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  • SSMB Update: A New MB Has Been Chosen! Prepare Yourselves...

    I know, I haven't managed to get Ikonboard and Woltlab working in front of you and the YaBB seems to be the best one at working at the moment at showcase (THAT DOESN'T MEAN I'VE CHOSEN YABB!)

    And, with only one choice for a new MB, that leaves a poll a bit pointless.

    First of all, please read this before my decision...

    The Sega Sonic Message Board has been one of my most successful creations online. I am really proud of it, and proud that there are dedicated people that tune into this MB just to communise with each other. That makes me feel happy. Very happy. However, the SSMB was not always like this. No. SSMB had many a message board under this URL.

    First of all it was merely The Sonic Stadium Message Board. After no-one paid attention, because popularity of the Stadium was low (I had just launched it), I got annoyed, and changed it to Dreadknux's MB - with a different layout and all. Stadium got more popular, but this place didn't. After a fit of depression because of this place and renaming it 'The Dead Sonic Message Board', I decided to give it -ONE- last shot.

    People turned up, not long before they died down again. Until I kicked myself up the arse to do something about it to keep some people. That, coupled with possibly the SSMB's secret weapon - Sonic Guy. SG came across this place by chance of broken ankle, and since then has been dedicated to bring most of who are here today and keep them here. Of course, after SG rounded the first lot, you people brought your friends too. It soon became a regular activity between everyone on the board - SG, me, VG and all the other regulars gathered their online pals and real life pals too to check this place out.

    And oh, the times we have had. Countless Add-on Stories are now archived there, when at this point the reverse could have happened due to lack of interest - guys like Egghog are wittering on useless mumbo jumbo, much to my happiness, in the Chit Chat and Party topics forum. People have been showing their Fan stuff in the forums, and you lot have been getting along well with each other (mostly ^_^)

    There were times when I had this board when I thought "Wouldn't it be cool if I had a better looking board?" I mean, The Moogle Cavern was upgrading to YaBB, so was SFGHQ (although their servers are always down ^_^), I touched on the idea, and I kept having these bursts of trying to upgrade. I don't know, it's a kinda flaw of mine - whenever I see an opportunity to upgrade something needlessly, I do it, or try to do it. Then, in some cases, I end up regretting that decision.

    That's why I have come to my final decision now. Here's my thought on the matter...

    I think...

    that the MB we should keep is...

    ... the one we know best - Ezboard. Why try to upgrade something that is fast becoming a success anyway? And if we did all move to another board, it may suffer the same popularity problem that occurred when I first started out making Message Boards on Ezboard before SSMB.

    I am sorry for all of you that I worried during the time of this odd little phase of mine - as I said, it was a flaw of mine, and I see better and clearer now. Plus, this board has a lot (and I mean a LOT) of history here. Do we really want to just archive that in a 'look but don't touch' way while posting on a new MB, when we can be communising WITHIN the history that we have here.

    Therefore, I will be keeping this Ezboard - and if I ever get like that irrationally ever again, then tell me - don't be shy to ever bring forward your opinions on anything I do or plan.

    I am deleting all the accounts with the other MBs on it, as it's just a waste of space. However if you want the new YaBB board to stay online, then REPLY HERE saying so immediately, so that I can make the two boards co-exist with each other.

    More good news - We are getting a REDIRECT DOMAIN NAME for the Sega Sonic Message Board! Great huh? Now you don't need to type all that pub33 guff to get here soon. More on that when I get it.

    Plus, a few more cosmetic changes will be happening here - because I'm bored and need something to do mostly, but also to make it look less of a pit. ^_^

    Hope you're happy with my decision, and let's carry on as we mean to.... go on? o_@ Ah well, it was worth a shot at doing a memorable last sentence. Never mind. 🙂

    What you still doing here reading this? POST! SSMB lives on @ Ezboard!

    Online Comments: SSMB ezBoard

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