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    Sonic and Shadow Take the Stage in SEGA's Tokyo Game Show Photo Roundup

    Sonic Heroes, Sonic Battle, Merchandise and more!

    Missed out on the Tokyo Game Show this year because, well, you don't live in Japan? Don't worry, SEGA has got your back. The company just published a special TGS 2003 coverage webpage, with a whole range of photos taken from its booth - so you can get a guided tour of everything that was on show at the event.

    2003-tgssega1.jpg 2003-tgssega5.jpg

    The big Sonic games on show this year were Sonic Heroes and Sonic Battle, and not only did these titles get a lot of demo floor space but they were also the featured spotlight on a big SEGA stage throughout the day. Sonic and Shadow often arrived to meet and greet with fans, and Yuji Naka was seen on stage discussing the latest Sonic Team projects too.

    2003-tgssega2.jpg 2003-tgssega3.jpg

    There were also areas dedicated to other Sonic Team games, like Puyo Puyo and Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. The Phantasy Star Online section of the booth was vast, with stage demonstrations of new features coming to PSO Episode I & II as well as the upcoming PSO Episode 3. GBA bonus games such as NiGHTS into dreams were also showcased at the booth.


    It seemed like there were a lot of things to do there! Check out Sonic Team's full TGS "Report" page, as they have posted tons of exclusive on the scene pictures of the event.

    Note: Article header image courtesy of Kikizo.

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