The Sonic Site Awards 2001

This is the history page for the Sonic Site Awards 2001. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information here compared to the other year archives – being the first ever SSA event, things inevitably got lost. There was no voice broadcast to announce the winners in December, although we did plan on doing so – sadly SEGASonic Radio (then hosted on Live365) could not handle live broadcasting as well as I’d hoped.

Constant buffering problems meant that the announcements continued in text format in the provided chat room – but hey, that ended up being a lot more fun!

As our information is limited for the 2001 event, we are only able to offer the awards and winners, along with showing you the old banners we made. We have no information on the other nominees aside from the winners, and we don’t have a vote count for each winner either. Told you it was kinda sparse.

But hey, it’s still a great look into the start of an annual voting revolution… and testament to Dreadknux’s then crappy design skills. Although he did draw that golden Dreadknux as well for the awards – which is somewhat of a consolation. Enjoy what’s on offer.

SSA 2001 Banners

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News Archives

Nominees & Winners

The nominee write-ups were originally published in December 2001, ahead of the event’s third-ceremony Results show. Winners and Results were announced during the Sonic Site Awards Phase 3 Ceremony on December 29th, 2001.



Domain of Netraptor:
Netraptor’s hilarious quips and jokes pay off, as it is nominated for this award.

Sonic Vegemite:
Matt the Yak’s Veggie Sonic site enters the award competition.

The Moogle Cavern:
Kulock’s cool jokes and funny Sonic pictures on his site make the MC a strong contender.

The FBZ:
Andrusi’s just as crazy as I am, and Page Repair Droid… is it just me or does no-one like him? ^_^

Perfect Chaos:
Hoppergrass makes this small Sonic site with lots of media a funny and entertaining browse on your IE or Netscape (or whatever).

  1. The Moogle Cavern: 104 Votes
  2. Perfect Chaos: 99 Votes
  3. Sonic Vegemite: 79 Votes
  4. Domain of Netraptor: 73 Votes
  5. The FBZ: 24 Votes

Kulock has been busy lately. When I say busy, I mean not an awful lot. That was a joke, right? But the formerly Meleegle Cavern (to celebrate Smash Bros. Melee, and quite rightly so) still grabs some laughs, good one my son Ku.



Sonic Fan Games HQ:
And I don’t doubt it for a minute. The best Fan Games site.

Shadow of a Hedgehog:
It seems all the Wallpapers and Screensavers weren’t just a waste of time… ^_^

Sonic Robo Blast 2 Official Site:
Oooh, now it’s getting nasty. SoaH versus SFGHQ versus the best Fan Game ever!
Ow! This is tough! Now Dan’s fab collection of ROMs make it into this category.

Sonic Hacking Community:
And, to make the competition harder, here’s the best site all about hacking Sonic games.

  1. Shadow of a Hedgehog: 150 Votes
  2. SFGHQ: 109 Votes
  3. 80 Votes
  4. Sonic Hacking Community: 34 Votes
  5. Sonic Robo Blast 2 Official Site: 24 Votes

With tons of Screensavers, mp3s, videos and so much more, Neon Chaos rightfully deserves this award.



Sonic HQ:
One of the most popular Sonic sites there is, undoubtedly gets a spot.

Sonic News:
The first of many nominations for the great Affiliate of the ‘Stadium’s, Sonic News.

Sonic Stuff Research Group:
The webmaster has left, unfortunately, but SSRG is still unmatched in Sonic secrets.

TT’s Sonic 2 Beta Site:
Lots of info in this little site, well worth a look.

The Sonic Stadium:
WTF?!? o_O Seems like you guys like the Back Catalogue of Sonic games info, huh? ^_^

  1. Sonic HQ: 151 Votes
  2. Sonic News: 148 Votes
  3. SSRG: 64 Votes
  4. The Sonic Stadium: 31 Votes
  5. TT’s Sonic 2 Beta Site: 2 Votes

As far as everyone in the community is concerned, Sonic HQ is the Daddy in Sonic sites, so it’s no wonder that it grabbed this award!



Blaze Fire Radio:
People liked this not only for Sonic music, but the rest of the cool music too.

Sega Sonic Radio:
Well, it’s not illegal, but it sure surprised me! Only been open for a few months now, SSR seems to be getting more popular by the minute.

Sonic Music HQ:
Mastered by Edan Koch, this site has mucho Sonic MIDIs!

VG Music:
This site excels in both Sonic and Video Game MIDIs.

OverClocked ReMix v2.0:
This small site has many MP3s, and lots of video game remixes, all that they made themselves! A brilliant work of art (well, music anyway), and most of them are Sonic remixes. A cool site.

  1. Sonic Music HQ: 121 Votes
  2. Sega Sonic Radio: 119 Votes
  3. BlazeFire Radio: 73 Votes
  4. VG Music: 40 Votes
  5. OverClocked ReMix: 33 Votes

Sonic Music HQ, obviously part of Sonic HQ, has won your hearts out there it seems, with endless midis for download.



Rlan – SFGHQ:
Come on, this guy basically helped turn Fan Gaming creation into a cult!

Tristan – TSSZ:
Always up to date, no wonder you guys favoured Tristan a lot!

Sonic Team Jr – SRB2:
They’re about to re-write the history of Fan Games as we know it. No surprise this popped up.

Matrixx Hedgehog:
The ‘Master Spriter’ as he has become more popularly known. Made sprites for famous Webmasters such as Kulock of Moogle Cavern. Very respected spriter.

AJ Freda –
Yes, the guy that owned the ORIGINAL domain name, yes one of the first Sonic sites released online, and yes – still renowned for his work and help. Whether it be his MIDIs or his hosting scheme, among many other things. A big player in the Sonic community.

  1. Tristan Bresnen: 112 Votes
  2. Sonic Team Junior: 105 Votes
  3. Rlan: 75 Votes
  4. AJ Freda: 51 Votes
  5. Matrixx Hedgehog: 49 Votes

Tristan’s having a good day today eh? Two Sonic Site Awards! Great! He has won the hearts of many fans with his news and stuff.



The Moogle Cavern MB:
Anybody who’s anybody must have fallen a cropper for the wonderful residents that reside in the MC MB, and made the word ‘Kulock’ a household name. OK then, but old Ku’s still pretty popular in this department!

Despite not being an ezBoard, and having to register to post, Kedzie K’s MB is pretty darn good. And popular.

Rlan’s MB is the #1 spot for Fan Game creation help, and other chit chatter!

H Hog’s Message Board:
H Hog’s MB is getting pretty warm to go to, many people posting there at the moment.

Sonic 2 Beta MB:
This MB is very interesting and talks about, well, Sonic 2 Beta, naturally. A lot of people turn up here, and is a tough contender.

  1. Cheese & Moonpies (SFGHQ MB): 113 Votes
  2. Sonic 2 Beta Message Board: 109 Votes
  3. Moogle Cavern Message Board: 91 Votes
  4. TSSZ Message Board: 49 Votes
  5. H Hog’s Message Board: 29 Votes

Well, Cheese and Moonpies certainly are the order of the day this year! People have been posting like crazy over at Rlan’s place! Good show.



Flying Fox:
Flying Fox’s site has changed appearance much over the time it has been open, but it’s looking pretty cool now!

The Sonic Stadium:
Again I’m flattered, but… why? Someone must have been here since the dawn of time (well, between October 2000 to February 2001 ^_^) to notice the changes here. Nice to know I have some long time fans…

Sonic News:
Yes, Andrew’s site has been a pretty basic interfacial affair, until just recently, when he’s suddenly come up with all this fab HTML fry-up!

SharkAttack’s Chao World:
A project that started its life early on as a very colourful and limited site. Now, SharkAttack has revamped the site, a very professional one too, with the top Chao information you can find! Includes other features such as Roareye’s hoaxes and animations.

BS Freakzone:
Samba 9000’s website, this site is all about Fan Games, although soon Sonic Fan Games will emerge from here too. Before this change in site, there was a different interface, which I’m sure Samba probably hated, so he changed it. ^_^ It looks much better now.

  1. The Sonic Stadium: 170 Votes
  2. Sonic News: 158 Votes
  3. Shark Attack Chaos: 80 Votes
  4. The Flying Fox: 19 Votes
  5. BS Freakzone: 15 Votes

Well, wow, certainly didn’t see this one coming, especially after the good number of votes Sonic News collected. Let’s do a Hanson – “Yeah, you love me you really love me!” … *Gets attacked by numerous funny shaped spuds*



Andrusi – The FBZ:
Andrusi admits he has a seriously large ego, but we won’t put that against him… for now ^_^

Andrew – Sonic News:
Woah, for a site that has been open as short a time as the ‘Stadium itself, Sonic News has gained a fair few submissions!

H Hog – H Hog’s Zone:
The friendliest person I know, and most of you know too it seems. Unfortunately his site’s down right now…

ElectroSonic Dan –
The leading guy in Sonic ROMs, and general nice bloke too. We love you Dan! 😀

Rlan – SFGHQ:
How can anyone not like this guy?

  1. Andrew (Sonic News): 173 Votes
  2. Rlan: 77 Votes
  3. ElectroSonic Dan: 60 Votes
  4. H Hog: 51 Votes
  5. Andrusi V’Ner: 15 Votes

Andrew, of recently opened site Sonic News has been the place to go for a while now, and his webmaster-ness helped win this award! And talk about whipping the competition. His responses and kindness to his visitors must be what’s done it…



Floating Islands:
Colour, colour everywhere for this Sonic site.

Iris & Sonic’s Vacation Spot:
Hasn’t been open for that long, but still very colourful.

Predestined Persona: Zero.Two:
This is a very colourful Sonic site, and full of the good stuff too. Check it out – it could win your approval.

H Hog’s Zone:
Always bright and cheerful, H Hog’s humble webby is as colourful as the common Sonic game itself, and is also packed with hoaxes and the like.

SonKnuck’s Sonic World:
SonKnuck runs the show here, and his hit counter just proves how cool his site is. There is surprisingly a lot of original material, a very rare thing in Sonic sites these days.

  1. SonKnuck’s Sonic World: 126 Votes
  2. Floating Islands: 106 Votes
  3. Iris & Sonic’s Vacation Spot: 69 Votes
  4. H Hog’s Zone: 63 Votes
  5. Predestined Persona: 33 Votes

Good job there’s lots of colour in the world, Sonknuck has it in spades! Plus he’s working on the sequel to SonKnuck Adventure, which should be better than the first outing! Nice.



Sonic News:
Apparently, more people nominated this than TSSZ. Odd, but the name kinda speaks for itself, so who am I to judge?

An obvious choice, Tristan’s ‘The Man’ when it comes to news. Most of you agree.

A major video games site, they also bring you the latest in Dreamcast and Sonic news.

Planet Dreamcast:
A very good news resource about Sonic, Sega and the Dreamcast, obviously.

Shadow of a Hedgehog:
SoaH has a lot to say in the Sonic News department, indeed, you’ll find the big stories end up there.

  1. TSSZ: 181 Votes
  2. Sonic News: 102 Votes
  3. Shadow of a Hedgehog: 69 Votes
  4. IGNDC: 21 Votes
  5. Planet Dreamcast: 19 Votes

Stiff competition from the likes of Sonic News, but surely no-one can stomp Tristan Bresnen’s efforts to bring all things news-y to you guys.



SuperKnux Network:
It’s been a while since it’s been updated, but according to most of you, it’s worth it when it does get updated.

The Sonic Foundation:
Strange, since this site is basically updated every day o_O No matter, it’s your submissions and nominations that count, so tSf’s in there.

The Moogle Cavern:
God, I’ve heard this one before. The day Kulock actually (properly) updates, may just be the day the world explodes…

Sonic HQ:
One of the biggest Sonic Fan Sites out there, indeed it is worth the wait for Vector to update with a decent array of Sonic goods, as Updating seems to have gone amiss at the site for a while.

Keith’s Sonic Site:
A small but great Sonic site, choc-a-block with Sonic goodness. Just the kind of site Dread likes. I saw last Update date, and frankly, it’ll be worth it if Keith decides to Update soon, mark my words…

  1. The Sonic Foundation: 129 Votes
  2. Sonic HQ: 110 Votes
  3. The Moogle Cavern: 77 Votes
  4. SuperKnux Network: 44 Votes
  5. Keith’s Sonic Site: 38 Votes

Doesn’t really make sense, Kedzie-K usually updates quite frequently, but hey, this was your vote all the way, so TSF grabs the Worth it Award!



Shadow of a Hedgehog:
Oooh, so many of you wanted to be in here, but by a pinch, SoaH makes in first with most nominations from Phase 1.

Sonic News:
Many Sonic News nominations, I wasn’t surprised people voted this one.

Sonic Hacking Community:
Damian Grove and fans thinks he knows his stuff. The site’s certainly cool on Hacking (hence the name, see…)

Sonic Stuff Research Group:
Again, the Webmaster has left. If another will replace them, who knows. But it’ll be nice to see the efforts of this site to be recognised.

Sonic HQ:
And, the big boy. One of the biggest Sonic Fan Sites out there – period. Can it grab the top trophy.

  1. Sonic News: 144 Votes
  2. Shadow of a Hedgehog: 106 Votes
  3. Sonic HQ: 75 Votes
  4. SSRG: 46 Votes
  5. Sonic Hacking Community: 15 Votes

Andrew must be jumping about the place now that he knows he’s beaten the entire competition to catch this award! Andrew, you now realise you have beaten Shadow of a Hedgehog, Sonic Hacking Community, the Sonic Stuff Research Group and the almighty Sonic HQ, to grab this award! Well done my son!

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