Big Headed Sonic Boom Plushies Spotted at New York Toy Fair


Despite New York Toy Fair being one of the largest toy fairs in the yearly calendar, Sonic related news has been very dry. Virtually no booths have any Sonic related merchandise on them.

However, Sonic Boom’s master toy partner TOMY are there, and it looks like they have a few new surprises for us. The above photo was taken by twitter user ‘dadarocks,’ the picture shows what appears to be big headed plushies of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and most surprising of all Eggman.

No other details such as release date or price where given at this time.

We’re still on the lookout for more toy fair related news, we’ll keep you upto date if any comes out way.

Source: Dadarocks

Nuremberg Toy Fair Shows us New Sonic Toys

Following on from the London Toy Fair, Nuremberg held it’s annual toy fair too, as with London, there was a decent Sonic presence there too. managed to attend the event and were able to spot the following products.


First up is the ABYstyle booth which had a bunch of the Paladone Sonic toys along with these new items. A T-Shirt which is likely going to be the subject of a number of jokes in the comments for some people and a classic Sonic & Tails mug.

The Tomy booth was very similar to the booth which was photographed at London, only we now have some better images of the new action figures which appear to be variants of the original toyline.


First up is Tails covered in oil, pictured next to the original Boom Tails.


Next is what appears to be Battle Damaged Knuckles, looks like this might be from an upcoming episode of Sonic Boom.

Edit: I have no idea if that’s the official name, just that typically action figures usually end up being called ‘Battle Damaged’ when they look like they’ve been in the wars.


Here we can see a new Sticks figure which was also at London Toy Fair, we can now clearly see that she’s covered in the green slime from the episode in which she gets the robot dog as a pet.


Sonic with light up feet, I have no idea why it happened, it just did.


Next up is the light up mask from Tomy, we even get a look at the reverse side.


Other products noted were the Sonic Saves the Day pack which we spotted at the London Toy Fair and a few other figures which appeared at London.

In addition to the above news, the following bits of information was also confirmed.

  • The Sonic Boom Toy Line will launch in Germany the moment the TV-Show begins.
  • Jazwares also confirmed that they are no loner making Sonic toys.

Finally, this document was also revealed which seems to show in-store packaging designs as well as some initial launch toys for Europe.


Check out the full report at

First 4 Figures “The Tornado” Diorama opens for Pre-Orders



The latest in First 4 Figures’ Sonic Diorama Collection looks to be flying high, but at has just landed for pre-orders!

F4F’s “The Tornado” is a monster at almost 18 inches tall, and it captures the scene that played out at the end of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, where Sonic’s rocket equipped Bi-Plane powers through the clouds in chase of Dr. Eggman. The piece itself looks fantastic, with Sonic confidently riding the wings whilst Tails pilots from the Tornado’s cockpit.

A neat little addition to the piece is the inclusion of a pivoted stand to attach the plane to the cloudy base, which allows the plane to be angled like this:


Or maybe even like this…




First 4 Figures has also gone back to ‘Regular and Exclusive’ variants, meaning that two versions of the piece are up for grabs. The Exclusive edition (limited to 450 pieces) will set your bank account back $329.99. As you can probably see, like many other of First 4 Figures’ exclusive pieces, LEDs have been incorporated into this version of the statue.


The Regular version (1000 pieces) is $30 cheaper at $299.99, but has no LEDs incorporated into the design.



First 4 Figures says that the statue is due to ship in Q4 of this year, so there’s still time yet to get the rings together to buy this beast. There is also the option to utilise the company’s ‘flexipay’ method, to spread the cost a little more finely.

You can find more images of Both regular and exclusive pieces (and place pre-orders) at the following links:



My Pre-Order is in already, what about yours?

First 4 Figures Teases Sonic & Tails Diorama



Following close on the heels of the Modern Super Sonic Statue, First4Figures have just announced a new statue to join their diorama range. Sonic & Tails, on the Tornado, aka Sky Chase Zone.

No details were posted other than pre-orders will open on Tuesday, but if you want a price estimate, the last diorama statue was $300 + Shipping.

See you on Tuesday when the orders open.

Source: First4Figures Facebook 

UPDATE: Tomy Making Sonic Boom Collectable Figures?

UPDATE: We’ve been emailed the following image which appears to show the figures pictured here.


Not really any new details other than those speculated in the article are confirmed.

If anyone knows of the origin of this, such as if this was found on a website or in some kind of trade magazine, please get in touch.

ORIGINAL STORY: A few weeks ago we brought you news regarding Tomy’s line of Sonic Boom toys which were on display at the London Toy Fair.


However a new photo has emerged which shows an unannounced toy line from Tomy. It seems that they intend to release small collectable figures based on Sonic Boom. Tomy have in the past released small blind Gacha toys based on Sonic, this photo suggests that they also plan to do the same with Sonic Boom.

The photo originates from a company called Heckford who are responsible for the construction of Tomy’s booth at the London Toy Fair. No further details as to price or release dates are available at this time.

However with New York Toy Fair being next week, we might get some more Sonic toy news in the next two weeks or so.

Source: Heckford

GE Entertainment “Knuckles, Amy, Blaze, Espio, Charmy, Vector & Metal Sonic Plushes in Development”

GE Entertainment set the fandom ablaze the other day when it was revealed that they were making a plush based on Chaos, the first time that character has ever had any merchandise officially released.

However, according to posts on GE Entertainment’s facebook, they have a huge number of other Sonic plushes on the way.

geentertainmentplush geentertainmentplush2

Lets count them up.

  • New Knuckles
  • Modern Amy
  • Espio
  • Charmy
  • Vector
  • Metal Sonic
  • Blaze

You might need to prepare your wallets and shelf space Blue Believers, it looks like GE isn’t finished with Sonic by a long shot.

Source: Facebook

New GE Animation items revealed: Eggman and Chaos 0 Plushes

GE Entertainment, that company who has gone a spree of creating awesome plushes over the past few years have revealed the latest additions to their Sonic the Hedgehog plush range. One you could argue was inevitable, and the other comes totally out of left field.


Introducing GE’s plushes of Chaos 0 and classic Dr. Eggman. According to GE, both Dr. Eggman and Chaos will be a bit of a bigger plush than what we’re used to from GE measuring about 14 inches tall (opposed to the 8-9 inches that most of their plushes are).

Eggman is sporting a particularly egg-shaped frame, complete with felt moustache and shiny glasses. Chaos is… well just look at him! Water detailing, big bulbous eyes and brain… What’s not to like? This would also probably the first pieces of dedicated Chaos merchandise… Probably ever (unless memory fails me).

No details on cost or anything just yet, but we can expect the plushes to launch later this year.


Thanks to Ogilvie on SSMB for letting us know!

New Sonic Toys Spotted At London Toy Fair

UK Toy Fair 2015 TOMY Sonic the Hedgehog 016

Last week was London Toy Fair and with Tomy in attendance there was a lot of speculation as to if they would have the Sonic Boom toys, as well as ‘what toys would they bring?’ London Toy Fair is the place for toy makers to show off their products to retailers and perspective buyers for 2015. So with the toyline out in America, would Tomy bring the whole line over? Or just the best sellers?

With many merch collectors in the UK waiting to see, this is quite important news… well… they brought the lot over, including some new lines.

It looks like Tomy are willing to sell the entire line to potential retailers, this is very good news for collectors and fans of merchandise here in the UK. However if the whole line will make it to retailers remains to be seen. However more interesting are the new toys we’ve spotted including one very cool addition, what appears to be wearable power shoes!

UK Toy Fair 2015 TOMY Sonic the Hedgehog 029


Now this is obviously just a concept image, but the fact it’s on show suggests it is in development, don’t forget, Jazwares also had temporary boxes on display for their toys at these events, many of which did see a release.

Of the new toys on show, we spotted the following.

  • Sonic Power Sneakers.
  • Sonic Saves the Day pack – includes crystals and 3 figures (sonic, Tails & Eggman).
  • Sonic with a hover board.
  • A new mini plush with a grip.
  • Tails & Sticks wearing commando/camo paint.

There might also be a new Knuckles figure as well as a new sized figure but I’m unsure on that one.

No release dates yet for the toys either in America or the UK, but it looks like the toys are on their way to EU shores.

Source: Idle Hands.

First 4 Figures Modern Super Sonic Statue Announced

At Saturdays Weston Super Sonic convention, First 4 Figures dropped one heck of a surprise. Sitting in the corner of the room was a display case with a black sheet covering a mystery object. When the announcement came a wave of ‘Oh god, I want one’ seemed to echo around the room.

Joining their Modern Sonic the Hedgehog range is Super Sonic, and oh boy this is a very impressive piece.

The scene depicts the climax from Sonic Adventure in which Super Sonic faces off against perfect Chaos. The base is a flooded station square, around the base are details of water pipes and underneath the flood waters you can just make out details of the road. Super Sonic himself appears to be flying into the scene.

This version was the exclusive variant which includes some lighting features and these are very impressive. The lighting seems to follow Sonic further giving the impression of movement. However it has an added effect. The lighting shines through the water which emits a green/blue water effect onto Super Sonic’s entire body.

The effect looks amazingly cool when viewed in a darkened environment.

The statue is currently in the prototype stage so parts of it will change. The rep told me that one confirmed change will be his spikes, but these are minor details to make them appear individual as opposed to being congealed.

No price details were given, however pre-orders will open some time in 2015.

We’ll let you know when more details are revealed.


Jazwares: End of the Road for The Sonic Line?

Jazwares logo

After what seems to have been a long time coming, TSS has learned of another strong reason to suggest that Jazwares has ceased producing items for the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

In a recent Email between merch-seller Ogilvie on the SSMB, his distributor of Jazwares merchandise has said that the company will no longer be carrying Sonic the Hedgehog Merchandise.

Following the news that the Sonic the Hedgehog section of Jazwares’ website seemed to have vanished not long ago, it’s yet another strong reason to believe that the once very active line of toys has come to an end.

Jazwares has been producing Sonic merchandise (primarily articulated action figures) from as early as 2009 when they produced their 10 inch now-sought-after Metal Sonic figure, so after a near 5 year run, it finally looks to be over.

Were you a fan of the Jazwares Sonic the Hedgehog figures? Got any favourites? Let us know!

Props to Ogilvie on SSMB for this information.

Sonic Boom Licensing Details Uncovered

This information is a little old, but it’s only just come to light as far as I’m aware and sheds some light onto Sega’s strategy for Boom in 2015.

At the Brand Licensing Europe event held in October of last year, Sega revealed some details regarding Sonic Boom and gave some details on products which will soon be revealed and even tentative release dates for their products.



The details include.

  • Cartorama will produce back to school products including backpacks and gym bags (coming July 2015 in Italy).
  • Cooneen & Misirli to launch a range of children’s nightwear for Spring 2015
  • A UK Sonic Boom branded launch begins in Spring 2015

As well as Sonic, a bunch of non Sonic products were also revealed.

  • A Dreamcast Documentary book by Pix N’ Love (2015)
  • Retro adult apparel & Accessories.
  • Football Manager on-line store (selling physical goods).

If we get hold of any images or details of these products, we’ll let you know.

Source Global License

Jazwares Removes All Trace of Sonic Toys From Its Website… Sorta.

So about a year ago, I made a lengthy article about how it seemed like Jazwares had cancelled it’s entire 2014 Sonic toyline, I was forced to retract that a few months later when about a month later they actually released a Metal Sonic plush, and life was good.

However, it seems I might have been about 10 months early with my original article. If you go to the Jazwares website, you’ll notice that Sonic is no longer listed.

jazwares removes sonic

In fact he’s not listed at all on the main page in any categories. However, the Sonic section is still on their site if you visit the page directly, but trying to get there via the main page is no longer possible.

Should also point out, that other franchises which have been cancelled such as Mortal Kombat are also no longer displayed.

So, party over? Or oversight?

Thanks to SSMB member PatMac for the heads up.

TSS Review: Jazwares Metal Sonic Plush

If you used to watch a show called ‘The X-Files’ you know that poster Mulder has in his office? The one with the UFO and the words “I want to believe” below it? That’s how I’ve felt regarding Jazwares toys lately. Especially their Metal Sonic plush. Would you believe that this was first shown in a complete form way back in January 2012? Since then it’s been used on the Jazwares website, made a random appearance a year later at another toyfair event and been cancelled. With no new toys at this years fair and more cancellations of products… it didn’t look good.. Continue reading TSS Review: Jazwares Metal Sonic Plush

TSS Review: Funko’s Sonic the Hedgehog ‘Pop!’ Vinyl Figures

For 15 years, Funko have been making products based on characters from pop culture. Their range is expansive with hundreds of franchises and over a thousand different products. They’re also no stranger to the Sonic brand. A few years ago they made several Sonic toys based on their Wacky Wobblers line, so it’s not like this is the first time they’d had a go with the Sonic license.  However, it is the first time that they’ve used the Sonic license for their ‘Pop! Vinyl’ line. Now the Funko Pop range has a certain ‘style’ to it, so how do Sonic, Tails and Knuckles look after their Funko Pop transformation? Well… Continue reading TSS Review: Funko’s Sonic the Hedgehog ‘Pop!’ Vinyl Figures

TSS Review: Pix’N Love’s The History of Sonic The Hedgehog

It seems funny to think why this has taken so long to make, Sonic is over 20 years old, yet I could name franchises not even half that age which have more printed publications like this. Why it took Sonic 20 years to catch on is anyone’s guess. But, we finally have it! An official history of Sonic the Hedgehog, published by Pix’n Love, fully authorized by Sega.

Continue reading TSS Review: Pix’N Love’s The History of Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic 1&2 Soundtrack Releases in Japan

Masato Nakamura’s Sonic the Hedgehog 1&2 Soundtrack was released in Japan on Wednesday.

As part of Sega’s 20th Anniversary celebration-cum-cash-in, this new soundtrack is three discs big. While the first contains the same old tracks we’ve heard a jillion times, the second disc has the never-before-released original demo tapes of all the games’ tracks. The Dreams Come True bassist reportedly sent these tapes via snail mail to Sega to be sequenced into the games.

The third disc is a mini-album containing Sweet Sweet Sweet from Dreams Come True’s hugely successful The Swinging Star album, better known as the ending theme in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, as well as its English version, Sweet Dreams. They’re accompanied by the equivalent themes produced by Akon for the Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack in 2006.

The Sonic the Hedgehog 1&2 Soundtrack is available to import from Play-Asia and CDJapan. There’s no news yet whether it’ll see a release in the West, however.

Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2 Commemorative 20th Anniversary Soundtrack Announced

Masato Nakamura, the mastermind behind the original Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 soundtracks and member of the popular Japanese super-band DREAMS COME TRUE will be producing a commemorative CD soundtrack to be released over the summer.

Not only will the soundtrack contain songs taken from the first two Sonic the Hedgehog titles for the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis, it will also include a reprint of the original sound demo tapes from both games, along with other bonus tracks yet to be announced.

This will surely be a must-have item for every fan amongst the community, let alone videogame music connoisseurs. Similar to the Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes re-release soundtracks, this CD album looks set to only be available to Japan.

Sonic Stadium will keep you up to date as we learn more about this fantastic compilation!

Original story taken from Japanese Famitsu Webpage

First Images of Joyride Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Figures Surface

Well that was quick! Not long after they were formally announced, Joyride’s upcoming Sonic Adventure 2 Battle figures have been spotted in the wild with these initial images. Take a look at what these Sonic and Shadow toys will look like below. Continue reading First Images of Joyride Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Figures Surface

JoyRide Studios Set to Produce Sonic and SEGA ‘GamePro’ Figures

SEGA has signed a fresh merchandising deal to get new figures made based on a range of their franchises – including Sonic. The collaboration has been made with toy company Racing Champions, via their newly-formed JoyRide Studios group, as well as games magazine GamePro whose association will allow the figures to come included with “codes, strategies and cheats” for certain games. Continue reading JoyRide Studios Set to Produce Sonic and SEGA ‘GamePro’ Figures

10th Anniversary Merchandise Now Available in North America

Time to take a break from being jealous of Japanese Sonic fans! Remember those special 10th Anniversary products that SEGA released to mark the launch of Sonic Adventure 2 last year? Well, it looks like some of them have made their way across the Pacific and are available to purchase in North America. Click here to grab the Sonic Ring and click here for the Sonic Figurine, which you can buy on Amazon. Thanks for the heads up, Swirlvision!

Sonic Adventure 2 US Soundtrack Now Available to Buy

Just a quick Public Service Announcement on this – following our initial news on Tokyopop producing a US release of the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack, it appears that the CD is already available to buy (it was originally reported to come out in February). The Sonic Adventure 2 Official Soundtrack features 26 tracks on one CD, handpicked by lead musician Jun Senoue and including exclusive US-release remixes. You can pick it up for $14.98 via Tokyopop’s website here.

Tokyopop Officially Announces US Release of Sonic Adventure 2 OST

We’ve been waiting patiently for any kind of Western release of the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack CDs for quite some time now. But now it sounds like our prayers will finally be answered – Tokyopop has announced that it will be publishing a domestic US version of the soundtrack this coming February. Continue reading Tokyopop Officially Announces US Release of Sonic Adventure 2 OST

Resaurus in ‘Suspended Animation’; New Sonic Figures Placed on ‘Indefinite Hold’

It seems that talk of figure maker Resaurus closing down has been exaggerated somewhat. After reports that the company will be shutting down following a huge ‘going out of business’ sale, a new article sheds some light on the situation behind closed doors and states that what’s happening now is nothing but a hiccup. Continue reading Resaurus in ‘Suspended Animation’; New Sonic Figures Placed on ‘Indefinite Hold’

R-MIX Official Sonic Store Updates its Clothing Range

It’s been a couple of months since the amazing Sonic Store at R-Mix has been open, and today we’ve heard word that the clothing lines on sale has had a bit of a seasonal update! Long-sleeved t-shirts, Parker jackets and baseball shirts all adorning the blue blur’s name can now be found in the Osaka-based retailer. Continue reading R-MIX Official Sonic Store Updates its Clothing Range

Exclusive 10th Anniversary Merchandise Available at Sonic Team Store

Sonic Team has just opened up their ‘Sonic Factory’ store online, and revealed the first exclusive set of products to be sold from the outlet; a statue, a silver ring and a crystal cube with a wireframe model of Sonic etched inside. These classy items aren’t your usual Sonic action figures. Read on for more details and pictures! Continue reading Exclusive 10th Anniversary Merchandise Available at Sonic Team Store

Sonic Adventure 2 OST and Vocal Album Now Available to Buy

You can now buy the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtracks – the Vocal Album that we’ve covered before, and the Original Soundtrack called Multi-Dimensional – online. You can get the Vocal Album, titled Cuts Unleashed, for around $24 and it comes with 16 tracks. The Original Soundtrack includes main themes, action stage music and more in a DOUBLE-CD package and will set you back about $30.

Both can be purchased from either CD Japan (Japanese site) or Tokyopop.

Official Sonic Adventure 2 Music Site Launches

Wave Master has launched a special website dedicated to the music of Sonic Adventure 2, most likely timed to promote the upcoming Japanese release of the Vocal Soundtrack. The English side of the site has yet to open, but there is a wealth of goodies hidden within the Japanese side, including lyric sheets, information and track listings. Go check it out right here.

‘Access Cyberspace’ With the Swatch .beat Sonic Watch

Well here’s something we didn’t know existed! Sega has teamed up with watch maker Swatch to create a special Sonic-themed timepiece. It’s called the “SEGA Sonic .beat Special”, and is a version of Swatch’s line of .beat ‘internet watches’ themed in the platforming star’s classic red, white and blue design. Continue reading ‘Access Cyberspace’ With the Swatch .beat Sonic Watch

Rack Up Debts in Style With These Sonic-Branded Credit Cards

Sega of Japan is unleashing these new credit cards in Japan, and boy are you going to be jealous. Customers can choose either a Visa or MasterCard, with the Visa obviously looking much cooler. I mean, imagine whipping that puppy out to pay for your goods. The card will get customers 10% back at participating restaurants, snag free tickets to Sega’s Joypolis and more.

SA2 Gets 2-Disc Original Soundtrack Release

As we expected, the Vocal Collection won’t be the only Sonic Adventure 2 CD soundtrack that will be released. A 2-disc Original Soundtrack package will be released on September 5th, covering all the instrumental music in the game. It’s expected that there will be at least 60 tracks total in the pack. More news as we get it.

Merch Alert: Samba de Amigo Plush Toys Hit Stores

Samba loves to party, so why not party with him? These official 10″ plush toys have just been released, and you can buy a set that includes Samba, Linda, Rio and Bingo at the online store NCS for $9 each. Get orderin’! See below for images of each plush toy on sale. Continue reading Merch Alert: Samba de Amigo Plush Toys Hit Stores

Tracklist and Details on Sonic Adventure 2 Vocal Soundtrack

SEGA will be releasing a Sonic Adventure 2 Vocal soundtrack, titled ‘Cuts Unleashed: SA2 Vocal Collection’, in Japan on August 22. It’ll go on sale for 2635 Yen (or about US$21). It’s unlikely to get a release outside of Japan, so you might want to consider importing it. Continue reading Tracklist and Details on Sonic Adventure 2 Vocal Soundtrack

SA2 Limited Edition Box Set Releasing in Europe

Well, this is it. The day that everyone in Europe and Japan gets Sonic Adventure 2. If you aren’t considering getting SA2, why the hell not? All the coverage of the sequel (that appeared here FIRST ^_-) must have convinced you by now to go out and shell out a mere £40 in exchange for the best Sonic game to date. Continue reading SA2 Limited Edition Box Set Releasing in Europe