Sonic Hoaxers Club: Lushan Hedgehog

This is a gallery of fan-made hoaxes created by Lushan Hedgehog.

Come on Mario, I take you on! Come on. Come… Come on! Move you blasted thing!

Final Final Final Zone this time. Sonic faces off with Mario after Eggman and Barney the Dinosaur. What’s next? Final Final Final Final… *goes on for eternity*

Wow, Green Bill Zone. I think I will like this place…

Clever. Green Hill has been changed to Green Bill Zone. I think I know what’s coming up…

Yahoo! now, let’s… invest it! *Hears loads of groans*

The Sonic sprite has a bit of a low quality on it, but nontheless pretty funny indeed.

Yeah, I wanted a job, so I’ll get a job! And kill you for some strange reason! Baby.

Have no idea of what the hell that thing is, replacing Eggman, but it seems like he’s out of a job, so he has the kind role of a boss. Not the best parts for a cameo really.

Not a good idea to let simple cheese let your defences down.

Knuckles sees cheese, and lets his guard down for Hyper Sonic to hit him where it hurts… yes.

Oh no! Self-insertion!

It just had to happen, didn’t it? Lushan makes a self-insertion hoax. It’s perfectly legal, I suppose. *Writes new laws for the government…*

Don’t look at me Sonic, I didn’t do it. Honest. *Hides hammer and chisel*

Sonic and Tails somehow get to Sonic 2 Hidden Palace… only to find out that the Master Emerald’s been broken. Nothing a little sellotape won’t fix we hope…

He’s back. For more. Christ.

It seems I’m not the only one to play the hilarious Somari. Lushan takes it that one step further by adding him in into Sonic 3 – sorry, Somari 3.

Sonic, please kick Mario’s sorry rectum for being on this earth, then burn your lovechild Somari.

Sonic comes to rectify the situation, but it’s already too late. Luigi’s also made a bit of a bigger impact that last time, and seems… shocked by one of the resident ghoulies. Where’s your vacuum?

*Sung to Batman theme tune* Da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na… Egg-Maaaaaaaaan!

Lushan’s best hoax yet. Not seemingly hasted like previous ones. He’s getting better at this ^_^. Plus, the hoax is hilariously funny. I nearly wet myself. Erm….

Tails was not at fault this time Sonic. You were. Now you will drown. Mwahahaha… That was the voice of Tails, and… s&*t.

Sonic seems to be doing well, until the end corridor does not open. Well, what did you expect in a real life situation? Huh?

Yeah! I’m different, and kicking ass! Er, somehow.

You can still see the areas outlining the original Tails pose, but otherwise very cool hoax. Sonic 3 Tails end pose in Sonic 2. Very nice. Natty.

Head on collision? There’ll be tears…

Sonic sees some Sony Cat Thing™ (Um Jammer Lammy, is it? Looks like it…), which in turn is invading Sonic 3. How rude.

Right, where’s my shotgun?

Sonic seems distressed by the fact that this Sony Cat Thing™ is getting all over the place. Scene 3 involves a Megaton Explosion.

Another ‘When … Gets Bored’. Funny that series were. ^_^

The latest in a long classic line of ‘When … Gets Bored’ series. Usually Matt the Yak does stuff like this, this is a screen from his new Fan Game, on a GBA, natch. Shame Sonic Hoaxers Club hasn’t got the rest of the series, they are quite funny…