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    This archive article was rewritten / modernised as part of our restoration project, to make it more original and legible.

    Cover Art for Sonic #132 Revealed

    Also a synopsis for #131 again, because why not?

    We recently covered the news of the upcoming Archie Sonic comic issues, with the solicitations for Sonic #132 already published in mid-September. But now we can reveal the preview cover artwork for that issue, too.


    The above artwork covers the headline strip of #132, which is part three of the four-part 'Home' arc. Team Red vs Team Blue... who will win?

    Also, because we fancied it, we wanted to repeat our coverage of the comic preview for issue #131 as well. Even though we already did that in August. What are you gonna do, eh?


    Two titanic stories in one action-packed issue!

    "Home-The Gathering" Part Two (of Four):

    Continuing the saga of the four-part epic begun last issue. The threat of nuclear annihilation by Dr. Robotnik and his new minions looms large, so Sonic and the citizens of the Kingdome of Acorn AND Station Square must ready themselves to strike the Eggman Empire before its too late! With stakes this eye, everyone joins the battle lines. Don't miss this nail-biting installment-it could be the last!

    SCRIPT: Karl Bollers. ART: Ron Lim (pencils) and Andrew Pepoy (inks).

    PLUS: Due to the overwhelming popularity of the visions of the future that have graced our pages in the past (pun intended), we proudly present a new regular feature:

    Mobius: 25 Years Later 

    This far-flung-futuristic feature fast-forwards you to the future of our favorite characters... and their kids! What fates await our esteemed champions? The first installment gets off to a thrilling start with a future character most readers are familiar with: Lara-Su, Knuckles' daughter... and she's preparing for a special ceremony! Pick up this issue and find out just what she's preparing for.

    SCRIPT & INKS: Ken Penders. ART: Steven Butler.

    Sonic #131 releases on 12/10, and Sonic #132 releases 1/7.

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    Posted By: The Ultimate Life Form

    I'm a new Sonic comic lover and LONG time overall Sonic lover and I'd like to say SONIC COMICS RULE! I can't wait till SONIC HEROES :cool_2003:

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