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  • 'Retro Classic Sonic Skin' for Sonic X Shadow Generations Leaked by Epic Games Database Snafu

    It's "Miller" Time!

    Whoops! It appears that a database leak for the Epic Games PC gaming platform has hit the internet overnight, with several DLC listings referring to a Classic Sonic "retro skin" for the upcoming Sonic X Shadow Generations.

    The information comes via the website EpicDB, which is a new resource that is said to work similarly to SteamDB, but for Epic Games' PC game store. At time of writing, a listing for a title codenamed "Miller" can be found when searching for the publisher "SEGA of America". Further investigation suggests this is a nickname for Sonic X Shadow Generations, based on the below screenshot:


    Image courtesy of Tails Channel.

    We can see item listings for a "Retro Skin for Modern Sonic" (which we assume relates to the already-announced Sonic Adventure legacy skin) as well as a "Retro Skin for Classic Sonic" - which has as-yet not been confirmed by SEGA.

    For context, the concept of sites like SteamDB is to offer details on store listing changes and updates, using legitimately-sourced publicly-available data. However, it appears that Epic's API has happily offered leagues of as-yet unannounced information on a number of PC games - not just related to SEGA, but also Sony, Square Enix and many more.

    What do you think the Classic Sonic skin could be? Place your bets (and wishes) in the comments section below!

    Via ResetEra

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    Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon


    Make it the Rabbit. If we're lucky, Modern Sonic will also got his own Rabbit form and we can have it fight Terios.

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    It would be really cool if it was a flat looking character model like Paper Mario based on his Sonic 1 sprite. But it's more likely it'll be the model used in the special stages of Mania.

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    Posted (edited)

    Classic Sonic 1,2 and Cd era pixel Sonic please...and hopefully it is! No brainer for the 2d stages. For 3d sections, sonic cd special stage design

    Edited by castell-neath
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    Posted (edited)

    Saturn era Classic Sonic it, fucking called. I NEED this.

    Edited by Jango
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    I’ve kind of wanna see Classic Sonic Alt Fighter’s Sonic come out into play in Generation's Remaster.

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