VMU Games and Saves

This content was originally published in June 2001, under two separate pages. The download links offered link through to archive.org versions of these files, and may now either be corrupted or no longer available.


This is the place for VMU Games. Unlike most sites, this page ONLY has VMU Games in it. Most VMU game sites have VMU animations instead, and don’t tell you. If you think you are talented enough to be shown in these hallowed pages, then e-mail Dreadknux for god sakes to the address at the bottom of the page, or fill in the form. There’s VMU Saves (the regular kind) available in the Downloads section too.

Some of these games are from JaoVMU, home of VMU Mini-games never before seen or heard of!

  • Dunar Fighter – by Kaon Inc
    [Fighting] This is dubbed as the best fighting game on the VMU at the moment, with impressive scrolling, great frame rate. And this is only an early version.
  • Mega Man The VMU Battles – by Adam
    [Action/Adventure] Classic Mega Man battles, only using QTEs instead of a jump and shoot mechanic. Lots of fun!
  • Tetris – by Marcus Comestead
    [Puzzle] All the classics are heading their way to the VMU, this time it’s tetris, the most popular game in the world!

Here are the VMU save files for your favourite Dreamcast games! Not a lot on show at the mo, but Nightowl is a regular submitter, you can make a difference as well. No point downloading these, PC fanatics, ‘cos there really is no point! Unless you are to get the rumoured DC-PC card, but then again, the VMU files still won’t be compatible I suppose. Take your pick.

Sonic Adventure

  • Perfect Save – by NightOwl
    This has it all – Complete game, Super Sonic and 130 Emblems. Download it if you’re in a spot of bother.
  • Metallic Black Chao – by NightOwl
    The pride and joy of NightOwl’s life. Well, Chao-wise anyway. Includes a Jewel Chao Garden.

Sonic Shuffle

  • Complete File – by NightOwl
    This save file gives you access to all the characters and lot of money.

Phantasy Star Online

  • PSO File – by NightOwl
    Another VMU save by NightOwl, this is a PSO save file. Although I don’t know much else about it! Enjoy!