Sonic Hoaxers Club: Roareye

This is a gallery of fan-made hoaxes created by Roareye.

I will get you next time, young Miles. Now watch the end of your insignificant rebellion.

Titled Darthknux, well, obviously a Star Wars take off. Very nice.

Ohhh, danger, there’s danger ahead…. *LARGE GRIN*

A Chao has taken over Amy’s head it seems. Very funny.

I’ll show that Sonic. Nyeh… hee hee… Huh? Where’m I going? I don’t wanna go to the RED spheres! Abort abort!

Hee Hee. I like this one. Eggman thinks he can do just as good as Sonic when he tries for the Chaos Emeralds. Question is, can he jump? The spheres have even been re-coloured, well done.

*Sonic:* Now, lets get Eggman! Huh? Who’re you? *Sonic:* More like who are you? *Sonic:* Who am I? Huh, I’m Sonic. *Sonic:* Hey, you read my mind!

Look, it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. You may need your head sorting out if you don’t.

*Eggman:* I’ll do it, I’ll JUMP! *Eggman:* Don’t do it. We love you! *Eggman turns around* Argh! Who are you! I’m seeing things! I have to die! *Jumps off of plane* This is too weird!

Same joke as before, I wouldn’t have had it in otherwise but I like hoaxes that involve Eggman. For some reason, he’s… funny.

No, please, love me for who I am, not how resemblant of an Egg I am. Prejudists! Fascists!

Poor Eggman. Here is about to get pummelled by all three characters in his Sewage tower from Sonic Spinball. Looks like he’s quite good as a ballerina.

Ow. This is gonna hurt tomorrow.

Hmmm… lovely. This gory picture was the brainchild of Roareye, and no less. Knuckles rather unfortunately gets impaled by a Dragonfly badnik. Ah well, c’est la vie and all that…

Well, now you’ll just have to clear that mess up Sonic! Go on!

So that’s who REALLY released Chaos. You little devil, Sonic you.

Quite a revolutionary step forward, if you want to call making robot Chaos that.

Haven’t a clue on what to say about this one. Robotnik (the one from Mean Bean Machine) hatches a plan not to make beans into robots, but Chao instead…. Yush?!

Fatality! Flawless Naka-san Victory!

Hee hee, this is very funny. Sonic Advance, Mortal Kombat style, and remember Dan ‘Toasty’ Forden (the guy who says ‘Toasty!’ when you do a nice uppercut)? Well, Yuji Naka’s kindly taken the role of ‘Toasty-ness’. Erm, yes.