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  • Sonic Speed Simulator: Summer Scavenge Event Guide

    Read up on this quick and easy method to nab Summer Rouge!


    It's time for a brand new week, and the cool Summer vibes continue on with a brand new event on Speed Simulator, and I'm sure most people will be happy to hear that it's a very easy one at that. So much so that I don't suspect this guide to be very long.

    This week's star prize - continuing the Team Dark lineup from Summer Shadow being introduced, we've got a new Summer Rouge variant based on Sonic Channel art. So let's get right into it. Again, as this is much shorter than usual, we're going to take a different format, but I hope this is still as informative and helpful as possible.

    The Event:


    The aim of the game is simple - rather than having multiple tasks to complete, all of the tiers of this event simply require you to run around the newly revamped Green Hill, collecting Sunstone Shards for Rouge. These come in two varieties:

    Small Sunstones (Found along trails): 


    Sunstone Clusters:


    On top of that, a brand new area has been reintroduced to Green Hill - the beach has been massively expanded to fit the Summer theming, and as such, it too is also filled with Sunstones. 


    Now then, let's get into the prizes.

    The Prizes:

    If you've done some of the events, such as the Rebel Rouge event in New Yoke City, or the Knuckles the Dread event in No Place, you'll generally know what to expert with this one. 

    • 250 Sunstones - Sunstone Chao x2

    • 750 Sunstones - Pink Summer Trail x5

    • 2000 Sunstones - Sunstone Chao x3

    • 5000 Sunstones - Rouge Surf Hoverboard (Extreme Gear mount)

    • 7500 Sunstones - Summer Rouge + 2000 Red Star Rings

    Needless to say, there's a lot to gain out of this event for the relatively small work that needs to go into it. Still, in a effort to be as helpful as possible, I want to explore some of the ways you can make this grind much easier on yourself. Let's run this down.

    Step 1: Chocola

    I'm sure it's becoming a running gag just how often Chocola gets brought up in these guides - but it's for a good reason. In my humble opinion, Chocola is easily the best companion in the entire game, by lieu of being both a Fast Friend, meaning it can copy your best pet's stats + has it's own unique traits, being easy to get via the permanent Chao School event, and having a event boost stat that even by himself - Chocola will cut your grinding time down by 50%.

    So, this is our first step to making this event as easy as possible. If you've already got Chocola, then great. 

    If not, run over to the friends area in Green Hill Zone, where you'll find Vanilla the Rabbit, and the event stand:


    Not only will you unlock Chocola through this, you'll get Gemerl too as a unlockable character, a exotic tier character with good stats and a hover ability.

    If you need to do this, reference the Chao School guide I made a few months ago below:

    This is the most basic step, and I would say - a prerequisite given the sheer usefulness of Chocola. But if you wish to improve your event grinds further, albeit - with a lot of investment, move onto Step 2. Otherwise, if you just wish to get on with the event, move onto Step 3.

    Step 2: Red Hero Chao (Optional, Highly Recommended, but requires a lot of resources):

    While a lot of pets in the game tend to get outshined by Fast Friends and a particular wisp, the Red Hero Chao remain one of the most unique in the entire game, because like Chocola - their unique attribute is offering a boost to event progression, which can heavily reduce your grinding time for this event, but every event in the game, even permanent ones.

    The problem is the investment to acquire them is not the easiest. If you're going this route, make sure to let autorun grind out a lot of rings for you to use. Once that's done, go to the portal for Cyber Station:


    Unfortunately, this isn't the most beginner friendly method - Cyber Station requires a high character mastery level to access, so if you can't access it but still want the Chao, you're going to need to go and grind up for event characters elsewhere to bring your level higher. Either way, jump in when ready.

    When you get into Cyber Station, directly ahead of you, and next to the upgrade machine, you'll see a vending machine with a Wisp, and a Metal Sonic fast friend. This is the one you want, so run over to it.

    If you want any kind of Chao, you can feel free to just continue opening eggs. If you don't want to worry about clearing your inventory while spinning for the Chao, you're going to want to enable Auto Delete by hovering over at least the first three pets in this machine. When you're done, your lineup should look like this:


    Unfortunately, this machine costs a whopping 500,000,000 rings a spin, so you're going to want a lot of rings here to get all the necessary Chao.

    On top of this, getting the full boost is not as easy as simply getting the Chao a few times - to get the full blown boost, you need to get 6 Chao per slot, level them up to max, and fuse them together into one giga-levelled Chao that you will then equip for the full boost. It's well-worth it for the time save, but it is very hard on resources. 

    What you do next is dependant on if you have the VIP pack, as this will boost your pet equip slots from 3 up to 5. So for both routes:

    Base Pet Slots (3): 

    If you haven't bought the VIP pack, and therefore only have the base 3 pet slots, as long as you've gotten Chocola from the previous event, you'll only need 12 Red Hero Chao, 6 each - max them out, fuse them into two fused Hero Chao, and equip them.


    This will then give you a +2.2 boost to your event progress, essentially tripling your progress towards events. In this instance, giving you three sunstones for every one you grab.

    VIP Pack Pet Slots (5):

    If you've bought the VIP pack on the other hand, you'll have five pet slots, one of which will be occupied by Chocola. This means you'll need to get 24 Red Hero Chao from the vending machine, max them out, and fuse them into four fused Red Hero Chao.


    This will give you a +3.4 boost to your event progression, essentially quadrupling your event progress from the base standard - a massive time save all things considered.

    Now that we've covered Red Hero Chao and you have your selected event boosters in place, it's time to tackle the event.

    Event Strategy 1: The Easy Way

    Now that we've covered the ways we can increase our progression with the event requirements and collectibles, we're ready to jump into the two main ways you can opt to tackle the event. The first of which is extremely easy and relaxed, but will take longer because all you'll be grabbing is the small Sunstones along the main paths. 


    As you can see, small sunstones are located along the main pathways of Green Hill, and if you've gotten at least Chocola, each sunstone will be worth twice as much. With three event boosts, this jumps to per stone, and if you have all five, per stone. 

    So with this knowledge in hand, if you want to just have the event run itself now that you've done the necessary busywork and prep to get things in motion, we're going to the autorun podium right behind the Lost Valley ring.


    Autorun causes your character to automatically run along a set path in Green Hill, this set path luckily having a lot of small sunstones on it for you to grab. You won't be hitting any clusters, or even exploring the newly expanded beach area, but it's a effective way to grind out the event for a easy character, especially with event boosts.

    Event Strategy 2: The Explorer's Way

    If instead, you want to engage with the newly added beach expansion to Green Hill while it's here, you're going to still be taking full control of your character. To incentivise the beach area, the entire place is littered with sunstones, with numerous homing attack chains of them bringing you all around the new area.



    So if you want to do this the legit way, and have fun in the sun while you can, head down to the beach that's right in the centre of the world portals, and just run along, chaining your homing attacks into the sunstone clusters as much as possible. Either way, the only event requirements is hitting 7,500 sunstones, so choose your preferred method and go for it.


    Upon completing the event, head to the character menu and scroll down to Rouge variants, where you'll find your new Summer Rouge - who for some reason has a completely broken character icon on the test server:


    Now that you've fully completed the event and added Rouge to your line-up, feel free to hit up a friend that has Summer Shadow unlocked, and head down to the beach to relax and chill after all that sunstone gathering, you've earned it.


    That brings us to the end of another event guide, and hopefully this has helped in making this event, and other events easier. Until next week, let's hope we get a Summer Omega with a Hawaiian shirt next.

    Sonic News Tips Credit:
    Haalyle, Failinhearts

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    I don't really play Speed Sim, but I have to say, Shadow with a pink Hawaiian shirt is such a vibe. I dig it.

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    Little note for everyone, the actual Sunstones you need will be 15,500 for Rouge. (The 7,500 one was most likely just to easily test the event.)RobloxScreenShot20240615_105129140.thumb.png.ccce9fa6285385cd2aa7f820cc87f987.png

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    Thanks for the guide as usual.
    Finally got around to getting x2 Red Hero Chao. Cleared the event on auto run in like 75 minutes with them thanks to your advise.
    Might help me get around to getting the Dubloons in No Place done faster. Man, I wish that place had auto-run too.

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