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  • Blaze Coming in Wave 14 of Jakks Pacific’s 4” Figures

    Complete with a Sol Emerald to play with.

    Blaze the Cat is finally coming to Jakks Pacific’s line of Sonic toys in August. Entertainment Earth recently posted a listing for Jakks Pacific’s 14th wave of their 4” figures, with Blaze the Cat among the line-up. According to the listing, she will come with a Sol Emerald of unknown color.

    Aside from her, the rest of the wave will be re-printings of previous figures, including Modern Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles.

    The EE listing is meant for stores, not regular consumers, hence the high price. Notably, these figures are being sold to stores in cases of 6, with each case containing only one Blaze. So she may be a bit hard to find.

    via Sonic Merch News

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    Awesome! It's been so long since there's been a Blaze figure release. I feel I'd be a lot more excited if I was confident I will be able find one. Every single store I go to only ever has the same exact Sonic figure and virtually nothing else. Guess I either miss out or succumb to scalpers. 😔

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    This is great news. Fair play to Jakks, they are doing a far better job of getting the many different characters released compared to when Jazwares had the rights.

    For me personally, I just need Jet, Cream, Infinate and Blaze when they finally hit the UK shelves. 

    I do hope we see Charmy, Marine (if we have Blaze), and Metal Overlord (if they are going down the "baddies" route) at some point

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