Sonic Hoaxers Club: UltraSonic and Rapid Kirby 3K

This is a gallery of fan-made hoaxes created by UltraSonic and Rapid Kirby 3K.


Cheeky boy you are, Knuckles.

Well, it seems Knuckles is up to his old tricks again.

Why meeeeeeeeee?

Suddenly, Shadow came back to life again, and fell another painful death…

Back, back you big fat gambling machine! Back, I say!

You got that right Sonic. Seems like Eggman’s after the moolah in da casino. Baby.

How humiliating…

Yeah! How dare they try to put you on an Atari? At least TRY to place you on an Amstrad!


All of a sudden, Tails slapped Sonic right in the eye for being goody two shoes.

Rapid Kirby 3K

*Sonic* Sigh, I wish I could see something other than a glob of grey… What? Colour blind am I? Well, you can shove it up your -snip-

Sonic travels through a mysterious glowing green level, created by RapidKirby 3K himself. It’s a really cool hoax, and would be great for a Fan Game.

"That tornado's carrying a car!"
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