Sonic Adventure in Source Filmmaker! It’s a Giant Talking Egg!

What, another well made recreation via Source Filmmaker? Strange, isn’t it!

Here is a little something to tickle your nostalgia on this lovely Thursday morning! Dive back into the mellow that was 1998, back when the voices of Ryan Drummond, the young Corey Bringar, and the late Deem Bristow kicked off the Dreamcast era, as HypotheDragon recreates the initial confrontation between Sonic, Tails, and Eggman from Sonic Adventure for your viewing pleasure!


Wait, he animated this within two days!? No way, I can’t believe this!

The Sonic Show Do A Fanfiction.

We here at The Sonic Show are an odd bunch, it can not be denied. And when we hear a fan fiction on our friends podcast, VGM:Awesome we knew this would have to become part of our “amazing” work.

We were simply so blown away by the acting on this fanfic reading that we got our team of 5 year olds (aka Jay who is 25) to bring it to life through Disney like animation.



Sonic Generations Unleashed Project Mod Now… Unleashed!

unleashedproject-logoAfter a little over a year in development, Sonic Retro community members Dario FF, Twilightzoney, and Chimera have released what is likely to be the one of the greatest non-Christmas presents PC gamers could ever ask for. For those who own Sonic Generations, start howling with joy, because the Unleashed Project Mod is finally available to the public!

The mod replaces the Generations stages with the daylight levels from Sonic Unleashed! That’s right: Apotos, Mazuri, Spagonia, Holoska, Chun-nan, Shamar, Adabat and Empire City have been successfully ported and beautifully remastered in high definition for your gaming pleasure! Not to mention a brand spankin’ new White Space to go with it, complete with its own Unleashed White Space Medley!

Be sure to thank the Unleashed Project Team, because this is a job well freaking done. Check out the release trailer after the jump!

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Mash-Up Monday: Bill Nye Panic Zone

This is just another one of those things I can’t tell whether they’re Freak-Out Friday worthy or Mash-Up Monday worthy.

Then again, this is a mash-up of Panic Puppet of Sonic 3D Blast fame and the theme of Bill Nye the Science Guy, put together by Rushnerd… And I mean Jun Senoue’s Panic Puppet from the Genesis version (then used for Twinkle Cart in Sonic Adventure), mind you.

Oh, and it’s not just Bill Nye’s theme, but it also uses clips from the show itself as well!

…you know what? Monday it is! Here you go, some science-y stuff to start la semaine because why not?


Hadn’t had one of these on the front page in a while… Welcome back, Mash-Up Mondays! Special thanks to AcidGamer64 on the SSMB for the heads-up!

If you want to see one of your own creations on the front page, or if you found one you’d like to share, you know the drill! is where to send your stuff!

Freak-Out Friday: A Date to DINE For…

If you remember MarkandFlops from his animation style in Sonic Paradox’s Seaside Denied, you’re in for a real treat, for what is arguably the best scene in Sonic Adventure 2 is now even better!

…come on, you remember that one, right? No?

Maybe showing Nick’s enhanced version of the meeting will jog your memory!


To be fair, Sonic did warn him. Shadow could’ve gotten away… now he’s naught but a sinking cadaver. That is how it went, right?


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Sonic Dash Gameplay Trailer, Screenshots Emerge

TouchGameplay has just uploaded footage of Hardlight Studio’s recent efforts, Sonic Dash, set to release on iOS devices tomorrow!

SEGA’s newest mobile game, inspired by endless runner titles such as Temple Run, pits Sonic and his friends against an infinite obstacle course where you jump, avoid, spin, and dash through enemies and objects.


This is exactly the kind of game I expect to become addicting really, really quickly. The graphics, the music, and the fitting nature of the game… it’s gorgeous!

Screenshots have also been uploaded on Sonic Dash‘s New Zealand iTunes page, which you can observe after the jump! Eh? Eh? See what I… okay.

Special thanks to Seraphinprincess for the tip!

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Freak-Out Friday: Sonic the Hedgehog …in Minecraft

There is no better way to express one’s powers of creation in a world of limitless potential… than to recreate your favourite characters.

Even if they don’t always cooperate.

CavemanFilms demoes MCVoxelSH’s Minecraft mod where you can interact with the cast, and even dabble in the black market! Make rings, gotta go fast, and screw around… No better way to be the ruler of your own domain.


Thanks to SuperPsyguy for the notice!

Next week… we will find out things about Sonic that none of us even knew existed. Prepare your bodies.

Freak-Out Friday: Oscars 2013 – Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Not even the 85th Annual Academy Awards, set to take place this Sunday, are safe from leaks on the internet.

Yes folks, days before the event itself is underway, we’ve already got our hands on the results for the category “Best Actor in a Supporting Role”! And the winner?


Special thanks to thatdarnaccount for uncovering this, and Marcus the Rocker for tipping us. Only a mere cameo and Sonic is already in the big leagues of cinema!

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Freak-Out Friday: Blankity Blank And All-Stars Blankity Blanking Transformed

Kids, it’s okay to play a game by a company you like… But playing with an unsupported video card on your PC is no good!

To demonstrate, we have a PSA video provided to us by some of the folks at Sonic Paradox, through their ParadoxPowerPlays channel! RGXSuperSonic races as Blanky Rose in the Blanker Blankgoon stage while Dr. Mack Foxx and TheRunningDafini comment aside.



TitansCreed Community Spotlights The Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 2012

Oh, I can already feel the tension in the air, folks! You know what this month means, right? …wait, a possible Sonic game announcement? No, not that, silly!

For a one-off special of The Community Spotlight, where Pete “TitansCreed” Nethercote highlights folks who have made a significant impact in the SEGA/Sonic fan community, Pete focuses the spotlight on…

tssma logo small

That’s right folks! Joining him to discuss The Sonic Stadium’s upcoming release are Bev “Rexy/Freqrexy” Wooff, one of the album’s many talented contributors, and the founder-slash-director of the project, yours truly!


Feel free to check out last year’s album if you haven’t done so already! Stay tuned for incoming announcements!

Tanner Faces His Curse on The Sonic Show

Some of you may remember a year ago when The Sonic Stadium’s, ‘The Sonic Show’ ventured into the world of Let’s Playing. It was the lovely Tanner who took on Sonic 2 after never having finished it as a child. Many Game Over screens later, and Tanner rage quit right at the very end.

He was mocked by his peers and became known as the Sonic fan that couldn’t finish Sonic 2. A year has passed, is Tanner ready to face his fear?


Join Tanner and Blazecake, February 8th 2013 on The Sonic Show!

ASRT PC Gameplay: How to Destroy an Expert Ghost


Sega of America just released a handy video showing you how to destroy the Expert Ghost on Adders Lair. The interesting thing about this footage? It would appear to be from the PC version of the game.

With the exception of the character trailer released a few days ago, this is the first full gameplay footage shown of the PC build. The PC version is released at the end of this month on Steam and a retail edition is planned for Europe too.

Now… In the video, Sega get a time of 1:21.270. Fellow Blue Believers, beat that time!

Freak-Out Friday: This is a Sonic Jump Review… by a Hot Girl

Special thanks to the folks at Find the Computer Room for notifying me of this!

So, many of us were admittedly taken by surprise by Sonic Jump. Developed by Hardlight Studios for iOS and Android devices, the quirky little title was announced and released within a short amount of time, and has become one of the most fun Sonic games for mobile devices in recent history (great job, guys!), not to mention it’s gotten a decent amount of positive reviews!

Just like this one!


…wait, what?

…that’s it? …well, it’s more accurate than that other one, but that doesn’t really redeem it – well, not at all! How does this pass for a review?!

P.S.: Why am I getting heavy “reply girl” vibes from this?

Mash-Up Monday: Intergalactic Cosmic Wall

More Beastie Boys and Sonic mash-up goodness? Yes please!

Alien.Renegade is at it again, folks. For the year’s first official Mash-Up Monday (shoulda been last week OH WELL), he played the lyrics of the group’s Intergalactic with Cosmic Wall’s music from Sonic Adventure 2!

Pretty fitting themes! Space!


Freak-Out… Monday?: Shadow the NumHog

EDIT: Always double-check drafts… Ah well! Guess that’s what happens when you’re too busy preparing for February.

With what appears to be one of the funniest glitches in a Sonic game ever, at least if you choose to ignore the fact Sonic 2006 exists, Hellfire Commentaries plays Shadow the Hedgehog with some rather famishing results.


Special thanks to Faseeh and SSF1991 for the heads-up!

Freak-Out Friday: Sonic HACKED

Let’s kick off the New Year of Freak-Out Fridays with an oldie but a goodie!

One day, UltramasterBDJ discovered the unholy magic of Action Replay.

And then he had a bit too much fun with his Sonic Gamecube titles.

Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s CutSonic Adventure 2: BattleSonic Heroes, and Shadow the Hedgehog are put to the test in this 20+ minute compilation of hacks and laughs! Part 2 is found after the jump!


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The Sonic Show Celebrates it’s 10,000th Subscriber!


Since their big hack back in 2011, The Sonic Show have taken great efforts in building the show from scratch. It would seem the start of 2013 is going to be a good one for the show as it has just past 10,000 subscribers!

For those not familiar with The Sonic Show, they are a bunch of strange fans who celebrate Sonic in a variety of ways, from doing some Oppa Eggman Style to showing why everyone hates that barrel. Find out more at

Another Christmas With Sonic, by Balena Productions!

2013 is mere hours away for many of us! It won’t be long ’til this year comes to a close.

Many events have defined this year of Sonic. The second episode of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 saw release in May, continuing the sequel to the Genesis classics as we truly imagined it; the sneaky Sonic Jump hopped, skipped, and jumped its way into our phones; Sonic Adventure 2 came back to our consoles along with its fellow SEGA Heritage Classics NiGHTS into dreams… and Jet Set Radio; Sumo Digital brought us an amazing sequel to Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing through Transformed; finally, our blue hero found his way to the silver screen in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph!

In the community, 2012 brought us musical collaborations such as The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2011 and the Sonic Paradox Remix Shorts Volume 1! Our own site has gained new crew members to keep the front page roaring with content! Summer of Sonic and Sonic Boom drew in bigger crowds than ever, with tickets for the former gone during the waves in mere minutes!

So, to wrap up the year, Steven Page (who brought us Sonic in Scared Stupid Part 2 for Halloween) and RianaLD dropped us a belated Christmas present to celebrate! Without further ado, I present to you all the latest piece of work from Balena Productions, for it is time for…

Another Christmas With Sonic!


Be sure to check out the prequel Christmas with Sonic too, while you’re at it! And maybe be a pal and follow Balena’s stuff too. Good stuff yes.

With that, Happy New Year to you all, and see you in 2013!

Freak-Out Friday: Game Grumps Sonimations

On November the 2nd, Game Grumps Egoraptor and JonTron have begun playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. Almost two months have passed since, and…

…well, it’s going about as well as you’d expect, considering what game they’re playing.

So, a few fans have taken the helm at animating some of their best, worst, and random moments!

From the top, BaronVonBaron9!


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Mash-Up Monday: Closer at Ice Cap, Cooler at Tempest

It’s Christmas Eve now! Yow, was that ever fast!

In any case, it’s Mash-Up Monday now. Just chill out, you’ll get your presents soon.

First up, KenJones3023 brings together Ne-Yo’s Closer and that one Sonic the Hedgehog piece that everyone knows for one cool mash-up: the one and only Ice Cap Zone of Sonic 3 & Knuckles fame!


After the break is a crisp mash-up between Phendrana’s Edge from Metroid Prime and Tidal Tempest Present JP from Sonic CD, courtesy of Hauntershadow!

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Freak-Out Friday: The Money Song


So Vector is down and out of luck as Espio kicked him out of their flat, and a neighbourly blue hedgehog walks by after having relationship issues.

And what better way to solve your problems than with MONEY? (Don’t trust me: I’m a terrible role model.)


And because I’m generous, there’s an extra Sonic/Avenue Q video after the jump!

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Mash-Up Monday: Savannah Citadel’s Giant Egg

Billy Hatcher Mash-Up Monday? CyanBlur, I approve!

The Gamecube classic’s main theme is thrown together with Savannah Citadel Day for Mazuri from Sonic Unleashed!


Found an interesting mash-up out there on the world wide web? Have one of your own you’d like to see featured on TSS? If so, then send what you got over to!

Freak-Out Friday: Knuckles, You Pervert

And you dare call innocent Tails out for “stooping that low”! Sheesh, I knew you were a knucklehead, but a hypocrite too?

What a jerk!


Put together by DeannART2! The scene is borrowed from the Toradora! anime.

Mash-Up Monday: Sweet Labrys

It’s too cold outside. We need more hotblooded mash-ups. Good thing for Mash-Up Mondays!

For this December week, we have just the remedy: Labrys’ boss theme, The Ultimate in Mayonaka, from Persona 4: Arena appears to work incredibly well with Sweet Mountain from Sonic Colours! Definitely one hot mix!


Found an interesting mash-up out on the web? Have one of your own you’d like to see featured? If so, send what you have found or put together over to!

Mash-Up Monday: I Will Survive Speed Highway At Dawn

Now here’s a classic!

Now how many of you aren’t familiar with Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive? It’s only been played a million times over the past few decades!

Whether you are familiar with the tune or not, here’s a mash-up of it and At Dawn… for Speed Highway, brought to you by MegaMacTV!


Found an interesting mash-up somewhere on the world wide web? Have one of your own? If yes, then send what you have over to!

In MTV’s ‘Rock the Rock’, Sonic & Knuckles Gets You Sent to Jail


Back in the 1990s, if you were any good at Sonic the Hedgehog, chances are you’d go straight to jail. To win $25,000, that is. MTV produced a special segment called “Rock the Rock,” in association with SEGA and Blockbuster, to promote the release of Sonic & Knuckles in 1994. In it, 25 kids from around the world were pitted against each other in San Francisco’s Alcatraz prison island to be crowned the planet’s best gamer. And to win a tonne of cash.

Once believed to be lost in the mists of time, YouTube user WaffleKogen has uploaded this rare video for everyone to see. Check out the hip-hop 1990s music that rocked during each link. If you like your history, there’s some nice segments involving the jail’s past, and there’s even a set of interviews with members of Sega Technical Institute and Sonic Team.

There are surely worse ways to spend your Thursday. If you were born in the 1990s, this will be a pleasant reminder of how much cooler things were ‘back in the day’. If you weren’t, it’s a fascinating window into 20-year-old music and embarrassing haircuts.

Special thanks to QuadTails on the SEGA Forums for sharing the video, and to Anthony San Juan on Twitter for bringing it to our attention!

Mash-Up Monday: Still Alive Running

Now this Mash-Up Monday… This one right here is beautifulDear Wind Waker-level beautiful.

For today, we have Crush 40’s Live Life from Sonic and the Black Knight combined with Still Alive from Mirror’s Edge.

I just can’t stop listening to this without all my feels being perturbed. It’s too beautiful a mash-up to be put down!


Newbiespud, thank you so much for this gem.

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Freak-Out Friday: Eggman Advertises…

…for Sonic!

And we don’t mean that of the hedgehog variety.


I see that look: a look of shock and awe has somehow been plastered onto your face! Is it because you’ve just heard Eggman go into detail about various foods and great deals from the fast food chain ironically sharing the name of a famous blue hedgehog? Or is it possibly because of the unbelievable voice actor behind Eggman here, who goes by the name of Kyle Boyle (also known as BoyleVoices)?

…I dunno, must be the first thing. Just a hunch.

In any case, since that was so good, why don’t we listen to the jolly ol’ doc again? I know, how about we hear Eggman as he chatters with glee upon finally obtaining…

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Mash-Up Monday: Sonic Wright – Hedgehog Attorney

HOLD IT! Don’t move anywhere just yet! This Mash-Up Monday trial has only just begun!

Two crucial pieces of evidence have been brought forward, thanks to Eggman Enterprises. The first was found at the scene of the crime: Logic and Trick of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series has been found mashed with Sonic 3 & Knuckles’ Competition theme on the edge of Angel Island. Any reasons as to why you think this happened, defendant?


The second piece has been a lot more difficult to track… about as difficult as cornering ghouls at the Pyramid Cave, wouldn’t you say?

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Start Your Engines – Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Now Rolling Out!


Seeing release in Europe today on the Xbox 360 and PS3, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is now officially becoming available to the public! Eager racers whose mouths have been watering in anticipation of this title for months may finally race up and down and all around SEGA memory lane on land, sea, and sky!

Sumo Digital’s latest piece of work will be available to all in North America on the 18th, which includes the Xbox 360 and PS3 iterations, along with the Wii U version for the launch of Nintendo’s newest console. The Wii U version of S&ASRT (as well as the console) will release in Europe on the 30th!

Now, there is one more thing about this game that we would like to share with you – a screenshot of the “Special Thanks” section from the credits of Transformed. However, there is a few spoilers included, so do look at your own discretion.

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Freak-Out Friday: Pickle Adventure DX – Cucumber’s Cut

We’ve seen Professor Pickle get modded into Unleashed thanks to Melpontro… We’ve seen him tackle a whole pack of robots through his homeland and neighbouring countries…

…but now, he sets foot on Angel Island’s Red Mountain zone.

Godspeed, Professor.


Mod by Mefiresu!

Mash-Up Monday: I Am All of Mute City

HYES! Someone get Captain Falcon on the line! These moves need to be shown to the world!

This week’s Mash-Up Monday is a real blast! Mute City of F-Zero fame gets crossed over with Shadow the Hedgehog!


Special thanks to Shadowlink4321 for making such a thing possible.

In the meantime, I’ll be punching things righteously. With a flaming falcon. Bursting out of my arm.

Think you found a better mash-up than this out there? Or do you think yours has what it takes to contend against this one here? If so, then let me know at captainfalcon@…. wait a minute…!

Freak-Out Friday: The Reunion

Things suck when you’re Silver the Hedgehog.

Especially when you’re forced into given the task to make a certain black hedgehog smile.


Comics by Missyuna and Idolnya, brought together by Shadow759!

Mash-Up Monday: Pump it at the Tropical Resort

Pump it LOUDER!

For this week’s Mash-Up Monday, we’ve got Tropical Resort from Sonic Colours with the vocals of the Black Eyed Peas with their take on the folk song Misirlou, the 2005 hit Pump it!



Found something interesting for a future Mash-Up Monday? Or do you have something of your own? In either case, send it over to!