Sonic Hoaxers Club: Welsh Sonic

This is a gallery of fan-made hoaxes created by Welsh Sonic.

Tails you B*****d!

The first in a long line of ‘When … Is Late’ series, and Welsh Sonic’s first hoax. Tails misses Sonic from the drop at the end (the fool!) Very good.

Ah Well, never mind. I don’t need the Chaos Emeralds. Honest…

Second in the series, Knuckles misses Sonic on the way into Angel Island. Wouldn’t it be cool (but also kinda boring, as you’d be totally invincible) if you managed to play the whole game as Super Sonic, just because Knuckles missed? Chump.

Ha! Too slow. Hahaha… Crunch! Ow, should’ve looked where I was going…

Now, Tails and Knuckles have to chase Super Sonic, although, why Tails didn’t stay in the Tornado is anyone’s guess…

Memories of bad childhood… all brought onto you now Knuckles. Do you know what you’ve done?

A rather masochistic Sonic goes on a bender, and reminiscing over past bad experiences, decides its time Knuckles went for the plunge.

Can you make it to the finish, eh, can you? CAN YOU? Yes, as a matter of fact.

*Best Murray Walker voice* …and it’s Hedgehog! Hedgehog takes Fox from the inside. Echidna biding his time… aoooh, too late, Echidna had the chance, but blew it on the last strech. Fox needs a pit stop… erm, yes.

But guys… I’m your best friend… tossers!

Tails gets the raw end of the deal now… well, how long was he expecting to get away with it?

Sonic’s a cheat, getting birds to push his plane. What are they, Super Pigeons or something?

Another race thing, this time originally done in Sky Chase. Tails kicks ass with his modified Tornado 2… but surely that’s cheating?

Tails, be my servant and get me up there. There’s a good servant…

Sonic doesn’t like where the plot is going, what with his pet hate of water and all. So he gets Tails to get him up there, so the story can abruptly end…

"That tornado's carrying a car!"
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