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  • Summer Jet Brings Heated Competition To Sonic Speed Simulator!

    I mean, who else will you have ice cream with?

    Ah, summer. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping... Specifically, they're chirping relentless heckling on the racetrack! Oh, and he's a hawk.

    Jet is the next character to don the Hawaiian duds in this week's update to Sonic Speed Simulator! It's a relatively small update, all things considering. But there is still a lot to do if you need to play catch-up! @Ryannumber1gamertook a dive into the Test Servers to let us know what to expect tomorrow!

    SHOP... 1!

    The new content this update isn't exactly a set of missions to complete this time around. Instead, a ton of the infamous Sonic ice cream bars (you know, the ones with the gumball eyes?) are scattered across the zones. You run around, collect thousands upon thousands to spend at the new Summer Shop!

    Included are new Chao, Extreme Gear, the returning Summer Sonic, and the all new Summer Jet!

    You could run around and roam for ice cream, or you have the choice to AFK the whole process by using Green Hill's auto run feature to earn ice cream overnight!

    Items seem to rotate weekly, so hoard some ice cream for the future! You never know who you might see!



    Last week's update was pretty big, right? Three birthday skins, geez. I wouldn't blame you if you couldn't do it all in one week. Luckily, you don't have to! The Birthday Bash quests are still up, as are the fireworks! So the party won't stop just yet if you still got quests to do! This kind of thing only happens once a year, after all! Make the most of it!

    Dunno where or how to start? Ryan's got a guide for you right here for you to get these birthday skins in no time!



    Missed out on the Diamond Terminal event? You still got time! The portal to the location has been moved slightly further away from the Green Hill hub, but Rouge is still up for grabs!

    Need to figure out how to complete this event before it's gone? Guides for Rouge, and the new music notes can be found here!



    More Shadows? If you're still behind, you bet there's one more! The Dark Rider event is still here! Moved elsewhere in the Green Hill hub, follow this simple guide to get Shadow's trusty bike and the Ultimate Life Form decked in summer garb! Come on, don't have Rouge vacation alone!



    There's more Rouge where that came from! Need to finish the Summer Scavenge event for Summer Rouge? You still got a chance!

    Just follow this guide to crack some Sunstones and catch up!

    SHOP... 2!

    The Summer shop still ain't enough? Well, well. Here's another that takes Robux! Within these stores, you can get Chao, Fast Friends and old characters you may have missed out yet! Do you have them all?


    And that's a wrap on this week's event recap? How much ice cream are you going to get? Need to complete some past events? There's a lot to do, so let's get hunting!

    The Summer Shop update arrives Saturday June 29nd 2023 at 12pm EST.

    Sonic Speed Simulator is playable through Roblox on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and mobile.


    Sonic News Tips Credit:
    Ryannumber1gamer, Haalyle

    The Sonic Stadium may link to retailers and earn a small commission on purchases made from users who click those links. These links will only appear in articles related to the product, in an unobtrusive manner, and do not influence our editorial decisions in any way. All proceeds will go to supporting our community and continued coverage of Sonic the Hedgehog. Thank you in advance for your kind support!
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    This is actually a cool concept! Now I can autorun with the purpose of getting more characters! 

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    The friend boost thing is also pretty helpful with getting more ice-cream.

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    Posted (edited)

    So it's a Summer Version of the Winter Shop, swapping out the candy canes for ice cream.

    Cool :ok:

    Time for some Fast Facts!

    Summer Shop Rotation #1 - Fast Facts

    Summer Jet first appeared in the IDW Comics during Sonic the Hedgehog IDW: Endless Summer.

    Summer Sonic is a mix of references: 

    • He has his sunglasses from his "Fin" ending card and the Light Speed Shoes from Sonic Adventure. It even says Sonic Adventure on the bottom of his shoes.
    • The Hawaiian Shirt comes from a Sonic Plush that was sold in Joypolis.
    • The seashell bracelet on his left glove is the one Amy made for him in the Sonic X Episode, "The Last Resort".
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