Four New Sonic Boom Episode Plots Revealed

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 00.15.22

According to information coming from people who attended last nights Sonic Boom event, several episode plots from the Sonic Boom TV Show were revealed.

During the live reading from the Sonic voice actors, details regarding a number of episodes were revealed as well as details from a short video which was played before the attendees were shown the trailer for the television show.

1. Tails makes a translator that read people’s minds. It’s later revealed that when Amy’s mind almost gets read aloud she loves Sonic in Sonic Boom too. (This episode is probably entitled ‘Translate this’ which was also announced at Sonic Boom)

2. The cast find and read Amy’s “fan fiction” of the cast.

3. Amy and Eggman play a pretty puppy MMO together without letting everyone else know. Sonic catches Eggman at Amy’s house. Amy and Eggman end up going to PuppyCon to the reluctance of Sonic, who will be going as well.”

4. When Eggman is made homeless, Eggman comes to live with Sonic and friends by crashing on their couch for a few weeks. Episode is entitled An Evil Genius Crashes on the Couch for a Few Weeks

Samples from ‘Translate This’ and ‘An Evil Genius’ were shown in a new trailer released last night which can be found here.

Sonic Boom Event – Sonic Boom TV Trailer

As of yet, no footage of the cast reading has been uploaded. But stick to TSS, we’re working on it.

Thanks to Nintega137 for some of the synopsis’


P.S. PuppyCon needs to become a reality.

UPDATE: Sonic Boom TV Series: Premiere date + Short preview revealed

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 00.15.22



UPDATE: Clips are taken from two episodes entitled “An Evil Genius Crash Lands On Your Couch For Two Weeks” and “Translate This.”

ORIGINAL STORY:Set your VCRs (or Tivos or whatever device you happen to have), Sonic Boom has an official air-date!

Straight from the Sonic Boom convention in New York, The Sonic Boom TV series has been given an official premiere date of the morning of Saturday the 8th of November on Cartoon Network in the US.

As well as an official date, a short preview clip of the series with an intro was also shown, with plenty of comedic moments, Sticks and Orbot and Cubot:

Sonic Boom Event – Sonic Boom TV Trailer

Things are still very much unfolding at the event, so look back to this post in future for further details as we get them!


The Sonic Boomcast Episode 3: Sonic Boom at Sonic Boom

YouTube Preview Image

This is the Sonic Boom podcast about Sonic Boom being at….Sonic Boom! In this episode me, Christian, Lidice and Ogilvie discuss recent Sonic Boom news, the upcoming Sonic Boom event in New York and if your expectations on Rise of Lyric may be a bit off. We recorded this episode last week, but a busy schedule and a horrible toothache kept me from posting until now. But, at least it’s still just before the big event! So sit back, open a new tab and listen while you surf the web.

….And yes, I’m aware of the poor rush job I did with the image header. I didn’t realize my mistake until I had already finished it in Movie Maker.

Dr. Robotnik by First 4 Figures: Preorders Open October 7th


The wait is almost over.

A few moments ago, this teaser image was shared via First4Figures’ social media channels, showing that pre-orders for the highly anticipated classic Dr. Robotnik statue will be opening soon, and apparently keeping his western name intact! (Because, that does seem to matter to people)

After multiple teasers were released earlier in the year, we’ll soon have the full details on this beast of a statue, including exclusive edition (if there is one), physical size and perhaps most importantly… Price.

Also accompanying the image was this message:

And boy is he big…really big…did I mention he is big?? Oh so big!

…I’m scared.

Clean version of above image:


Will you be diving in to get this latest piece?

Preview: Sonic Universe #68

A certain Ultimate Lifeform is fighting for every little thing this month!


Newsarama have a preview on the latest issue of Sonic Universe to hit stores. In Sonic Universe #68, Knuckles, Rouge and Omega are up on Red Mountain to be on the lookout for anything particularly alien and deadly. While they have some time to themselves for reflection, Shadow has no such luxury of time; Eclipse has begun to attack and is fully intent on killing his “brother” now! How will Shadow fight back against Eclipse in all his forms? And just how long can the peace between him and Knuckles last when there’s so much imminent danger against the island? Find out in “Total Eclipse”: part 2.

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli and Matt Herms
Cover: Tracy Yardley and Ben Hunzeker
Tabloid Variant Cover: Jonathan H. Gray, Jim Amash and Matt Herms
The FIRST EVER Sonic Universe trilogy continues HERE in “Total Eclipse” Part Two! Knuckles leads Team Dark’s Rouge and Omega into the wilds of the Red Mountains, searching for the mysterious Dark Arms. But while the echidna’s away, the darklings will play—but darklings don’t play for fun—they play to kill! With Knuckles’ back turned, the evil Eclipse attacks Shadow the Hedgehog! Can even the ultimate life-form withstand Eclipse’s terrifying Monster Form?! Find out in the second chapter of THE DARK TRILOGY! And don’t miss the new cover art from Tracy Yardley and returning Sonic painter Ben Hunzeker—plus an all-new “TABLOID” variant cover by Jonathan H. Gray, Jim Amash and Matt Herms!
On Sale Date: 10/1
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

The comic is out in stores and on digital formats today. Pick up a copy and let your day be brighter for it.

Source: Newsarama

Sonic Boom Toys Coming to the UK Spring 2015


With Sega’s recent announcement that the UK and the rest of Europe will not get the Boom Cartoon show a year after it’s release, and the general lack of promotion for Boom here in the UK, many people have been wondering ‘What about the toy line?’

Well The Sonic Stadium can reveal that following an email exchange with the UK branch of TOMY, the Sonic Boom toy line is coming to the UK and it will be launched in Spring 2015, with some products possibly making it to shelves before Christmas.

Thank you for your email.

> They are due for Spring 2015. Some maybe in stock before Christmas, but we don’t have an exact date yet.
> I am sorry that I do not have any further information for you. If we can be of any further assistance please feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards


TOMY Careline

So hold off on those expensive imports, the toys are indeed on their way!

Sonic Boom TV Show Coming Autumn 2015 in Europe

Sonic Boom cartoon screenshot

Remember our report earlier this month about Sonic Boom‘s TV series coming to Europe in 2015? Well, those of you hoping for an early 2015 release rather than a later one are in for disappointment, because SEGA Europe’s Head of Brand Licensing Sissel Henno has revealed the show will air in Europe Autumn 2015. This is much later than the late 2014 launch planned for the US and France and very strange considering the Sonic Boom tie-in games for Wii U and 3DS are being released in November this year.

“‘Sonic Boom’ is definitely an evolution; it’s a new look and feel for the brand,” explains SEGA Europe Head of Brand Licensing Sissel Henno. She says the new series – which will launch later this year in the US and France, and Autumn 2015 across the rest of Europe, along with tie-in video games, comic books and other licensed products – represents a new era for the beloved character and a platform to introduce Sonic the Hedgehog to a new generation of fans.

Henno also appears to imply that we’ll see more of Sonic on mobile platforms in the future.

Those additional opportunities include mobile games, such as the recent success Sonic Dash. Henno says the inclusion of Sonic the Hedgehog in Nintendo’s “Super Smash Bros.” video games is another area where SEGA believes new licensing partnerships can be made. “We think there’s lots of opportunities in the future,” she says.

You can read more about SEGA’s licensing plans for the future at the link below.

Source: Retail Merchandiser

Do you think Autumn 2015 is far too late for the Sonic Boom TV show in Europe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Cracking Down on Comments


Here at The Sonic Stadium, we frequently invite you – our readers – to contribute your thoughts when news of any variety comes to light. We love seeing the enthusiasm and excitement of this fanbase whenever a new trailer drops, or when new gameplay comes to light, or even when just a single new piece of concept art appears. Community is an extremely important aspect of not only the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, but also of TSS. It should extend a welcoming, friendly and respectful atmosphere to both veterans and newcomers alike. We believe this should be reflected in our comment section. Sadly however, this has not been the case recently.

Since the Summer, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the comment section of new articles, and we’ve noticed some increasingly poor behaviour. Disrespectful attitudes, aggressive/abusive language and personal attacks have been on the rise as of late, and not only are they completely clogging up the comment section, they often end up discussing topics completely unrelated to the articles they’re commenting on. We’ve also seen cases of people spamming the comments box, having full blown conversations with themselves, and in some cases, people going into articles which are days if not weeks old to continue arguments. The Staff firmly believes this kind of behaviour is unacceptable here, and simply contributes to an uninviting (and quite frankly, embarrassing) reflection of the community, despite it being a minority of users.

In response, we’ve decided that we’re going to collectively crack down on the comment section of articles, and make it a nicer place for everyone to be a part of. This will include the following;

  • The removal of comments that partake in the behaviour listed above.
  • Emailed warnings to those who continue to act in this way will likely follow this.
  • An eventual IP block, which will ban repeat offenders from making further comments on the site.

This will become effective immediately, and we will be emailing warnings/IP blocking those who have, in recent weeks, been encouraging the unacceptable behaviour which has brought this announcement on.

And remember – you can help us out too. Instead of responding and indirectly encouraging those who create this poor environment for us all, instead simply report them to us at the email. Give us the link to the article in question and the name of the offender in your email so that the Staff can deal with the issue quickly and efficiently. Help us to make this a community and discussion platform we all feel welcome in.

Thank you!

PSA: You can play Sonic Boom at EGX


You know, there’s only so many times you can report stuff like this before you really have to say out loud “What is going on with Boom?”

This week is EGX in London. EGX is basically what used to be the EuroGamer Expo, it’s one of the largest video game conventions in Europe and is the largest gaming expo in the UK. And the biggest games are all there. Smash Bros, BloodBorne, DriveClub, Alien Isolation, Assassins Creed *insert a random word here* etc.

So it makes you wonder why Sega have not brought Sonic Boom on either the 3DS or Wii U to it right? The game is out in November, but there’s no mention of it at all on the Sega Blog, and in this video shot at EGX by Sega Europes ‘Sega Central’ team. Sonic Boom is not only not shown, it’s not even mentioned in the video in anyway.

SEGA Central – EGX 2014 – Show Preview

But wait… Sonic Boom IS there! Sonic Boom is at EGX and you can play it in a public demo on both the Wii U and 3DS. Several people have posted their thoughts about it on both twitter and youtube and we even have video footage which shows it at EGX in the public space.

Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric EGX 2014 gameplay

Even our friends at SegaDriven have posted a video with their thoughts about it, taken from their experience with the game at EGX

SEGADriven at EGX 2014: Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal Impressions

Maybe I could understand if either the blog or the video failed to mention Boom. But the fact both of them have failed to mention it and so far none of Sega’s other media outlets have confirmed that Boom is playable at the expo, I really have to ask, why has it been deliberately kept a secret?

Anyway, if anyone does play the game at EGX this week, let us know in the comments what you thought of the game. Good, bad, ugly or awesome.

ToyWiz Reveals new Sonic Boom Toys

You can tell the launch of Boom is getting close can’t you? With plush toys appearing in Toys R Us, the game being demoed at more events. Well, here is another sign that the Boom launch is near. ToyWiz just updated their Sonic Boom toy listings with a bunch of new items.

Including a Sonic plush which comes with a plush chili dog



Yeah I really wasn’t expecting that one!

Most of the toys listed have already been shown off at E3 and various other events so I’m not going to waste time copying the images down, however this one made me laugh. It’s an Eggman that flies across the floor when you pull a ripcord!

eggmantoyPromise me you will not chase your pets around the house with that thing.

The full range can be found on ToyWiz’s website.  Regarding the prices, ToyWiz tends to price stuff based on a number of factors such as their stock amount and it’s likely that other places such as Toys R Us mach charge a lot less when they’re eventually released.

Thanks to SSMB member PatMan for the heads up.


New Sonic Boom TGS Gameplay Footage


About an hour ago over at the Tokyo Game Show, Sega held a livestream demo in which some new stages from both the Wii U and 3DS version of Sonic Boom where shown. The 3DS version of the game showed a stage which showed off character abilities such as Knuckle’s ability to tunnel around the level. The Wii U version however offered something different….


The Wii U stage which was arguably the more interesting stage showed what appeared to be a side mission in which Knuckles and Amy rescue workers trapped down a mine. I could make a series of jokes now but I won’t.


Also shown was a set of stickers for Sonic Boom, we’re not sure if these are pre-order bonus’ or if they’re just being handed out around TGS in order to promote the game.

You can watch the gameplay segments in the captured video below. Special thanks to Woun for the recording.

Sonic Boom 『ソニックトゥーン アイランドアドベンチャー』 3DS TGS特番

Sonic Boom 『ソニックトゥーン 太古の秘宝』 WiiU TGS特番



… … … WILL KNUCKLES RESCUE TIMMY FROM THE MINE!? Find out in next week’s exciting conclusion!

First Sonic Boom Toys Spotted in Toys R Us

boomtoysLooks like the Year of Sonic is finally starting if this photo is anything to go by. The first Sonic Boom toys have been spotted in the wild, photo was taken at a Toys R Us store in America. Odds are they’ll start to pop up in Toys R Us stores around the US within the next month, also if you were wondering, they’re not currently listed on the TRU website.

Before anyone asks, nope, no plans for a release in Europe just yet.

Thanks to SSMB member Lucky for the heads up.

Update: SlySonic was kind enough to share this pic.


Covers and Solicitations for Sonic the Hedgehog #268, Sonic Universe #71, Sonic Boom #3 and More Revealed

Christmas really is the time of giving; Archie’s giving us a media blowout bursting with surprises!

Comic Vine has the latest released solicits from Archie Comics, and December is on course to be a huge month for Sonic comic fans. There’s not one, not two, but six comics, magazines and books to be on the lookout for! To kick things in grand fashion, Sonic the Hedgehog #268 sees Sonic enter a fighting tournament to nab another Chaos Emerald for the quest. The line-up is bound to be full of familiar favourites, and there’s even the Fighter Vipers reference Honey the Cat in it to win. On top of that, the variant brings in one Breezie the Hedgehog (Robot), not seen since her appearance in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog! All this excitement is in “Champions”: part 1.


TEST YOUR MIGHT with the first chapter in an all-new 4-part SAGA! “Champions” Part One: Sonic is in for the fight of his life! Casino Park is holding an epic fighting tournament, and the grand prize is a much sought-after Chaos Emerald! How many fighters will answer the call? Which champions will make the roster? The knock-down, drag-out battle for the world starts right here! Featuring new cover art from Sonic rising star Evan Stanley, plus all-new variant art introducing Breezie the Hedgehog by Sonic artist Jonathan H. Gray!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Diana Skelly, Terry Austin, John Workman and Gabriel Cassata
Cover: Evan Stanley, Terry Austin and Ben Hunzeker
Breezie Variant Cover: Jonathan H. Gray, Terry Austin and Gabriel Cassata
Ship Date: 12/31
On Sale Date: 1/14
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Sonic Universe #71 brings us into new mystery and intrigue. Nicole detects a distress call from the supposedly unknown Digital World. It’s up to Tails, Sally and Big to answer the call and head to Isolated Island to find out just what’s going on, the deal with Dr Ellidy and how this all links the lives of Sally and Nicole together. This is “Spark of Life”: part 1.


ALL-NEW STORY ARC! “Spark of Life” Part One: Nicole detects a distress signal from the Digital World—but how can that be if nobody is supposed to know about the Digital World?! Sally, Tails and Big must travel to Isolated Island to answer the call for help! Who is Dr. Ellidy? And in what way does he link the lives of Sally and Nicole? Featuring a stunning new cover by Tracy Yardley and “Web Lynx” Variant cover art by rising Sonic star Rafa Knight!
Script: Ian Flynn & Aleah Baker
Art: Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli and Matt Herms
Cover: Tracy Yardley & Ben Hunzeker
Web Lynx Variant Cover: Rafa Knight
Ship Date: 12/10
On Sale Date: 12/24
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

On the lighter side, we have Sonic Boom #3. Amy’s beloved hammer is gone, and if she can’t find it then she’s wont to lose something else! The boys try to find it, while Sticks offers to show Amy a new arsenal of weapons. You can imagine how well this would go before the release of “Hammer Spaced”.


ARE YOU READY FOR THE BOOM?! The NEW ONGOING SONIC COMIC BOOK SERIES from Archie Comics continues its frantic fun with Sonic Boom #3: Hammer Spaced! Amy’s most precious possession, her piko hammer, has gone missing! And if she can’t find it, her hammer won’t be the only thing she’ll lose! While the boys are on a hammer-hunting quest, Sticks tries to show Amy a new arsenal—but will she survive the experience?! Don’t miss the exclusive tie-in comic to the new TV Show and Video Games from Sega, featuring cover art from Sonic comics legend Tracy Yardley and a special “TEAM SONIC” variant edition!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Evan Stanley, Rick Bryant, Jack Morelli and Matt Herms
Cover: Tracy Yardley, Rick Bryant and Matt Herms
Team Sonic Variant Cover art provided by SEGA
Ship Date: 12/17
On Sale Date: 1/7
32-page, full color comic $3.99 U.S.

Sonic Super Digest #10 brings more Sonic Boom with it, focusing on the comic side. It has some of the cover art from the new line, features on it and even a special preview of the comic. Meanwhile, there are stories focused on Shadow, Knuckles and Sally for extra variety.


Get ready for fun & adventure—it’s Sonic Super Digest! Featuring classic stories from the comic’s 20+ year history! Join Sonic and his friends as they embark on daring adventures, face evil villains and save the day one chili dog at a time!
This month features a special spotlight on the newest Sonic comic series from Archie Action — Sonic Boom! Check out awesome BOOM cover art, features and a special preview of the anticipated new series! Plus stories featuring Shadow and Knuckles in the wake of the epic “DARK TRILOGY,” and everyone’s favorite FF leader Sally Acorn! Spin into the fun that only Archie Comics and Sonic Super Digest can bring! Featuring bonus content you can only find in this exclusive digest collection!
Script: Ian Flynn & Various
Art: Various
Cover: SEGA
Ship Date: 12/3
On Sale Date: 12/17
128-page, Full Color
$4.99 U.S.

There’s even more Sonic Boom in Sonic Super Special Magazine #13. Looking more at all aspects of Sonic Boom, it gives us information on the cartoon, the games and the comic. With reprints mixed into the fray, it’s a pot full of stories old and new.


“Sonic Boom-tacular!”: The mega-magazine stuffed with Sonic goodness comes speeding at you with exclusive SONIC BOOM special features, awesome art from the comic series and the inside scoop on the biggest Sonic event in decades! SONIC BOOM is the newest Sonic sensation bringing brand new games, cartoons—and now—comics!
The SONIC SUPER SPECIAL MAGAZINE gives you the world of Sonic the Hedgehog comics as you’ve never seen it before, with tons of comic stories, special features and exclusive articles on the latest and greatest in the world of everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog-hero! Featuring an awesome special FOIL cover featuring the cast of Sonic BOOM!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Various
Cover art provided by SEGA
Ship Date: 12/3
On Sale Date: 12/17
128-page, full color comic
$9.99 U.S.

And finally, Sonic Select #10 brings us a mish-mash of comics from Sonic’s history, whether it be one of the many fights between Sonic and Knuckles, a revisit to the arc that began the altered reality we have now, or even stories from the limited number Free Comic Book Day Specials. There’s a variety in there that’s bound to satisfy a number of tastes.


Sonic the Hedgehog’s most popular graphic novel series is BACK! It’s non-stop action in this collection of some of Sonic’s newest, greatest—and strangest—battles! Witness one of the craziest clashes between Sonic and Knuckles in Sonic’s home city! Witness the newest adventures of Sonic and his friends as they enter the new Sonic comic universe! All this and more in Sonic Select vol. 10—collecting stories from Free Comic Book Day, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, the Sonic Super Specials, and more!
Script: Ian Flynn & Various
Art: Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash, John Workman, Jason Jensen & Various
Cover: Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante
6 x 9”
Trade Paperback
128 pp, full color comic
Direct Market On-Sale Date: 1/7

We will have more details on the comics closer to their release.

Source: Comic Vine

Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #264

The situation’s about to get hairy for our heroes!


Multiversity has the preview up for the latest upcoming Sonic issue! In Sonic the Hedgehog #264, Sonic, Amy and Sally are still on their Chaos Emerald retrieval quest when circumstances of a badnik kind lead them to running into some familiar faces; Mighty and Ray! But it’s not all casual in the rainforest as a new Egg Boss called Thunderbolt makes it their mission to take out Sonic the Hedgehog. How much more can Sonic take before the negativity consumes him? Find out in “Control”: part 1. Then, Antoine and Bunnie reflect on their marriage after a rescue mission gone a bit awry in “It’s a Nice Day to Start Again”.

Written by Ian Flynn, Joey Esposito and Benjamin Bailey
Illustrated by Tyson Hesse, James Fry, Terry Austin, John Workman, Gabriel Cassata

A-WOOOOOOOOO! THE WAIT IS OVER! Prepare yourself for the terrifying debut of SONIC THE WEREHOG! “Control” Part One: Sonic, Amy and Sally venture deep into the rainforest in search of a Chaos Emerald. What they find are Mighty, Ray – and serious trouble! Will Egg Boss Thunderbolt push Sonic to the breaking point? Then, in “A Nice Day to Start Again,” Bunnie and Antoine experience the effects of the Shattered World Crisis in a very personal way! Featuring new cover art from PATRICK “SPAZ” SPAZIANTE and an “UNLEASHED” SEGA variant!

Sonic the Hedgehog #264 is out in stores and digitally this Wednesday. You can even buy it at night if you wished on the digital side, but just look out for full moons.

Source: Multiversity Comics

GE Animation to Release a Blaze the Cat Plush

Well this was an unexpected surprise. One of the main Sonic merchandise makers GE Animation, or as they’re also known, GE Entertainment, has let slip on Facebook that they intend to release a Blaze the Cat plush at some point around the end of the year.

blaze plush


Lately GE have been producing some pretty decent plush toys of some of the more obscure and underused characters in the Sonic franchise and it seems that if this to be believed that Blaze might be arriving before the year is out.

We’ll keep an eye on this one and update you with more information when we get it.

Source: Facebook

Sega to Give a Sonic Boom Presentation at MIPJunior

If you’ve not heard of MIPJunior which I suspect is the majority, it’s a convention for children’s TV programming, all new and upcoming TV shows are demoed there.

And Sega is going to be giving a presentation about how Sega is ‘reinventing its popular game franchise‘ and it’s plans for licensing.

Sega: The Sonic Franchise An in-depth look of how Sega is reinventing its popular game franchise and its plans for the
new Sonic Boom from content to brand licensing.

Speaker: Sissel Henno, Head of Brand Licensing (Europe), SEGA Europe, UK @SEGA_Europe

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Well… this is where the problems start.

First of all, this event takes place in Cannes France, the second problem. It’s not a public event, it’s closed to the press and industry. The final problem, it’s very unlikely that there will be any way to find out what is said at this event unless someone manages to get a press pass and is able to go. So if anyone does get in, feel free to email us the details and we’ll gladly news it.

Also if we get any details from the event, you lot will be the first to know.

Source: MIPJunior

Sonic Boom TV Show to Launch in the UK in 2015?

sonicboomYou know, this is one of those things which I can never decide if there’s any point in putting up on here. Main reason being, it’s blatantly obvious that this was going to happen. Only since there’s been no confirmation yet, that makes it news so… here you go.


Sega Europe recently hired Kay Ferneyhough to join Sega Europe’s London-based licensing team as retail licence manager. When speaking to ToyWorld Mag about her appointment she had this to say.

I am incredibly excited about my new role and working for such a fantastic company. Sonic has been around for over 20 years and Sonic Boom is Sega’s new initiative with the launch of the new TV show next year so I’m really looking forward to being involved in the retail development for the franchise.”

Either that was a figure of speech, or we just got confirmation that the TV Show will launch in the UK next year. Bare in mind this lady will be working in the London based team, so it would stand to reason that this is in reference to the UK’s launch date. The question now is which channel will broadcast it and when?

So there you go, more or less confirms what everybody believed.

Source: ToyWorld Mag

Update: 75% Off All Sonic Games at Green Man Gaming


UPDATE: Sale is over =(

Original Story: For those PC gamers out there, there is currently a huge Sonic sale on at Green Man Gaming. As part of their Sega week promotion, every Sonic title is 75% off.

This sale includes old games and even recent PC titles such as Sonic Generations and All Stars Racing Transformed.

But the biggest deal comes from the Sonic Ultimate Pack which includes the following titles for only £25.96. The normal price for this is £103.

  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
  • Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Metal Sonic DLC Pack
  • Sonic Adventure™ 2: Battle Mode DLC
  • Sonic Adventure™ 2
  • Sonic CD
  • Sonic Generations – Casino Nights DLC
  • Sonic Generations
  • Sonic Adventure DX
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Sonic 3 and Knuckles
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sonic Spinball
  • Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
  • Sonic 3D Blast
  • SEGA Genesis & Mega Drive Classics
  • Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing
  • Spiral Knights – Sonic CD DLC

All games come with Steam Codes.

So if you fancy boosting your PC collection, this is certainly one cheap way to do it.

Source: Green Man Gaming.

UPDATE: New Sonic Boom Screenshots Show us Metal, Shadow & Sticks


Update: New 3DS screens also added.

Original Story: The official Sonic Boom website in Japan (Sonic Toon) has been updated and with the update comes some new in game screenshots showing Metal Sonic and Shadow in action.

Other screens show some in game story/action sequences and we also get our first Wii U appearance of Sticks. You can find all the new images in our Gallery, or head over to the Japanese Sonic Boom website for all the information.

Source: Sonic Toon website. 

“Passion & Pride” and “It Doesn’t Matter” Remix now on UK iTunes

Making love to that guitar

Sonic music lovers, get ready to rock! As we reported not long ago, a brand new album titled “Passion & Pride: Anthems with Attitude” featuring a collection of music from the Sonic Adventure era was set for release in Japan – but now it’s made its way across the waters (or rather, across the internet) to the rest of the world too!

That’s right, if you’re happy to forgo a physical disc and avoid all the hassle of pre-ordering from Japan, you can now download yourself a copy of this new compilation from iTunes. The album is split into two separate volumes – Vox Collection and Instrumental Collection – which cost £7.99 apiece, or 79p for individual tracks if you don’t want the lot. The track listing for these albums is as follows:

Vox Collection

  1. It Doesn’t Matter (Sonic Adventure)
  2. Believe in Myself (Sonic Adventure)
  3. Unknown from M.E. (Sonic Adventure)
  4. My Sweet Passion
  5. Lazy Days -Livin’ in Paradise-
  6. Theme of Dr. Eggman
  7. Theme of E-102 Gamma
  8. It Doesn’t Matter (Sonic Adventure 2)
  9. Believe in Myself (Sonic Adventure 2)
  10. Unknown from M.E. (Sonic Adventure 2)
  11. Throw It All Away
  12. E.G.G.M.A.N.
  13. Fly in the Freedom

Instrumental Collection

  1. It Doesn’t Matter (Sonic Adventure)
  2. Believe in Myself (Sonic Adventure)
  3. Unknown from M.E. (Sonic Adventure)
  4. My Sweet Passion
  5. Lazy Days -Livin’ in Paradise-
  6. It Doesn’t Matter (Sonic Adventure 2)
  7. Believe in Myself (Sonic Adventure 2)
  8. Unknown from M.E. (Sonic Adventure 2)
  9. Throw It All Away
  10. E.G.G.M.A.N.
  11. Fly in the Freedom

Now, eagle eyed readers will notice that one track, the much anticipated “It Doesn’t Matter” 2014 remix from Tony Harnell and Jun Senoue – arguably the biggest draw of the entire album – is missing from these digital releases. Well, fear not! You can download the remix on iTunes as well – it’s just listed as its own individual single (priced at 99p) rather than being bundled in with either of the albums. A strange decision, but at least we still get it!

Click on the handy album covers below to take you straight to the UK iTunes links:



Happy listening! Time to rock and roll! If you’re planning on downloading any of the music, let us know in the comments!

Preview: Sonic Universe #67

The past eight months start to fall into place with the start of the final part of the trilogy!


Comicosity has another preview, this time for Sonic Universe #67! The events of Shadow Fall and Great Chaos Caper merge with each other as team Dark head onto Angel Island to look for one of the remaining Dark Arms left, Eclipse. Knuckles is also on the island, and he isn’t too happy about his island having guests. What can our heroes agree to do in such a tense situation? Especially when Eclipse himself is busy recuperating and ready to strike against Shadow and his allies if the opportunity arises! The Dark Trilogy’s final part begins in “Total Eclipse”:part 1.

Written by Ian Flynn
Art by Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli, Matt Herms
Published by Archie Comics
Release Date: August 27, 2014

BRAND NEW STORY ARC! The events of “Shadow Fall” and “The Great Chaos Caper” have clashed to collision in the epic new tale — “Total Eclipse” Part One! The third chapter in the DARK TRILOGY begins here as Team Dark comes to Angel Island on the hunt for Eclipse. But Knuckles isn’t known for his hospitality! Sparks begin to fly as he and Shadow clash over how to protect the world! Meanwhile, the sinister Eclipse hunts our heroes! It’s the first-ever SU TRILOGY and you’ll be in on the ground floor with this titanic new issue, featuring cover art from TRACY YARDLEY and BEN HUNZEKER and a special “Pixel Cutscene” variant cover from RYAN JAMPOLE!

Sonic Universe #67 should be out in stores and on digital formats today, so don’t left in the dark and grab yourself a copy!

PS; There are five pages in the preview below, but pages 2 and 3 are in a double spread, which is why it looks so odd.

Source: Comicosity

Sonic Voice Actors to Attend Sonic Boom


For fans attending Sega’s Sonic Boom event, Sega have just made a huge announcement. In addition to previously announced guests, Sega have confirmed that the main Sonic voice actors will be attending the convention for a special performance as well as being on hand for autographs and meet and greet sessions.

The cast members attending are as follows.

  • Roger Craig Smith (Sonic)
  • Colleen Villard (Tails)
  • Travis Willingham (Knuckles)
  • Cindy Robinson (Amy)
  • Nika Futterman (Sticks)
  • Mike Pollock (Dr. Eggman)

That’s right if you’ve ever wanted to meet the voice actors in real life, this is your chance. Tickets to the event can be purchased at Ticketmaster, please see the official facebook page for more information.