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    New Non-Sonic Game, Bullet King, Hits Sonic Cafe Mobile Service

    An original Sonic Cafe title, as well!

    A new game has launched on the Japanese 'Sonic Cafe' mobile service, and it's not actually a Sonic game! Tama-Oh, also known as 'Bullet King', is a top-down shoot'em up much in the same style as Gradius, with the player controlling a ship tasked with taking down waves of enemies.


    According to the Sonic Cafe page for this game, it seems to function just like any other space shooter, with buttons for rapid fire and bombs and options to switch between continuous fire or single shot mode. On the right side of the screen, a gauge will go up depending on how many enemy bullets appear on screen. The higher the gauge, the higher the score you get when you take those enemies down.

    2003-tama2.gif 2003-tama3.gif 2003-tama4.gif

    Another feature of this game that might be unique to the genre include "bullet enemies", which spit back bullets that you fire into the play area. So, the more you shoot at this (or other on-screen) enemies, the more enemy bullets are returned your way. It can be a good way to increase your high score, but also puts you in a risky position.

     2003-tama5.gif 2003-tama6.gif 2003-tama7.gif

    Alongside a standard story mode, you can also register your high score to the server to compare with other players across the country. Bullet King is available on i-mode Docomo phones in the 505, 504 and 503 range.

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