SSR Presents New Year’s F*cking Eve 2015

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Biafra Republic will be streaming all of your favorite SEGA and Sonic songs non-stop from A/V Hijack’s HQ in Galveston County, TX, starting at 2PM GMT (8AM US Central/6AM Pacific), and keep on streaming into 2015, ending approximately 8:30AM GMT (2:30AM US Central/12:30AM Pacific).

In keeping with tradition that started last year, this stream will also be a benefit stream, with the proceeds going to the wonderful people at Child’s Play. Also, like last year, there will be orum Badges for those board members who provide their forum profiles in the donation comments. Last year, without any advertising outside of here, Twitter, and SSMB, we raised US$72 for charity. This year, they hope to beat that.

To encourage this, prizes will be given away via Steam to those who donate. What prizes, you ask?

  • 4 prizes of 1 random Genesis-era game each
  • 1 prize of a copy of Sonic Adventure DX
  • 1 prize of a copy of Sonic Adventure 2 and a special surprise!
  • 1 prize is a super-special SEGA-related surprise (too special to be revealed here)!

So, get going, people. Here is the button again, back for a second round of donations

Donation link to Child's Play Charity


The event is also listed on the Child’s Play Event Calendar. Yay! Also, I may be adding in more Steam gifts as prizes, depending on how work fares. Stay tuned!

Boom Commentaries Uncut: Episode 8 Eggheads

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In today’s episode, Eggman bakes up some “evil cookies” which turn Sonic’s friends into Eggman’s henchmen. Plus check out the podcast version for OVER AN HOUR of discussion on this episode! You check the audio podcast at this link or just search for The Sonic Show on itunes to listen to them all!

What did you think of this episode and was it a good “season finale”? Sound off in the comments!

Sonic Boomcast Episode 5 “The aftermath of the Boom”

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Sorry for being so late on this one folks (two weeks after the recording), but as a retail clerk, you can imagine it’s been a real busy week for me. I even forgot to add the intro and ending music! GAAHH!!

Anyway, this is the episode that’s been four other episodes in the making! No more speculation, no more talking about demos or trailers. Sonic Boom is fully out there now and me, Christian and Lidice will be discussing the comic, the cartoons and the games in detail.

You can also catch me doing more talk on the Sonic Boom games on my other Sonic podcast, “Sonic Talk” over at Segabits and I’ll also be a guest on Act 64 of the Spindash podcast at

Sonic Boom Commentaries: Episode 7 Double Doomsday

The Sonic Show does a show commentary every week, and since we are part of The Sonic Stadium, it seems silly we forgot to post them here! The Sonic Show’s Boom Commentaries are hosted by Kevin Eva of Last Minute Continue, Sonic Wrecks and of course the once Community Manager at SEGA Europe. He is joined by the staff of The Sonic Show and occasional special guests.

YouTube Preview Image

Want more Boom convo?! Well you can also listen to the commentary in it’s extended podcast form where we also do a review of the episode and the franchise so far.

You can check out the podcast version “here“, or search The Sonic Show on itunes.

Sonic Boomcast Episode 4: The Sizzle Before the Boom

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Sadly, this is our final Sonic Boomcast…….before all the Sonic Boom media hits!

Yeah, you’re not getting off that easy. We got plenty to talk about this week including the latest Sonic Boom news and Tanner “Ogilvie” Bates fills us in on his trip to the Sonic Boom 2014 event. I also give you a rundown on the brand new Sonic Boom toys just released including prices and a short review. We’d like to keep up the monthly comments section, so keep commenting and if we like (or occasionally hate) yours, we’ll talk about it on the air.

I got an extra Knuckles and Sonic. Do you want them? Just listen to this episode and be the first to answer my trivia question somewhere during the show. You’ll get Sonic, Knuckles and the spindash roller. They’re used but it great condition. UK and USA residents only.

Sonic Boomcast Episode 2 “Accentuate The Positive”

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The second episode of Sonic Stadium’s monthly Sonic Boom podcast is here! In this episode, we discuss several things including the more recent demo from San Diego comic con that me and some of the others have tried, the new pre-order offer from Gamestop, Shadow and the extra members announced and more. Our main topic will focus on some of the positive aspects of Rise of Lyric that we’ve seen so far. We pretty much wrap things up in the first half, but if you wanna hear some Sonic fans ramble on about recent comic stories or the plot holes in Unleashed, then by all means, keep listening.

Commentators, WE WANT YOU! If you have any questions on Sonic Boom you’d like to hear our opinions on, please leave your questions in the comments section of this episode’s post and we may read them on the air in next month’s show.

Sonic Boomcast Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Sonic Boomcast! A monthy podcast dedicated to the Sonic Boom franchise where we’ll be talking all things Sonic Boom related along with a few other Sonic things should the need arise. Hosted by me, Jason Berry of that other Sonic podcast (Sonic Talk). I’ll have a slightly different roundtable of guest hosts each month with some staying for the long run. This months hosts include Shayne Edwards, Lidice Garcia, Tanner Bates (Oglvie in the SSMB) and Christian Gausin. You may know them as the folks who helped bring the first big Sonic convention “Sonic Revolution” to life in Southern California. This months episode focuses on the history of the franchise from before the major announcement back in February all the way to the recent comic book announcement. So listen in, and I hope you enjoy!

SEGAbits Interviews the Voice of Sonic, Roger Craig Smith


We don’t often post about other website’s podcasts, but this is something I’m confident you guys will want to hear. SEGAbits interviewed Roger Craig Smith just a few hours ago, asking some stellar questions about his time as his role as Sonic, in both the games and in the upcoming Sonic Boom TV series.

They do spend some time asking him about his role as Batman (as they were originally contacted by his PR for a Batman centered interview), but the vast majority of the interview is spent talking about his time as Sonic. They asked him some great questions, including the differences between Boom Sonic and SEGA Sonic, his debut as Sonic at Alton Towers, his thoughts on past Sonic VAs, and his history as a voice actor among other things.

So check it out and enjoy! In case you don’t want to listen to it yon Youtube, I’ve included the download links below.

[Download] [RSS] [iTunes] [Archive]

SAGE Round Up Discussion

[youtube][/youtube] or download the mp3 from here.

The Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo has once again come to a close, so what better time to discuss our favourite games. And who better to join the discussion than Lewis aka SonicYoda, reviewer and affiliate of this years SAGE event. Continue reading SAGE Round Up Discussion

Sonic Boom Podcast Discussion Released




So, you may have heard that a new tier of the Sonic franchise is on its way. A little thing called Sonic Boom. Of course this news brought The Sonic Stadium and The Soni Show crew together last week to discuss their thoughts, dreams and worries about the latest announcement which can finally share with you now!

This episode was hosted by Tanner, joined by Jay Egge Mann, Tom and Fuad. Featuring special guests, VizardJeffhog of The Sonic Stadium and TitansCreed (Pete) of Project Phoenix Productions

Share your opinions and reactions to our discussions in the comments below or on The Sonic Show’s site!


The Sonic Hour Celebrates Tenth Anniversary With a Christmas Special

2009 SSR Banner

Hey, did you know that in 2003 SEGASonic Radio pioneered the very concept of live internet radio broadcasts among the Sonic and video gaming community? One of the first ever shows to use the term ‘LiVECAST’ was called The Sonic Hour, a (sometimes) weekly, (sometimes) hourly programme that featured myself and Roareye as we discussed the Sonic news of the week.

The Sonic Hour went on to become a massively successful show, becoming the flagship SSR broadcast in the station’s live programming and running for something like six ‘seasons’. Which is all the more crazy when you consider that half the time we just spouted any old nonsense that came out of our mouths. Most of it not even Sonic-related.

The show abruptly ended in 2011, but over the past Christmas holiday Roareye and I felt that, with December 2013 being the tenth anniversary of the show’s existence, we should give it one (last?) hurrah. And so here it is – The Sonic Hour 2013 Christmas Special, which in true Sonic Hour fashion, is late by arriving on January 2, 2014. As long-time listeners of the show will know already, it’s kinda NSFW.

(MP3, 228MB)

We hope you enjoy this special episode of the show – we’d update the iTunes podcast feed, but that has long since been destroyed. You can listen to all of the past Sonic Hour episodes by going directly to SEGASonic Radio’s LiVECAST depository, by clicking here.

Also, because Roareye is a weird tech-head, he has rather proudly mastered the episode in 5.1 Surround Sound, including the music tracks played on the episode. The WAV files that best represent this mastering total some 5GBs though, so we’re currently thinking of the best way to offer that to you. Check back soon for an update on this post with links to the beefy 5.1 version, if that sort of thing turns you on.

Listen to SEGASonic Radio – and the current lineup of LiVECAST shows – by going straight to the SSR website. Long live TSH!

LiVECAST: The Music Plant Zone 105 – Sound Check with The Blast Processors

Ya know, that tab is called “Videos and Podcasts” for a reason! Time to put the latter half of the title to good use!

Folks, welcome to The Music Plant Zone, SEGASonic:Radio’s remix-centric LiVECAST, taking up the mantle for BlitzChris’ Blitz n’ Pieces. Essentially integrating Sound Test Saturdays, and The Sound Check on occasion, into a one hour Saturday show, that time is spent highlighting various Sonic, SEGA, and other remixes and original tracks put together by the community.


Last night, I’ve had the honour to interview the Toronto-based SEGA music cover band called The Blast Processors, who have recently released their first EP via Bandcamp. Claiming to have come from the year 2101 in the middle of a civil war (a ripple effect of the Nintendo vs. SEGA Console War), the band is composed of Master System, Game Gear, Mega Drive, Saturn, and The Menacer, and specializes in rock music.

You can check out The Sound Check with the Blast Processors for yourself in the Depository, where we spent most of the time discussing their EP, MAGFest hopes, an upcoming album possibly slated for release by the end of the year, the Worlds Collide Sonic and Mega Man comic crossover, and, as Team Reaverbot, their Mega Man 25th fan game, the interview sprinkled with lots and lots of Seaman.

Also included in this Sound Check are the four tunes of their EP: The Last Stand of Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Death Egg Robot of Sonic 2 fame), Sonic Boom, For Family Slain (played live as a tribute to Golden Axe), and Casualties of War (Flying Battery Zone with the Sonic & Knuckles mini-boss theme)!

Support the band by purchasing the EP (for only $3 CAD, mere pocket change!), following them on Twitter, and liking them on Facebook. To those in the area, The Blast Processors are planning some gigs not too far off in the future, so it’d be advisable to keep track!

On a related note, one of the band members also put together a free of charge Worlds Collide-themed album, where 6 select tunes from both Sonic and Mega Man franchises are redone in the opposite’s musical style! You can also download the OST of Mega Man 25th there.

Don’t forget to check out the new SEGASonic:Radio page for the station’s complete schedule. Expect a bigger SS:R presence on the site, to be phased out over the coming weeks!