Sonic Boom Toys to Appear at Nuremberg Toy Fair


You may remember a few months ago we brought you word that Tomy were indeed planning on releasing the Sonic Boom toys in the UK. Well, since then there’s been very little word on when exactly this will be happening, however it looks like that the toys are indeed on their way to both the UK and Europe as a whole.

An advert printed in the December issue of ToyWorld Mag for the Nuremberg Toy Fair confirms that not only will Tomy be there, but that they will also have on show the Sonic Boom toys.

Now, this unfortunately doesn’t give us a clear indication as to when the toys will actually be released. In the period of January – February, there are major toy fairs in New York, London and Nuremberg, what typically happens at these events is that toys due for release much later in the year are put on show, buyers then do deals for their stores later in the year.

The thing to take away from this is that this advert confirms that the toys will come to Europe, however there’s no firm release date yet and no word on the exact range, since for previous toy lines the EU range has been significantly reduced.

Source: ToyWorldMag.

A Not so Little Look at: Sonic The Hedgehog 2014 Classic Style Guide



Hello all! It’s Jono, here again to provide a very unique instalment of ‘A Not so Little Look at’.

Today, we’re going to be looking in depth at something that many people who know about the Sonic franchise won’t normally get to see: A style guide. In this case, a style guide to Classic style Sonic the hedgehog.


A style guide is a book, that is sent to merchandise companies to help them create products and packaging that will fit within the brand requirements set out by the license holder. This ring-bound style guide contains many things on how to go about creating Sonic merch; including character artwork, slogans, borders, typefaces, packaging ideas, and even a character height chart as well as a whole host of other information.


With so much information, the book is actually fairly weighty (about 80 pages in fact), and is certainly comprehensive. It’s really a fascinating thing to look through, and to notice all the little touches mentioned in this book seen in real-world products. Paladone certainly would have used this guide when creating their lines of Sonic gear.


You may also notice that this guide contains no references or images of Modern Sonic at all. This is because there is in fact a separate style guide dedicated exclusively to Modern Sonic products (which would you believe, is even more extensive than this guide!) In fact, this guide specifically requests that the Modern and Classic Sonic be kept entirely separate from each other.

Below is a complete set of scans from the book (with some blank pages omitted). Have a read!

Sonic Dies April 2015… According to the Official 2015 Calendar

calendar 20151So last year we brought you news that Sega was planning to release a Sonic the Hedgehog themed calendar for 2014, well it seems that Sega will be doing it again this year too.

And according to the calendar, Sonic will die in April. Very Sad… anyway.

calendar 2015

We don’t know how this motobug found it’s way into the Marble Zone, the only explanation is that they’ve become self aware and are expanding from their normal habitat, there is no escape, you are all in danger, barricade your doors, your windows, arm yourselves, the motobugs are coming.

Calendar is now available to order from Amazon and it comes with a fridge magnet.

Source: Pyramid International

TSS Reviews: Sonic Boom Toys (Video & pics) UPDATED AND PRICES

FULL SET! Check for new information in bold.

The gang's all here.

UPDATE: I now got the full set of figures and have some new news on this toy set including pricing. Prices are actually pretty darn fair.

After heading to two different Toys R’ Us’s yesterday, I managed to snag some of the Sonic Boom action figures that have just been released from Tomy. Outside of my video review, I wanted to give a few more details.

Prices and figure sets. (Prices are from Toys R’ Us USA)

Single packs (Sticks, Sonic and Knuckles) $5.99  

Two packs (Sonic & Amy, Knuckles, & Tails, Orbot & Cubot) $7.99

Vehicle Sets (Eggman & Eggmobile, Knuckles & Hoverboard, Sonic & Spindash wheel)  $12.99

Sonic with Burnbot is $19.99

Check for prices on other Sonic Boom toys and plushies.

There are two Sonic head molds. One with a frown (Sonic & Burnbot) and one with a devilish grin (Sonic & Amy)


While the vehicle sets are in a plastic bubble, Sonic and Burnbot are in an open box.

Burnbot has been the toughest toy I’ve ever taken out of a package. He had the wire twist-ties going inside of his body and all around. Sonic was hard to get out as well.

No bumpy elbows means slightly less articulation, but more detail on the toys and they stand up much easier. Shoulders still have huge bumps for articulation. Not noticeable on Knuckles or Tails.

I had a hard time getting Eggman’s foot to fit in the peg in the Eggmobile as it was too close to a ramp in it’s floor.

All figures can stand pretty easily. Even Burnbot if you keep one claw down.

Except Orbot and Cubot who are basically PVC figures with no moveable joints and can barely stand if at all. Cubot was the worst and he’s a freakin’ cube! I added two black lego pieces that are hard to see to keep his head up enough to make him stand.

There was only one Sticks on the rack and plenty f Knuckles and Sonic single figures leading me to believe she may be single-packed (one per case) like many female figures tend to be.

While Amy has her skin color all the way around the back of her head behind her hair/quills, for some reason, her and Sticks are ummm…..”going commando”. I guess they ran out of white paint doing the sports tape.

As mentioned in juvi’s video review (check comments section), Tails “tails” start off as one and only split into two near the end.

That reviewer had a problem with Sticks’ head being wobbly, but mine’s fine.

While the paint detail of Sonic with his spin dash vehicle in a bubble was nicely detailed, for some reason, finding a Burnbot Sonic with a good paint job was next to impossible. Many having the white of his eyes bleeding onto his muzzle.

Neither Eggman or Knuckles can turn their heads

There are 3 different toys that come with a plain Sonic action figure.

Overall, they stand up well and look nice on a shelf but lack articulation (which may be a good thing in this case) and the paint detail can be a bit off (or none in the case of poor Amy and Sticks undergarments).

TSS Reviews: Sonic Boom Toys (Video & pics) UPDATED AND PRICES

YouTube Preview Image

FULL SET! Check for new information in bold.

The gang's all here.

The gang’s all here.

UPDATE: I now got the full set of figures and have some new news on this toy set including pricing. Prices are actually pretty darn fair.

After heading to two different Toys R’ Us’s yesterday, I managed to snag some of the Sonic Boom action figures that have just been released from Tomy. Outside of my video review, I wanted to give a few more details.

Prices and figure sets. (Prices are from Toys R’ Us USA)

Single packs (Sticks, Sonic and Knuckles) $5.99  

Two packs (Sonic & Amy, Knuckles, & Tails, Orbot & Cubot) $7.99

Vehicle Sets (Eggman & Eggmobile, Knuckles & Hoverboard, Sonic & Spindash wheel)  $12.99

Sonic with Burnbot is $19.99

Check for prices on other Sonic Boom toys and plushies.

There are two Sonic head molds. One with a frown (Sonic & Burnbot) and one with a devilish grin (Sonic & Amy)


Left Sonic – “I get bundled with Burnbot. You?” Right Sonic – “Pantiless Amy!”

 While the vehicle sets are in a plastic bubble, Sonic and Burnbot are in an open box.

Burnbot has been the toughest toy I’ve ever taken out of a package. He had the wire twist-ties going inside of his body and all around. Sonic was hard to get out as well.

No bumpy elbows means slightly less articulation, but more detail on the toys and they stand up much easier. Shoulders still have huge bumps for articulation. Not noticeable on Knuckles or Tails.

I had a hard time getting Eggman’s foot to fit in the peg in the Eggmobile as it was too close to a ramp in it’s floor.

All figures can stand pretty easily. Even Burnbot if you keep one claw down.

Except Orbot and Cubot who are basically PVC figures with no moveable joints and can barely stand if at all. Cubot was the worst and he’s a freakin’ cube! I added two black lego pieces that are hard to see to keep his head up enough to make him stand.

There was only one Sticks on the rack and plenty f Knuckles and Sonic single figures leading me to believe she may be single-packed (one per case) like many female figures tend to be.

While Amy has her skin color all the way around the back of her head behind her hair/quills, for some reason, her and Sticks are ummm…..”going commando”. I guess they ran out of white paint doing the sports tape.

As mentioned in juvi’s video review (check comments section), Tails “tails” start off as one and only split into two near the end.

That reviewer had a problem with Sticks’ head being wobbly, but mine’s fine.

While the paint detail of Sonic with his spin dash vehicle in a bubble was nicely detailed, for some reason, finding a Burnbot Sonic with a good paint job was next to impossible. Many having the white of his eyes bleeding onto his muzzle.

Neither Eggman or Knuckles can turn their heads

There are 3 different toys that come with a plain Sonic action figure.

Overall, they stand up well and look nice on a shelf but lack articulation (which may be a good thing in this case) and the paint detail can be a bit off (or none in the case of poor Amy and Sticks undergarments).

First 4 Figures Dr. Robotnik Statue: Pre-Orders Now Open


First 4 Figures’ Dr. Robotnik statue has gone up for pre-order, and all I can say is, “reinforce your shelves, and prepare your wallet for severe trauma”.

The statue has Robotnik portrayed in a pose that is identical to that of the old Japanese resin statue (the one with the wooden base). Unlike the wooden base of the Japanese statue, he’s standing on one of Wing Fortress’ floating platforms. No alternative light up ‘exclusive’ features this time around, instead we have a set of alternative hands, allowing the Doctor to hold on to two Chaos Emeralds.


Now where have I seen that before?


…Nice touch.

Robotnik is a beast too. The statue has been made to scale with the others in the series, meaning it measures in at a whopping 22 inches tall (and 19 inches wide), making him nearly twice as tall as some of the other statues in the series. I sense quite a few cabinets being too small for this one.


You’ll probably be anticipating that this goliath will be all kinds of bad news for collectors and Robotnik fans on tighter budgets, and you’d be right. To get one of the 1000 produced Dr. Robotniks, you will need to cough up $399.99. Yeowch. I can already hear bank accounts across the land crying ‘MERCY!’ in unison. At least there’s a ‘flexi-pay’ option to cushion the blow (somewhat).

With Dr. Robotnik now joining the ranks of the other statues, it could be argued that the Classic Sonic the Hedgehog line is ‘complete’, unless First 4 Figures decide to polish the line off with a classic Amy Rose.

You can Pre-Order Dr. Robotnik, and see the whole set of images right here.


One more thing… This image right here:



Tomy Reveals Boom Toy Release Details

Over at Sega’s Sonic Boom event in NYC, Tomy took to the stage and revealed some new information regarding Sonic Booms Toy Line. The first bit of information was regarding a Sonic plush which comes with a plush chili dog, we first brought you news of this about a week ago, but here it is again.



However, in addition SSMB member El Driver who is at the Sonic Boom event made this post on the Sonic Stadium Forums a short while ago.

So 11 products are going to come out for the fall (and apparently stuff like the biplane rc toy and chili dog Sonic to come out in Spring 2015)

A second line was confirmed for fall 2015.

What are these products? Well we might have a very good idea. A Sonic & Tails plush, and a toy launcher have already been spotted, however, yesterday the following image was taken from a Toys R Us in Florida.

tomyboomtoysYou can see a Knuckles and an Eggman picture. Not pictured is a Sonic action figure. That’s 6 of the 11. There are more images of toys on ToyWiz, so odds are the other 5 will be one of those.

More interestingly is that there is a second toyline planned for the end of 2015… dare I suggest they’re planning a 2nd season of the show already.

Thanks to El Driver for the tip.

Dr. Robotnik by First 4 Figures: Preorders Open October 7th


The wait is almost over.

A few moments ago, this teaser image was shared via First4Figures’ social media channels, showing that pre-orders for the highly anticipated classic Dr. Robotnik statue will be opening soon, and apparently keeping his western name intact! (Because, that does seem to matter to people)

After multiple teasers were released earlier in the year, we’ll soon have the full details on this beast of a statue, including exclusive edition (if there is one), physical size and perhaps most importantly… Price.

Also accompanying the image was this message:

And boy is he big…really big…did I mention he is big?? Oh so big!

…I’m scared.

Clean version of above image:


Will you be diving in to get this latest piece?

Sonic Boom Toys Coming to the UK Spring 2015


With Sega’s recent announcement that the UK and the rest of Europe will not get the Boom Cartoon show a year after it’s release, and the general lack of promotion for Boom here in the UK, many people have been wondering ‘What about the toy line?’

Well The Sonic Stadium can reveal that following an email exchange with the UK branch of TOMY, the Sonic Boom toy line is coming to the UK and it will be launched in Spring 2015, with some products possibly making it to shelves before Christmas.

Thank you for your email.

> They are due for Spring 2015. Some maybe in stock before Christmas, but we don’t have an exact date yet.
> I am sorry that I do not have any further information for you. If we can be of any further assistance please feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards


TOMY Careline

So hold off on those expensive imports, the toys are indeed on their way!

ToyWiz Reveals new Sonic Boom Toys

You can tell the launch of Boom is getting close can’t you? With plush toys appearing in Toys R Us, the game being demoed at more events. Well, here is another sign that the Boom launch is near. ToyWiz just updated their Sonic Boom toy listings with a bunch of new items.

Including a Sonic plush which comes with a plush chili dog



Yeah I really wasn’t expecting that one!

Most of the toys listed have already been shown off at E3 and various other events so I’m not going to waste time copying the images down, however this one made me laugh. It’s an Eggman that flies across the floor when you pull a ripcord!

eggmantoyPromise me you will not chase your pets around the house with that thing.

The full range can be found on ToyWiz’s website.  Regarding the prices, ToyWiz tends to price stuff based on a number of factors such as their stock amount and it’s likely that other places such as Toys R Us mach charge a lot less when they’re eventually released.

Thanks to SSMB member PatMan for the heads up.


First Sonic Boom Toys Spotted in Toys R Us

boomtoysLooks like the Year of Sonic is finally starting if this photo is anything to go by. The first Sonic Boom toys have been spotted in the wild, photo was taken at a Toys R Us store in America. Odds are they’ll start to pop up in Toys R Us stores around the US within the next month, also if you were wondering, they’re not currently listed on the TRU website.

Before anyone asks, nope, no plans for a release in Europe just yet.

Thanks to SSMB member Lucky for the heads up.

Update: SlySonic was kind enough to share this pic.


GE Animation to Release a Blaze the Cat Plush

Well this was an unexpected surprise. One of the main Sonic merchandise makers GE Animation, or as they’re also known, GE Entertainment, has let slip on Facebook that they intend to release a Blaze the Cat plush at some point around the end of the year.

blaze plush


Lately GE have been producing some pretty decent plush toys of some of the more obscure and underused characters in the Sonic franchise and it seems that if this to be believed that Blaze might be arriving before the year is out.

We’ll keep an eye on this one and update you with more information when we get it.

Source: Facebook

This is the Bestist Sonic Shirt in The World

Yes that’s right, bestist, because saying ‘best’ just doesn’t quite do it somehow…

De Sonik shirt


Yes, it’s an officially licensed product. It’s not quite Obama backpack levels of ‘why’ but it’s close.

Source: Find the computer room

UPDATE: First Sonic Boom Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

UPDATE 2: Sega’s twitter provided a HQ PNG pic of the box for your viewing pleasure:

Bu9BMZQIEAAgIcX.png origUPDATE: Offer also available in Canada at EB Games.


An advert for the gaming store GameStop shows what appears to be the first pre-order incentive for Sonic Boom.


For all customers who pre-order Sonic Boom at a North American branch of GameStop will receive a Sonic action figure which comes with an accessory called ‘The Ancients Crystal.’ Doesn’t seem to matter if you pre-order the 3DS or Wii-U version of the game, you’ll still get your figure so long as stocks last.

Interestingly, the first pre-order bonus is an actual physical item and not digital content, typically GameStop would offer some sort of pre-order bonus code if the game supported them.

We’ll keep you up to date with any more pre-order bonuses or incentives as and when we find them.

Thanks to SSMB member LovieHats for bringing this to our attention.

First 4 Figures’ Sonic Generations Diorama production pics released


I don’t think I’ve seen so many Sonics together in a single photo before…

In the last few minutes, First 4 Figures released 5 images of their upcoming Sonic Generations Diorama piece originally revealed back in November on their Facebook page, and it looks to be nearing completion.

First 4 Figures has confirmed that the statues are now complete and ready to be boxed up in preparation for shipping, and has been given a rough delivery schedule of mid-late August for delivery to collectors.

Is yours in amongst all of this lot..?

We’ll be sure to provide an in-depth look once we get ours!

Sonic Boomcast Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Sonic Boomcast! A monthy podcast dedicated to the Sonic Boom franchise where we’ll be talking all things Sonic Boom related along with a few other Sonic things should the need arise. Hosted by me, Jason Berry of that other Sonic podcast (Sonic Talk). I’ll have a slightly different roundtable of guest hosts each month with some staying for the long run. This months hosts include Shayne Edwards, Lidice Garcia, Tanner Bates (Oglvie in the SSMB) and Christian Gausin. You may know them as the folks who helped bring the first big Sonic convention “Sonic Revolution” to life in Southern California. This months episode focuses on the history of the franchise from before the major announcement back in February all the way to the recent comic book announcement. So listen in, and I hope you enjoy!

TSS Review: Sonic Pixel Bricks by Paladone


Paladone has recently released the two items I was the most excited for when they announced their range of Sonic the Hedgehog goodies: The Sonic and Tails Pixel Bricks sets! So no sooner than they were released we got our hands on them.

The premise is simple: Get bricks: Make Sonic and Tails! Due to the natural blocky-ness behind this kind of toy, it almost seemed a natural idea to make something pixellated out of them! And that’s what Paladone did. Two small figures built out of lego-styled bricks.


The boxes were a LOT smaller than I was expecting for the pair of these. These tiny boxes contain an instruction sheet and a lot of sonic-y coloured building bricks.

The bricks used in this set are of the ‘Nanoblock’ flavour, and are about a quarter of the size of the typical Lego brick. This means that even though each of these models are made up of nearly 400 pieces between them, the finished models stand not much higher than 4 inches tall.


I’ll admit this right away. I was more of a K’nex child when I was growing up, so to me, this build went on a little… longer than I was anticipating.

Just how long you ask..? Well, just check out this little video I created below.


Yep. That’s nearly an hour and 20 minutes to finish just ONE of these little suckers. Granted my time was likely impeded with me building over the top of my camera, but yeah: If you’re not adept at building Lego style constructions, I just pray that you’re patient enough to see the construction of one of these through from start to finish.

With small models of this complexity, a set of good and comprehensive instructions are essential, and I’m sad to say that this long build time wasn’t helped by the instructions. I found following them very confusing at times. The instructions follow the typical Lego formula of building one part shown from an isometric view, then adding further pieces on to it as you progress further through the build. The isometric views given were good, but unlike normal Lego instructions, each step greys out the pieces built in the previous step. Some people may go ‘so what?’ but it get’s very difficult to position certain pieces accurately when you only have the shape of what was built in the last step as a guide. Simply colouring in the diagram would have made this build a LOT easier, and would have taken out a bunch of the guesswork. I appreciate that the construction of these things are probably meant to be savored, but I feel that building one of these should be a fun activity, and not a test of patience and skill.

But yet, after all that though, the finished results I think are lovely little things. They’re awkwardly cute in a way, and pack in a curious amount of detail for something made up of nothing but bricks. Of the pair, I’d say that Sonic is the more impressive of the two, especially when you look at him from behind and take in the shape of his spines. It all looks grand!


Display wise, these make for great little conversation starters, and are certainly something more ‘out there’ than your typical Sonic action figure. One important word though… these are very much display pieces, so don’t move them around too much. Some of the parts (namely the arms) are held together with nothing more than a single stud, and handling them too much will ultimately end in disintegration. I can probably count at least 3 times when I’ve held Sonic wrong, and he literally came apart in my hands, meaning lots of rebuilds. If you don’t glue them together (which I honestly considered doing at times), just hope they don’t take a shelf dive. You’ll be searching for the pieces for weeks.

Thankfully, these models do come with a few spare pieces, so don’t despair too much if you find yourself losing one of the two (yes… that’s seriously how many there are in the finished model) minuscule yellow bricks that make the buckles on each of Sonic’s shoes.

Overall, I do love these little things. They really are quite unlike anything else, and possibly one of the most unique Sonic collectibles to come along in a while. But… I have to say that the experience building them was a lot more trying than I was expecting it to be. If you’re amazing with Lego, then I think you’ll have a blast putting these together. For the rest of us though… The challenging build and the constant falling apart may get on your nerves.


Second Opinion by TSS Staffer Hogfather

I’ll get the bad points out of the way first.

1: The instructions for both Sonic & Tails can get very confusing, angles on where the pieces should connect are not user friendly and in some cases your eyeline is draw to begin construction on an area which will be impossible to connect since it requires another part to be constructed.

2: The photos provided for the finished model on Tails are not what the instructions state, on more than one occasion the instructions clearly differ in design to the photographic reference model, this makes one particular tricky section harder to complete than it should.

3: The pieces do not connect very well along the Z axis, unlike lego, when connected the pieces are free to move along their Z axis, this means sometimes parts of the model would move out of place and for pieces which are connected by a single point, they WILL fall off on the slightest touch, huge problems are found with Sonic’s arms and Tails’ whiskers.

4: The models ‘cheat’ with perspective, parts of it are not a fully solid object, you’ll be convinced that some additional pieces should go in certain places, but nope, it’s their way to save construction costs since you won’t see them, even though they would aid to stability.

5: Parts of the model are VERY fragile when finished.

Now for the good points.

It takes somewhere in the region of 1:30 – 2:00 to create just one of these figures, so if you were afraid that these would be simple things aimed at kids, think again, it takes time to construct these.

However, when you get started and you see the models take shape, there is a strong sense of enjoyment as you see these things come to life. Suddenly it goes from “Why does this body look like a blue sheep” to “Hey it’s Sonic!”

There is something very unique and charming about both the idea and the execution of the product, it really does look like a pixelated representation of Sonic & Tails. There really is nothing official which looks or behaves like these products do. Very unique and a very welcome addition to all the recent Sonic products of late.

Packaging is also very attractive and very well designed, small and portable, yet quite nice to look at despite the use of stock art, even if it is odd how the Tails box has Sonic stock art all over it.

Another huge bonus is that several of the pieces include additional parts, so if you lose one during construction, odds are there’s a spare.

Overall, this is a really well made unique piece of merch, certainly recommend it, however I would advise kids to get a parent to help build since it can become tricky at times to complete certain segments, step 1 on Tails for instance will get you very confused since part of it isn’t possible to attach until the end of step 2.


You’ll Love:

  • Totally unique and quite unlike anything in your collection
  • Very well detailed given the nature of the set
  • Attractive price
  • Nicely presented

You’ll Hate:

  • The confusing instructions
  • Instructions sometimes differ to the reference photographs
  • The long build time if you’re not a Lego expert
  • VERY fragile when finished

First 4 Figures Teases more of Robotnik Statue

First 4 Figures sure love their teasers!

Dr. Eggman is evidently getting closer to release, as First 4 Figures today teased a new photograph of currently-in-development classic Dr. Robotnik statue on Facebook. The last time we saw him, he didn’t look to be much more than a computer generated render, but now…

Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 13.46.19


Yep, he exists all right!

There’s still no word yet as to cost, size or even when First 4 Figures will open up the gates to pre-orders… But on evidence of the photograph above, he can’t be overly far away!

Once we know more about when Robotnik goes live, we’ll be sure to cover it!


Sonic Revolution in Pictures!

10446480_10152972570759816_533319714706732893_n Pictures courtesy of Christian Gausin and 50 Rings Photography. This past Sunday was the first ever gathering of Sonic Revolution at the Holiday Inn at Buena Park. It’s the largest organized Sonic convention in the U.S. similar to “Summer of Sonic” in the UK, but still fairly small so far. We also are encouraging other Sonic fans across the U.S.  to make their own Sonic conventions or at least a “meet and greet”. Sonic Revolution was founded by Shayne and Charles Edwards, Christian Gausin and Lidice Garcia. It started with them organizing “Sonic Boom U.S. West Chapter” (it was in response to Sonic Boom moving to St Louis) in September of 2013. During our little meet and greet, she asked if we’d like to be involved in building up the community for a full on Sonic convention and we were all in!

The gang who made it happen.
The gang who made it happen.

So how was it? It was great! We had some wonderful guests and a nice amount of attendees. Guests included gaming composer legend Tommy Tallarico, Archie Comics Evan Stanley, artists Elson Wong and Devin Taylor, my brother John and his girlfriend Debbie selling her hand-made jewelry, Darian Gonzalez with his very Sonic-like fan game “Bingo the Multiva” Chris Wilcots of fan film “Sonic Prologue” and rock band Serenity Seven. Not to mention the extra surprise of Sega’s Aaron Webber and Stephen Frost who stopped by to check out the event.  We even had a real life hedgehog show up!

“Where’s Amy at?”

The schedule of events included a cosplay contest, a panel with Tommy Tallarico talking about his life and video game music (he confirmed that Michael Jackson was the composer on Sonic 3), two concerts by Serenity Seven, Chris Wilcots showed off two exclusive scenes from his upcoming fan film “Sonic Prologue”, Aaron Webber and Stephen Frost had a Q&A panel (or course someone shouted “When do we get Shenmue 3?”),  a very tough trivia contest (hosted and prizes supplied by yours truly), a one minute art contest in which Evan and Elson had to draw Sticks auditioning for Sonic Boom, a gaming competition (with several consoles in the back showing off many Sonic games) and finally, a raffle for some cool prizes and one more concert by Serenity Seven. It was an absolute blast and I can’t wait until next year!  Let’s get to the pics! 10300798_10152972523359816_4530564000308773493_n

Our Gaming Tournament booth.


Tanner “Ogilvie” Bates showing off his display of Sonic merchandise for sale.


Our program guide.

10262093_10152972570334816_3423704538990129837_nBlaze and Rouge enjoying themselves.


Bishop’s son enjoying the show.


Now THAT’S a big Sonic.

1555347_10152972568569816_3027811355364177089_nTails – Don’t worry Shadow, I’m sure there’s someone who wants a giant, ugly Shadow plush.

10462593_10152972525394816_8131807437238788742_nMore of Tanner’s merch.


Bishop Gahram’s Silver poster.


Rouge with what appears to be a piece of the Master emerald.

10382455_10152972526854816_8143465718764279601_nLetting people in to enjoy the show.


Blaze the Cat.

10415598_10152972540409816_5825149679628149225_nShard’s here and ready to party!




Aaron and Steven Arrive on the scene.

10360689_10152972530319816_3104139430612878713_n“Sonic the what now? Never heard of it.”

10353101_10152972542384816_7269390741591862311_nTommy Tallarico hangs out with Serenity Seven.

10441010_10152972550829816_6582564420626661241_nTommy talks to the crowd about his music career.

10339562_10152972558029816_6389958884070435588_nAaron and Stephen enjoying the show.

10329073_10152972556819816_7002660232995840957_nIt was so cool getting to meet a musical legend like Mr. Tallarico.

10492511_10152972543229816_4488397925994839600_nThis father and son were in line at least 3 hours before the show opened

1514603_10152972550169816_8682820146089877619_n“Gasp!” It’s the Chaos Emeralds!


“Time to go super!”


Some classic Sonic merchandise.

10472853_10152972531189816_580155949651627513_n“Hmmmm yes. This does play quite like Sonic. You’ll be hearing from our lawyers soon.”

1907383_10152972567404816_1763084521903635964_nHere, Aaron is showing off a fan’s concept art for a game idea Stephen had were Tails (who’s deathly allergic to bee’s in his official bio) is being chased by Charmy and the object of the game is to keep the pair apart.

10252160_10152972562124816_2096966346903899776_nThis is Aaron idea for a game. Big’s Big Fishing Adventure 3.

10478183_10152972547404816_8864299415244254186_nGuess who won first place in the cosplay contest?


Aaron and Stephen answering questions on stage.

10430383_10152972551204816_5882430547580918695_nThe fans soaking in the Q&A panel.

10450173_10152972532704816_1141437979947196446_nFan’s at Evan, Elson and Devin’s booth.

10492511_10152972522234816_8164816271954384123_nFounders Shayne and Lidice enjoying the fruits of their labor.


Evan won the  one minute art contest with her drawing of Sticks jugging. Elson was apparently drawing her on a surfboard,but didn’t quite get to finish.

10440856_10152972567694816_8145892820577018568_nWell, that’s a wrap for now.  There’s plenty more pics on our Sonic Revolution Facebook page at . There, you can check ou-wait! What’s th-..

RougecloserOh dear lord!!


Toying With Sonic Boom! UPDATED

"No, I have not had any plastic work done! Why do you ask?"
“No, I have not had any plastic work done! Why do you ask?”

First off, sorry for the quality of these pics as they were taken off my iPod. Second, I’ll have more high quality photos as soon as I can get the picture from Nuckles87. I knew you guys would want to see the new toys as soon as possible and I couldn’t wait to show them to you. There’s quite a lot of toys and vehicles that will be available including the entire known cast. Look out below for some more pics. UPDATE: Speaking of, I just got Alex’s pics from him.

IMG_0524[1]Some plushies of Amy and Tails

IMG_0510[1]This fuzzy picture really burns my bot!


Now you can play “pick-up Sticks”…at the toy store.

IMG_0513[1]Tails and Knuckles


Listen you swindlers. You expect me to buy Eggman in his Eggmobile and then buy him again with Orbot and Cubot?!! Okay.

IMG_0515[1]Tails plane includes Sonic instead of Tails. That makes sense…..somewhere.



A large, articulate Sonic.

IMG_0518[1]Plush Sonic and Knuckles



Knuckles is a Free Rider.


Order from Amazon, and you too can ship Sonic and Amy together.







Review: Egmont Activity Books

A whole bunch of books came out in May, but are any worth the ink they’re printed with?

sonic totally

In October, we reported on the announcement that Egmont would be partnering with SEGA to release a slew of new activity books for May 2014. Because of my insatiable need to own Sonic books, I put down my money for the ones that came out at this time and can now weigh in with my absolutely professional (citation needed) opinion. Are these books worth your time, or are they best left gathering dust on the shelf?

Now, let’s get one thing out of the way; these books are very much aimed at kids. As such, unless they’re blatantly lazy on a level that cannot be excused, I’m not going to hold it to the same strict standard I would of a book aimed at older fans (for example, Pix ‘N Love’s The History of Sonic the Hedgehog). That said, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be thorough with my analyses.

As a side note, if you’re a fan of E-123 Omega and like to collect merchandise of him…you can ignore these books. He doesn’t make an appearance at all. Even Chaos got a single sticker at least.

Sonic the Hedgehog Joke Book

sonic joke book

Price: £4.99

The Cover: The art itself is used nicely, although I can’t help but think that I’ve seen it a lot before. That would be because it was a very common style to use on the stationery that came out way back in 2012. That’s more of a nitpick than anything though, especially when the background is nicely stylised. What isn’t such a nitpick is the use of text on the cover. It’s all nice and well having a sample of the content but not when it looks so obnoxious on the front. That said, one of the other books shows a preliminary cover that looks even more obnoxious, so I guess I’d rather this than that.

The Inner Art: I’m sure it would look fine. Repetitive given how every single page has the same sort of layout, but fine. The problem is that Sonic art doesn’t look so nice in black and white. Because of this detail, it’s really rather dull, especially when certain characters sort of blend in to the backgrounds that they’re put on. To top it off, the paper quality is poor as well. Remember when you were a kid and you got colouring books with that really coarse stuff that felt shoddy to the touch? That’s what the pages of this book are made out of.

The Content: It’s a joke book. There’s jokes. There isn’t anything more to it than that. It wouldn’t even be so bad if they were Sonic-themed jokes. Instead, most of the jokes are the same generic jokes that you’ve seen in every joke book, with some being modified slightly to include Sonic elements.  What else can I say about it?

Overall: Just…no. If you want jokes, you can get any other joke book out there and you’d pretty much have the same thing.


Sonic the Hedgehog: Sticker Mania!

sonic sticker mania

Price: £6.99

The Cover: The cover shown in the October news article was very much a preliminary cover. Now the emphasis is on the abundance of stickers, with Sonic being swamped by dozens of square stickers (all in the book, so it’s not false advertising at least) and only Eggman, Tails and Knuckles standing out on top of them. It’s busy, but it’s actually pretty cool and it shows off the content at the same time. An addition since the announcement is a little thing in the corner indicating the heavy use of Sonic Lost World in the book.  I’ll go more into that later.

The Inner Art: Like many books recently, the art is all stock art. Despite this, at least it’s used appropriately and doesn’t go into overkill per page. The consistency of the layouts and styles accompanying the art and activities are particularly effective in making the book coherent where there would otherwise be a risk of making it a random jumbled mess. Not the hand-drawn meticulousness of yesteryear, but still sleek and stylish. It helps that the paper quality is up to standard this time as well.

The Profiles: Weirdly enough, there are four pages dedicated to small profiles of the characters. When I say small, they really are small, only covering four stats; name, species, key feature(s) and skill(s). There’s nothing really new here (unless you didn’t know that Jet had advanced piloting skills or that Big had a keen sense of smell*), but at least they’re accurate for the most part. The only obvious factual error is the fact that Blaze doesn’t harness Chaos energy (it’s Sol), and I’ve seen far more errors in books aimed at fans of the series.

The Content: Most of the book is taken up by random common activities given a bit of a Sonic twist. You have your mazes, your pseudo board game races, your word searches, that one square draw activity that makes no sense, trivia quizzes, character recognition and all that jazz. Because of the Lost World tie-in, ten of these pages are themed after that game specifically (although one Wisp game mention other characters coming to rescue them from a chemical factory. Isn’t that Sonic Colours?). Not exactly a good advertisement of how the game is for little kids, but it’s raising awareness at least.

The Stickers: As it says on the cover, there are indeed over 1000 stickers. At least with this book, the vast majority are related to the Sonic franchise (some are not for one or two activities). Okay, there are quite a few duplicates, but at least it means you can have your favourite characters on multiple items if you wish to use them (because really, who’s going to use the stickers in the book itself?). The downside is that most of the stickers are very small in size, about 2x2cm. But hey, there is that one aforementioned Chaos sticker!

Overall: If you like stickers, and you like Sonic, then decide for yourself if £6.99 is worth it for a bunch of them. For the young’uns, there’s plenty to do in the book, character info that’s actually dependable and it actually looks nice. Honestly a decent pick-up, although I’m not sure how the price tag compares to other books of a similar nature.

*This technically contradicts Sonic Chronicles since he was oblivious to smell there. Not that anyone really takes Chronicles as a measure of canon.


Totally Sonic

sonic totally

Price: £6.99

The Cover: Before we begin an actual analysis, let’s go over where this came from; in the initial announcement, there was mention of a book called the “Super Sonic Poster Book” which would also contain activities. We can reasonably assume that Totally Sonic is what that became, as this is the only book with any kind of posters in it. It’s definitely downplayed though.

With that out of the way, the cover is far more open compared to the others. For the most part, it’s a Sonic render on a blue background, with Tails, Knuckles and Amy packed away at the top. It’s nice, but I wonder why they made it this way compared to the other two.

The Inner Art: Go back and read the Inner Art analysis for Sticker Mania, it basically covers this book to a tee. The one thing I would say that differs is the fact that the spine on this book is stapled, and therefore weaker than both the Joke Book and Sticker Mania. It’s justified though; anything with posters inside tend to have stapled spines, although this one encourages the reader to cut the posters out. Huh.

The Profiles: Definitely bigger here than in Sticker Mania. In fact, I’d say that half the book is profiles. There are six “standard” stats; Species, Height, Age, Personality, Likes and Says (aka a quote). Some profiles omit a stat or two, Blaze switches Likes for Dislikes, and the Chaotix just don’t abide at all (preferring to go with Species, Job, Personality, Likes and Skill…and the skill isn’t the same kind of skill as in Sticker Mania. Alrighty). Despite the slight inconsistencies, they’re more in depth with the raw stats and other character trivia, and they’re once again robust in accuracy. Okay, it only says Blaze is friends with Cream and Sonic, and Sonic is said to be Rouge’s rival, but nothing on a fundamentally erroneous scope. One thing I would raise an eyebrow at is the fact that there’s no Babylon Rogues here, whereas they got profiles in Sticker Mania.

The Content: Surprise, this book also has a small range of stickers! It’s definitely a smaller range and less thorough than Sticker Mania, and there’s even an issue of a red ring render accidentally getting on Amy’s image. To be fair, this is just a bonus, not the main point of the book.

Totally Sonic also does the activities in a different way. Instead of having a whole mass of activities with mostly random ideas and themes running through them, they format in a very specific manner; there’s an activity linked to a set of characters profiles. For example, Knuckles has an activity focused on him, as do most individual characters, with the occasion activity attached to a whole group of character in the cases of the Chaotix (and they totally used this opportunity to slip in a codebreaking puzzle. At least they’re paying attention to the content they put in), Rouge with Metal Sonic (that’s a weird choice) and the Deadly Six. Because of this, there’s not as many activities, but they feel like they gel with the book more.

The Posters: Four doubled-sided pages slap bang in the middle means that there are eight posters in all, and they’re actually pretty nifty. The two Lost World posters aside (which are basically the promo shots used for the game’s marketing), they actually try and use the assets available to them in creative ways. And they definitely feel like poster quality in design because of it. I’m still not certain on the way they ask you to detach the posters. I guess a little kid might easily rip them if they tried to pull it out, but they’d still have to ask an adult to cut them out.

Overall: Another decent book for kids with some content that older fans might be able to get use of. The formatting choices made may make it slightly emptier on the stuff to do, but it simultaneously makes it more useful to go back to. Again, it’s a matter of whether you can justify the price tag for the content.


So, I’d say two of the books are worth at least a cursory glance, while one of them is to be avoided completely. What of Secret of Sonic the Hedgehog, the book most likely to be appreciated by older fans?

secrets sonic
I.e. The one where only this one picture exists of it on the internet.


Well, while that was slated to be released in May like the other books, but for whatever reason appears to have been pushed back to the end of August. There’s a little bit more new info we can glean as well; Waterstones’ listing has a price of £6.99, the same as Sticker Mania and Totally Sonic, and one pound more than originally stated. In addition, it has a page count down of 64, making it the longest of all the books (Sticker Mania only clocks in at 48 pages, and that’s pretty thick for an activity book). It’s still advertised in the back of the other books as being available, which might mean the change was pretty recent. In any case, I’m going to keep an eye on that one given my satisfaction with the majority of this batch.

Source: Waterstones

Image sources: (Joke book, Sticker Mania, Totally Sonic), Easons (Secrets of Sonic)

Sonic Boom Toys Launching in August?

ToyWiz have just opened pre-orders for some of the Sonic Boom toys. Whilst this isn’t as varied as the number of toys we saw from Toy Fair earlier this year, odds are this is the first of many which may come in the next few weeks.

Details of the initial toys are as follows,



The first toy is a burnbot playset which seems to include Burnbot and something which will launch that Sonic… you’ll probably have a better idea as to how it will look like when you see the next image.


The next toy is called the ‘Sonic Boom launcher.’ So it looks like the burnbot playset may also include a launcher, and it also seems that Egg-O-Matic Eggman is also on his way.

The third toy has no image, but it is described as a ‘Plane Launcher’ to me this suggests that we may also get a Tornado plane vehicle too.

The price is $28 each , however more interestingly is the release date of August 2014, however this is more than likely a placeholder and not the final date.

Source: ToyWiz

Cancelled Sonic Adventure Burger King Promotion Comes to Light

Sega are no strangers to doing promotions with fast food chains, I’m sure most Sonic fans out there are familiar with the many McDonalds or Burger King toys which accompanied kids meals back in the 90’s. Well… it seems that there was another line of toys planned for Burger King, however for whatever reason the line was cancelled.

burgerking40The documentation which came to light earlier this week shows that the toyline was going to be very extensive, the following toys were planned to be included.

  • * Walk em’ Sock Em Knuckles (No that’s not a typo, it’s really called ‘Walk’ and not Whack’)
  • Rip Roaring Robotnik
  • Twistin’ Twirlin’ Tails
  • Go Gamma Go
  • Somersaultin’ Snowboardin’ Sonic
  • Super Sonic Sled
  • Frog-Catchin’ Cat
  • Noisy Amy!
  • Knuckles Goes for a Spin
  • Turbo Prop Tails

Aside from the odd names, some of the toys look quite cool for meal toys, some however look… well… look…


I almost wanted to save this for Freak Out Friday, What’s going on with the artwork/look of Amy!? It looks like something you’d find in Demon’s Souls!

However there are one or two awesome looking toys in the documents, Gamma for instance looks great.


And who wouldn’t want a rocking action big the cat?


What I like about a number of these designs is that a few of them come with some smaller accessories or additional bits, for example, the Robotnik toy comes with a smaller Sonic figure, and the Knuckles spin toy also has Robotnik chasing him.

Sadly there are no models of these toys, it seems that these were scrapped at the design stage.

The full documentation can be found in our gallery and all images are at their full size.

A not-so-little look at: First 4 Figures’ Shadow The Hedgehog

It’s been a long while since First 4 Figures’ Shadow statue was unveiled in May of last year, and after an appearance in Summer of Sonic’s merch cabinet in 2013, it seems like only yesterday that I was putting it together to go inside said cabinet…

Well, not really. The wait has still been a very long one. It’s finally over though, as First 4 Figures’ Shadow the Hedgehog statue has finally been finding its way into the hands of Shadow fans and collectors everywhere over the past couple of months or so. Here’s a little look at how much Shadow $230 will buy you. Brought to you with some absurd-resolution images:

Shadow shipping box

 You get a very big box with some basic details on the side. “Shadow Sonic”… Hmm. Have fun with that idea fan-fic writers! That’s not what you’re here to see though, so inside we have…

Shadow Statue Box

 Another box! This time with pictures! Inside this box we find…

A big brick of Polystyrene! Some writing on the top and a pretty, 3D picture on the reverse.

Here’s a look at all the bits and pieces you get inside. The statue is split into multiple parts (base, Shadow’s body, both of his hands and batteries) to make the journey over from China a little easier on the fragile parts. Building the statue was a little bit fiddly, but everything went together easily enough once the main body was fitted into place.

The statue certainly isn’t one for people who don’t have a fair bit of space. At a solid 15 and a half inches in height, he’s certainly imposing. To give people a sense of scale, here’s a vanilla copy of Sonic Adventure 2 by comparison.

Shadow size

And so wraps up this not-so-little look at First 4 Figures’ Shadow the Hedgehog statue.

At the time of writing, The exclusive version of the statue has completely sold out in Europe, but not quite in the US and Australia. The regular statues are still having their wait lists sorted out.

Over to you: Were you lucky enough to pick one of these up for yourself? What were your thoughts?

Paladone to release a LOAD of new Sonic items!

Pixel Bricks

Paladone, a gift supplier with a whole range of different products has recently unveiled a whole slew of new Sonic the Hedgehog inspired merchandise. Several new items have been made available for pre-order courtesy of the UK based retailer Forbidden Planet International.

The range, which covers a whole host of different items include:

Those Pixel Bricks… Somebody hold me!

Out of all of these though, there is still no sign of Paladone’s Sonic themed Doodle Jump figure, initially seen a few months back. Possibly something that will be seen later? Time will have to tell on that one.

Now, my wallet is due to become substantially lighter, so if you’ll excuse me…

Five Pieces of Sonic Media That Are Overlooked

So many branches of the franchise, you can’t help but step on one.

I managed to find one Sonic couldn't.
I managed to find one Sonic couldn’t.

Sonic Boom! Exciting prospects, huh? Officially its own branch in continuity with a huge media push behind it. It’s far from the first time that the series has dealt with alternate media though. Currently active is the Archie Sonic comic that gets covered on our site, and in the past there have been programmes like Sonic X (pretty much as big as Sonic Boom when it was announced), the Sonic OVA and the western cartoons. But aside from these, there are yet more branches along the path where either original Sonic stories have been told or other stories have been altered so much that they become their own thing. In this article, I will be covering five pieces of alternate media that may not be so familiar to the average person.


1. Sonic the Comic

We haven't even started and we already went to the crazy side
We haven’t even started and we already went to the crazy side

1993 was quite a busy year for alternate media. SatAM and AoStH came out and managed to get video game tie-ins in some form, and the Archie comic was launched toward the end of the year which combined the setting and tone of the two cartoons together, at least at first. While this was all well and good for America, what could be used to fill the void for Britain? Enter Egmont Fleetway and their own comic adaptation of the property called Sonic the Comic.

Unlike the Archie comic, Sonic the Comic was a weekly instalment. In return, the individual Sonic stories were generally shorter than their American counterparts, which meant more space for other character stories (sort of like a mini-Sonic Universe) and even stories on other SEGA franchises like Kid Chameleon and Decap Attack (although for this overview, I will not be covering them). It lasted for 223 issues until its eventual cancellation in 2002, although the comic had become mostly reprints by as early as the 180’s which was more due to the management of the company.

Surreal can veer into "Will haunt your nightmares"
Surreal can veer into “Will haunt your nightmares”

The tone from the very start varied between shorter comedic pieces and more serious story arcs, and stayed consistent with the entire run. The setting for the comic has far more game elements in it than Archie did at the time, but it also has a very unique British flair (not that surprising). The art matches that setting to a tee, although whether you like it or not really depends on your taste for the “surreal” interpretation for a lot of the material. The writing also matches the British edge…which means that there are times that characterisation and tone are quite a bit more cynical than other media, to the point that it can come off as strange (for example, Sonic is less social and friendly here than most other interpretations, to the point that his best friend Tails is often the outlet for his verbal frustration).

Speaking of which, talking about the game characters here first is warranted to go at length about the differences of the adaptation of elements.

  • Sonic, despite his more Marmite personality, is ironically the most similar to the games in every other respect. He is a hero from Mobius who opposes Dr Robotnik’s schemes to take over Mobius, and his super form works differently to other media. What differs most is the origin; he used to be a normal hedgehog who gained his colour and power through an experiment done by the kindly (and thin) Ovi Kintobor.
  • The downside is that not long after, an accident (set up by Sonic and the Chaotix in the future) made Ovi Kintobor into the mad AoStH-looking Dr Robotnik. Despite looking more like the clownish cartoon incarnation, this man is not to be messed with.
  • Sonic’s best friend is Tails, a fox from the Nameless Zone who has to prove himself a hero to his peers back home since he claimed to be the hero of Mobius (not unlike game Tails wanting to prove himself). His real name here might as well be Pixel Brain.
  •  Amy used to be the helplessly smitten fangirl before she took up the crossbow part way through the run and became part of the girl power movement. She is also good friends with a comic-exclusive character, Tekno.
  • Knuckles is an Echidna from the ancient past, reincarnated through various vessels. He also has a neck ring in place of a marking. Tikal summoned Sonic from the past and told him this, while Chaos was a Drakon (Fish monster thing) Prosecutor who was unrelentingly evil.
    This is Sonic two issues before he went full pixel brain. This is also issue two.
    This is Sonic two issues before he went full pixel brain. This is also issue two
  • The Chaotix herald from the Special Zone, which contains important locales like New Tek City. Mighty and Espio are hot-headed rivals, Vector is the leader, only sane man and technical planner, and Charmy is…dumb, hyper and hated by everyone else (this was in 1995, remember. Not something Sonic Heroes influenced). Fang was a member in his comic début, but he quickly showed his true nature by betraying them to Dr Robotnik. They also have a powerful computer-like being with them called the Omni-Viewer.
  • Metal Sonic isn’t one character. Instead, they’re a whole army of them called the Brotherhood of Metallix. Their power here cannot be overstated, and in one story the only way to stop them was to go back in time and make sure Ovi got caught in the transforming accident (ain’t time a harsh mistress).

Outside of the game cast carried over from the games, there’s a huge array of exclusive characters to add to the mix. Forefront of the lot are the other Freedom Fighters of this continuity; Tekno the Canary, a gadgeteer who is best friends with Amy and often supports Shortfuse both in and out of his armour. Johnny Lightfoot the Rabbit, a friendly rival to Sonic (as friendly as Sonic can be) who is (was) generally a nice guy. Porker Lewis, also a tech expert later on, but is foremost a bit of a scaredy-cat. Finally, Shortfuse the Squirrel Cybernik, a hot-blooded scrapper and good friend of Tekno who was used in an experiment which had him fused with cybernetic armour, although this was reversed near the end. Robotnik’s right-hand man, maintaining the similarities to SatAm (likely because they’re derisive of the same American concept bible), is Grimer. Intelligent and slimy, he’s often the voice of reason for Robotnik, although he’s also very intelligent and loyal to his master. This is probably why he was allowed to shine when Robotnik was out of commission for a while. Dr Zachary is the only other surviving Echidna and is purely out for his own gains. He makes a powerful adversary to Knuckles through how tricky his tactics are. These are just the tip of the ice berg of the cast, which is absolutely huge in part due to how many one-time characters there are.

As said before, the plot varies between a comedic tone (usually in one part comics) and larger, more narrative-based arcs. To sum up the story throughout the comic, the first few issues had Sonic doing his usual job of going around zones and freeing his fellow animals from Badniks, which is revealed to have been a result of him being stuck in a six-month time warp due to shenanigans which let Robotnik conquer. Over this period, a lot of the recurring cast are introduced and there are plenty of lighter stories and game adaptations. It also introduced a fair few of the oddball villains of the comic. The first big game changer was the arrival of the Metallix (which forced Sonic and the Chaotix to go back in time to make sure the accident occurred and thus stopped the evil army’s time meddling) which made Porker Lewis leave the Freedom Fighters, a super Badnik called Brutus being allowed to strike out on his own and forcing Tails to stop him on his own, and Sonic’s super side going a little out of control and leaving him trapped in the Special Zone as Omni-Viewer held said super side.

The strangest thing in this picture is the idea that the Chaotix can afford a HQ.
The strangest thing in this picture is the idea that the Chaotix can afford a HQ

With Sonic out of the equation and dealing with problems in the Special Zone (mostly New Tek City), Robotnik was free to wreck even more havoc, with only the remaining Freedom Fighters left to control things. Knuckles was occupied with the newly introduced Dr Zachary so couldn’t really help lest Zachary boy got his way and annihilated Mobius. While the Freedom Fighters led on with a rebellion, the situation eventually got resolved when Super Sonic (still separate from Sonic) was sent back to Mobius and the energy shorted out Robotnik’s entire army. This led to a new Robotnik-less period with many minor villains and crooks trying to get a piece of the action, and a group called DRAT working to revive Robotnik back to power. Robotnik himself had gone to the Drakons for help, and was successful in getting the Chaos Emeralds and becoming a god. Sonic won the ensuing fight and Robotnik was assumed dead. After this, the other Freedom Fighters got to branch out and do their own hero work (including the Amy and Tekno stories that led to a running gag about them).

Eventually, it turned out that Robotnik had been sent to a planet called Shanazar, with Sonic on his tail while being made an outlaw there. Despite his plan to merge the two planets together coming to fruition, the actual event didn’t do anything, which left Mobius in another calm period where the heores explored new zones and time periods from the formed portals…but left Robotnik completely homicidal and wanting to destroy Mobius instead of just taking it over. The next plan ended no better for him and left him down in the dumps. As a result, Grimer released Chaos to try and make things better, only for him to bail when Robotnik gathered the Chaos Emeralds with intent to destroy Mobius. The fight between Perfect Chaos and the Freedom Fighters left Johnny Lightfoot dead, Sonic knowing about Knuckles’ ancient past, and Super Sonic (who had been rendered pacifist by the time of being sent back to Mobius) back to being less savoury and forced to merge with Sonic once again to take down the monster. The resolution of the Sonic Adventure adaptation was the final new story in Sonic the Comic, and it would be exclusively reprints for another fifty issues before finally getting the axe.

This is how Robotnik’s redesign was explained

During its run, the comic gained quite a large fan following. After it went out of print, several fans have come together to keep continuing the stories they loved through online fancomics. The most famous of these is Sonic the Comic, which still updates to this day and has backing from Sonic the Comic writers and artists alike (as well as being able to get in Archie artists for one of its features). It’s notable for continuing the tone of the original comic while integrating later game characters and adding their own spin to the world. Whether it’s this or other continuations about, even though the comic stopped over a decade ago, it’s certainly lived on afterwards quite healthily.

Accessibility: While the issues aren’t super common, they can turn up on eBay a bit since Sonic the Comic was pretty popular while it was in print. Alternatively, there are users online who sell on occasion through message boards.

How people buy their issues of Sonic the Comic


2. Shogakukan

This is only a half-truth
our hero
Here’s the perpetual whiner

This particular overlooked media (which is from the company who also made an adaptation of Sonic 1 which marked Vector’s first publicised appearance) is an oddity amongst its brethren; amongst all media that isn’t the games, the earlier series is far and away the single most influential of them all. Debuting in 1992, most people know that it brought with it two characters that are well known to Sonic gamers; Amy Rose and Charmy Bee. What they were like, how the design process went for them and many other features of the Manga are otherwise elusive even to the most dedicated of media researchers. For example, the regular Shogakukan series had one set of designs, while the CoroCoro specials had different designs which were muck closer to the SegaSonic standard (indeed, that’s where CD Amy’s design is taken from). But we do know quite a bit at least, so here are some of the many oddities that this important piece of history has.

To start with, Sonic is Superman…sort of. Nicky is an ordinary hedgehog boy who ends up crashing into a stand of bottles during one of his regular beatings. After this, a strange thing happens in times of futility; he turns into Sonic the Hedgehog and is ready to deliver pain upon whoever wronged him! This is partially tied into the Mary Garnet story that’s mentioned in the Japanese Sonic game bible, as Sonic is revealed to be the spirit of the pilot in the story, who also worked to bring Nicky’s parents together in war.

The Veruca Recital proved to be ineffective since Anton could actually sing

Speaking of which, we might as well run down the character cast and setting. Aside from Nicky Kent, we have his sister Tania (or Anita based on the story) and parents Paulie and Brenda. Paulie is a pilot whose plane was brought down in an undisclosed war, who gives life advice to Nicky and even joins him on the occasional escapade. Brenda was a mechanic in the same war, although in the present time she acts more as a housewife. Tania is mostly just a handful who even makes Eggman suffer when he abducts her. They live in a town called Hedgehog Town (creative) where the majority of the residents are the same species. Amongst them is Amy Rose, a hedgehog Nicky is in love with, which is problematic when Amy is in love with his alter-ego. Little Jon exists.

Some non-Hedgehogs round out the cast of oddballs, the latter three of which may be familiar. Anton Veruca is the bully of the cast, not unlike 80’s Saturday morning villains like Catchem or Croc (brownies if you know those dopes). Sometimes he’s merely a nuisance with his brothers/gang (one of who, Matt, is named), other times he’s being an

That colour scheme is so 90's
That colour scheme is so 90’s

accomplice with Dr Eggman, and sometimes he’s trying to date Amy ala Bowser. Dr Eggman is the main villain. As per the games, comes with traps and machines to eliminate Sonic, who he quickly works out is connected to Nicky. The plots involving him are as zany as you’d expect from the mad doctor. Tails is here too, and he’s slightly more…punk than usual, at least for a while. At first he’s more insistent on being cool and distant, but as soon as Anton acts up he’s willing to pitch a hand, and he’s more than enthusiastic about seeing Sonic. Finally, Charmy Bee is Silver the Hedgehog. Or he might as well be since he was so different. In his début, he was able to control time, and exclusively helped out the super side when he was in peril. Of what we know of CoroCoro’s adaptation of Sonic 2 that would have included Charmy, he acted more like a helper for Sonic and Tails and much more closely resembled his Sonic Heroes design.

A compilation of the CoroCoro designs. It wasn't just characters that jumped media
A compilation of the CoroCoro designs. It wasn’t just characters that jumped media

Plot-wise, the early Manga series isn’t that plot heavy. Usually it’s either Eggman having come up with a machine to terrorise Sonic (and as a result the other residents of Hedgehog Town), or Anton trying to push his affection onto Amy in some way, or sometimes even both! The stories do come with some nice character moments though, and the aforementioned exposition on how Nicky’s parents met and its link to the Mary Garnet story is a touching read (it’s Archie equivalent is how the now non-existing Jules and Bernie met in the Great War). That said, the Manga is still very light-hearted in tone, and while there are moments of peril, it never gets dark (unless you find Bowser’s obsession with Peach dark, anyway).

Before we finish up with this section, I want to make a nod to Shogakukan’s later Sonic Manga series, Dash and Spin. Spanning two volumes and released between 2003 and 2005, these Manga were far removed from their then-decade old forerunners. They were very loosely based on Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 and the Advance games released prior to 2003. By which I mean they has the characters from the Adventure games while Cream and Rouge made a cameo in the second volume. The premises for these stories (both the short strips and the longer stories) were downright nonsensical and not linked by any particular plot. It’s easily one of the most out-there pieces of media ever made under the official Sonic name. And it’s a barrel of fun for it.

Accessibility: Good luck trying to get any pages of the 1992-1993 series from even Japanese sources, this thing is super rare! There used to be a dedicated site hosting scanlations, but it has since become defunct. If you want to read them, pretty much the only option now is Youtube which has the ones scanlated up. In this case, I don’t think going there is such a big deal.

Dash and Spin is pretty rare, but not as rare because it’s more recent. You can probably find it through Japanese sources or some seller who’s imported it.

PS: The old chestnut about the old Manga appearing in Shogaku Yonensei is a bit off; the Manga was in books with grades, but ironically enough it seems it was never present in Yonensei. A younger grade like Ninensei was more likely to have them.

This is from that Sonic 1 adaptation. Still just as strange
This is from that Sonic 1 adaptation. Still just as strange


3. Man Of The Year

man of the opening
The only flattering shot of Sonic in the entire thing

An animation from a video game that’s somehow forgotten.

Man of the Year is a short animation feature that was present in Sonic Jam, the Saturn’s compilation of the classic Mega Drive games. When you ask Sonic fans what Sonic Jam’s most distinctive feature is, most will point to the 3D overworld that acts as a hub to play the games, view the galleries and complete challenges.

How can you not love such ego?

However, tucked away amongst the galleries is this little cartoon. Surprisingly, the animation for the most part is very Western in style, to the point that the humans look like they stepped out of a Warner animation. It’s a very simple premise; Sonic is voted Man of the Year (should really be ‘Hog of the Year), Eggman gets angry about it, tries to defame Sonic. Set to a score of both public domain music and Sonic CD music, what sets it apart is just how bombastic and fantastic Eggman is in this short. He’s always emotive and energetic. At the start he’s in his pyjamas (a reference to the concept art?) and simply raging like a maniac until he gets his big idea. In the city, he lets loose and becomes a ball of fun as he terrorises the citizens with face-drawing, spindashing (!) and car-jumping antics, showing agility that not even outrunning Super Sonic can match.

Blue blob speeds by

Furthermore, despite the “To be continued” text, it never was finished, so technically Eggman won in the same way he won Sonic Chronicles. Who says you have to be super serious to be a success.

Accessibility: Unlike the other entries, this one is super easy to gain access to; it’s on Youtube as of writing. Otherwise, you need a SEGA Saturn and a copy of Sonic Jam, which are pretty hard to get hold of now.

A loser is you


4. Sonic Adventures: Dans Les Griffes De Robotnik

ivo bay
There needed to be an awesome shot somewhere in this article

In the mid-nineties, everyone was having a go at adapting the games into comic format in their own way. Archie and Fleetway had various ones under their belt, faithfulness varying, and even Shogakukan had some parts of Sonic 2 adapted. Not ones to be left out, French publisher Sirène had their own shot at adapting Sonic 3 and Knuckles with two volumes as part of a series called Sonic Adventures. While this wouldn’t seem so odd at first, there are a few subtle changes that propel this from just a plain comic adaptation to a strange continuity in its own right.

Putting all those rings underwater sounds counter-intuitive when you can’t swim

Being that this was European, Sonic Adventures has much in common with the British Sonc the Comic. For example, the designs of Dr Robotnik and Amy are very similar to that of their Fleetway portrayals, and the grey Chaos Emerald has a heightened importance here that’s not in the games. Plot-wise, the comic starts out very simply; Robotnik has Sonic in his hands (the title, “Dans Les Griffes De Robotnik”, translates to “In the Clutches of Robotnik”), Tails helps Sonic escape, Robotnik  kidnaps Amy as bait, Sonic and Tails have to go rescue her. While not entirely faithful to Sonic 3, it starts out benign enough. Sonic and Tails travel through environments with game elements while avoiding peril, then get knocked into water, follow the river course and come across a tribe of Echidnas working on the cliff face by the waterfall they’re about to go down.

…Wait, what?

echidna cliff
Nous n’avons pas un micro-ondes les bébés.

This is probably the big thing about this particular alternate media. The Echidnas aren’t all dead, they’re alive and well! At least Knuckles is leading the tribe, right?

No soultouch is a bonus

Meet Princess Alucion, Knuckles’ replacement for the duration of the first issue. She’s the leader of the Echidna tribe, and is pretty similar to Knuckles in almost every personality aspect aside from being able to tell Robotnik isn’t such a good doctor much more quickly. At least she has that rocking outfit to go with it.

special stage
This comic did what hackers have failed to do

Why did Sirène make this change? Beats me. The rest of the comic, while dealing with the Echidna tribe as well, ultimately follows a game-faithful path of getting the Chaos Emeralds, earning Knu—I mean Alucion’s trust so she helps them, and just saving the day in general (although Tails does think Sonic and Amy died at one point). You even get special stages and the typical Super Sonic ending here (something which they got from the games and not from Fleetway). Even though the changes are minor, they give this comic the honour of being the first to introduce the ideas of both a Knuckles tribe and a named female Echidna, pre-dating Archie by about three years (both volumes came out in 1994).

As a little addition, Sirène also published a guide for Sonic and Knuckles with its own little comic. Knuckles is present this time…but it’s not exactly a big adventure. Sonic and Knuckles are playing the video game in a home. That’s about it. Thrill a minute, isn’t it.

Accessibility: Tricky, but not impossible. I’m sure copies turn up on occasion on eBay, but it might be better to just check French auction sites instead.

morbid campfire
Let me tell you about how my friends horribly burned to death


5. Storybooks. Lots Of Them.

Apparently doing the crab dance was a craze back then

The written word is likely the most overlooked media out of all of them. When you think of characters from outside the games, you’d be more likely to find mentions of characters from all of the above than the likes of, say, Digger the Woodchuck or Whiffy the Skunk. And yet, there have been several series of story books and game books in both the UK and the US. Some are more like side stories to other media; others are worlds all to themselves.

At least these books made reaction image abusers happy

Firstly, there are the stories from Golden Books. These are US-based and are essentially tie-ins to SatAM/Archie. Their tone, however, was more akin to AoStH or, more accurately, the pilot episode of SatAM. This is probably why the series had nonsensical plots about secret admirers and missing shoes, and why the designs were of the beta looks. Very simple stuff that’s more geared toward SatAM fans (if you like slapstick though). Otherwise, they’re not particularly that significant.

Also from America are the novels from Troll Associates publishing. This series is also set within the SatAM/Archie setting, although this time it takes its cues from the more serious side. That is, when it’s a story and not just a fact book. Notable for this story series is the fact that a book was made called Sonic X-Treme, although it has zero association with the cancelled game of the same name. Otherwise, the books are typical children’s novels with the occasional picture thrown in for good measure. They also try to expand on the SatAM universe, using original characters and concepts, like the idea of there being a master list of all the Freedom Fighter members. There’s even one book which brings Knuckles into the equation, something not done in more famous alternate media until Sonic Underground! It also sometimes contradicts things established in the cartoon series itself, and other times gets things flat-out wrong (Rotor is not a Sea Lion…). Simple stories, but the better option if you want some SatAM reading.

Classic Knuckles wasn’t missing in Generations, he was just handling special effects

Ladybird, a big name in British publishing, produced a number of both story books and game books between 1994 and 1995. The story books are like the Golden Books in tone, but the setting is very firmly based in the games and not SatAM or even Sonic the Comic. The stories themselves are for very young readers so there isn’t much to them aside from Robotnik making a plan and Sonic and Tails stopping him, since both are based on Sonic 2. The game books are in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” style and are for a slightly older audience. These books are bigger in length and feature later games in their narratives as well. Overall, these books aren’t big on differentiating themselves, but they’re the closest to adapting the games faithfully of pretty much any alternate media ever made for Sonic.

The Virgin Publishing books, written by three people under one name, are text-based, which is unique amongst the alternate Sonic media. It is a mix of comedy and serious narrative which is…not particularly set in any other media. The origin story is shared with Sonic the Comic, but the characters from other media that appear (Johnny, Porker, Sally, Tux) are more based on the game animals than their comic selves. And there’s also extra supporting cast although none that are particularly memorable. Even if the new characters aren’t that memorable, the stories are; for example, Sonic and the Silicon Warriors is Sonic and Tails jumping between video games and fighting their characters (knock-offs of real ones like Tetris and Mario) to beat Robotnik, and Sonic in the Fourth Dimension is about Sonic going back in time to stop Robotnik from being formed only for some sort of Mythos Creature to catalyse the change anyway (which isn’t how StC dealt with it). Quite the bizarre premises. There’s also a little flipbook animation in the corner of the pages, how quaint.

sonic vs ugly
Granted, this guy isn’t exactly a fangirl magnet

Finally, there are the Penguin Fantail game books. These are also in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” style, and steeped very much in Sonic the Comic lore (to the point that they published Stay Sonic, which is Sonic’s origin in the Fleetway comic). These are longer and darker stories at about 200 pages each. While the stories can sound pretty basic, there are some dark moments in them (for example, in the Zone Zapper, Tails can end up roboticised and Sonic has to leave his friend with tears in his eyes). It has Knuckles and Amy in later books, and even a doppelgänger of Sonic called Zonic in-text (Zonik on the cover)! If you like game books and more heavy hitting moments, these might be up your alley.

Accessibility: Actually quite easy for the British books. You’ll probably need to go to Amazon and eBay, sure, but they’re more common than the comics. You can probably pick up a used copy from a general book seller for cheap. You can get the American ones via the same avenues…but for quite a bit more.

Note: I was unable to look over the Virgin Publishing books myself (that’s how overlooked they are), which is why that section was written under guidance from Doctor MK, who owns all four books. He enjoys the books.

“You imbecile! How can we only appear at the end of the overview?!”
“I don’t even know why you keep showing up in the wrong continuity all the time”


As you can see, there’s a plethora of alternate media that’s been tucked away and left out of sight for a long while. Part of this is likely due to the age in which they were released; things were harder to keep tabs on in the 90’s when there was little to no internet available. As such, it’s unlikely that such overlooked alternate media will spring up in the future of the franchise. But if it somehow does, it’ll be quite fun to discover and explore it as we should do!


Has Jazwares cancelled its entire 2014 Sonic Toyline?

So this is an update/article that I’ve wanted to make for a few weeks now, however I kept telling myself ‘wait until New York Toy Fair, just wait and see.’ Well… In the run up to Toy Fair,  few other bits of information came to light which didn’t fill me with much confidence… following images of their booth at Toy Fair, I think the party is over.

There is a lot of mounting evidence to say that Jazwares have cancelled or lost the rights to make new Sonic toys.

Back in September, we brought you news that Jazwares had cancelled it’s highly anticipated Metal Sonic & Classic Amy plush. Since then however, there’s been a development. Classic Amy has in fact been released in a so far very limited form from online retailers, SSMB member PatMac posted images of it a few days ago.

However… despite this surprise release, Metal Sonic is nowhere in sight, and another worrying sign is that Jazwares have changed their product page for their Sonic toys. Here is what it originally looked like after Jazwares redesigned their website in late 2013.



However, a few months ago, Jazwares since removed the ‘New Fall 2013 product’ from their site, there have been no additional products added to their Sonic page of any kind. See for yourself.

More significant a hint that the Sonic line is no more comes from the Jazwares Facebook page, in the run up to the New York Toy Fair, Jazwares has out rightly stated that multiple products in the Sonic line have been cancelled.

Rouge the Bat, Classic Knuckles and The Sonic & Shadow Reversible Plushies have all been stated to have been cancelled.jazfacebook

There has needless to say been quite a backlash on Jazwares’ Facebook Page to this news, this is quite understandable considering Classic Knuckles and Rouge have been teased and hinted at as far back as early 2012.

In fact, on the 28th of March 2012. Jazwares posted this on their Facebook page.



So ladies and gentlemen, unless this was an outright lie. A classic Knuckles figure was not only in development and ready, he was just waiting for a release line to fit into. Since then there has been no mention of this particular character. So were we all lied to on this? Or was Knuckles ready to go?

As for Rouge? Well…

You might remember how we reported on this particular product page? The one which clearly shows a comic book pack of Shadow and Rouge with the word ‘new’ next to it, suggesting it was indeed on the way. Unlike Classic Knuckles which had nothing released to support it other than the Facebook outlet, Rouge had a product number and even this promotional material to back it up.

Which begs the question… why was this cancelled?

Following the huge backlash on the cancellation, Jazwares have been sporting this reason.

 it’s up to the retail stores for what products get made.

Placing the blame firmly on the retailers, if they don’t order them, then they don’t get made.

There’s just one thing with this reasoning that I question. That being there’s evidence to suggest that this isn’t the case. In the Sonic Black Knight line, the following figures were spotted and in some cases are still up for order.

  • -Sonic – Excalibur
  • -Knuckles – Sir Gawain
  • -Silver – Sir Galahad
  • -Shadow – Sir Lancelot
  • -Jet – Sir Lamorak

This information and listings dates back to June 2012 and can be found across several toy news and retailer sites.

This is also the case for some of the ASRT toys which were announced and even shown at last years Nuremberg Toy Fair. Many of those toys over 2013 appeared as pre-orders at the United States branch of Toys R Us… that’s one if not the biggest toy retailer in the world isn’t it? There was even a product photo of it, this is taken from the old listing on TRU.Com’s website.


Anyone own that? Anyone ever seen that for sale outside of the internet listing? So why was it cancelled?

The same applies to Metal Sonic. Announced, then cancelled. Only this one is even more strange, not only has the Metal Sonic plush appeared on Jazwares’ website (and at the time of posting is still there). But it has also appeared as a product on the website for ‘Smyths’ who are one of the largest toy retailers in the UK.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere was even an official product photo of it on a UK site… this was very rare since normally there’s a 1 year gap between US and UK releases.

It’s around now you might be thinking… wait… they were announced in prior to 2014, what about this years toys?

There aren’t any.

So far we have The Black Knight Silver figure (just released) and a Silver Super Poser. And that’s it. Everything else, all those toys from Nuremberg last year, all those toys which popped up on retailers, not happening.

At least that’s based on what Jazwares itself are suggesting from their own booth at the 2014 NYTF. The following image are the press releases for Jazwares at NYTF.


Sonic has no 2014 product list.

In conjunction with this, we now thanks to, have photos of Jazwares’ booth at New York Toy Far. They show no new Sonic products aside from Black Knight & Super Poser Silver.


There’s even an image of the plush box which has appeared predominantly at 2013’s toy fair, only this time both Metal and Super Sonic are missing from it.

This is the biggest toy fair of the year for America, and Jazwares have no new Sonic products at it for 2014. If there were new products, it’s absolute madness that they’re not here, even if it were just a prototype or concept image. But there’s nothing. You can view more images of Jazwares NYTF booth at, but there is nothing new, everything is already out or about to be released.

Even at Nuremberg, there were no new toys aside from Black Knight Silver and ‘that sign.’

So, what is going on? We went from being told ‘those figures are coming’ for over 2 years, we had so much new toys promised an shown in 2013, yet now the whole product line seems to have stopped.

You might be thinking ‘maybe Tomy is the reason?’ Possibly… but Tomy has a license for Sonic Boom toys, Jazwares has the modern and classic games.

It does sound like the Jazwares run of Sonic toys is at or nearing it’s end, no press releases, no new products on show and cancellation notices. It seems that the party is over on this one. Which is a shame because despite what you may say about the quality of the products, Jazwares did give us figures that fans have been crying out for since 1991.

This Product Description for Silver the Hedgehog is Amazing…

So in the new Entertainment Earth product catalogue, there’s a listing for GE Entertainments new Silver the Hedgehog plush. Only there’s a slight problem with the description.


… … how is that..?

Ok lets take it slowly. First of all, they’ve used the classic Sonic logo for a modern Sonic character, which to be fair is an easy mistake to make.

However… Silver the Hedgehog is now the evil boss of the Scrambled Egg Zone and he’s also a robot? A robot version of Sonic for that matter too.

Oh wait, I see the problem. They would appear to believe that this character is actually a robot version of Sonic, specifically Silver Sonic, from the Game Gear version of Sonic 2!

Well I suppose it’s an easy mistake to make, after all just look at how…



…They look look nothing like each other?

Thanks to Blue Blood who sent this in.

The Top 10 Sonic the Hedgehog Collectables of All Time

IMG_2766The Sonic Stadium’s list of affiliates increases on an almost daily basis, and we are very proud to say that we are now also affiliated with Forbidden Planet International, who many in the UK will know as one of the biggest retailers of sci-fi comics and collectables.

This month we’ve teamed up this month with the Forbidden Planet blog to bring to you my personal “top 10” Sonic the Hedgehog collectables, where I will be taking about what I think are the coolest and rarest pieces of Sonic merch ever produced…how many items on the list do you have?

You can check out the article here.

Hopefully over the coming months we hope to bring you even more blog posts that will pique your collecting interests!

Sonic Lost World OST out now on iTunes


“Without Boundaries”, the original soundtrack for Sonic Lost World, was released in Japan as a physical 3 CD set last week. However, in a surprising move for those of us in other regions, SEGA has revealed via their blog that the soundtrack can also now be downloaded via iTunes and Amazon MP3.

You can download all 93 tracks digitally, one disc at a time. Each disc, or ‘volume’, will set you back £7.99 (meaning the total cost of the OST comes to £23.97) or you can purchase individual tracks for 79p apiece.

Will you be downloading the Sonic Lost World soundtrack? Let us know in the comments!

Source: SEGA Blog

Gotta Grrr Fast! Sonic Dog Costume


Sup Dawg’s? I got some Sonic news for you.

A Sonic the Hedgehog costume…. For dogs! A Sonic the Hedgehog costume… FOR DOGS! Erm… Can I fit it on a cat?

This costume has popped up for order on, current asking price is $20 + Postage. I can’t imagine it being official but. If you fancy turning Fido into the worlds fasted hedgehog. Well hot dog, nows your chance!

Pay no attention to the fact that they have just photoshopped the costume onto the dog and not managed to get one to sit still enough to put him in one. It’s a Sonic costume! For dogs! It comes in small, medium, large and extra large, though you might want to get on the dog n’ bone to get more accurate measurements.

Anyone here going to order one? Regardless as to if you own a dog? You’d be barking mad not to take avantage of this find.

Source: HalloweenCostumes

Edit: According to the website, this is indeed an official product.

Sonic Lost World OST Title and Art Revealed

lostworldostwithoutboundariesAs we reported last month, the official soundtrack to Sonic Lost World is set to be released in Japan on 27th November. Well today, thanks to some information from we can reveal both the title – “Without Boundaries” – and the cover art of the OST… which as you can see above, is absolutely covered in artwork of the Deadly Six. I guess the designers took the ‘without boundaries’ concept quite literally with regards to their copy and paste tools!

Without Boundaries will contain 93 songs from Sonic Lost World across 3 CD discs, performed by over 70 musicians and produced by Otani Tomoya who previously worked on the soundtracks to Sonic The Hedgehog (2006), Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Colours. Tracks you can expect to find on the album include the main theme “Wonder World”, the full version of “Windy Hill Zone 1”, and “The Deadly Six Theme”. The OST will feature a range of musical genres, from tango to synth pop to big band jazz.

Are you planning to get Without Boundaries? And even if not, what do you make of the Sonic Lost World soundtrack so far? Let us know in the comments!

Sonic Lost World OST to be released in November

Sonic Lost World July screenshots 29

A listing on the videogames music website VGMdb has revealed that the soundtrack to the upcoming Sonic Lost World is set to be released on 27th November in Japan. The OST will have a physical release spanning 3 CD discs, similar to that of Planetary Pieces (Sonic Unleashed) and Vivid Colors x Hybrid Sounds (Sonic Colours) before it. The soundtrack will be published by Wave Master Entertainment and will cost 4200 Japanese yen, and can be pre-ordered right now through HMV JP.

As the time of writing, the soundtrack currently has no official title beyond “Sonic Lost World Original Soundtrack” and no track listing has yet been unveiled, though you can of course expect to find all of the game’s level music as well as the main orchestral theme on there.

Credit goes to SSMB member Blue Wisp for the find.

What do you think of the music in Sonic Lost World so far? Do you have a favourite track from the few we’ve heard? Let us know in the comments!

Source: VGMdb

SEGA’s Super Sonic Raceway Experience at… Mercedes Benz World?


*holds hands up* I’ve tried, I promise you I have tried to find out as much as possible with this one, but I’m still at a bit of a loss when it comes to details and specifics. According to a handful or reports online. Sega have been holding a special Sonic event at Benz World. Not heard of Benz World? You know Mercedes Benz? Yes the car, they have a ‘Driving Experience Centre’ at a race course here in the UK. And, for some reason, Sega held a special day there.

Sega had a small presence there during this month in which they had face painting, showed off various Sonic products from the 2013 catalogue as well as Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. One of the more interesting products would be an unannounced Sonic Pinball game which you can see at the top.

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The Late Review: F4F Exclusive Tails Statue

f4ftailsWelcome to a new and hopefully not regular feature on TSS that I’m calling ‘The Late Review.’ What is The Late Review? Well, whilst I will always try to review something a few days after the said product comes out, something’s not possible, be it due to financial reasons, slow delivery or what is more likely, my own lazy bones just doesn’t want to do it, things can get delayed. In today’s case, it’s a bit more complicated. Anyway on with the review.

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Insert Coin Shows Off New Sonic Clothing


Well that didn’t take long! It was only a few days ago that we brought you news that Insert Coin were making a new line of Sonic & Sega clothing, today they showed off the designs.

It seems that this time it’s not just Sonic & Eggman that are getting attention. Whist there is a Sonic shirt as espected, there’s designs based on other characters and even one on the Green Hill Zone itself.

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