Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #269

The fighters are assembled, so it’s time to get round one underway!



Archie Comics themselves have a preview for Sonic the Hedgehog #269, and the fists sure are furious in this months issue! With the fighters all gathered, the tournament can commence and the blows can be dished out by the second! But who will triumph and progress to the second round, and who will crash out at the starting gate? Whatever the answer to that, the baddies working in the shadows won’t let it affect their game plan. This is “Champions”: part 2.

The contestants are BRAWLIN’ and the SAGA continues in “Champions” Part Two! The fighting tournament for the Chaos Emerald is in full swing! Tails vs. Honey! Espio vs. Bean! Knuckles vs. Bark! But it’s a sure bet that if a competition’s going down, something’s fixed with thugs like Breezie and Nack involved. Sonic will need some inside info—and he finds it from some surprisingly familiar faces! Featuring new cover art from Jammin’ Jamal Peppers and a Wrestling Entertainment Variant cover by the indomitable T.REX!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Diana Skelly, Terry Austin, John Workman and Gabriel Cassata
Cover: Jamal Peppers, Terry Austin and Gabriel Cassata
Wrestling Entertainment Variant Cover: T.REX
On Sale Date: 2/11
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Sonic #269 is out today in stores and digitally. Now the time isn’t for talking, let’s get ready to rumble!

Source: Archie Comics

Preview: Sonic Universe 72

The mystery runs deep as we continue to explore Isolated Island in this month’s Sonic Universe.


Comic Book Resources brings us our second preview for the month, this time for Sonic Universe #72. Things are getting creepy over on Isolated Island; Dr Ellidy reveals his latest research to be the mysterious Red Star Rings, but equally mysterious is the spate of Badniks going offline for no discernable reason. While Sally and Big look into the Red Star Rings, Tails and Nicole look into the systems to try and get a fix on the Badnik situation. There’s more to be learned about the past, more looming danger within the digital world, and more Big shenanigans, in “Spark of Life”: part 2.

STORY BY: Ian Flynn, Aleah Baker
ART BY: Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash
COLORS BY: Matt Herms
LETTERS BY: Jack Morelli
COVER BY: Tracy Yardley, Jennifer Hernandez, Jim Amash, Matt Herms
PUBLISHER: Archie Comics
RELEASE DATE: Wed, February 4th, 2015
What monsters lurk on the mysterious isolated island?? Find out for yourself in “Spark of Life” Part Two: Things are getting very creepy in the lab of Dr. Ellidy! His badnik defenses are going offline—which is bad news when there are Dark Gaia Monsters prowling the shores at night! Sally and Big investigate the mystery of the Red Star Rings as Tails and Nicole debug the system—where something, or someone—is waiting for Nicole! Featuring new cover art from Tracy Yardley and an interactive MATCHMAKER variant cover by rising Sonic star Jennifer Hernandez, where you can “ship it yourself”!

Sonic Universe #72 came out yesterday in stores and digitally. Make sure to pick up a copy yourself for the whole story…but watch out for monsters if you choose to go with the digital route!

Source: Comic Book Resources

Preview: Sonic Boom #4

The first not-arc concludes in the latest issue of Sonic Boom.


Comic Book Resources has a preview for Sonic Boom #4, and it’s the end of the beginning for our heroes. Eggman is back with his Big Boy, and this time it’s new, improved and more than capable of standing up to the old tactics of the last few fights. What can overcome the meaner threat? Sticks thinks she has the answer, but who knows what would happen when she puts her ideas to the table. Let’s hope they don’t lose their heads as we get to “Sticks and Stones”.

STORY BY: Ian Flynn
ART BY: Ryan Jampole, Jennifer Hernandez, Rick Bryant
COLORS BY: Matt Herms
LETTERS BY: Jack Morelli
COVER BY: Tracy Yardley, Rick Bryant, Matt Herms
PUBLISHER: Archie Comics
RELEASE DATE Wed, January 28th, 2015
The NEW ONGOING SONIC COMIC BOOK SERIES from Archie Comics keeps on BOOMIN’ with Sonic Boom #4: Sticks and Stones! Dr. Eggman’s Big Boy mech has been refined into its final, deadly form. Sonic and his friends are on the ropes—but have no fear! Sticks has brought her secret weapon! It’s a… wait, seriously? This thinks THAT’s going to help?! Find out what her secret weapon is in the weird and wacky conclusion to the first story arc of the brand-new series SONIC BOOM! Featuring cover art from Sonic art guru Tracy Yardley and an all-new “Sticks-with-stones-being-chased-by-bones” variant cover from rising Sonic star Diana Skelly!

Sonic Boom #4 is already out in stores and on digital formats, so rock the boat and roll out to get a copy for yourself!

Source: Comic Book Resources

Worlds Collide Available As Part of Humble Archie Comics Bundle

Sonic’s charity is on show once again, this time for the comic industry.


For those who don’t know what Humble Bundle is, it’s an initiative where companies offer packages of digital content as a pay-what-you-want model for a limited time, often with the aim of supporting charities of their choosing. Archie Comics have thrown their hat into the ring with the Humble Archie Comics Bundle, which includes content from the Sonic the Hedgehog line of comics in the form of (presumably digital versions of) the Worlds Collide trade paperback graphic novels.

  • Pay anything you want and you’ll get Worlds Collide Volume 1 along with other Archie books in the bracket.
  • Pay over the average (which is $7.76 as of writing) and you’ll get Worlds Collide Volume 2 along with other Archie books in the bracket and the previous selection.
  • Pay $15 or over and you’ll get Worlds Collide Volume 3 along with other Archie books in the bracket and both previous selections (provided the average isn’t over $15, which is unlikely).
  • There’s more comics to come during the time the bundle is available too, there might be even more Sonic content up for grabs along the line.

Archie Comics are putting all proceedings towards two charities; the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund and Hero Initiative. As of writing, there are just under 12 days left to get involved and buy a bundle. So if you want to catch up on the crossover, want a way of reading it on the go, or just want to grab it to support the cause, now is a great opportunity to do so!

Source: Humble Bundle

Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #268

The die have been cast for an adventure in pandemodium!

sonic-268-0-118384 has a preview of Sonic #268, and we’re starting a new arc at Casino Park! Breezie the Hedgehog; a woman with a sordid past and the Chaos Emerald that Sonic and the Freedom Fighters. As they put their most favourable forward to earn the emerald fairly at her Fighting Tournament, plenty of other factions are in on the fight as well for numerous reasons, both noble and nefarious. We can already tell that there’ll be adaptations of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Fighters abound, including a first appearance that’s simply sweet as candy! This is “Champions”: part 1.

TEST YOUR MIGHT with the first chapter in an all-new 4-part SAGA! “Champions” Part One: Sonic is in for the fight of his life! Casino Park is holding an epic fighting tournament, and the grand prize is a much sought-after Chaos Emerald! How many fighters will answer the call? Which champions will make the roster? The knock-down, drag-out battle for the world starts right here! Featuring new cover art from Sonic rising star Evan Stanley, plus all-new variant art introducing Breezie the Hedgehog by Sonic artist Jonathan H. Gray!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Diana Skelly, Terry Austin, John Workman and Gabriel Cassata
Cover: Evan Stanley, Terry Austin and Ben Hunzeker
Breezie Variant Cover: Jonathan H. Gray, Terry Austin, Jack Morelli and Gabriel Cassata
On Sale Date: 1/21
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Sonic the Hedgehog #268 came out today in stores and digital platforms, so don’t leave things to chance and make sure you check it out!


Solicitations for Sonic the Hedgehog #272, Sonic Universe #75, Sonic Boom #7 and Worlds Collide The Complete Epic Revealed

For Sonic Universe hitting another milestone, we get…a counting lesson?

IGN has an exclusive look at the latest solicitations, and it’s all building up for Worlds Unite! First off, in Sonic the Hedgehog #272, Sonic and Chip have made it to Apotos, and their port of call is checking out the Gaia Gate in the area. Meanwhile, Knuckles is hanging with the Freedom Fighters in a typical session of fighting off titanic threats that could potentially destroy them before Sonic can get any closer to his goal. This is “A Ray of Hope”.


Time is up—the WORLDS UNITE crossover event is almost upon us!
“A Ray of Hope”: As Sonic and the Freedom Fighters continue their journey to save the shattered planet, Sonic and Chip journey to Apotos to uncover the secrets of the Gaia Gate! Meanwhile, Knuckles and the Freedom Fighters take on a TITANIC challenge of their own! Does Sonic have a hope in saving the world? Will battle tear the freedom fighters apart first? Find out the answers to these and more exciting questions as our heroes journey to the much-awaited crossover event of the year—WORLDS UNITE! Featuring new cover art from Edwin Huang (Uncanny Skullkickers) and a crazy-new Metal Sonic game art variant provided by Sega!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Diana Skelly, Terry Austin, John Workman and Gabriel Cassata
Cover: Edwin Huang and John Workman
Metal Sonic Game Art Variant Cover provided by SEGA
On Sale Date: 5/13
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S

In Sonic Universe #75, Sonic steps up to the plate again as Metal Sonic has a Chaos Emerald and chasing him down leads Sonic to a place that’ll test his heroics out. THere may possibly be some moonlight and madness involved as Sonic attempts to get that Chaos Emerald in “Fury”. And to celebrate 75 issues of Sonic Universe, it’s going to have seven and a half variants (how do you have half a variant?).


Sonic Universe has reached 75 thrilling issues—and we’re celebrating in style!
“Fury”: The race is on as Sonic chases down Metal Sonic for one of the sought–after Chaos Emeralds! But when their chase takes them to a very unexpected place, Sonic’s worth as a hero may be put to the test! Can Sonic win the day, secure the emerald and retain his sense of self by the end? As our journey to WORLDS UNITE crashes to a close, join us in celebrating the longest-running Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off comic in history with 7.5 variant covers from your favorite Sonic artists! Featuring cover art from Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante, Tracy Yardley, Ben Bates, Tyson Hesse, EGA Studios, Patrick Thomas Parnell, Lamar Wells, Evan Stanley and Jonathan H. Gray! To name a few!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli and Matt Herms
Cover: Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante
Variant Cover 1: Tracy Yardley
Variant Cover 2: Ben Bates
Variant Cover 3: Tyson Hesse
Variant Cover 4: EGA Studios
Variant Cover 5: Patrick Thomas Parnell
Variant Cover 6: Lamar Wells, Gary Martin and Gabriel Cassata
Variant Cover 7: Evan Stanley, Jim Amash and Matt Herms
Variant Cover 7.5: Jonathan H. Gray, Gary Martin and Matt Herms
On Sale Date: 4/22
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S

The crossover may be on the horizon for Sonic Boom #7, but that isn’t going to distract Sonic from resolving unfinished business! The friendly little race that Eggman is hosting turns out to be not so friendly and more like a lethal trap. Sonic wants to stick it to the Eggman by winning the rigged raced with his good ways, but he has to make it back to the track in one piece first in “Everybody’s Super Sonic Racing”: part 2.


A multi-part story? In MY Sonic Boom comic?? You got that right!
It’s wacky-racin’ adventure in “Everybody’s Super Sonic Racing” Part Two: Dr. Eggman’s fun and “friendly” go-kart challenge has turned deadly! But, really, who didn’t see that “twist” coming? Can Sonic salvage the race and prove to the bad doctor he can win fair and square? More importantly—can Sonic survive long enough to return to the race course?! Discover the fate of life, limb and ego in this super-fast story with cover art from Sonic comic fav Jamal Peppers, and an all-new “insubordination” variant cover from painter Erik Ly! …And BOOM goes the dynamite!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Ryan Jampole, Jennifer Hernandez, Rick Bryant, Jack Morelli and Matt Herms
Cover: Jamal Peppers, Rick Bryant and Matt Herms
Insubordination Variant Cover: Erik Ly
On Sale Date: 4/29
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S

And finally, with Worlds Unite right on the doorstep, one might want to catch up with the previous crossover to get up to speed with the shenanigans of the combined Blue Brunt. Well, Archie has you covered with a complete graphic novel, over 300 pages in length, with every comic of Worlds Collide as well as contextualising issues from before and after the crossover itself. You won’t need another resource for Worlds Collide again with this hefty thing!


It’s the crossover of a lifetime! The team-up you’ve been dreaming of! Two of videogame history’s most iconic heroes come together for the greatest action story ever told! SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and MEGA MAN unite in WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE! It all begins with a meeting of the minds–EVIL minds! Dr. Wily makes contact with Dr. Eggman, and the two malicious mechanics conspire in a plan that will reshape entire worlds! Using the power of the Chaos Emeralds, they build themselves an unstoppable army of Robot Masters and Roboticized Masters–Sonic’s corrupted friends! It’s pan-dimensional panic as Sonic and Mega Man race to uncover the doctors’ diabolical plot, save Sonic’s friends, and brave the nightmarish landscape of the Skull Egg Zone! Along the way they gain new allies, Mega Man gains all new powers, and the stakes keep getting higher until two universes hang in the balance! You CANNOT miss this critically acclaimed crossover! Celebrated by old and new fans alike, beloved by critics and casual readers, this is one big love letter to all things SONIC and MEGA MAN! WORLDS COLLIDE collects the entire crossover event, containing SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #247-251, SONIC UNIVERSE #51-54, MEGA MAN #23-27 and material from SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #252 and MEGA MAN #28.
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Jamal Peppers, Tracy Yardley, Ben Bates, Ryan Jampole, Evan Stanley, Terry Austin, Gary Martin, Jim Amash, John Workman, Jack Morelli, Thomas Mason, Dustin Evans, Matt Herms and Steve Downer.
Cover: Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante and Matt Herms
Previews-exclusive Variant Cover: Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante and Matt Herms
6 5/8 x 10 3/16”
336 pp, Full Color
Direct Market On-Sale Date: 5/6

We’ll have more on all of these comics prior to release. And next month, we’re diving into the next foray of Mega Man and Sonic joining forces!


TSS REVIEW: Sonic Boom Comic Issues 1 and 2

This panel has both a flying Knuckles and Sticks REALLY liking Tails hand. I think Evan is secretly trying to ship them.

This panel has both a flying Knuckles and Sticks REALLY liking Tails hand. I think Evan is secretly trying to ship them.

From a writing standpoint, the Sonic Boom series of games, comics and cartoons seems to be at odds with one another on how to exactly interpret the characters. In the games, Amy is a athletic, smart leader while in the cartoon in much more of a den mother of the group who is much more ladylike and loving. Sticks is over the top crazy in the 3DS game while a bit more subdued in the cartoons. Knuckles comes off as very dumb in all media, but shows more confidence in himself in the Wii U game while being more silly and fun loving in the cartoon. The thing is, both the game and the cartoon were being done almost simultaneously with each other, so while they had a game plan of how the characters would act, there were a lot of nuances that were still different from one another. Basically, they had an IDEA of how each character would be, but it was never exact so we didn’t get a perfect interpretation across the board.

This is a blatant lie!

This is a blatant lie!

This brings us to the first two Sonic Boom issues by Ian Flynn. It’s my belief that Ian Flynn may not have gotten enough material from both Big Red Button or OuiDo! studios to get a proper interpretation of the characters. That the only explanation I can think of as to how Ian managed to make the worst, most mean grammar Nazi version of Amy Rose ever. With that, let’s look at the first two issues of Sonic Boom “Getting a little Boulder” and “Knuckleduster” (BTW, why is the first issue “part one of one” when it ties directly into the next issue and ends on a cliffhanger?).


Issue one starts off Sonic and the gang fighting off one of Eggman’s giant mechs. With the exception of Sticks, each character gets a little indtroduction (along with an old-school logo name) and we get to see a sample of them in action. The mech is taken down and they head back to their village area where Sticks (who is also introduced via logo in a joke that gets old by the second issue) informs them that Tails house has been robbed. Not part of his house, the ENTIRE house as it was uprooted and picked up by a giant cyborg rock golem. The rest of the issue comprises of some jokes between the cast and basically Amy insulting Knuckles for no good reason other than he’s dumb and has trouble following directions.


Dang girl, that's just mean!

Dang girl, that’s just mean!

You see, Knuckles isn’t too bright. Something they are fully aware of, but instead of Amy treating him with kid gloves when he doesn’t understand something and asks a ton of questions, she insults and berates him. I know it’s done to provide character conflict to resolve in the next issue, but all it does is make Knuckles look like a HUGE idiot who can’t understand the most basic of things and worse, make Amy look like a horrible Sally Acorn wannabe with a total lack of patience. It’s the worst interpretation I’ve seen of her character and I really don’t care for it.

He didn't actually say that, but I'm sure he was thinking it.

He didn’t actually say that, but I’m sure he was thinking it.

Before I leave issue one though, I have one last note. What’s REALLY up with the Golem? Everyone assumes it was a giant Eggman robot, however….

A.) The Golem took Tails house at the same time everyone was fighting Eggman, so he wasn’t in control of the robot unless it was programmed to go off on it’s own.
B.) When Sonic and company destroy the Golem, it breaks off into stone pieces with no mechanics shown.
Ergo, it’s my belief that this was not one of Eggman’s monstrosities, but something else entirely. Maybe something they’ll explore in a future issue, perhaps?

Knuckles just figured out how babies are made.

Knuckles just figured out how babies are made.

Issue two improves on the humor (although the logo jokes return again), but I’m still a little sour on Amy. It begins with Sonic and the gang (sans Knuckles) attacking the same giant robot they fought at the beginning of the first issue. They start to realize this when Eggman finally launches his secret weapon..Knuckles! Knuckles captures all the heroes in small cages with the exception of Sticks who, in a hilarious moment, captures herself in a cage she happened to have with her. With the heros captured aboard the giant robot, Eggman tries to decide weather to conquer or destroy the village as he has Pork Chops thawing back home.

I gotta admit, I laughed pretty hard at this.

I gotta admit, I laughed pretty hard at this.

Inside the robot, Sonic is freaking out from being in such a tiny cage “Gotta go Fast!” while Knuckle finally reveals it was all a trick. He fooled Eggman and them. Only Amy reminds him they are still captured so he technically is working for Eggman at this point. Knuckles finally realizes this and it sends him into a sad state of depression. Knowing they can’t get out of the cages and stop Eggman without his help, Amy and Tails cheer him up only for Knuckles to go out and stop Eggman himself, stupidly leaving the others still inside the cages.

Luckily for a very panicked Sonic, Sticks frees him and the others (she never said she was LOCKED in her cage)and Sonic bounces around n a gleeful frenzy. Meanhile, Knuckles finally reveals his “cunning ploy” to Eggman and proceeds to destroy his robot single-handedly. This includes a scene of him gliding which is something this version of Knuckles can’t do. Sonic and the others burst out of the robot as Eggman barely escapes again. Amy finally gives an apology to Knuckles (she does apologize earlier, but it doesn’t feel sincere) only to realize she’s lost in hammer in another cliffhanger ending.

Look guys, it was funny at first, but now it's just overkill.

Look guys, it was funny at first, but now it’s just overkill.

Nobody likes a grammar Nazi, Amy.

Nobody likes a grammar Nazi, Amy.


As far as quality goes, I believe Sonic Boom will pick up greatly over time. The humor is definitely there (especially in the second issue) and it reminds me a bit of the old Mike Ghallager days of the original Sonic comic. Evan Stanley’s art was very expressive and fun to look at. However, as I said in the beginning of this review, it’s apparent that Ian Flynn was not given enough material from either the show or the game to get a firm grasp of the characters. His version of Boom Sonic is exactly the same as it is in the regular Sega Sonic comics rather than the straight man he is in the cartoon. Knuckles is INSULTINGLY dumb in this, even compared to the cartoon version who can’t read. He can barely bring a thought together. Not to mention the gliding. Something Boom Knuckles can’t do (looks like Ian pulled a Joe Edkin, who once had a panel of Amy flying in Sonic X). Tails and Sticks fared fairly well. Surprising with Sticks since she’s a brand new character who might be hard to nail down in terms of personality.

Then there’s Amy. I can’t exactly blame Ian for not getting this version of the character nailed down. In the cartoon, she’s level-headed and more of a peacemaker and denmother. In the games, she’s an independent adventurer, field leader and gymnast. Those are two drastically different versions of the same character. It seems Ian went with more of the game version with Amy being the field leader. However, in order to provide character conflict, they made her lack any patience and be insulting towards Knuckles who really didn’t do anything wrong outside of being dumb and confused. It makes her look mean-spirited and unlikable.


Evan Stanley's great at showing a wide range of emotions. Poor, sad Knuckles. Ya just wanna hug him.

Evan Stanley’s great at showing a wide range of emotions. Poor, sad Knuckles. Ya just wanna hug him.

Then there’s the logo jokes. It was definitely funny in the first issue, but than gets recycled in the second issue and it starts to become tiresome. If you want to have a humor comic book where the characters break the fourth wall, there’s other ways to do it than repeat the same joke over and over. Having Sonic mention Eggman almost smashing the credits was a nice touch, but I think a comic format is prime for some real fourth wall craziness. Have them climbing over panels! Have them burst through the cover only to have some of them hiding behind the back cover. Be crazy!

Okay, I’m starting to nit-pick here. Overall, Sonic Boom 1 and 2 had plenty of action and humor that really gave me some old-school vibes of the early days of the original Sonic comic. Evan Stanley’s art is also very expressive and humorous. I think once the writers get the hang of the characters, it will be a great book. Besides, I doubt they’ll be re-using the logo joke and making the characters act like jerks to each other again, right?



Maybe I spoke too soon.


Preview: Sonic Boom #3

Stop! We can’t do hammer time without the Hammer!


For the final Sonic comic update for December – and the last comic update of 2014 – Arcade Sushi has a preview of the newest instalment of the newest comic series on the shelves. In Sonic Boom #3, after the fight with Eggman in the last issue, Amy has lost her trusty hammer, and the boys are put up to the task of locating and retrieving it for her. While this is going on, Stick decides to see if Amy could try out some new weapons to bring to the fray…but given Sticks’ ideas of weapons, this is bound to go a bit awry. This is “Hammer Spaced”.

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Ryan Jampole, Jennifer Hernandez, Rick Bryant, Jack Morelli and Matt Herms
Cover: Tracy Yardley, Rick Bryant and Matt Herms
Team Sonic Variant Cover: Art provided by SEGA
ARE YOU READY FOR THE BOOM?! The NEW ONGOING SONIC COMIC BOOK SERIES from Archie Comics continues its frantic fun with Sonic Boom #3: Hammer Spaced! Amy’s most precious possession, her piko hammer, has gone missing! And if she can’t find it, her hammer won’t be the only thing she’ll lose! While the boys are on a hammer-hunting quest, Sticks tries to show Amy a new arsenal—but will she survive the experience?! Don’t miss the exclusive tie-in comic to the new TV Show and Video Games from Sega, featuring cover art from Sonic comics legend Tracy Yardley and a special “TEAM SONIC” variant edition!
On Sale: 1/7
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.’

Despite how fitting Sonic Boom would be for a fireworks event, it actually isn’t out until next week, making it the first comic of the year. Regardless, the comic aspect of Sonic has gone pretty far in 2014. With Worlds Unite on the agenda for the future and other untold surprises, I hope you enjoyed this year’s offerings, and look forward to what 2015 has to bring. Happy new year, folks!
Source: Arcade Sushi

My Favourite Fleetway: Knuckles Village of the Damned Part 1


*dresses up as a vampire and emerges from behind the sofa with a scary put on deep voice*

MU-HAHAHAHAHAHA! Hello my children! It’s the time of year where the nights get colder, darker and things become just that little bit spooky!  And what better way to enjoy the season by sharing a horror story?

Come my children, gather close to your uncle Hogfather and let me tell you a tale which contains a mystery, crazed villagers, a conspiracy, sacrifice and a certain red echidna treasure hunter. It’s august 1996 and despite the early time of year Fleetway has released the newest issue of their highly successful Sonic the Comic, and within its pages contains a tale so scary, it wouldn’t be out of place at any Halloween camp-fire!

So my children, in the run up to Halloween, join me as we look back at one of Fleetway’s finest and scariest stories, submitted for your approval…

knucklesvillage1Knuckles: Village Of The Damned Part 1:

We begin our tale with Knuckles, after completing his quest to get ancient artefacts in a bid to restore power to the floating islands systems, he finds himself alone in a dark forest with night drawing in.

Fortunately he spots a small village and heads over to seek shelter from the night.

It’s here we see our first little homage to classic horror, and an indication of how the writers and artists were fans of classic British and American horror movies and their mythology.

First, you might notice the name of the pub is ‘The Green Man’ we see something which could be seen as a subtle reference to multiple British horror titles. Could it be reference to a classic British horror tale of the same name, which was also adapted into a TV Movie on the BBC back in the year 1990. A horror tale fresh on our artists mind is present here in this story


Or more likely… The British Horror movie ‘The Wicker-Man.’ After Sargent Howie arrives on the island, he spends his time alone in the towns in… called ‘The Green Man.’ Later, we shall see why this is the most likely reference and homage… but not just yet my children.

But this would be one of many non-intrusive homages that would enforce the idea that all is not as it seems in this story. As Knuckles steps inside the pub, we see the next example of fine homages to classic horror.knucklesvillage3

You don’t see it my children? Well, take a good look at the pub that Knuckles enters; now take a good look at “The Slaughtered Lamb” from the movie ‘An American Werewolf in London.’


Here we now see how clever the artists and writers were on this particular issue. The differences are many, but the similarities are there, the pub is full of subtle homages to the slaughtered lamb, the star on the wall which gets them kicked out.


It’s right there, the fact that in every panel in this strip, someone is always watching Knuckles, he is an outsider, almost, foreign to this place.


After an uneasy welcome, Knuckles is given a room for the night, unknown to him, the villagers were expecting him and begin to conspire against him.

Sometime later, when Knuckles is asleep, he is awaked by a terrible scream! He rushes to the window to see a horrific sight before him, the once friendly villagers are now wearing strange costumes, branding torches and have tied a young girl to a large stone who begs for someone to save her.


This final panel once again shows how the artists and writers were careful and masterful in their craft, once again we see references to classic British Horror movies, the Green Man pub sign makes another appearance, but also, the full moon in the sky so much like an American Wereworlf in London, and the villagers themselves. Their costumes are so much like those found in the climax to the island of the original version of The WickerMan.


And you want another subtle reference? The girl on being taken away is a sheep… you might say a ‘Slaughtered Lamb…’ I point you my children towards An American Werewolf In London… the pub which it all starts in is named ‘The Slaughtered Lamb.’

This comic is a fine example of how you reference and pay homage to another media the references never distract from the action, whilst the build up to the story isn’t original, it’s enough to keep you interested, and given his character at the time, Knuckles a physical character against a whole village of insane people alone at night is fitting for his character and abilities. He can’t simply run or fly out of there, he must fight his way through them.

The artwork is also very fitting to this comic and is extremely well done. If you were to take out all the dialogue, the artwork itself would tell a clear story which matches that of the writers intention. A clear harmony existed between the artist and writer in this particular strip.

The cliff hanger may not be to everyone’s tastes, but I for one enjoy it, whilst the reader catches on that something is not right in this village long before Knuckles, he is not kept in the dark for too long or to a point that he becomes naive, his realisation is a natural and realistic one that the villagers have a terrible secret and are not what they first appear to be.


But that’s all for now my children, join me next week as we take a look at part 2 of this homage to classic horror featuring old red.

Goodnight Sonic fans… whatever you are…. MU-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Vanishes into the darkness*

Ken Penders is Selling Original Art of Knuckles’ First Ever Comic Appearance

If you’ve been inching to get yourself a piece of American Sonic Comic history, then you’re in luck – because Ken Penders is auctioning off an original art piece from Sonic issue #13 – specifically, the first ever appearance of Knuckles the Echidna.
Continue reading Ken Penders is Selling Original Art of Knuckles’ First Ever Comic Appearance

Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #113

Another Sonic Archie comic preview has come in hot! And it looks like Issue #113 will hold a special place in the hearts of many SatAM fans, as Jay Oliveras and Karl Bollers dedicate an entire issue to a story inspired by the classic 1993 cartoon series. Check out all the details, as well as a cover preview, after the jump.
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Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog #108 Out Now

Just a quick bulletin to let you all know that, it sounds like the latest issue of Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog is about to hit US store shelves, if not already on sale. We often do Comic Previews on the site, and we get way ahead of ourselves on the Issue numbers, so it feels kinda weird that after writing about Issue #108 back in December that it’ll now soon be available to buy! J. Axer makes his debut here, so be sure to check it out!

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Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #112

Antoine’s heroics are put to the test in the upcoming issue #112 of Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog! All part of Sonic’s plan to impress his father… isn’t that always the way? This comic preview also contains details on another Sonic side story, but no mention of the Knuckles strip yet. Check out the details below. Continue reading Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #112

SEGA Reveals Archie Comics’ AoStH Beginnings

To celebrate the 100th issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comics, SEGA’s official web portal has written up a rather nice feature about the book’s history. Did you know that originally, the Sonic comic was meant to lean more heavily on Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog than the Saturday morning Sonic cartoon (SatAM)? Continue reading SEGA Reveals Archie Comics’ AoStH Beginnings

Sonic Gets Serialised in CoroCoro Comics Manga

Sonic has been the star of many official comics in the West, but in Japan you may also see the blue blur pop up in serialised manga strips… some are official, while some may not be quite so official! We’ve learned of a new Japanese strip featuring Sonic that has begun in CoroCoro Comics, and we’ve also got a few sample scans to prove it. Take a look! Continue reading Sonic Gets Serialised in CoroCoro Comics Manga

Circulation Figures Show Archie’s Sonic Comic in Decline

The circulation numbers have been published for Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog comic run, and they make for some interesting reading. Comparing the sales, print and return figures between 1999, 2000 and 2001 offer some decent context for the health of the series, and while the numbers show that circulation is clearly decreasing year-on-year, Archie seems to have slowed down the rate of the comic’s readership decline. Continue reading Circulation Figures Show Archie’s Sonic Comic in Decline

Rouge the Bat is Coming Back to the Archie Sonic Comics

We haven’t seen an awful lot of Rouge in the Archie Sonic comics, have we? That could be about to change, if a message from comic writer Karl Bollers is any indication. According to a post on Ken Penders’ message board, the Bat Girl will be making a re-appearance later this year in the mainline comics. The last time Rouge was spotted in print was during a cameo in the Sonic Adventure 2 adaptation back in Sonic #98, so this is welcome news! More on this as we get it.

Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #111

There’s an awful lot of swashbuckling and arrow-flinging action happening in the next upcoming issue of Archie Comics’ Sonic the Hedgehog: as the Sword of Acorns is under threat from a shadowy ninja clan in the main story; and the side story focuses on Rob o’ the Hedge roughing it up with the former high sheriff of Snottingham General D’Coolette. Read on for more, plus cover.
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Ken Penders: Knuckles’ Story Will See Major Developments in Sonic #106

The latest community chat with Archie Comics artist Ken Penders has just wrapped up, and as usual it did not disappoint with the juicy teasers and details. For a start, Penders discusses more about the death of one key character in the mainline comic story (and why he wanted to go in this direction). He also hints at changes happening to the Knuckles series starting in issue #106. Read on for more (warning: potential spoilers ahead). Continue reading Ken Penders: Knuckles’ Story Will See Major Developments in Sonic #106

Ken Penders Schedules Next Archie Online Chat Session

It’s that time again! Archie Comics writer/artist Ken Penders has announced that he is setting some time aside this month for another community reach-out session. If you want to learn more about the future plans for the Sonic comic series, or just want some background on stuff that’s already happened, better prepare some questions now. Continue reading Ken Penders Schedules Next Archie Online Chat Session

Sayonara, Sonic the Comic: Last Issue Out Now on UK Store Shelves

We knew this day was coming, but it now feels all too real – Fleetway has published the very last issue of Sonic the Comic, marking the official end of the UK comic’s eight-year print run.
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J. Axer Confirmed as Second Fan Hire for Archie in Sonic #109 and #110

The solicitations for both Sonic #109 and Sonic #110 have been published by Archie Comics, and within them reveals a little surprise – hot on the heels of Dawn Best comes a second fan artist to formally join the fold. Talented artist J. Axer will be involved in pencilling a number of the Sonic stories going forward. Details of what those stories entail are included after the jump.
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Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #108

Archie’s bringing the thunder with the upcoming Sonic #108, as it’s managed to build in three stories in one issue. As the front cover suggests, this will be quite the dramatic book as the main story focuses on the return of one former belligerent Robotropolis dictator! Knuckles also gets a continuation of his current arc and the supporting Sonic cast also get a look in with a dramatic side story. Check out the details, straight from Ken Penders, below. Continue reading Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #108

Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #107

It’s time for another Comic Preview, and it looks like Archie Sonic #107 will see the continuation of two hot stories for both Sonic and Knuckles. In Crouching Hedgehog Hidden Dragon, the blue blur is battling his way through the Hidden City of the Ancients, while in Reunification Knuckles will deal with the outcome of restoring his family and friends to the Floating Island. Read on for more! Continue reading Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #107

Penders Selling Original Prints of Archie Sonic ‘Beat The Clock’ Story on eBay

Archie writer and artist Ken Penders has announced that he is auctioning off some rare comic collectibles on eBay, including the complete (and intact) five-page story ‘Beat The Clock’ and some Sega Data pages from past issues. Continue reading Penders Selling Original Prints of Archie Sonic ‘Beat The Clock’ Story on eBay

Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog 106

New details have come in for the next issue in the mainline Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. Sonic the Hedgehog #106 will feature stories written by Karl Boller and Ken Penders, art by Ron Lim, Pam Eklund, Andrew Pepoy and Ken Penders, and a cover designed by Spaz. Details of story, release date and cover after the jump. Continue reading Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog 106

Karl Bollers Reveals Sonic Comic #105 Details

It’s not coming out for another couple of months, but Archie author Karl Bollers has posted a short preview for Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #105. The issue includes ‘Touch of Evil’, by Karl Bollers and Ron Lim, and here’s the accompanying synopsis: “Sonic returns to Robotropolis on a top secret mission that may prove to be his last! Plus, the final fate of Snively!” Cover can be seen in full after the jump. Continue reading Karl Bollers Reveals Sonic Comic #105 Details

Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic #223 Will Be The Last

Sad news for UK Sonic fans. Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic will soon be gone for good, as the publisher is winding down its series of reprints. The comic stopped producing original stories from Issue #185, and Issue #223 will be the final ever issue, according to the company, and will likely be released to shops in December. No word as to whether the final issue will be a reprint or contain a unique Sonic story, but given that there are only six or seven more issues left to go, it could be a reprint of ‘The Evil Empire’.

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Archie Sonic #100 Released Today

Sega today announced the release of the 100th issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series, making the speedy hedgehog the first videogame character to reach the milestone.

First published back in 1993, the strip has traced the adventures of Sonic and the Knothole Village heroes as they take on the evil of Dr. Robotnik and the Robotropolis villains for the past eight years. The 100th issue, which coincides with the 10th Anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog, will mark the return of the Freedom Fighters, a band of Sonic allies that help him battle Robotnik on his home turf. Continue reading Archie Sonic #100 Released Today

Solicitation for Sonic #104 Outs Dawn Best as New Artist

Archie writer Ken Penders has formally announced one of two new artists for the official Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series, after solicitations for Issue #104 were released earlier than expected. It looks like Dawn Best, aka Chordsy in the fan community, has won the Archie team over as her art features in upcoming story ‘Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy’. Solicitation and comment from Penders after the jump. Continue reading Solicitation for Sonic #104 Outs Dawn Best as New Artist

Original Archie Sonic #100 Cover Now For Sale on eBay

The original artwork for Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog comic, Issue #100, has now gone on sale on eBay. This follows the comments made by Ken Penders, who said it would be going up for auction. The starting bid is $500, but you can buy it outright for $1,500. Click here to see the auction and bid.

Penders: Archie Sonic Sales Are Better Than They Seem

Sonic Comics are selling better then 90% of all comics, according to Archie artist and writer Ken Penders. “If you’re going by sales figures provided by Diamond Distributors, they’re misleading, as they only reflect sales through the comics shops,” he said. “Sonic is sold through a variety of outlets that Diamond doesn’t handle, thus the sales are much higher than anyone usually thinks. Does that mean it’s easier for Sonic? Hardly, as magazine sales overall are in a slump due to a variety of factors.”