Sonic Hoaxers Club: SonicNeo

This is a gallery of fan-made hoaxes created by SonicNeo.

Come on, stop the killing. After all, it is ME that gets the worst of it all. Please?

Typical. Obviously Eggman can’t take any more of the pounding given to him by Sonic and co, so he pleads for the war to end. Quite hilarious actually.

Hahaha. Got him. I mean, sorry Tails…

Another simple yet funny hoax, Super Sonic ‘accidentally’ sprays water in Tails’ eyes, forcing him to crash and die. Well, maybe not the last part.

Wheeee! Erm, Tails, don’t hit the iceberg, OK? Tails? T-Tails? Wargh!

Ar, that be where the hidden treasure be! Ar!

A warning, or a simple step in the right direction. Whatever, it seems to be placed in an odd position on the level.

Woah, don’t drop them now.

It seems that Tails has done a bit of a ‘Paul Daniels’ (Note to U.S. – Aka ‘Paul Eldarni’ ^_^) by linking rings together. Great Tails, now how are you gonna get them single again?

On your marks, get set…. G – ‘Wait!’

Grand Prix between the three forces. Not the most original thing in the world, but still very well done. ^_^

Come on, come on – Pump up the volume, pump up the volume…

Eggman has a dab hand at DJing in Angel Island. The trio seem to be doing their finishing poses – quite evilly as a matter of fact. Are they planning something…

Ah, not again! That goddamn fish ate ANOTHER maggot I was fishing for!

Seems like Sonic doesn’t like what he’s caught in Green Hill Zone, well, looks like Kipper and ‘chips’ again tonight (hahaha, geddit? Robot, chips. Ow, OWWWW!).

What a cheat, eh?

Erm, isn’t that slightly illegal? Warping time to get Lava Reef’s contraption like that?

Erm, scuse me mate, I’m looking for Angel Island. Big floating Island thing? No? Ah well, thanks for your time sir…

Another Time travelling warp thing now, only Angel Island’s bomb shaped robot is trying to cause havoc on Green Hill Zone. Either that or it’s just lost…

Let’s go for a ride shall we Sonic? Yes, lets… heeheeheehee…

Erm, WHY is Sonic hanging onto the rocket? Unless he’s glued to it or something. Gonna go off with a bang.

Got Ring? Yes, and one that snugly fits your tight ass! ^_^

Knuckles has tricked Eggman (Wow, Knuckles wasn’t tricked for once? ^_^) into a nice large ring trap, either that or Eggman’s crap at Hula Dancing.

What the *expletives removed* are you lookin’ at eh?

It seems Sonic doesn’t want people watching him trying to take over the world. Slightly shy, is our Sonic. Or maybe he’s just peeved off.

Sorry I don’t have any dollars, only rings? Do you take Mobian Express?

Knuckles seems to have wandered a bit too far, as not only is Eggman mad enough to talk to himself (again), but one of them’s also offering the other Eggman drugs. What a weird world.

Let him die! He tries to kill you! No! Save him! He’s a living creature!

So many choices, so little time…

Sambe Die! I’m Blind!

The scariest thing is, Sonic’s naked’ness can do that to the poor lil guy.

This is what happens when Robotnik cooks a feast.

Sonic got stuck in the evil egg falling toward earth again, I warned him!

Those bright sparkling lights keep following me, maybe if I say cowabunga and surfs up, they’ll go away?

Sonic: Those Tacos didn’t sit too well!

Blowing on your fingers won’t revive him, but who knows…

This disco dancing will maybe scare him away.

Tails is getting extremely close to taking a bite of those words.

Is that a jello mold?

Maybe he should learn the arts of 3D to walk out of the loop?

Is that giant ball floating?

I get the legs!

“Maybe this jump kick will kill it!”