The Sonic Site Awards 2002

The Sonic Site Awards (also known as ‘SSA’) is an annual online event that awards the best Sonic websites on the Internet – with the winners and nominees chosen by the public the entire time. The SSA debuted in 2001, as part of a programme that would lead The Sonic Stadium into the limelight.

The Sonic Site Awards in concept was not an original one – websites such as TSSZ had been doing annual awards before the SSA – but what made this event stand out from the crowd was the completely democratic process. This meant that nominations weren’t just handed to the public to vote for – the public actually chose who went into those polls beforehand. Because of this ingenuity and innovation in awards events, the SSA has fast become a memorable occasion, and the concept has undoubtedly become the inspiration for many other events on Sonic websites.



This is PHASE II of The Sonic Site Awards 2002. The Ceremony in December is getting ever nearer, and you’ll hear more of the festivities that will occur as we near that date. Five Potential winners have been placed in each category from PHASE ONE – all you have to do now, is vote, Vote, VOTE.

The Sonic Site Awards Phase II will stop all votes coming in on the 31st October, 2002. Any votes after that date will not be counted. A one month break will occur, wherein the party for the winners (held at the end of the year) shall be organised. You’ll all be notified of the progress in the NewsDesk. Until the ceremony, no-one will know who’s won and who hasn’t. A final good luck to the finalists!

Good Luck to all the Sonic sites and creators out there!


Voting Rules:

  • When voting, all fields MUST be filled in. Submissions with missing fields will not be counted and consequently binned. Harsh, I know, but neh.
  • There is no limit to the amount of times you can vote.
  • The winners will be announced in the end-of-year ceremony.
  • No votes will be accepted after 31st October, 2002.

Funniest Sonic Site:

‘Sonic News’ Award for Best Reporter 2002:

Information Station:

Fan Game of the Year:

Coolest Downloads:

Fan Game Developer of the Year:

Most Colourful Site:

MIDI Artist of the Year:

  • John Weeks
  • Jarel Jones
  • Gerry R Cueto Jr
  • Ztrop
  • Knuckles X-Treme

Most Evolved Site:

Fan Fic Writer of 2002:

  • Kevin Lu
  • Nicholas D. Wolfwood
  • Shayne Thames
  • Tails Fan
  • Netraptor

Favourite Forum of 2002:

Fan Comic of 2002:

Fan’s Hero:

  • Shayne Thames: Writes fictions and helps out the Fan Community
  • SimSonic: Makes fan games
  • Sonic Guy: Helps others. The first ever Sonic Battle Stadium champion
  • Zin: A member of CoaP. A perfect blend of Sonic and Mario
  • StreetSonic: Has an RPG site, incredibly helpful to the community

Sonic MP3 Remix of 2002:

Favourite Webmaster:

Sonic Artist of 2002:

Sonic Boom Box:

Best Sonic Hoaxer:

Worth It Award: