Sonic The Cosplayer does a “sexy” cosplay?

We assume you have heard of Sonic The Cosplayer? If not, he takes a unique “spin” on cosplaying by always acting in character as “Sonic”, a special Sonic who likes to cosplay as a variety of cool characters. Every wondered how Sonic would dress as Mario, or how the blur blur would look as Harry Potter? Then this is your guy!

Image8We love him so much, we thought he was the perfect guy to go head to head with in our second The Sonic ShowDown. A series where we challenge people in the community to see who is superior. Which cosplay did you prefer from this challenge?

You can watch the last episode of our ShowDown series below.

Boom Commentaries Uncut: Episode 8 Eggheads

YouTube Preview Image

In today’s episode, Eggman bakes up some “evil cookies” which turn Sonic’s friends into Eggman’s henchmen. Plus check out the podcast version for OVER AN HOUR of discussion on this episode! You check the audio podcast at this link or just search for The Sonic Show on itunes to listen to them all!

What did you think of this episode and was it a good “season finale”? Sound off in the comments!

Classic Sonic and Super Mario 3D World cross paths!

YouTube Preview Image

We cover fan stuff all the time, but have you checked out this cool project? Currently in alpha release, this fan game using Blender sees classic Sonic explore a Mario 3D World inspired level landscape.

Creator Chishado describes his fan game as, “A fan game made in the blender game engine and gimp.  It has a very different art style and gameplay from the norm, however it is very interesting in it’s own way. This game have a lot of inspiration from Sonic Lost World and Mario 3d World game. It was the general look that I was going for and feel. The game will have platforming, team work, and speed.”

We like what we see and while it clearly is a WIP, we still had fun playing it!

Play it for yourself at and share your thoughts in the comment section!


Sonic Boom Commentaries: Episode 7 Double Doomsday

The Sonic Show does a show commentary every week, and since we are part of The Sonic Stadium, it seems silly we forgot to post them here! The Sonic Show’s Boom Commentaries are hosted by Kevin Eva of Last Minute Continue, Sonic Wrecks and of course the once Community Manager at SEGA Europe. He is joined by the staff of The Sonic Show and occasional special guests.

YouTube Preview Image

Want more Boom convo?! Well you can also listen to the commentary in it’s extended podcast form where we also do a review of the episode and the franchise so far.

You can check out the podcast version “here“, or search The Sonic Show on itunes.

Sonic Takes A Selfie In This New Boom Parody

What happens when the biggest viral song of 2014 crosses paths with the biggest Sonic release this year? This apparently.

YouTube Preview Image

In a similar move to last year, The Sonic Show are celebrating their 8th anniversary by taking a Sonical spin on the years largest viral tune. The 2014 parody takes the animation route by featuring the talents of three different animators plus including the best #BADNIK smashing #SELFIES (that’s a lot of hashtags) submitted by their audience in a art contest run earlier this year.

Not only do they cover the expected ground of the most noticeable complaints from the community over the Boom redesigns, they also still find time to make a small dig at Sonic 06, quite fitting when some are calling Boom “Sonic 14″.

Happy Anniversary The Sonic Show!

New Japanese Sonic Boom: ROL Trailer Makes the Game Look Exciting and Fun

YouTube Preview Image Recently, a new game trailer for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (AKA Sonic Toon: Ancient Treasure) has been released from Sega of Japan. The trailer shows off brand new areas, brand new gameplay and a multiplayer party mode featured in the game. The trailer also gives us a good idea of what the final game will look like and it’s looking much better than what early gameplay and screenshots have shown. I gotta admit, this trailer has me more excited for the game than any English trailer that has been shown yet. A ton of action oriented gameplay is shown and the Japanese announcer sounds like he couldn’t be more excited about what’s on screen. Finally, this game is looking like it might just deliver the goods. We’ll know for sure once the game hits U.S. Store Shelves in less than two weeks on November 11th. Big thanks to Ace0902 on the SSMB for the find.

Sonic Boom: Games Trailer released

YouTube Preview Image

Once again straight from the Sonic Boom convention in New York, we have another brand new trailer. This time looking at both Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (WiiU) and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal (3DS).

Plenty of gameplay footage shown off, including some gameplay footage featuring battles with both Shadow and Metal Sonic in both versions, Shattered Crystal giving off some pretty strong Sonic Rivals vibes…

Also one or two pepperings of CGi cutscenes too!


New Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Cutscene “Soak it all in”

PLEASE READ THE HEADER BEFORE WATCHING (Otherwise, it looks like Sonic wants to hit on Amy and is too shy to go for it.)

The GameStop Expo had a new build of the Toxic Waste level from “Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric”. This time, you can go through the whole thing and head outside. I thought I had made a second recording of this, but something happened and the first half of this cutscene got lost. The beginning of this scenario goes as follows (this is not word for word, but close)…

Sonic and Amy escape with the crystal in hand. Amy looks around at the new area they’ve discovered. “It’s beautiful!” She says. Sonic is growing impatient. “Let’s keep moving!” Amy asks him to wait. “We’re finally done being chased by giant robots. Let’s just rest for a second and soak it all in!” Sonic decides to wait, but it’s obviously killing him inside. The video follows from there.

Look closely and you can see the beginning of the next level.

There was a few new bits of dialogue during the level as well. At one point while collecting rings, Sonic retorts “I got more rings to rule them all!”

Sonic Boom’s E3 Makeover

Our own Hogfather brought this up on our message boards. Look at this snapshot from Sonic Boom’s pre-E3 B-Roll footage.

Sonic Boom pre-E3


Looks like an old PS2 game right? Super bland textures. No lighting. Now look at the same area from footage taken during E3.

Sonic Boom E3Holy cow! What a difference!  It looks 100 times better.

This brings up an important question. Why in the world was that B-Roll footage ever allowed to be shown to the press and public in the first place? This does nothing but sour peoples feelings towards the game.  It even affected my thoughts on the game on Sonic Talk pre-E3 (plug, plug).

If anything positive can be said, it shows how much a game’s look can be improved in just a short time (or it could be the effects were turned off to help stabilize frame rate). In the meantime, check out both videos below to see some of the other differences.

Original B-Roll from the Sonic Show

[youtube width=”600″ height=”345″][/youtube]

Now, this new footage from Nintendo World Report

[youtube width=”600″ height=”345″][/youtube]


TSS@E3 – Interview With Matt Kraemer (Sonic Boom 3DS)

[youtube width=”600″ height=”340″][/youtube]

Sometimes when working for two sites at an event, it’s easy to get your wires crossed. In this case, I refer to myself as Shigs from Segabits after Alex informed me that this interview was meant for Sonic Stadium. Oops!

Anyway, this is my interview with Lead level designer from Sanzaru Games, Matt Kraemer. Matt was incredibly friendly and I gotta admit, Sonic Boom:Shattered Crystal (3DS) was by far my favorite of the two Sonic Boom games. Here, we discuss collectibles, second goals, Streetpass features and more! So why are you still reading this? Press play!

TSS@E3 – Interview With Stephen Frost

[youtube width=”600″ height=”355″][/youtube]

While on the E3 show floor, I got a chance to interview the producer on Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, Stephen Frost. We talked about the game, some fans concerns and Sticks. I was originally going to do a transcript of the interview, but it’s 16 minutes long and that’s a lot to transcribe and it’s been a long week and I’m lazy. Besides, this way you get to hear it straight from the man himself and reading is overrated anyway. Enjoy!

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric E3 Trailer


It’s E3, and you know what that means – games, games and more games! Best of all, we get brand new footage of existing titles and that extends to our very own blue blur. And as such, SEGA have released a brand new trailer for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric especially for E3. See your first hint at the story of Rise of Lyric and quite a bit of new footage of gameplay and cutscenes with some pretty comedic narration (poor Dr. Eggman!), including your first look at the villain himself – Lyric.

Check it out above and let us know what you think in the comments. We have two of our TSS staff at E3 as we speak, so we’ll be coming at you soon with some original content regarding Boom. Stay tuned!

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal E3 Trailer


Incoming E3 content! Nintendo have just released a trailer for Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for Nintendo 3DS. Showing off a plethora of gameplay from our heroes traversing the environments with their unique abilities, you can certainly see the classic 2D Sonic game influence injected into the game with speedy sections and corkscrews abound. Check it out above and leave a comment below letting us know what you think. Will you be buying Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal?

Pointlessly cool thing of the day: Sonic Adventure on a USSR 1970s Portable TV!



Let’s set the scene here quickly. It’s 1979, you’re out on the road, taking a rest stop and need to kill some time… The only thing you have is that brand new portable television set that you imported from Russia, and that new-fangled ‘dreamcast’ box thing that wandering time traveller left you with before going off on his merry way (bear with us here). So you hook up your spare car battery, power up the T.V set, and manage to hook up the system… and what do you know! You’re playing Sonic Adventure in black and white on a screen no wider than 7 inches…

Ok, so hardly any of that actually happened, but it got your attention I hope!

Anyway, my father has this really, really old portable television (portable in the sense that it weighs 5kg/11lb and is larger than your average cinder brick, and to use it ‘portably’ you need to power the thing with a car battery) and we only just got it working again. With no analogue television signal to test it, why not hook up a Dreamcast to it? To cut the long story short, it worked. Very well! There’s a small, but fairly clear picture, and the sound quality is excellent!



Could this possibly be the oldest television a Dreamcast has ever run on? Maybe, unless the readers know anything older!

Twitch Plays Sonic 1?


In a game where you only need two buttons, right and jump, it shouldn’t be too hard for people to play at once, right?


Inspired by Twitch Plays Pokemon. If you haven’t seen this amazing social and gaming experiment, go check them out here:

What Does The Tails Say? Parody now released!


Doing what we do best (vulgar and immature content), we round off our week of 7th Anniversary challenges by putting together this parody of that song and asking it of our favourite old sidekick.

What do you think this fox says?

Summer Of Sonic Documentary now released!


Every year since 2008, the Sonic community have come together to bring it’s fellow Sonic fans a place where they can play new games, meet their idols and finally meet people face to face.

This is an event that means so much to the staff here and we are always looking at ways to share that with a wider and wider audience. This leads us to this years Summer Of Sonic Retrospective. Our annual documentary celebrating the years festivities.

Featuring interviews with Jun Senoue, Kerry Rizzo (of Sega Europe), The Megadrive Band, Sonic himself plus many others (including you guys who came!)

We hope it sheds some light to those around the world, why we love Summer Of Sonic so much, and acts as a memorable souvenir for this years attendees.

Edit: Some people have said the video isn’t showing. Please click here if thats the case.

Sonic Adventure Generations Developer Commentary

With Summer Of Sonic this week just gone, it was easy for some to miss the latest release of Sonic Adventure Generations.

The Sonic Show crew sat down to have a play (badly) while chatting to the Lead Developer and Level Designer, Josh (Dude) and Steven.


Download the mod yourself from

An Interview With Ian Flynn


Last Sunday, I managed to catch popular Sonic the Hedgehog comic book writer Ian Flynn during the final hour of the Sand Diego Comic Con. Despite being dead tired from 4 days of signings, he generously shared his time with me and Nuckles87 on all things Sonic. From the redesigns to the future of the book and even his thoughts on Sonic Lost World. Sadly, during the interview we were attacked with a grenade! AAHH! Watch the interview to see what I’m talking about.

An Interview With Aaron Webber


Last weekend at the Sega Arcade across from the San Diego Comic Con, Alex finally get some time in front of the camera to interview Aaron Webber on all things Lost World, the quality of Sonic games as of late and tried desperately to get some hints at the third Sonic title. Where in previous years, Aaron would spend most of his time showing off a Sonic game in front of the Archie booth, this year he was all over the place promoting Lost World at the Archie booth, Sega Arcade, Gamespot bar and elsewhere so it was lucky for us to get a few minutes of his time last weekend.

P.S. Sorry about the little droplet of water on the lens. Didn’t notice until we uploaded the video.

The Q&A For The Archie Sonic/Megaman at Comic Con 2013


Get your headphones on boys and girls, cuz this one’s a bit hard to hear otherwise. Alex and I were in attendance at the Sonic/Megaman panel at the San Diego Comic Con Sunday and managed to get footage of the Q&A portion of the panel using Alex’s super nice HD video camera (somebody turn me into a sammich ‘cuz I’m jelly of that thing). There were tons of fans in attendance including some awesome cosplayers including an awesome Eggman and Sally. If anyone can hear this well enough to transcribe it, I’d gladly add it in later.

Freak-Out Friday: Sonical Destruction

Last year, Jay Egge Mann (of The Sonic Show & Stadium) and Jono.D competed in the ‘Sonic Off’ to see who was the ultimate sonic fan. The reward, a sonic trophy.

Image4 Jay shamed The Sonic Show and ‘Stadium crew by losing to Jon in a massive way. Jon won the trophy and Jay has been bitter about it ever since… until today.


In a plan to steal back the trophy Jay so desperately wants, he comes across an even more evil plan to complete his revenge.

Summer Of Sonic 2012 Recap!

With a year gone by and a new day of events and memories right around the corner, why not look back at last year and remind ourselves what makes this event so awesome! In a brand new video using footage we shot last year, we hope this lets some of you reminiscence about the greatness that is our community!


It’s like a day full of awesomeness squeezed into two minutes and jet blasted back into our conscious. Are you pumped for this year’s big event?

Sonic Stadium Welcomes You To E3!


Well hello there! TSS & SegaBits are over at E3 this week bringing you all the Sega & Sonic news that we can. Just as we finished our welcome video, Jason and I bumped into two familiar faces.



Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as we hope to upload more E3 videos as the week goes on.

Sonic Talk Interviews Archie Sonic Artist Tracy Yardley!

Since Sonic Talk was created last year, we’ve interviewed Sonic writer Ian Flynn twice, yet we never did manage to talk to Tracy Yardley…until now, that is. Today Sonic Talk finally gets to have a sit down with Tracy, talking with him about the latest Sonic news and asking him questions written by both fans and us. We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we did recording it!

You can see a high-res version of the above image, which was drawn for us by Mr. Yardley for use in the show, over at SEGAbits. If you are interested in having your own piece of Yardley art, as well as an assortment of other SEGA related goodies, check out the SEGAbits Summer of Art Contest.

Sonic Lost World Gameplay Surfaces via IGN

Hot off of IGN, an extensive amount of gameplay footage of Sonic Lost World has surfaced along with some additional information about the game. That’s right, footage as in both Wii U and 3DS versions got previewed!

For the Wii U edition, “Support Mode” will see to that a second player will assist in destroying badniks and obstacles via a “Radio Controlled Gadget” invented by Tails, utilized through the Wii Remote.

For the 3DS version, SLW has Dimps once again returning in the handheld version development and will feature level design different to that of its home console counterpart. In addition, up to four players can race against one another in Versus Mode both locally and online. Connectability to the Wii U game has also been hinted with players to be able to share items.

Catch the commentary video of the Wii U version between Aaron Webber of SEGA of America and Rich George of IGN first, then the three 3DS videos, for gameplay footage of Windy Hill and Desert Ruin!





If you’re over at E3, be sure to try the demoes yourself!

Mario & Sonic Game Play Video from Nintendo Direct


I’m sure most of you have already seen it, but now seemed like a good time to finally post the Mario & Sonic game play footage from this morning’s Nintendo Direct on the front page. In doing so, I am also introducing you to our new Youtube page! It’s not much to look at yet, but in the future you will be able to find all of Sonic Stadium’s exclusive video content. We’ll be re-uploading a variety of old interviews to the channel, re-cut into larger, single videos. Keep an eye out!

OverClocked Remix Previews TEMPORAL DUALITY: A Sonic CD ReMix Album

Fresh off their recent success with Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute, the folks at OverClocked Remix have come together for a new tribute album, and this compilation is one for the ages!

Get it? Ages? Time travel? SEGA in reverse? …aw forget it, you’re no fun.

TEMPORAL DUALITY: A Sonic CD ReMix Album is set to release at some point this year, and will feature rearrangements of both American and Japanese soundtracks by some of OCRemix’s best! Fans of either Spencer Nilson’s score, or that of Naofumi Hataya and Masafumi Ogata, have every reason to look forward to this album once it hits online servers! Familiar OCR names such as Amphibious, Rexy (who contributed some excellent sounds to our last album), DiGi Valentine, and WillRock are taking part in this, so prepare your bodies! Do so in advance by checking out the preview!


Stoked? You should be. While you’re at it, don’t forget to nab previous OCRemix Sonic tribute albums – Hedgehog Heaven (Sonic 2), Project Chaos (Sonic 3 & Knuckles), and Sound of Speed (Sonic 1)!

Special thanks to TRiPPY for the tip!