Sonic Hoaxers Club: HeavyKnux

This is a gallery of fan-made hoaxes created by HeavyKnux.

Not even once.

Kids… don’t do drugs. At least, don’t open item boxes with drugs in them… and use them.

Eggman: What the Hell? You’re not Sonic! Who… are… you?

Not original, but still, it’s a hoax. Knuckles can magically appear in Sonic 1 and beat Robotnik. Marvellous.

…WWWWWOWWWWWW! I REALLY should stop eating those grapes…

This one’s much better. Funny too. Knuckles lets out an evil moan of relief as he lets rip. Much to the death of Sonic, Tails, Eggman, Angel Island et al. Hey, it’s his island…

Erm… I take we have no choice then?

? I can see the modified Sonic 3 blurb now… “Play as either Robotnik, Robotnik or Robotnik as you venture to defeat Robotnik and his Death Egg.” Curious…

It’s the only way to travel.

Sonic manages to jet himself across the Angel Island sea by… farting? At least he doesn’t have to pay for a ticket…

*Squeak* I’m down here… *Squeak*

Silly Sonic… he should have known not to play with sharp stuff. Ah well. Tails and Knuckles would probably give up anyway after two minutes search.

Come on Eggman, I’ll take you on, and… *gasp* Can’t… breathe… *gasp* … why… oh…. why……

Sonic goes hunting for Eggman the easy way via his Egg-o-Matic. One slight flaw Sonic, how’re you gonna breathe?

And that’s why they call it ‘Green’ Hill, folks. Badum-bom-dsssh! … Yum.

Sonic seems to have a -bit- of a cold from Ice Cap Zone. I love the way Robotnik has been hoaxed, that must have taken a lot of time and effort. I like that a lot well done!

Eggman seems pleased with himself now that no-one’s turned up… what’s he hiding?

As Sonic’s band is plainly not good enough to grab everyone’s attention, um, they decide to retire. It was all Eggman’s fault really.

‘Argh! You s**thead Sonic!’ Erm, sorry, can we do another take on that?

The bits of S&K Sega didn’t want you to see…

I am really… Super Sonic! Mwahahahaha… oh.

So, it was Super Sonic all along! More original than other Super Sonic insertions into Sonic 1, but still. Very well done though, recolouring Sonic must’ve taken AGES…

Sonic: Hoi! Let me in the screenshot! Hoi!

Tails, the scamp, has erased Sonic and Knuckles out of the select screen, so now the player has no choice but to give into Tails. Isn’t he giving the game away a little bit though?

Gah! Eggman? Tails? Knuckles? Too weird! Wargh! *Runs*

Hee hee… I like this one. ^_^ Especially the Eggman’s head on Tails’ job. That’s enough to get anyone freaked out…

CARMAGEDDON! With.. erm, a robot tractor thing, not a car. Never mind.

A little Carmageddon/Sonic 2 hybrid here. Very nice, Tails seems shocked, but Sonic’s getting the spike up his rear, so dunno why he’s complaining!

‘Snake?’ No, Hedgehog. ‘Surveillance Camera?’ Shut up.

Eggman must have paid someone to assassinate Sonic. Yep, he must’ve been paid.

Someone’s screwing with the contrast control on the TV! Change it back you moron!

A nice little rendition of what a ‘Neo’ Emerald Hill will look like. Very original Background, well done.

Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball 2 Featuring Miles Tails Prower – Lost In New York. Erm…

Quite. Sonic 2 with the Sonic Spinball ‘Sonic’ slapped on it. At least it’s well done. Good job.

Sonic, you look different. Is it… yeah it is isn’t it? You’ve… had a new haircut haven’t you?

Tails looks bemused as the ‘Sonic Spinball’ Sonic managed to fins his way here. Insanely odd, and I like it.

Just… out… of reach. Can’t get… Emerald…. bugger.

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s a familiar Sonic pose as he grabs the Chao Emerald in Sonic Spinball. Nice.

Go Metal Sonic, go! Eggman’s creation yet again fails him.

Metallix proves his loyalty to Eggman by squaring up against him in Sonic Spinball. Sonic must’ve been on holiday.

‘Hahaha Sonic, I am Metallix.’ *Pillar Metallix is standing on goes up* ‘You cannot defeat…’ *Crunch!* Eggman: ‘Oh, bugger!’

Sonic faces off with Metallix as the final boss for Sonic 1. Just watch out for the pillar Metallix is standing on…

*Tails* Hey, what are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be in here….. *looks shiftily*…

Tails. Not meant to be in Sonic 1. Angel Island droid. Not meant to be in Sonic 1. ‘Nuff said.

*Eggman:* Now, to make this even less fair, I’ll open Sonic’s hatch so he falls into the lava… (Moments Later) *Metallix:* Master, Why? Why did you do this to me?

A bit more original, but still no different – Sonic meets Metallix. Over a boiling pit of lava! Gasp.

Toro, Toro!

Good hoax this. Although there’s no bull about – maybe Sonic’s full of it. Joke.

Hohoho. Hello Children, I’m Father Christmas. And for YOU, Sonic, I have for you… A nice BOMB! Enjoy, stupid putrid hedgehog…

Eggman as a Sanity Clause? Well, yes, but maybe he mis-heard what we were saying…

Well, glad to see SOMEONE’S happy on their birthday…

Sonic resorts to violence as he kills Eggman after 10 years of punishment. But Eggman put Sonic in business, now he’s out of a job…

Eggman: Hee hee, now I have mutilated Shadow and Rouge, they’ll never be seen in public again!

A good hoax, if not a bit iffy on the sprites. Eggman calls the help of Shadow and Rouge to play Sonic 3. Yes, in the parrallel universe where Eggman wins all the time.

I’m going in anyway…. whaaaaaaaaaa! Tails, I’m being sucked into a void….

Well, Eggman has foiled Sonic’s chances of getting the Chaos Emeralds it seems, quite a clever idea to be honest. Why doesn’t he ever do these things, it’s common sense…

*Eggman* Come to me, my love! *Sonic* So sexy, I think I’ll have… a nosebleed.

Very Funny. Uhm, being the typical boys they are, Sonic and Eggman are easily won over on their 10th Anniversary party in the form of a skimpy Rouge. Eggman dashes for the main ‘prize’, while Sonic busies himself……. with a nosebleed?

*Kulock* I’ll remember this! I keeeeeeeell you all!

Heavyknux holds a party which consists of all the well known guys in the Sonic Online Community (well, most of them anyway… don’t kill me ^_^)

*Sonic* …. ugh…. ? I’m… I’m slipping off… slipping off the edge.. WHA-

Heavyknux takes out Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman all at once. Quite the fighter, it seems.

Eggman: Ooooh, it hurrrtttssss soooo much…

Eggman seems to have been involved in a *little* accident, including himself, and a chainsaw blade. Nasty stuff.

Speechfast? Whatareyoutalkingabout? Whywouldweneedtotalkfastanyway, itsuselessandbesidesItalkperfectlynormalthankyouverymuch.

Some rather odd options found in the Sonic Spinball menu screen.

That’ll teach you not to mess with me, Eggman!

Knuckles summons the help of Axel from Streets of Rage to punch Eggman’s lights out. Funny.

I’m Sonic. From Sonic 2. Honest.

A bit blue-y, but otherwise an excellent paste of Sonic inside a Sonic 2 title screen.

What are you talking about that emerald’s mine! *Rouge* What are YOU Talking about, you changed colour!

Good texture edit – Heavyknux replaces Knuckles in Sonic Adventure 2.

Tails… tell me I’m dreaming. I’m dreaming, right?

Haven’t a clue why this is going on, but it seems Metropolis Zone has had a bit of monochrome added to it. Hmmm…. Stylised…