Volume 2 of the Sonic Runners Soundtrack is Now Available on iTunes and Amazon!


To celebrate Sonic’s 24th anniversary, SEGA was internally working on their own take on the endless runner genre with their new mobile game, Sonic Runners. While the game was released early in smaller markets for testing, it finally dropped internationally on iOS and Android devices towards the end of June, and with it came the release of the first volume of the game’s soundtrack.

And now, just in time for Christmas, the EP-length Sonic Runners: Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 has finally arrived on digital streaming services!

The second volume, like the first, is solely composed by Tomoya Ohtani himself, and is mainly comprised of some of the music featured in recent in-game events – unsurprisingly, the music is gorgeous and an absolute blast to listen to, making the second volume a must-have for any Sonic OST fan’s library.

The track listing is as follows:

  1. “Going My Way” (1:01)
  2. “Go Quickly!” (3:09)
  3. “Fiery Passion” (3:34)
  4. “End of the Summer” (3:48)
  5. “Strange Parade” (3:42)
  6. “Magical Snow Day” (4:11)
  7. “Ambition” (3:54)

The second volume is available now on iTunes (UK / US) and Amazon (UK / US), with individual tracks costing £0.79 / $0.99 a pop. If you choose to get the entire 7-track album right away, the price sits at an affordable £5.53 / $6.93 – with Vol. 2 sounding as beautiful as it does, it’s an absolute steal!

Planning on downloading this gem for yourself? If you’ve already bought the album, which track is your favourite of the bunch? Sound off below!

Tomy Reveals 25th Anniversary Toyline For July 2016

25th aniversary figures

“Ok Detective TSS! Are there any clues as to the next Sonic game?” Well F4F saying that their 25th anniversary statue must be classic, press material from various licensing and toy fairs saying classic. Interviews also saying classic. And now Tomy are releasing a classic themed toy line with the 25th anniversary logo all over it…

It’s hard not to jump to conclusions, it’s really hard, so many signs indicate that next year will be a classic themed one, why would there not be a game to support that, anyway…

Found in Tomy’s catalogue for 2016 are a bunch of classic Sonic toys complete with a new version of the 25th anniversary logo. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman are set to get a plush toy release and Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are also going to get a figure release with a collectable coin.

Now these are clearly just mockup images as they use the Boom figures as place holder images and official art as place holders for the plush line.

In just over a months time there is both London and New York Toy Fair which would be the most likely place for them to make their first appearance.

Items are set for release July 2016.

Keep checking TSS for more information as and when we get it.

Thanks again to Lhancat for the find. 

Tomy Reveals New 2016 Sonic Boom Toys


It never fails to amuse me when I see someone say “The Boom toys are a failure!” despite the fact that they’ve continued to expand over the last year, both in quantity and availability, well it looks like that trend is going to continue into 2016.

Tomy has just revealed via their catalogue for 2016 a boom in the number of new Sonic Boom toys. Coming in 2016 are new plush lines, including Metal Sonic, Shadow, Amy and for the first time ever Sticks is to get a plush incarnation.

Also included in the range are new action figures including the odd one or two badniks, Shadow, Metal Sonic and even a new Eggman model. But the surprises don’t stop there, Orbot and Cubot are also going to get a plush incarnation, another merchandise first for Tomy.

Thanks to Lhancat for bringing this to our attention.

Want 10% Off That New Sega Merchandise?


If you’ve not read our review on the new Sega merchandise by Numskull, you should really give it a read, the products are actually pretty good.

But you know what’s better than really good merchandise? Money off said merchandise, that’s why our friends at Rubber Road have provided TSS and it’s readers with a special discount code to use at Yellow Bulldog to get money off your order.

That code is: STADIUM10

If you enter that code during your checkout you’ll get 10% off your order, it seems to work with any item on their website (excluding sales items) and since they’ve just started to sell those Christmas Jumpers, you might find this code of use!

So if you were interested in the products before hand or our review has convinced you to buy them, have 10% off!

Remember, code is only valid at this website: YellowBulldog.co.uk

P.S. Yes they post outside the UK, but do check all the details before ordering.

TSS Reviews: Numskull’s Sega Merchandise

numskullmerchThe products in this review were provided by Numskull (unless otherwise stated).

So odds are if you’ve been inside GAME, Forbidden Planet or another store which sells video game themed merchandise you’ll probably have seen various Sony themed products creeping in, such as cuff links, wallets and key rings.

I’ve noticed, and I always think ‘those look pretty cool’. Well, now it seems to be the turn of Sega systems to get this treatment.

Numskull, the company behind these products has partnered with Sega to produce a series of Sega themed products just in time for Christmas, and I have to say, my initial impressions are ‘these are some pretty cool products.’

Currently available to buy are a Mega Drive Key Ring, Mega Drive Console Wallet and a pair of Mega Drive Cufflinks. Coming soon are some products based on the Sega Master System, however at the time of the review these do not appear to have been released yet.

The Wallet


I think I should start off with my least favourite of the three, the wallet. As it happens, I’m actually in desperate need for a new wallet. Mine is completely falling apart so when I saw this I was pretty excited, the design has captured the classic console exactly and they’ve even included the underside details, it would have been so easy to leave the back of this plain black, however they’ve added the extra detail which is always appreciated.

However when I opened the wallet, I quickly discovered that I would never be using this wallet and felt a tad let down.


Whilst the outer shell of the wallet looks really cool, the inside isn’t that great from a practical standpoint. Now this might just be me, but I make a point to get a wallet which has some kind of change compartment, unlike many countries which have a $1 note, the UK doesn’t have notes for £1, we have coins, which means we often have change in our wallets.

At least my wallet does.

Whilst there’s an ID holder which is useful, there doesn’t appear to be that many card compartments compared to my current wallet so if you have tons of cards, be it for cash, stores or travel, odds are you may end up fumbling through the wallet to find stuff…

But again, this might just be me, hence why I tend to go for much larger wallets with lots of compartments.

However, if you don’t have many cards, never carry coins, this is a pretty decent wallet, it does exactly what it’s design to, it’s a wallet, it says “Hello I am a wallet, I will do what a wallet does, and I happen to have a MegaDrive design” if that’s something you’re into, what’s the problem? Odds are you’ll like it and use it.

Although, you’ll probably need to empty your current wallet to get one, it’s priced at £14.99 at the moment. But that said, this seems to be the going rate for a lot of licensed wallets these days, some of which are even more.

Overall, I could sit here and praise this to death, or slate it to death, but the fact is, this is one of those products where you look at it and decide if you like it or not. It’s a wallet, we don’t usually make too many decisions on these other than if it looks like it’ll hold everything we carry around.

MegaDrive Keyring


THIS IS AWESOME! I first saw the render of this and thought ‘there is no way it’ll be that detailed’ oh it is! It is that detailed! Every part of the console has been captured perfectly onto this keyring, there is even some small movement in the volume and power switches!

How detailed is this? You know the reset button, it has the tiny black dots on them! they could have so easily left that white and nobody would have cared, yet the detail is there. Even the underside of the keyring has the consoles various air vents and stands! There’s tiny controller ports on it too!

It’s very hard to have a problem with this, in fact the only flaw I can find is that the power text is a little off, but otherwise it’s near flawless. Carrying a price tag of £4.99 this is well worth the money.

Cannot wait to see the Master System keyring now!



Now these are really cool, I have never had a shirt which uses cufflinks, but every time I see some themed cufflinks something in my head always goes ‘I should start wearing those,’ well if I do decide to wear shirts like that, these are the cufflinks I’m using.

As with the keyring, the level of detail on these is very impressive. Capturing both the controllers buttons and D-Pad there appear to be no faults or noticeable errors that I can see. Again, quality was an important factor in the design and creation of these it seems.

Now here is where personally things get interesting for me, whilst I wouldn’t ever use these for their intended purposes, as a collector of game related stuff, I don’t particularly care, I could so easily place these on a small glass block and place them inside a display cabinet, or mount them onto a board and display them.

Whilst as a practical item of clothing they’re fine, as a collectors piece they are also highly attractive. My stance on these is similar to that of the wallet, as a practical thing, it does exactly what it should, however unlike the wallet, these a much higher cool factor to them, as a collector I’m already thinking of places and ways I want to display them, odds are some of you are probably doing the same.

The price tag on these is £14.99, which feels about right if I’m honest with you.


The products I was sent to look at are really cool and of excellent quality, even if I try to find faults or deliberately look for a problem, I can’t find one, or the issue is so minor to complain about it would be petty. The only major problem I have is that I don’t like the wallet, but you could change the wallets design to anything and I still wouldn’t like it, because I prefer a different kind of wallet. But if you like that kind of wallet design/layout, it’s great, although there is no way to test the longevity of it, given the material it’s made from I doubt the design or the integrity will last forever.

The keyring and the cufflinks for me are the main attractions and the best products by far. I utterly love them both, the keyring is an absolute bargain at it’s low price point. Sit up and take notice those people who buy licenses like this and produce cheap merchandise, or merchandise which is amazingly overpriced for what it is/does. Numskull have got it absolutely spot on, high quality merchandise which doesn’t cost an arm or a leg. Bravo.

You can find these products on sale at YellowBulldog.co.uk, TSS members can get an exclusive discount so see this article for more details on that one.
You’ll Love:
+ Quality is very high
+ The sense of cool which oozes all over the place when you see them in person.
+ Fiddling with the cufflinks.
+ Fiddling with the keyring.

You’ll Hate:
– Price of the wallet.
– That wallet won’t last forever with regular use.

Second Opinion by VEDJ-Fvedj-f

Now we have a second opinion from another staff member, VEDJ-F. It should be noted that she bought these products using her own money. Everything written from this moment on is from the perspective of someone who used their own money to get the products.

After the release of the pretty darn good console-themed notebooks (of which I want to get the other SEGA consoles other than Mega Drive), Numskull has delved into a line of paraphernalia dedicated to the SEGA console line, with wallets, keychains and even a pair of cufflinks. So here’s my two pennies on the line.

Outside of the products themselves, the packaging is pretty swish, opting for the same sort of background as SEGA Ultimate Mega Drive Collection would use (only in purple for some reason). Each one has a unique blurb about the product or SEGA, and between the three I bought were references to MC Hammer and Streets of Rage, if only in the form of name drops. The packaging was a bit on the scuffed side (and the plastic wrap on the keychain a bit open at the sides), but I wouldn’t say it was major damage, nor did it affect the actual items.

The first item in my grab list was the Mega Drive console wallet, although there’s also a MD controller design also available. The material feels like a faux leather kind of texture with some padding underneath, so it seems like it would be durable. It’s a simple non-fastening wallet with the usual card slots and window slot for ID, so don’t expect any bells or whistles, just functionality (albeit with the Mega Drive logo embossed inside). The design, like the notebook before it, is a 2D graphic representation of the console, including the details on the bottom of the console as well. It’s simplistic, but the monochromatic and red colour scheme combined with the distinctive features means it’s still very nice to look at. £15 was what I paid for this wallet, and that tends to be the going price for these sorts of collectables. I would have personally put it a bit lower at maybe £12 given the simple function.

The second item I got was the pair of cufflinks. The cufflinks are metal aside from the design front which is plastic for both. These are fashioned after the controllers of the Mega Drive, one for the trigger buttons and start, the other for the D-pad. It’s an interesting thematic choice, and it makes for a fun, unconventional matching pair. It’s especially nice when the details are actually raised on instead of simply drawn, gives an extra sense of effort in them. That said, I’m not sure how much use these would get outside of novelty; the situations where you’d need cufflinks are pretty limited and usually very formal, but if you want to have some fun with it, then by all means do. Like the wallet, these were £15 for the pair, but I have no idea on conventional cufflink market prices.

The last item of the bunch was the Mega Drive keychain, but there is also a Master System one about. I was expecting this to be a block of rubber, so I was very surprised to find out this is actually all plastic, so the charm won’t be as prone to damage from knocks and snags. Despite its small size, it’s a very faithful recreation of the console in charm form. The vents, the bottom panels and the cartridge slot flaps are all textured, there are even tiny switches and the reset button has the texture painted on. The chain itself is also very well secured into the charm, so it’s not coming loose unless the chain itself breaks. It’s probably my favourite item of the bunch for how far they went in being faithful to detail, and at £5 it’s also the item that’s most affordable with pocket money change.

Overall, I’d say these items are very nice. For all I’ve said about merchandise often being a bit dearer than bog standard, you can’t say Numskull didn’t put in the effort to give bang for your quid. You might be better off with something more plain if you just want something that functions, but if you want a little bit of flair to your possessions, are a fan of SEGA, are taking part in a Secret Santa or just want a little something to give as a gift, you can’t go wrong with these (unless the recipient was on the Nintendo side of the console war).

Sonic Boom Monopoly Revealed


First announced several months ago, there has been little information regarding the Sonic Boom Monopoloy game depite both the show and the toyline doing really well, however retailer Forbidden Planet have today  posted a listing of the game which includes price and a release date.

The game is set to be released on November 30th of this year and it’s priced at quite a hefty £29.99.

From the quality of the photo it’s difficult to see what each board sapce is based on, however from a quick inspection it seems to be based on Sonic Boom the TV series and not the disasterous videogame which is exactly one year old today… happy birthday.

Furthermore, no game pieces can be seen but money has different characters on it depening on it’s value.

Just think, soon you’ll be able to build a hotel complex on Meh Burger or stay at Hotel Del Sticks or own property at Eggmans Base.

Going to buy this? Let us know in the comments.

More 25th Anniversary Licensing Details Discovered at BLE 2015


We’ve had a few items up this week regarding Brand Licensing Europe, but one thing we’ve not yet told you all is that we actually had someone at Brand Licensing Europe to check out the various booths, the reason being is that in the past not many websites/blogs bother to take pics or cover the Sega booth, so we sent our own guy, despite this year being odd in that Sega decided to advertise their own booth on twitter, our guy was able to take some additional photos and provide some new information.


The 25th Anniversary area simply had t-shirts, including two of Sonic himself (one being the box art of Sonic 1). On the other side of that wall was a sketch of a Classic Sonic ‘get ready’ pose, with an interesting little ‘GOTTA GO FAST’ logo featuring AoStH Sonic at the bottom. I tried to snag a look inside those Sonic bags that people were toting around, but all I could see was promotional material picked up from other booths.

Elsewhere in the booth, there were a few new Sonic Boom renders plastered about and the television was showcasing various trailers of season 1 of the Sonic Boom cartoon and SEGA properties like Football Manager and Total War. There were t-shirts to go with these, but you have already published photos of them on the site.

The Christmas Sonic jumper was also there; although it was difficult to get a good picture of it because people were often walking past or huddled in front of it. There is also a bag at the front (bottom right) of the image, as well as a couple of other jumpers and an Ecco t-shirt at the back, but again, people persistently positioned their bodies in inconvenient places.

Looking at the images from our correspondent myself. It would appear as if Sega are not only heavily pushing active franchises, but there is also a big desire to push what seems to be dubbed ‘The Retro Collection’


Alex Kidd, Alien Syndrome, Altered Beast, Ecco, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and Shinobi are all listed as being licenses up for grabs. That’s quite a wealth of content right there! Would love to own some more Streets of Rage stuff, just hope that also includes Streets of Rage 2 & 3 and not just the first game.

But let’s bring it back to Sonic for now, in the last few months since we first saw the 25th Anniversary logo, we keep seeing words like ‘Classic’ and ‘Heritage’ being branded about. This is the first time that we have seen the 25th Anniversary logo and some of the promotional material for it in close and clear proximity.


The use of the classic Sonic as a sketch, that to me screams of origins/early creation, then we have the leaflet all of what appear to be T-Shirt design, notice how they are all classic era designs. No sign of any modern Sonic, or any other modern character for that matter.

Sadly there are still no clues on the content for the next big Sonic game, however with Sega promoting the 25th as being classic and heritage based and also confirming that they are intending to celebrate it, to not have a game which ties into this seems like a missed opportunity.

Very special thanks to SSMB member Pawn for the photographs and report.

Sega’s Booth At Brand Licensing Europe: 25th Anniversary & Boom Spotted

ble2015booth1More Brand Licensing news, several images of Sega’s booth have been posted on twitter by none other than Sega’s own Tadashi Takezaki!

The booth appears to at first be very Sonic Boom heavy, however there are other Sega games around the outside of the booth including a ‘retro collection’ area.

However, eagle eyed readers may also find the image at the top of this article of interest, we can see the 25th anniversary logo again but this one is on a mural of classic Sonic and Eggman from Sonic 1. Is this a further clue as to the tone/nature of next year?

But more interestingly… is the fact that it was Tadashi Takezaki who took these images in the first place, in previous licensing events, both in Europe and the United Stages, it’s normally the local staff who handle and run the event, this is the first time that someone from Sega of Japan has been brought over to oversee an event. Dare I suggest that there is something of high importance at Brand Licensing Europe which he has gone over to oversee?

You can see the rest of the images in the gallery, keep checking TSS for more updates as and when we get them.

Source: Twitter

UPDATE: Sonic Boom Amy & Tails Official Mascot Costumes Spotted at BLE 2015


UPDATE: A new photo has been discovered.



Well we’ve had Sonic, so why not Tails & Amy too?

London’s Brand Licensing Europe 2015 is under way and Sega are attending the event and it would appear that they are trying to sell more Sonic Boom licenses. Well to aid them with this, it would appear that the Sonic Mascot is now joined by Tails and Amy.

In a picture posted to twitter by twitter user Ahrani of the show floor, the photo caught a glimpse of Sega’s booth, if you look closer (you may need to check the original tweet itself for the best quality), you can make out Amy & Tails mascot characters.

This would be the first time Amy & Tails have been seen in their Sonic Boom designs as mascot characters. In fact it might be the first time that Amy has ever appeared as an official costume and Tails’ last outing was way back in the mid 90’s.

So if you thought that Boom would be going away, better think again, you don’t spend a small fortune on costumes like this if you intend to shelf it soon within a year.

Odds are more information will come to light in the next few days, keep checking TSS for more information as and when we get it.

Source: Twitter

Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice Kid’s Meal Toys Now Available at Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s


Although Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice has been delayed until next year, that’s not stopping Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s from promoting the game with Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice Cool Kids Combos . While they’re nothing too spectacular, they’re miles above what you got in the Del Taco Sonic Boom kids meal. You can collect up to four different toys in the set which each kids combo meal you purchase. These toys include…..

Splat Ball – See Sonic Boom characters on this soft, squishy ball. Turn your best friends into your greatest enemies as you splash them with water in these cool winter temperatures.

Sonic The Hedgehog Figure – This rolling Sonic the Hedgehog figure really shines! (Note to self: Get a few of these. Spray paint Sonic gold and make into award trophies for next Sonic fan convention.)

Board Game – You can play as Sonic, Tails, Sticks, Amy or Knuckles! Be the first to reach the end and win, but watch out for enemy attacks. Like the Del Taco toy, you have to build your own dice, but it does look like a more traditional board game.

Communicator with Secret Compartment – Lift the top off of this wristband to reveal a secret compartment. This can also be great for cosplay if you’re making a Sonic Boom costume for Halloween.

The promotion will be going on until early November. You can check out the website for more info at www.carlscoolkids.com. While you’re there, check out the funzone for Sonic Boom Wallpapers and more.


GE Entertainment Announces A Super Shadow Plush



Well, there’s no stopping GE Entertainment is there, surprising everyone since they haven’t even teased this, GE have announced a new plush to their Sonic line, and as before it’s one which has never been released in a plush form before.

Super Shadow!

Thats right, Ow the Edgehog, as many call him, will soon be available in his super form for the first time ever. Plush stands at 10 inches tall, no pricing or release date yet, as is usual with these things.

And once again you’ll have to resort to Ebay/Amazon sellers in order to get one… no I don’t understand why this is still a thing either.

So Blue Believers what do you think of this? Like it? Hate it? Needs more Edge? Let us know in the comments.

G.E. Entertainment Reveals Their Vector Crocodile Plush


It’s not even been a month! GE Entertainment contnues to make our wallets hurt, this time it’s Vectors turn to get the reveal.

As usual, no details on pricing yet, but size wise this thing is a huge 14 inches tall! Exact release date hasn’t been announced, but the fact it’s on their website suggests it’s on the way, odds are they’ll release Blaze and Vector around the same time like they did with Big & Espio

As with many of their plushes, this is the first time that Vector has ever been in a plush form (officially).

As always, only Ebay & Amazon sellers will stock these.

Edit: You know, these things are so regular I’m half tempted to just write a template and fill in the missing details when a new one is announced/revealed.

Sonic Boom Fire & Ice to Get Fast Food Toys

sonicboomfireicecarlfastfoodAccording to a ‘now deleted’ tweet by the CDM company, Sonic Boom Fire & Ice toys are on the way to Carls Jr. and Hardee’s. For those who don’t live in the US, that’s a burger/fast food chain.

The exact tweet was as follows.

Meal bags are in! Sonic Boom Fire & Ice is coming to #carlsjr October 7 and #hardees October 5! #sonicboompic.twitter.com/EjSBRkJuK6

— The CDM Company (@TheCDMCompany) September 2, 2015

But this was soon deleted suggesting there was an embargo placed on this announcement for reasons we don’t understand.

Especially since the exact same announcement is still up and has been up for a rather lengthy period of time on the Carls Cool Kids website which CDM Company apparently handles (see pic above).

So anyway, it looks like fast food toys for Sonic Boom Fire & Ice are on the way, this is great news, now if only we could get a side order of a new trailer or a large screenshot of fires to go with that since there has been no news about the game at all since announcement.

What do you guys think? Excited about the toys? Going to go to Carls Jr. and Hardee’s just for the toot? Going to get Boom Fire & Ice despite there being no information about it? See that thing below that’s a comment box, you can say stuff like “I WANT TOYS!” or “TOYS!? YOU MEAN ACTION FIGURES!” Let us and your fellow blue believers know, Toys! Burgers! Fires oh my! TOYS! BURGERS! FRIES! OH MY!

G.E. Entertainment Reveals The Blaze Plush


Well there’s no stopping GE Entertainment is there? Barely a few months since Big & Espio came out, now it looks like Blaze is going to be heading our way very soon.

No details on pricing yet, but size wise, it’s slightly taller than their Rouge plush and a bit smaller than the recently released Espio plush. Exact release date hasn’t been announced, but the fact it’s on their website suggests it’s on the way.

Incidentally, this is the first time that Blaze has ever been in a plush form (officially).

As always, only ebay & amazon sellers will stock these.

Thanks to Ogilvie for the heads up

Sonic Boom Costumes Now Available at Amazon

stickscostumeThe costumes have landed.

A few months ago, Rubies Costume Co announced that it would be making costumes based on Sonic Boom, well it looks like the first wave of costumes are now available to buy on Amazon.


The costumes are currently only in child sizes and so far only Amy & Sticks have been released. However, Rubies did previously release Sonic costumes in adult sizes so if you really want them you never know.

So if you have any younger siblings who are into Sonic Boom, these might interest them.

Source: Amazon

Merch Alert: Forbidden Planet stocking numerous new Sonic/Sega items


From out of virtually nowhere…

As part of their new ’16 bit Summer’ initiative, UK based pop-culture megastore Forbidden Planet have begun stocking numerous new merchandise items based off of classic Megadrive box art/cartridges. Thanks to Forbidden Planet, you can now have all of your following everyday items with Sonic 1’s classic megadrive box art:

  • Mug (£7.99)
  • Passport Holder (£4.99)
  • Travel Card Holder (£2.99)
  • T-Shirts (regular fitting or Skinny fitting) (£14.99)
  • Greetings Cards (£2.25)

All of the above are pretty awesome, but come on! Sonic 1 greetings cards! How awesome is that? If you don’t particularly feel like indulging yourself in more Sonic, all of the above are available with artwork from other classic SEGA games. The full list is as follows:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Alex Kidd and the Enchanted Castle
  • Ecco the Dolphin
  • Streets of Rage
  • Altered Beast
  • Golden Axe
  • The Revenge of Shinobi

You can browse the full range on Forbidden Planet’s website.

Grabbing any of these for yourself? Let us know!

Three New Sonic Rides Announced For Joypolis China

joypolis china

How many of you have heard of Joypolis? Joypolis has been somewhat of a must travel destination for many older Sonic and Sega fans, a huge indoor theme park full of Sonic and Sega related rides and attractions.

Well Sega have opened a new park, in China, and it has 3 new Sonic theme arcade games/rides.

The attractions are as follows.

Sonic Tropical Resort


A ride based on the level from Sonic Colours, you sit in small cars decorated with wisps and fly in the air. You’ve probably seen similar rides like this at various fairs and theme parks.

Sonic Star Race


Sonic star race is a ‘dodgems/Bumper Cars’ ride in which guests drive Sonic themed cars and dodge/bump into other guests.

And finally…

Sonic Adventure Jump


Sonic Adventure Jump appears to be some kind of movie/cinematic experience, however the rough translation gives a most curious description…

Customers through the eyes of LED large screen showing a 3D image, with the lift operation.
So that passengers can enjoy in real life you can not experience the thrill of the Mercedes-Benz.

This to me sounds like you sit in those chairs, wear 3D glasses and go on an adventure as if you are actually Sonic? The chairs move depending on Sonic’s movements? If you’ve been on the Shrek 4D ride or the Terminator 2 3D ride you might have some idea as to what to expect.

So there you go, now you can stop asking for a new Sonic Adventure game, there it is.

All of these attractions are at the moment exclusive to Joypolis China.

SEGA Europe Appoints CPLG to Handle Sonic Licensing in Europe


SEGA Europe has appointed CPLG (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group) to handle its Sonic the Hedgehog licensing business in Europe. This deal will see the agency promoting both the Sonic Boom and Classic Sonic brands across all major European territories, utilizing the Sonic Boom TV series and by launching exciting new products.

CPLG is a big player in licensing and responsible for some major brands, like Tony Hawk, Jurassic World, Minions, Skylanders, Kiss, Sesame Street and more. No doubt it will be interesting to see what promotions and products we will see develop from this deal.

Source: Licensing.biz

First 4 Figures Asking for ideas for 25th Anniversary Statue



Every main anniversary Sonic has had in recent years has been commemorated with some form of limited collectible figurine, and now First 4 Figures is asking us for ideas for what the all-important 25th anniversary piece should be.

The company reached out on Facebook asking fans for ideas and suggestions for what the should be implemented into the 25th anniversary statue:

So… About that 25th anniversary of Sonic.

The F4F ‘veterans’ amongst you will remember that SEGA commissioned us to produce a run of limited figurines for the 20th anniversary nearly 5 years ago, and now our creative cogs are turning once again for next year.

What would your ideal 25th anniversary statue look like? Throw your ideas/wish lists our way! There’s only a few things you need to keep in mind:

-Classic Sonic is to be the main focus, but don’t let that stop you from including other things from his history such as classic items.

-The statue needs to be as all-encompassing as possible

Unlike last time, SEGA will allow us to sell these to Sonic fans the world over, so let’s hear you!

My favourite part of this: We’ll actually be able to buy this one without having to pay small fortunes on eBay! Hurray!

Interestingly, First 4 Figures has requested to keep this piece as a Classic Sonic focussed piece… Interesting.

Head on over to F4F’s Facebook page to submit your ideas, and allow me to start pouring all my earnings into the newly created ‘F4F Anniversary Statue Fund’.

Sonic Runners OST Now Available on iTunes and Amazon

runnersostThe mobile exclusive Sonic Runners finally makes its worldwide debut tomorrow on iOS and Android devices – and to celebrate, SEGA are pulling out all the stops by releasing the first volume of the game’s original soundtrack on iTunes and Amazon in the UK and US.

All six of the tracks on this initial release are composed by Tomoya Ohtani, who has worked on a number of Sonic titles during his career – most notably Sonic Lost World and Sonic Unleashed in recent years. Even when the standard of a Sonic game is up for debate, the soundtrack often stands out as an undisputed highlight and the usual trend of catchy rhythms and quality compositions continues here, with some excellent level themes and other tunes on offer for your musical pleasure.

Sonic Runners OST Volume 1 consists of the following track listing:

1. Beyond The Speed Of…
2. Fly Away
3. Power Ride
4. Theory Of Attack
5. Spring Emotions
6. Where To Today?

Whether or not you intend to try out Sonic Runners itself, you can download the soundtrack right now from iTunes (UK / US) or Amazon (UK / US) – individual tracks cost £0.79 / $0.99 apiece, or the full six track collection will set you back a rather affordable £4.74 / $5.94. Not too shabby!

It is expected that further volumes of the soundtrack will be released at a later date – watch this space, we’ll let you know as soon as details are announced!

Are you all ears to hear this news and plan on downloading the Sonic Runners OST? Got a favourite track from this first volume? Let us know in the comments!

A Not-So-Little Look at: First 4 Figures Dr. Eggman Statue


Today was a rather special day for me.

Earlier today, I took delivery of one of the largest collectible boxes I’m likely to receive in my life, containing what is likely to become one of my favourite merch items ever. It’s First 4 Figures’ latest release and of my favourite character in the series ever: Dr. Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik. So without further ado, here’s some absurd-resolution images of what $400 worth of maniacal painted polystone will get you.

The moment old Postman Pat turned up with it, the initial thoughts crossed my mind:

“Big box. Big box. Biiiiiiig box”

To give an idea as to how massive this box actually is, you could probably hide and mail a small child to a different country inside it if you really wanted to (though I don’t recommend trying this).

The inside art box gives us our first look at a very nicely presented package. Seriously, it’s a shame the art boxes are too nice to throw away. They’re starting to take over my home. If you’re like me, you’ll want to keep hold of the plain cardboard shipper box too to keep this arty box looking swish. As well as the normal character description on the reverse, there are plenty of nice art renders on the side as well to gawp at.

Let’s pull the tab and get inside…


Another thing that F4F love doing is embossing the Styrofoam interior with embossed writing and pictures. As far as First 4 Figures pieces go, it’s business as usual. We also get a peek at Eggman’s authenticity card. Also… I spy discrepancies. ‘Eggman’ on the box, and now ‘Robotnik’ on the Styrofoam? This warrants further investigation. Let’s get the lid off.

Eggman’s package contains a whole lot of different parts: 10 pieces in total. All made up of a base, two Chaos Emeralds, four hands, the left and right halves of Eggman’s moustache and finally the good doctor’s body itself. I must admit that seeing him with no moustache is rather unsettling.

Assembling Ivo is rather simple. Align the large peg in his leg into the hole on the Wing Fortress base, put his moustache into place and then simply choose whatever hands you wish to display him with. The hands themselves are actually magnetic, meaning that fiddling around with metal pegs and awkward positioning is essentially a non-issue.


Just like that, we have a near two-foot tall menace to terrorise Sonic and his friends. Let’s take a look at some of the smaller details you may have missed.


Firstly, here’s the underside of the base. ‘Eggman’ again. Hmm. It gives the usual licensing details and what number you’ve got. Number 25 of 1000 for me!

Despite not appearing the bulkiest of things, this base has a surprising amount of heft to it. I’d say a good bulk of the statue’s weight comes from this alone. Good stability. This is a good thing. The top of the base goes with a really sweet looking hexagonal checker-plate style pattern with an oily looking glaze to it. I’m not one for rivet counting, but the detailing around the base adds a lovely little touch of authenticity to the metalwork appearance.

Moving on up to Eggman himself. For such a simple character, there’s really a surprising amount of detail crammed into this bowling ball with arms. The buttons on his waist for instance are nice and shiny, as are the ones on his cuffs. As a matter of fact, these even have little ‘threads’ moulded into them.

My favourite part of Eggman has to be his head. The moustache has plenty of hand-painted lines to aid in adding detail. His mouth has a real amount of depth to it, and the tongue and teeth really pop. My absolute favourite part though has to be those glasses. They’re shiny. Really, really, REALLY shiny.

One of the noted features on Eggman has to be his set of swappable hands. Even the empty hands carry a nice amount of detail, with visible seams along his gloves. Being magnetic allows these empty hands to be switched out for a set of emerald-holding hands, which add an additional splash of colour to the statue’s palette. The emeralds themselves are big, clear, shiny and refract light just as you would expect them to. The swappable nature of them allows for quite a few different display options:

What about scale? As already mentioned, Eggman is nearly 2 feet in height, meaning he’s meant to be directly in scale with other characters in the series. Putting him alongside his blue nemesis shows the scaling is pretty spot-on. He looks really cool put next to Metal Sonic as well.

One other thing… I’d like to show you a comparison to that really scarce Japanese statue from years back. The pose is the same, but I’d wager that F4F Eggman is at least four to five times the size.


With that, let’s put him in his new home. Thankfully, other statues seem to fit rather tidily under each of his arms!


Have any of you been lucky enough to get your hands on an Eggman of your own? Let us know!

Sonic Runners Merchandise Coming to Joypolis

sonic runners merchWell Sega must be pretty happy with how Sonic Runners is doing if this pic is to be believed. Later this month, Joypolis will be hosting a Sonic themed birthday party for Sonic’s 24th birthday, in a post on the Sega’s Joypolis website, there are what appear to be new Sonic Runners themed merchandise.

To launch at the event & to be given away as gifts to attendees, there will be new Sonic Runners themed ‘clear files’ (folders), and a Sonic Runners drinking flask.

Odds are these will never be seen outside of Joypolis, however, the fact they have been commissioned says that Sega definitely view Sonic Runners as being a success even though it’s still in a Soft Launch testing window period.

Source: Joypolis

Sonic Spinball Ride To Close For Safety Enhancements

Sonic at Sonic Spinball ride

Last Tuesday, there was a terrible crash at the Alton Towers theme Park in which 4 people were seriously injured on the Smiler roller-coaster, which resulting in Alton Towers being closed until the Health & Safety Executive and Alton Towers could conduct a full investigation.

Following the accident, the park owners (Merlin Entertainments) announced that they would be upgrading several rides across several different theme parks with additional safety features and standards. Some of these features were put into place instantly, some however required rides to be closed until additional safety features could be put into place. The specifics of these were not given, however they did say that the majority were software upgrades on pre-existing systems.

Today Alton Towers has announced that the park will reopen on Monday, however the Smiler and the entire section of park which it’s found in will remain closed to the public.

You’re probably thinking, what does this have to do with Sonic?

Well, Alton Towers has the Sonic Spinball ride, despite not being in the same section of park as the Smiler, it too will be closed on Monday for an unknown period of time until “Enhanced Safety Protocols have been implemented.”

Now before people react in an alarmist manner, Sonic Spinball is a safe ride which meets all safety standards, it’s just that Merlin Entertainments has been looking at all it’s rides and carrying out upgrades and enhancements on similar rides in response to Tuesdays terrible accident. Heck I went on it last year and I had a blast, I’ll probably go on it again when I go back later this year, it’s a fun ride.

However, as a response to the accident, Sonic Spinball will be closed for an undisclosed period of time until the upgrades can be fully implemented. So if you were planning on going soon since it’s near the end of school/college/university term to specifically go on the Sonic Spinball ride, you might want to change your dates.

For more information on how to do that, you’re best contacting Alton Towers directly who have been refunding/changing ticket dates for people.

Source: Alton Towers

Sonic Boom Themed Monopoly, Top Trumps & Other More Coming Soon

sonic monopoly

In the newest issue of Toy World Magazine, there is a small section on Sega Europe in which they detail plans for Sonic Boom themed products which will be released in the UK and IRE later this year. Aside from confirming Sonic Boom the TV show and the toyline from Tomy, they also detail a number of previously unannounced products.

The products detailed are as follows.

  • Sonic Boom Themed Monopoly Game
  • Sonic Boom Themed Top Trumps
  • Adult & Child clothing line from TVM
  • Sonic Boom branded headphones & speakers.

There’s no firm release date for these products, other than autumn, however the TVM clothing line could be coming to Tesco stores as early as Summer 2015.

Source: ToyWorld Mag

G.E. Entertainment Reveals New Big & Espio Plushies

bigplushGE Entertainment have been on a roll lately with their plush lines, as well as being the first company to make a plush on Jet The Hawk, they’ve also produced Rouge, Chaos Zero and Classic Robotnik.

Well, it looks like Big & Espio are up next.

Both these characters haven’t had much love when it comes to plush lines, Jazwares didn’t put their Big plush into production, fans now have to rely on finding a Sonic Adventure era plush for big which is kinda pricey. Espio is even worse, he was only released in the Sonic the Fighters plush line.


But now, both these characters will get a new plush incarnation thanks to GE. No details on release yet, but no doubt it’ll be coming out very soon since GE usually lists their products very close to release.

How can you get one? Ebay and Amazon sellers are the most likely candidates.

Thanks to Ogilvie for the heads up


Sonic Boom In-store Concepts Found

sega9At this time, it’s hard to dismiss the notion that Sonic Boom, for all its intents hasn’t worked out at all in the way SEGA hoped it would. Now, UK based marketing company ‘Big Evil Robot’ has offered a look at an awesome (but in hindsight quite sad) look at what UK based toy stores like Toys R Us and Smyths could have looked like had Sonic Boom really taken off.

From Big Evil Robot’s website:

SEGA – SONIC BOOM! Shopper Experience

BRIEF : SEGA came to us looking for concepts to expand the launch of their new exclusive to the Wii U game, ‘Sonic Boom!’ as well as deepen engagement and interactivity levels with younger children.

IDEA: We created an eco-system of consumer engagement experiences that would get product into kids hands, generate word of mouth excitement and ultimately led to purchase. A  multi-activity roadshow, promoting the new game with the added bonus of being designed to keep kids fit, by creating playful physical activities

  • Augmented Reality ‘in-store’ interaction
  • iPad Remote controlled inflatable ‘drones’
  • Sonic ‘Speed Zorbing’ & Bungee Run
  • Interactive POS
  • Photo opportunities with core characters
  • Spot prizes and treasure hunts




The company hoped to shape a whole brand identity around the Sonic Boom franchise. It featured specially made and themed in-store displays that took advantage of augmented reality, and even a tour that would feature ‘character photo opportunities’, iPad controlled drone flights and activities for children to take part in including treasure hunts, ‘speed zorbing’ and bungee runs.



A slew of merchandise concepts can also be seen. T-Shirts, books and even what looks to possibly be lines of footwear feature in the retail displays seen in the pics.

With Sonic Boom’s game reputation withering on the grapevine, it’s very unlikely that we’ll be seeing anything like this in stores now, but it gives the impression that SEGA were really hoping for a big relaunch of the Sonic franchise with Sonic Boom.

Would you have liked to have seen this come to stores?

Original Page

Full collection of images from the site below

Big props to Shadzter for the find!

First 4 Figures’ Modern Super Sonic Statue opens for Pre-Orders


Modern Super Sonic; First 4 Figures’ latest offering has opened for pre-orders today, with a whole slew of extra details about the statue following in its wake.

The statue, which was revealed to fans some months ago at Weston Super Sonic depicts the climactic moments from the final battle in Sonic Adventure with Perfect Chaos, with Super Sonic splashing down into the flood waters that swamped Station Square.


As is per the course with F4F releases, we’ve got a flashy, more limited (600 pieces) exclusive version for $249.99…


And a slightly less flashy and less limited (1500 pieces) regular version for $224.99.


Both versions of the statue are due to arrive in Q1 of 2016.


I think it’s safe to say in this instance that the Exclusive version is where it’s at this time around. I mean… Look at some of these darkened shots, and how the light shines up from the base to light up the entire figure. Hooray for clear resin!

And another shot from my personal collection from when WSS had the statue:


Preorder the regular version here

Preorder the exclusive version here

With Modern Super out of the way, it begs the question of who or what will be next for the Modern line? Time will tell for sure.

First 4 Figures Modern Super Sonic Pre-Orders open May 5th


We knew it was coming, and now it’s just around the corner. First 4 Figures’ Modern Super Sonic statue will be going up for pre-orders this coming Tuesday (5th May 2015).

Originally revealed at Weston Super Sonic earlier this year, the statue portrays Modern Super Sonic splashing down into Station Square’s flooded remains in a pose reminiscent to this piece of artwork. The statue also includes a kick arse lighting effect that causes the water on the top of the base to light up.

Below is a video our very own Hogfather got of the statue during his visit to Weston Super Sonic of the statue, and its lighting features.

Be sure to join us on Tuesday, where the full official reveal of the statue will take place!

Sonic Boom toys come… and are going fast at The Entertainer.


Whilst reports were coming in recently about Toymaster getting Sonic Boom toys in, The UK based toy retailer The Entertainer is now selling a sizeable range of Tomy’s Sonic Boom toy range at their website… And they’re selling out remarkably fast.

Prices for the figures starts at £5.00 for individual figures like Sticks, Sonic and Knuckles all the way up to the more expensive play sets at £25.00 (ala Sonic Vs. Burnbot set).

As mentioned, the toys are already selling out, with a small selection still available to purchase.

View the full range here.

Have you been able to swipe any for yourself? Keep an eye on the Entertainer for more!

Sonic Boom Toys Now Available in the UK

boomukWay back in September we brought you news that TOMY had confirmed that the Sonic Boom toys would be coming to the UK, well several months later, it looks like the merch has landed, or have they?

According to this photo, a number of toys from TOMY’s Sonic Boom toyline have made their way into a UK Store, however, all is not as it seems.

The toyshop in question is named ‘Toy Planet’ which sounds like an independent toy store, but it’s actually an associate store of the toy shop chain ‘Toymaster.’ What does this mean? Well, Toymaster associate stores in the past have been known to order/import items for ‘test runs’ which may or may not reflect the wider chain of stores. Back when Jazwares released a bunch of 20th anniversary toys, one Toymaster associate store got in some 20th anniversary toys which never saw a wide release in the UK.

To further complicate matters, Toymaster doesn’t have an online ordering service, nor does it have a full toy catalogue on it’s website, so trying to verify if this is nation wide isn’t easy.

The photo itself was taken from a store in Derby, the person who took the photo also confirmed that the talking plush, running action Sonic and a Knuckles figure were also in stock, the prices break down as follows.

  • Sonic + Ripcord = £9.99
  • Knuckles + Hoverboard = £9.99
  • Sonic Running Action Figure = £12.99
  • Talking Plush = £14.99
  • Sonic Boom launcher = £22.99

Although considering Tomy said that they would appear, it might just be possible that these toys are indeed nation wide here in the UK, you would be best checking your local toy stores just in case they pop up.

We’ll update you if we get confirmation that this isn’t just a one off.

Source: Sonic the Hedgehog Collections

Sonic Boom Helicopters, Cakes, Calendars & Costumes announced


According to details posted on Global License, Sonic Boom is set to get more merchandise and it rangers from novel to delicious.

The newly announced products are as follows.

  • World Tech Toys for an array of remote-controlled helicopters;
  • Bulls I Toys for wearables such as branded dog tags and slap bands, as well as novelty items including erasers, stickers and trading cards;
  • Book and stationery publisher teNeues for 2016 wall calendars based on imagery from the “Sonic Boom” animated series;
  • Bakery Crafts for a line of cake decoration kits, cake/cupcake stands, decorative candles and edible decorations;
  • Advanced Graphics for wall decals and cardboard standees;
  • Accessory Innovations for a back-to-school range that will include backpacks, lunch totes, umbrellas and more; and
  • Rubie’s Costumes Company for Sonic Boom costumes that expand on its existing classic Sonic collection.

The Bulls I Toy merchandise is already out now, but the other stuff is new. I will be very interested if all this stuff actually comes out, typically stories like this always come out at this time of the year and very few of them see the light of day… Though the helicopters thing, that sounds cool.

Also, would you eat a Sonic Boom cake? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Global License

UPDATE: Images of the calendar have surfaced. Price is $15. Click the images to see them full size.

UPDATE: Sonic Boom Shoes, Trading Cards, Shadow, Metal Sonic & More Spotted at Toy Fair 2015

UPDATE: More toys confirmed at the end of the article…

ORIGINAL STORY: It took a while, but we finally have some images of Tomy’s booth from the New York Toy Fair 2015.


The first image was posted on Tomy’s own Facebook page and is a larger shot of the big headed plushes which we brought you news about last week. Included in the shot is an actual physical prototype of the Sonic Shoes which appeared at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in cardboard form.

There also appears to be a new much larger knuckles figure and what looks like clip on Sonic plushes and most surprisingly, what appears to be trading cards as well as a new box set which seems to include Eggman and Knuckles.

However, the second image is what you might find more interesting, we’re not sure on the source of this one, it was posted in our comments by “SpiritOfTheBlue”, so thank you for the heads up.


In the background you can make out more of the clip plushes, including a Knuckles themed one. However what’s more interesting is that there are what appear to be new renders of Metal Sonic & Shadow on a few display pieces, could this indicate that Shadow and Metal Sonic are to appear in the TV show at last? Or at least that they will have some merchandise made in the future? Note how Lyric has been confirmed not to appear in the show, yet Tomy have no Lyric merchandise at all, so far all their merchandise has been TV show themed, seems like a strong hint Shadow and Metal will be in there in some form.

We’ll keep you updated with more news as we get it.


Well that didn’t take long, no sooner had I posted this but I got made aware of two new toys. One of which was staring us all in the face, if we enhance one of those images… check this out.


We can jut make out the figures of what appears to be Amy and Eggman, however what’s strange is… Eggman appears to be green? Odds are it’s from an upcoming episode of Boom. Until more details come out, we are all calling this figure ‘Hulk Eggman’ or ‘Gamma Eggman,’ agreed?

The second image comes from twitter user dadarocks an shows knuckles… with rocket powered shoes!



Aside from getting his game gear Sonic 2 on, odds are this is from another future episode of the show.

Finally, there are three interesting figures in the back of the photo which don’t appear to match the current Boom TV show cast, but do look a lot like some certain other characters we all know.


The one on the right looks a lot like Shadow, could the other two be Metal Sonic?

Edit 2:

A new video has surface giving a look inside TOMY’s Sonic Boom booth, where we can get a much closer look at some of the more ambiguous figures mentioned above along with some new ones.

Some Screengrabs:

If any more news comes to light, we’ll let you know.


Big Headed Sonic Boom Plushies Spotted at New York Toy Fair


Despite New York Toy Fair being one of the largest toy fairs in the yearly calendar, Sonic related news has been very dry. Virtually no booths have any Sonic related merchandise on them.

However, Sonic Boom’s master toy partner TOMY are there, and it looks like they have a few new surprises for us. The above photo was taken by twitter user ‘dadarocks,’ the picture shows what appears to be big headed plushies of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and most surprising of all Eggman.

No other details such as release date or price where given at this time.

We’re still on the lookout for more toy fair related news, we’ll keep you upto date if any comes out way.

Source: Dadarocks

Nuremberg Toy Fair Shows us New Sonic Toys

Following on from the London Toy Fair, Nuremberg held it’s annual toy fair too, as with London, there was a decent Sonic presence there too.

Spindash.de managed to attend the event and were able to spot the following products.


First up is the ABYstyle booth which had a bunch of the Paladone Sonic toys along with these new items. A T-Shirt which is likely going to be the subject of a number of jokes in the comments for some people and a classic Sonic & Tails mug.

The Tomy booth was very similar to the booth which was photographed at London, only we now have some better images of the new action figures which appear to be variants of the original toyline.


First up is Tails covered in oil, pictured next to the original Boom Tails.


Next is what appears to be Battle Damaged Knuckles, looks like this might be from an upcoming episode of Sonic Boom.

Edit: I have no idea if that’s the official name, just that typically action figures usually end up being called ‘Battle Damaged’ when they look like they’ve been in the wars.


Here we can see a new Sticks figure which was also at London Toy Fair, we can now clearly see that she’s covered in the green slime from the episode in which she gets the robot dog as a pet.


Sonic with light up feet, I have no idea why it happened, it just did.


Next up is the light up mask from Tomy, we even get a look at the reverse side.


Other products noted were the Sonic Saves the Day pack which we spotted at the London Toy Fair and a few other figures which appeared at London.

In addition to the above news, the following bits of information was also confirmed.

  • The Sonic Boom Toy Line will launch in Germany the moment the TV-Show begins.
  • Jazwares also confirmed that they are no loner making Sonic toys.

Finally, this document was also revealed which seems to show in-store packaging designs as well as some initial launch toys for Europe.


Check out the full report at Spindash.de

First 4 Figures “The Tornado” Diorama opens for Pre-Orders



The latest in First 4 Figures’ Sonic Diorama Collection looks to be flying high, but at has just landed for pre-orders!

F4F’s “The Tornado” is a monster at almost 18 inches tall, and it captures the scene that played out at the end of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, where Sonic’s rocket equipped Bi-Plane powers through the clouds in chase of Dr. Eggman. The piece itself looks fantastic, with Sonic confidently riding the wings whilst Tails pilots from the Tornado’s cockpit.

A neat little addition to the piece is the inclusion of a pivoted stand to attach the plane to the cloudy base, which allows the plane to be angled like this:


Or maybe even like this…




First 4 Figures has also gone back to ‘Regular and Exclusive’ variants, meaning that two versions of the piece are up for grabs. The Exclusive edition (limited to 450 pieces) will set your bank account back $329.99. As you can probably see, like many other of First 4 Figures’ exclusive pieces, LEDs have been incorporated into this version of the statue.


The Regular version (1000 pieces) is $30 cheaper at $299.99, but has no LEDs incorporated into the design.



First 4 Figures says that the statue is due to ship in Q4 of this year, so there’s still time yet to get the rings together to buy this beast. There is also the option to utilise the company’s ‘flexipay’ method, to spread the cost a little more finely.

You can find more images of Both regular and exclusive pieces (and place pre-orders) at the following links:



My Pre-Order is in already, what about yours?