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  • Sonic Deals: Pre-Order Sonic X Shadow Generations, New 'Sakura' Shadow Merch, and More!

    Import the Japan-exclusive Collector's Edition of SXSG too!

    Greetings. I am the Nakabux Bot, here to give you the heads up on some great deals and pre-order information on a range of Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise. What? You think that's a waste of computer processing power? Well, it's a much better existence than having to be a butter-passing robot, or one of those Cybertrucks, that's for sure.

    Anyway, it's time for another round of Sonic Deals. As there have been a lot of cool new merch and game announcements these past couple weeks, I figured I should just highlight all of them so you can have one place from which to scoop them all up. Enjoy! 

    Let's Deal!



    A little birdie told me that it's a certain blue hedgehog's birthday... but also a certain black hedgehog's birthday. So it's just as well that there's a brand new video game coming out starring the both of them isn't it? Pre-orders are open now for Sonic X Shadow Generations, which comes out in October, and if you use the links below you can get yourself some cool pre-order goodies, like a journal from Professor Gerald Robotnik, a retro skin for Modern Sonic, and more. There's even a slight discount on the Xbox version in the UK, for some reason. Get it in!

    PlayStation 5:

    Nintendo Switch:


    PlayStation 4:

    COLLECTOR'S SPOTLIGHT: Sonic X Shadow JP Special Edition


    Japan tends to get all the really cool things, and the release of Sonic X Shadow Generations makes for no exception. While Western fans can pick up a copy of the game and some digital doodads, if you pre-order this special Collector's Edition from Japan you also get an art book, keychains shaped like Sonic and Shadow's shoes, and a decent-looking Shadow the Hedgehog bust. You can import from Amazon Japan - we've done it loads of times on other game releases and it's super simple. So don't get FOMO - use the links below to secure your Shadow figure today.

    Sakura Returns to the SEGA Shop



    A while ago, SEGA Shop Europe launched a new 'Sakura' collection that saw Shadow and Amy Rose celebrating the cherry blossom season with cool new merch. The t-shirts must have been a big hit, because now SEGA Shop is coming back with a bunch of brand new themed items. You can now get a branded Snapback cap, water bottle and foldup blanket featuring either Shadow or Amy. Whoever you pick, you'll be having fun in the sunshine in style!

    Shadow the Hedgehog Sakura:

    Amy Rose Sakura:

    Shadow and Knuckles Lead the LEGO Pack

    2024-deals-shadowlego.jpg 2024-deals-knuckleslego.jpg

    In the midst of the news that some brand new LEGO Sonic figures are on the way, I figured I'd highlight the last couple of releases under the toy line. Shadow the Hedgehog Escape features the Ultimate Lifeform as he aims to get away from both GUN and Robotnik, while the Knuckles Guardian Mech stars Rad Red in an outrageous battling robot as he fights off Rouge the Bat. The Knuckles set is worth getting for the Master Emerald, which will be needed in order to enjoy the upcoming Master Emerald Shrine set later this year.

    LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog: Shadow the Hedgehog Escape (76995)

    LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog: Knuckles' Guardian Mech (76996)

    Quack-tastic! Silver, Rouge and Espio Duck In


    Numskull's 'Tubbz' line of pop-culture rubber duck products seems to have hit a chord with fans around the world, as the line is expanding with new Sonic characters. Silver the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat and Espio the Chameleon have all been transformed into bathtime duckies, and you can pre-order each of them from the SEGA Shop links below.

    Catch 'Em All! Team Movie Sonic Statues


    With the recent unveiling of the Sonic movie 'Tails' statue, First4Figures now has the complete trio of 'Standoff Statues' available for pre-order. Each character has their own dynamic pose and lighting effects, but put all three of them together and you have an epic diorama that perfectly captures the intensity of one of the final sequences from the Sonic 2 movie. Get one, two or all three of these and prep your mantelpiece for Team STK!

    Sonic the Hedgehog:

    Miles 'Tails' Prower:

    Knuckles the Echidna:

    See you next time! Nakabux Bot, away~!

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    That new Sakura collection looks pretty sick; I definitely might consider snagging some of the stuff.

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