest work, Ivy The Kiwi? On Monday, I will be sitting right next to him to chat about the game, and all things Sonic besides (talk about dream come true).

If you have a burning question that you’ve always wanted to ask Naka-san – about Sonic, his work at Prope, Ivy The Kiwi?, anything – here’s your chance! Post your questions in the comments box below and I’ll have a look through them and pick out some of the best ones for the ultimate Sonic Stadium interview. You guys have until Sunday night – have a think about some really unique and interesting questions!

Of course, I’ve got more planned for TSS’ 10th Anniversary, but this pretty much cranks the proceedings up from ‘exciting’ to ‘freaking awesome!’ Stay tuned for more excellent celebrations this month – October 2010 is all about The Sonic Stadium!

UPDATE: The interview has been cancelled. Yuji Naka has had to leave for Japan early due to “unforeseen circumstances.” There may still be an opportunity to ask some questions via alternative methods, so sit tight. We’d like to thank Premier PR and Rising Star Games for the opportunity up until the event’s cancellation.

9/9/09: What Sonic Adventure Still Means To Us


Ten years ago, Sega made their last stand in the gaming hardware market and launched the Dreamcast to a furore of positive media and rabid impulse sales. Released day and date with the console was the big comeback of the company’s blue, cool mascot – a game that was the last true product of the Sonic Team Old Guard. Sonic Adventure’s release on 9/9/99 was important, not only to sustain any sort of success for the Dreamcast, but because of the positive revitalisation of the franchise that it introduced too. Even today, it remains the best example of a Sonic the Hedgehog game in a true 3D space.

In terms of storyline, it was the perfect balance between the somewhat non-committal plotlines of the original Mega Drive classics and cutscene-heavy stories that slowly plagued the Sonic game series after SA1’s release. There were plenty of scenes to sit through, yeah, but they were largely inoffensive affairs. An event happens, Sonic goes to investigate, turns out Eggman/Robotnik’s behind it all, get the Chaos Emeralds before he does. That’s about the depth of Sonic Adventure, and that’s how deep it really should be. Keep the fight to a continuous struggle between a wannabe dictator bent on polluting the world and a small group of larger-than-life woodland creatures.

pre_004Of course, there’s the history of the Echidna race and the origins of Chaos that start to drag on after a while, but the game’s design and approach was charming enough to let you sit through it. Many Sonic titles since have taken the story-based play too heavily, throwing a cutscene after every stage, boss or event that follows almost the exact same traits of SA1. Right down to the ‘ultimate doomsday monster’ in the Final chapter that threatens the world beyond Robotnik. Even Sonic Unleashed, which had a relatively light-hearted approach, chose to bog the player down in tedious scenes and pointless dialogue.

So Sonic Adventure stands the test of time in terms of storyline, but what about design? The truth is, the blue hog’s first outing on the 128-bit console stands to be the most creative in the last ten years. Iconic level themes were reborn into 3D, with colours and graphical effects that really made you feel you were inside a Sonic the Hedgehog game. Emerald Coast gave us luscious sandy beaches, bright blue seas and fantastic loops to play around in. Windy Valley’s final segment was a fabulous rush of speed, wherein gliding around twisty corners and bends felt so natural on the Dreamcast’s analogue stick. Final Egg is still one of the best examples of a final zone yet, 3D or otherwise, and nothing needs to be said about how awesome Twinkle Park and Speed Highway are.

It was the eclectic mix of fabulous imaginative architecture, bounding robotic animals (alas, Sonic Adventure was the last Sonic title to have true ‘badniks’ that were both unique and relevant to their respective environment) and excellent level design that truly made Sonic Adventure a step ahead of the platforming game when it was released in 1999. And today, the feel of these levels more than rival anything played on a Sonic game since.

The design of the Action Stages were in fact rather clever – rather than giving players a true sense of freedom with branching pathways and different routes, SA1 was more linear than gamers realised. What Sonic Team did instead was become more aware of the space being given to users; many stages looped around themselves or had you double-backing (despite you technically always heading forwards to your goal), several optional platforms around the same area would make themselves available if you were going fast enough or achieving a certain condition (such as running up the building walls in Speed Highway), and a lot of platform negotiation was required besides your speed.

pre_007In fact, this last point is perhaps one of the key elements to Sonic Adventure’s success. Sonic the Hedgehog, as a character and in his nature, is exceptionally fast. Too fast, naturally, for the player to handle. Sonic Unleashed was proof of this. But as a game concept from a developer’s point of view, Sonic the Hedgehog has always been a physics based platformer. Speed is but a symptom of the ‘rolling ball’ physics, not an overriding factor. Sonic Team understood this, all the way until Sonic Adventure where it was perhaps the last game in the franchise to focus just as much as platforming and inertia as it was about going hella fast.

Wrapping up the package for eager Sonic fans on the 9th September was the awesome score, headed by Jun Senoue and featuring jazz rock, slap bass and a hearty amount of keyboard synth pop. Hearing all of the instruments come together to produce a sound as endearing as “Windy and Ripply” brings a sense of contentment when playing the game, and that’s not to mention the sheer heart-filling sensation you get when you listen to these tracks on their own with headphones on. Soaking in the audio masterpieces made in this game is a truly great thing to experience.

So many other things helped make Sonic Adventure the fantastic game that it still is today, like online challenges, Chao raising (which, despite it being a bit more rudimentary, felt a lot more approachable and less pressured than in Sonic Adventure 2) and optional challenges. About the only black spot you could probably put against the game was the required completion of all characters to truly unlock the final story, and the fact that the story progression allowed itself to be replicated in future Sonic games ad nauseum (but that’s more down to Sonic Team’s lack of ideas since 2002 rather than a bad mark against SA1 itself).

With the Dreamcast’s North American 10th Anniversary taking place today, consider this article as a love letter to the little white box that could, but ultimately didn’t. With a truckload of games that easily gave the Dreamcast its own unique identity (Shenmue, Jet Set Radio, Virtua Fighter), for Sonic fans it will always be Sonic Adventure that defined the console, from the starting blocks to the finish line. And with news today that Sega are going back to the 2D drawing board, it’s worth noting of Sonic Team’s troubles in creating a truly successful and engrossing Sonic title in a 3D space. All we have to say is, guys, you had it closest the very first time.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Sega Dreamcast. Celebrate with us and break out that old copy of Sonic Adventure, and experience a fantastic run through Windy Valley with us all over again.

Sonic the Hedgehog and the Goblet of Awesome

10th-goblet1 10th-goblet2

When Sonic Adventure 2 was released on the Dreamcast, SEGA did a few promotions in conjunction with the hog’s 10th Anniversary. Three pieces of merchandise were produced in a limited series, alongside a special pre-order boxset – a ring featuring Sonic’s head; a high quality figurine and a wireframe model cube.

Today we’ve amazingly seen proof of a fourth. And it’s currently up for auction on eBay.

Apparently, unlike the other three pieces of merchandise (which were available for sale on Sega’s website), this goblet was given away to attendees of a special Japanese event for Sonic’s 10th, and the label includes Yuji Naka’s signature too. In mint condition, this is one prize posession for any hardcore merch-hunter. T-Bird?

At time of publish, the auction has 21 hours till close, with the bid standing firmly at £189.99. I’d buy it in a heartbeat, but alas I have a holiday to Japan to worry about first and foremost. As we may never see such a glorious item again, we’ll be saving these pictures here, forever immortalised for Sonic Gear to come and use.


Sega Sonic The Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Wine Glass New – eBay UK (thanks bcdcdude!)

A Guide to Sonic Merchandise Part 1: Anniversary Edition

The 10th Anniversary statue and Sterling silver ring
The Sonic 10th Anniversary statue and Sterling silver ring

Sonic the Hedgehog related merchandise seems to permeate everything these days; it wasn’t too long ago that you couldn’t get moved for the overwhelming amount of very mediocre Sonic X gear that was lying around to pick up for next to nothing. There are however some absolute gems out there – the joy of collecting Sonic stuff is that you also collect a little piece of Hedgehog history along with them. I think a lot of the collectors amongst the Sonic community would be agreed that some pieces are truly works of art.

Over the next few weeks I’d like to focus on some of the best bits of nearly 18 years of collecting, from generally going about finding yourself a nice addition to your Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise collection, to some of the more elusive and exclusive things that have been produced in the past.

This first article takes a look at some of the most desirable items that there are going; the 10th and 15th Anniversary Merchandise. A lot of the community will remember the 10th birthday of Sonic, as it was the launch date of Sonic Adventure 2, which is still held in high regards amongst the 3D Sonic titles. If you were a resident in Europe Japan or the US, and fast enough off the mark, you had a chance to grab yourself a box set with the pre-order of the game, which contained a rather nifty CD of some of the best Sonic tunes, along with a Gold coin and a booklet full of interesting Sonic facts, pictures, and a rather odd little story. These were however produced in rather large numbers, so aren’t as collectible as initially intended; on the plus side, you can easily pick one up on ebay for £25 ($35USD)! Those lucky enough to attend E3 that year would have also had a chance to scoop up a 10th anniversary badge, which do occasionally appear for purchase.

The SEGA Direct version of the 15th anniversary figurine
The SEGA Direct version of the 15th anniversary figurine

The main contenders for collector’s money thesedays are the trio of anniversary gifts produced by the Sonic Factory (Which closed soon after), being the 10th Anniversary statue, the Crystal Cube, and the Sterling silver ring. Each object was made to extremely high standards; the statue (on an engraved marble base!) was hand-painted, and the crystal cubes were carefully laser-etched to create a wire frame Sonic inside the glass. Each item was limited to 500 units worldwide; some where given away as prizes at a SEGA sports event in Japan, with the remainder being quickly snapped up from the Sonic Factory. In the highly unlikely case you see one on sale online, you’d better get your cheque book ready and phone your bank manager – you are most likely going to be in a bidding war that will go into hundreds of dollars!

Fast forwarding 5 years, the 15th anniversary churned out a number of nice little items. We were treated to two different statues, one was again on sale through SEGA Direct, but was later released as a freebie in the US with the pre-order of Sonic the Hedgehog on the Xbox and PS3. The other statue was produced in a limited run of 2,500 pieces – each  was stamped on the base and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. A number of T-Shirts were also produced to commemorate the occasion, two of which depicted a running sonic in his pixelated form á la Sonic 1, with the 15th birthday logo on the back. Again, E3 goers in 2006 were treated to a nice distressed shirt, the number ‘91 (the year of Sonic’s launch) emblazoned on the back. The keen-eyed ebayer can still pick the odd one of these items up on ebay, albeit at a slightly higher price.

So, did you manage to get any of these items? Which are your favourite? Are there any items you managed to pick up that we’ve missed off our list? Let us know, and keep an eye out for the next feature!

SatAM 10th Anniversary

Today is the 10th Anniversary of SatAM, some recognize it as the best of the Sonic cartoons and to celebrate this day, Ronic Warihog sent me the below email.

Hello. My name is Ronic Warihog, and I have some news for you on a special day for the Sonic Community.

As some of you may know, today is the 10th Anniversary of the debut of ABC’s ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ SatAM animated series. It is the show that forever changed the perception of the Sonic world, and while the games were primarily for SEGA fans, the SatAM helped to bring Sonic into mainstream society. It also changed the path of the comics to one of respectability, and became one of the most powerful animated series of all time. 

I would like to extend my personal thanks to all 182 individuals who worked on the SatAM, and all of those who have supported the show, past and present. Without the support, the SatAM would probably have been forgotten long ago.

10th Anniversary Merchandise Now Available in North America

Time to take a break from being jealous of Japanese Sonic fans! Remember those special 10th Anniversary products that SEGA released to mark the launch of Sonic Adventure 2 last year? Well, it looks like some of them have made their way across the Pacific and are available to purchase in North America. Click here to grab the Sonic Ring and click here for the Sonic Figurine, which you can buy on Amazon. Thanks for the heads up, Swirlvision!

Exclusive 10th Anniversary Merchandise Available at Sonic Team Store

Sonic Team has just opened up their ‘Sonic Factory’ store online, and revealed the first exclusive set of products to be sold from the outlet; a statue, a silver ring and a crystal cube with a wireframe model of Sonic etched inside. These classy items aren’t your usual Sonic action figures. Read on for more details and pictures! Continue reading Exclusive 10th Anniversary Merchandise Available at Sonic Team Store

Archie Sonic #100 Released Today

Sega today announced the release of the 100th issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series, making the speedy hedgehog the first videogame character to reach the milestone.

First published back in 1993, the strip has traced the adventures of Sonic and the Knothole Village heroes as they take on the evil of Dr. Robotnik and the Robotropolis villains for the past eight years. The 100th issue, which coincides with the 10th Anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog, will mark the return of the Freedom Fighters, a band of Sonic allies that help him battle Robotnik on his home turf. Continue reading Archie Sonic #100 Released Today

EGM July 2001 Celebrates 10 Years of Sonic

The latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly comes with a huge Sonic the Hedgehog poster! It includes all six characters from Sonic Adventure 2, along with profiles for each of them on the back. The freebie also says “the Sonic giveaways continue”, a reference to their contest to win a Sonic Team-signed copy of Sonic Adventure 2. Want to be in with a chance of winning that? Better rush to the stores and grab the magazine then! See the cover below. Continue reading EGM July 2001 Celebrates 10 Years of Sonic

Yuji Naka to Appear at US Game Store Sonic Celebration

Sonic Team leader Yuji Naka will be in San Jose to celebrate Sonic’s 10th Anniversary and the release of Sonic Adventure 2. The developer is making an appearance at the Software Etc video game store from 11am on June 30 to sign copies of the Dreamcast title. Continue reading Yuji Naka to Appear at US Game Store Sonic Celebration

Sonic’s 10th Anniversary: What Will be the Future for Sonic the Hedgehog?

At the rate Sega is going, Sonic looks set to win back some old fans of yesteryear. And with Sega going multi-platform, Sonic is going to be able to spin dash his way onto all the upcoming next-gen consoles. Although hardcore Sonic fans won’t like the sound of that, Sonic will win back everyone and gain trust in Sega. To that end, it’s fun to think about what will be coming next: here are the current rumours surrounding future Sonic titles. Continue reading Sonic’s 10th Anniversary: What Will be the Future for Sonic the Hedgehog?

Sonic’s 10th Anniversary: The Ten Year History!

This article is to celebrate the special occasion that is Sonic’s Birthday – Today, on June 23rd, 1991, the first Sonic game was released upon a crowd of unsuspecting video gamers. It was due to Sonic’s coolness and the way that the Sonic games instantly made platform games fashionable, plus with the backing of the greatest games developer in the world, that Sonic the Hedgehog became more popularly known in the video game household. Continue reading Sonic’s 10th Anniversary: The Ten Year History!

SA2 Limited Edition Box Set Releasing in Europe

Well, this is it. The day that everyone in Europe and Japan gets Sonic Adventure 2. If you aren’t considering getting SA2, why the hell not? All the coverage of the sequel (that appeared here FIRST ^_-) must have convinced you by now to go out and shell out a mere £40 in exchange for the best Sonic game to date. Continue reading SA2 Limited Edition Box Set Releasing in Europe

Sonic’s 10th Anniversary: Sega’s Rivals

In the past, Sega has had tough competition from an old respected rival called Nintendo. Consequently, Sonic and Mario were constantly fighting for the Number One spot in people’s lives (of course, the hedgehog won). But aside from Ninty, who have been Sega and Sonic’s rivals, past and new? Well, here’s the lowdown on the bad boys. Continue reading Sonic’s 10th Anniversary: Sega’s Rivals

Sonic’s 10th Anniversary: Unforgettable Moments

Ah, the joys of playing Sonic the Hedgehog. Doesn’t matter if it was on Master System, Mega Drive, NGPC, Dreamcast or any other Sega console in the past, it’s always been a wonderful time. The marvellous adventures that loyal Sonic fans have had playing through the Sonic Adventure 2 Demo; finally getting to the climax of Sonic 3 & Knuckles… Playing Sonic has brought nothing but fond memories for the casual, or even Sonic-fanatic, gamer. Continue reading Sonic’s 10th Anniversary: Unforgettable Moments

GamePro Dedicates Latest Issue to Sonic

Gamepro’s July 2001 issue is out, with Sonic on the cover! The magazine includes the first review of Sonic Adventure 2 on Dreamcast, plus new screens of Sonic Advance on GBA. Get to the stores right away and pick up a copy! See the cover below. Continue reading GamePro Dedicates Latest Issue to Sonic

Sega Plans Big Parties for Sonic’s 10th Anniversary

What good is an anniversary without a party to celebrate? Sonic Team plans to do just that in honour of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 10th, with two events happening in Japan which will allow fans to net some swag and schmooze with Sonic Team developers. Continue reading Sega Plans Big Parties for Sonic’s 10th Anniversary

Official SA2 US Website Launches; 10th Anniversary Box Set Will Be Sold in North America

With 19 days left to go until the release of the biggest Sonic game ever, SEGA America has finally opened its own official Sonic Adventure 2 website. And as a double-whammy, the new site revealed that the 10th Anniversary special edition (that comes with gold coin, soundtrack and history book) will be sold in American stores!

Check it out here: Sonic Adventure 2 Website

SEGA Releases 10th Anniversary Wallpaper

What better way to celebrate Sonic’s 10th Anniversary than with an official desktop wallpaper? Well, SEGA understands your needs – which is why it has shared a special background for fans to use on their computers to celebrate the big event.

You can download the wallpaper in full by heading to The Sonic Stadium’s Wallpaper section.

SA2: Special 10th Anniversary Box Set Revealed

Big news about Sonic’s 10th Anniversary and we’re here to bring it to you! Sega has just announced a special Sonic 10th Anniversary CD, book and gold coin, which will all be sold together! It’ll be sold with a copy of Sonic Adventure 2, but only for limited time of two days. Continue reading SA2: Special 10th Anniversary Box Set Revealed

Sega America Holds SA2 Sweepstakes

Sega of America has unveiled a couple of new promotional events to hype Sonic the Hedgehog’s upcoming tenth anniversary! The “Sonic Adventure 2 T-Shirt Giveaway” will put up for grabs 300 limited-edition commemorative shirts, which show off a new character from the game. Registration will run on the site link below from today through May 18, with winners being announced May 23. Continue reading Sega America Holds SA2 Sweepstakes

Sonic 10th Anniversary Celebrated in Electronic Gaming Monthly

If you live in the US, get to your local game store right away to pick up the new Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine. This month’s issue features Sonic on the cover – not only that, but characters from Phantasy Star Online are reflected in his eyes! Continue reading Sonic 10th Anniversary Celebrated in Electronic Gaming Monthly

New Sonic Wallpaper Released by Sonic Team

Who wants a change of scenery for their desktop? Sonic Team has you covered. The studio has just released a brand new wallpaper image, and it’s quite sleek and elegant if we do say so ourselves. Read on to get a bunch of download options depending on your monitor’s screen resolution. Continue reading New Sonic Wallpaper Released by Sonic Team

Official Sonic Zippo Will Light Up Blue Blur’s 10th Anniversary

We always knew Sonic the Hedgehog was a hot franchise, but we didn’t expect this. According to a new report, Sega and Zippo have come to a deal which will see a special Sonic-designed lighter produced and sold via the official Dreamcast Direct service in Japan. Continue reading Official Sonic Zippo Will Light Up Blue Blur’s 10th Anniversary

Rumour: Sonic Compilation Coming for Dreamcast

Sounds like the Mega Drive won’t be the only thing getting revived on Dreamcast. The rumour mill is churning at a breakneck pace, and it’s telling us that Sega intends to release a Sonic-themed compilation for the console next year to coincide with Sonic’s 10th Anniversary. Continue reading Rumour: Sonic Compilation Coming for Dreamcast