Sonic Hoaxers Club: Knux 9

This is a gallery of fan-made hoaxes created by Knux 9.

I am Knuckles. And I star in Mega Man. Honest.

Excellent squeeze in of Knuckles in a Mega Man game. Classy. I like it.

And, erm, I’m Mega Man. Honestly. No lies. Scouts Honour and all that.

Mega Man (starring Sonic) faces off with Eggman. A great piece of hoaxing, like the last one. Nice.

Eggman’s been at it again, hasn’t he?

Sonic and Tails try… to avoid blindness as they try to traverse through NEO Green Hill Zone. Nasty stuff.

Come on then Knux 9, I’ll take you… *SLAP* ow… why’d you do that for?

Knux 9 makes a self insertion here as a boss for Knuckles. Like it, but Knux 9’s head looks a little ‘slapped on’.

Whatcha call mah mum? Huh?

A nice hoax, of DragonBall Z fighting of sorts, although again Knuckles takes on Knux 9. Again.

Tails can still fly. Sort of.

Reminiscent of Mugen, this. Tails battles Eggman in a fight to the death. A lot of fighting going on here, eh?

How cunning. Kiki is planning to attack Sonic. While he’s Spin Dashing. Eggman don’t make them like he used to…

Another slap in hoax, this time the monkey in Sonic Adventure everyone knows as Kiki (if you didn’t know it, there you go) decides to stand in Sonic’s way in Sonic 3D. There’ll be tears…

I’m clever! I managed to kill Sonic and star in the game. But, the world can’t be saved now. And, I get lonely. So… lonely…

Another Sonic 3D related hoax, this time a Knuckles picture has been cunningly placed (to good effect, I must say) to make it seem Knuckles is playable. The cheek… ^_^

Knux co? I’m a Knux too… of sorts. Oh, Mr Robot, I’m a Knux too! BOOM! … ow?

Metal Knuckles plays in Angel Island to rebel against Knux Co it seems. Whatever Knux Co is.

Yeah, at least my sausage is done. And, er, at least I’m still alive. Yeah. Yeah, that’s good.

A bit bloated needlessly, but otherwise a very good hoax and funny too. Knux has a bit of trouble when he asks the Angel Island robot for help with his barbecue…

Sonimon! Gotta Catch ‘Em All! All One Chao! Then You Breed It! And Mate It Into Others! … Yeah! Sonimon!

An original creation by Yuji Naka, collect all 150 Sonimon, that uncannily look like Chao. ^_^ Good Sonic Game Boy Rendition though.

Haha! That’ll get you back for beating up my many robot friends. We have feelings too…

Metal Sonic ‘traverses’ through Emerald Hill Zone, with the enemy being Sonic… not really a problem anymore as you can see.

Don’t you realise when you’ve been tricked? ‘Tricked? No-one makes a fool outta me!’ Ah, I can almost smell the Station Square air…

Very clever Sonic Adventure stylee Sonic/Knuckles battle thing. And, Knux 9’s even added the little number in the corner, for how many times to hit your enemy. One for detail, is our Knux 9.

Um, do you really think the Freedom Fighters have a chance here?

This’ll be fun for a Fan Game really. But possibly short-lived, as the Freedom Fighters don’t have much slack here for winning.

I’m in the Cart. I’m just… a very hidden character. Kinda like the Naboo Starfighter in Rogue Squadron. Yep.

Someone’s been at the Originality Paint Box again. ^_^ Good though, at least it didn’t have Gold Sonic in Green Hill or something.

And in here too. Honest. Ask my friend Yuji if you don’t believe me…

I had to speak too soon. At least the Life Icon’s been changed so it looks like Silver Sonic belongs here. I feel like buying Silver Sonic 3 now. ^_^

Sonic the Bomberman? You Bas… BOOOM! ….tardo….

It becomes clear that Sonic was behind the bombing thing after all. Sonic the Bomberman must now avoid Knuckles’ wrath and stop Eggman all at the same time. Is that right?

Um, is this the Sonic R we all knew and loved on the Saturn? *See next Hoax*

Great effort this. A different 3D angled Sonic picture gave Knux 9 a few ideas… Meet the new Sonic R title Screen!

Sonic: Hoi! Come here when I’m giving my lecture to you about Nuclear Physics. Goddamn Crocodile. No-one listens to me… *Sniff*

Probably Linked with the last Hoax, but then again, maybe I’m just using this as a filler for this hoax description. ‘Sonic R’ Sonic in Sonic 3D. Cool eh? Like how it’s done.

Oh Well… *Does his Triple Attack* Sonic: Ow! Knuckles!

Knuckles has more clarity than the rest of the hoax, but this is an excellently represented piccer otherwise. Knuckles has been recreated perfectly.

Mouse In Corner: I’m taller than you! *Tails gives the mouse brain trauma*

Quite funny this one. Not sure what it’s supposed to represent, but I’m taking it that Knux 9 has made Tails exceedingly small, which is funny in itself really.

Hey Sonic! When was the last time I got any publicity here anyway? Shove off squirt!

Hyper Giant Knuckles takes up the mass of the screen in Rusty Ruin Zone. At least it’d be easier to defeat Eggman playing as that monstrosity…

I’m Sonic. And I need a car to race. Slightly Silly Isn’t it? *Read: Sonic Drift was an… erm… exception* ^_^

Haven’t a clue what game this is (I -think- it’s Lego Racers…) but Sonic seems to have invaded it with his own little Motorcar of sorts.

Look at me! I finally get to appear in a game! Erm… all of the following do not count: Sonic 1, Sonic 2… *Goes on for quite some time*

Sonic stands next to his own car in the Racing Menu (which I still think is Lego Racers…), which is handy should anyone want to play as him… oh, it’s a hoax. Oh.