Dreadknux’s Diaries: The Year 2000 Recap

This is a series of personal blogs written by Dreadknux during the formative years of The Sonic Stadium. It chronicles significant events in the website’s early life.

15th June 2000: Pre-Launch Prelude: I have always been a fan of Sonic. Always. Ever since the very first Sega home console, the Master System, which I bought instead of a Mega Drive. As the PlayStation started to take over, ‘Sonic mania’ died down. I got a Sega Saturn and N64, and enjoyed them both, but the love for Sonic slowly started to dwindle as I grew up. As an early teenager, Sonic’s image started to became too… childish. Continue reading Dreadknux’s Diaries: The Year 2000 Recap

TSS Update: New Sections, Old Sonic Game?

Hi there all you Sonic fanatics! Well, I promised something for all you guys – I’m about to reveal my new ‘Zones’ for the Stadium! Introducing the ‘Community’ and ‘Art’ sections!

In ‘Community‘ you can sign my Guestbook, view what you have written and post messages on my all new Message Board! Talk about whatever you want. ‘Art‘ is just that – Sonic art. There’s box art, official art, screenshots and your fan art, which shall open soon (assuming people send me fan art of course. USUAL MAIL ADDRESS!) Continue reading TSS Update: New Sections, Old Sonic Game?

TSS Update: Downloads and Shenmue!

Hey everyone, hope all’s going well with you! The News section has been updated, and is now hopefully up to date (knowing my luck, it’s probably old news by now)! The Online Shop is going strong – get your pre-order for Shenmue in NOW! You may not get a copy on release! It’s in high demand! We’ve added new downloads – catch yourself a Sonic desktop theme to liven up your PC. Continue reading TSS Update: Downloads and Shenmue!

TSS Update: Our Very First Update

Well, this is my first update, and I’m pretty much settling into my web home, it’s very nice. A few of you have replied back to me and commented on my website, and (thank goodness ^_^) people seem to like it a lot. A few niggles were commented on, but I’m on a roll here and it’s probably sorted out anyway.
Continue reading TSS Update: Our Very First Update

Welcome To The Sonic Stadium!

Hey dudes, and welcome to the Sonic Stadium! This website is about everything Sonic! As you probably have guessed, this website has just been born, but it will soon expand. There’s plenty of Super Sonic stuff on show here. Click on a link and you’ll be taken there at Sonic speed! Most of these links have not been completed yet, and because of this there is not much point in putting the non-completed pages up at this time. But rest assured, once I am on my feet I will get everything online and ready! Little to discover at the moment, but hey, enjoy what’s there (Yeah, like you will). Update soon. Continue reading Welcome To The Sonic Stadium!