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  • Jakks Roundup: Sonic 3 Movie Toys, Neo Metal Sonic and More On The Way!

    All leaked toy data, SUCCESSFULLY COPIED.

    After a surprisingly quiet few months since Jakks Pacific held their big Wondercon panel, a large wave of news both official and leaked have burst through the Sonic collecting sphere sure to make Sonic collectors very, very happy!

    From a surprise shadow-drop of a new 4 inch wave, leaks on what is coming next for the line, pre-orders for playsets and even Movie 3 news, I got the scoop to satiate that itch for plastic rodents! Let's run 'em down!


    It may not be a trailer, but hey... Jakks might have played their hand early in silently releasing small details on what to expect for their Movie 3 toyline! And not just what... but maybe even when?

    Discovered by Spanish Sonic news page Sonic Paradise, Amazon Italy listings might have leaked listings for a 6.3 cm Multipack, as well as 12.7 cm listings for Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles and Robotnik! All slated to release July 30th in at the very least, Spanish territories!

    With speculation that the Sonic Movie 3 trailer will hit in July, kicking off the marketing rollout, this date adds more fuel to the fire on when to expect the Movie hype train to take off!

    ...But let's look at those sizes for a moment. 12.7 cm? Translating that to American scaling, that's 5 inches! This could very much mean Sonic Movie 3 will be the second Sonic toyline after Prime to go for the larger, more articulated scale to set itself apart from Sonic Movie 2's 4 inch line!

    Go big or go home, right?


    Out of absolute nowhere, Sonic Merch News noticed that Wave 17 of Jakks' 4 inch line has arrived at UK retailers! Furthermore, they're bringing a whole heap of rare and new figures to the mix that are absolute must haves!

    Headlining the wave is the one, the only, Neo Metal Sonic from Sonic Heroes! For the very first time, this fan favorite super form for Metal is immortalized in plastic form, complete with an accessory to shoot out electricity just like in his debut cutscene! All 4 inch beings, KNEEL before your master!

    Our reissues are both highly sought after characters who have been begging for a return to shelves: Silver and Rouge! Silver comes with an activated checkpoint, while Rouge has her Heart Bomb!

    Even the obligatory Sonic is worth a purchase, being a brand new mold based on Sonic Forces artwork, and what looks like a lenticular Ring Monitor?

    After waves upon waves of slight retools and the same Modern Sonic over, and over, and over, it feels refreshing to have a 4 inch wave where every figure looks like an absolute banger, no? How can the next wave top this?


    ...So THIS is how! Sonic Merch News also discovered via store listings from European retailer Heo what Wave 18 of the 4 inch line has in store for us! This one doesn't just have one, but two all new characters!


    Classic Amy and Classic Metal Sonic arrive to 4 inch scale for the very first time! This brings some much needed momentum for the Classic line which has been more oddly fixated with releasing Hard Boiled Heavies before series staples like Amy and Tails.

    Another sought-after character recieves a reissue too with the return of Vector the Crocodile for you Chaotix Completionists out there!

    ...Where's 4 inch Charmy?

    Oh, and uh. Modern Sonic's back. Yay?


    What good are figures though with nothing to play with them on? Luckily two more 2.5 inch playsets are set to release very soon, and pre-orders are up now!

    Via Big Bad Toy Store, you can now reserve two sets meant to recapture the magic of some of your favorite moments from Sonic the Hedgehog 2!

    The Oil Ocean Quest diorama gives you 2.5 inch figures of Sonic, Knuckles, and for the first time, Octus! All accompanied with Oil Ocean obstacles. (Fire shield not included, sadly.)

    Or you can hitch a ride on Sonic's loyal plane: The Tornado! The first Jakks playset with electronic sounds, this is the perfect way to display your heroes heading home after a long, egg-foiling adventure!


    As you can see, there is still a lot to look forward to with the Jakks Pacific Sonic line in 2024! What is your favorite toy announced thus far? Are you ready for the big hunt?

    Let us know, and happy hunting, collectors!

    Sonic News Tips Credit:
    The Tenth Doctor

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    Neo Metal Sonic looks awesome! Will for sure pick him up. Also, is the Classic Sonic figure adorning a Modern Sonic color scheme?

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    I made this custom one but it's nice to finally get something official. They even have the same accessory.ย 


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    And to think I just recently bought one of the pre-existing 4-inch Rouge figures on eBay for $20+ dollars because I missed out when they were presumably available in stores. If I start seeing those exact same Rouge figures now selling in Walmart for half the price, I'm going to be mighty annoyed.ย ๐Ÿ˜…

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    What UK retailers have these appeared in? My local Smyths only just got the last wave (Heavy King, Metal Sonic 3.0, etc).

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    1 hour ago, SKSpawn said:

    What UK retailers have these appeared in? My local Smyths only just got the last wave (Heavy King, Metal Sonic 3.0, etc).

    Only one small store called Toys N Tuck and just 2 figures. I'd start checking B&M for a random drop.ย 

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